Add custom titles to your video compositions with Title Maker

By DJ Reyes on 30 Jun 2013 03:31 pm EDT

You're on a day out or even a night out, you take lots of pictures and shoot some videos to remember the occasion. You then use a video editing app like Story Maker to edit your video and share it with the world. I have been doing this a lot, as I'm sure many BlackBerry 10 owners have been doing. One thing you'll find though is that there isn't really any way to customize the title of your video. Yes, Story Maker does add a title sequence and end credits but there isn't any way to make it a bit more personal.

Title Maker is an app that lets you do this. While you can't really get rid of the title sequence created by Story Maker, you can add a 'second' layer to it. Perhaps you were putting together a holiday video together and wanted to use a family shot or view shot as the title, you could do that, just add the created title to the beginning.

When you first open up the app you get the help screen, giving a quick description of what each of the icons do. This can be turned off within the settings. It is quick and easy to create titles. Like I said you could choose your own background, or even use some of the default ones provided within the app. There is also the ability to add clip art. There are various fonts you can choose from as well as text colors and you can position the title wherever you want it.

The app is available for all current BlackBerry 10 smartphones - Z10, Q10 and Q5. Although, when using on the Q10 or Q5, you won't see the full wide shot of your background. So, it does make things a little bit awkward but you can still create your titles. I'm hoping that this can be addressed in a future update.

Like many apps from this developer (Shortcut Creator and Photobooth Pro), they're simple in their form but due the job well. You can get Title Maker from BlackBerry World for $0.99.

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Add custom titles to your video compositions with Title Maker


This will be totally useless until we have the option of NOT having to have the titles from Storymaker. Even if you leave the fields blank when using Storymaker, you still get an opening space that's about 11 seconds long where the titles would go. Why on earth would I want an ADDITIONAL Title sequence? Get BlackBerry to give us the option of No Titles, and then this app would be great.

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If you have music in the video, this won't work. The music starts during the opening titles, so if you edit out the titles section, you also lose that music.

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Sometimes I want to say more than the title page will allow me to say.  Also, you can insert these in the middle of your Story Maker creation. It doesn't have to be the beginning or end.

I am working on a Story Maker project ,and started about 2 months ago,It is going to be awesome!! I already have quite a library of pics and thanks to the articles ,on this super awesome site, I know what Story Maker is ,.I would love to incorporate Youtube videos or clips of them,even still photos from them,Is there any way to do this ?Is there any way,Including buying an app,to accomplish my project in the way, I want it to be realized.I would pay big bucks to have a complete photo editing Story Maker.Summer is not over ,and, one way or another ,But, I want it to be a BB production.Help!!!

I'm having a hard time sharing videos, .. im unable to send it as an email and ect... can someone help?..

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Upload it to you tube. Then share the link. You can keep it as HD that way and not worry about file size.

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If you have a Gmail account, access it through the bb10 browser and attach the video that way.

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