Add custom searches with SearchIt for OS6- 50 copies to be won

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2011 03:19 pm EST

SearchIt for OS6

Universal Search on OS6 is pretty darn sweet. If you really get into using it you'll see it truly is a valuable tool. While the native OS allows for a decent amount of customization, you really can't add your own searches into the mix. That's where SearchIt for OS6 comes in. With SearchIt you can easily add custom sites to Universal Search on your device. Add popular sites like Twitter, IMDB, Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia and more. On sale now for just $1.99 this really is a great app you shouldn't pass up.

Contest: We have 50 copies of SearchIt for OS6 to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download of SearchIt for OS6
More information/download of SearchIt for OS5 

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Reader comments

Add custom searches with SearchIt for OS6- 50 copies to be won



This seems pretty cool and would come in handy. Just use the search for everything, once u put it ur own custom stuff in it.

i could really do with this for my torch 9800. due to provider and BES issues, i've lost my universal search icon, unless i use the stock theme (and i like cooler themes ie Tron and LCARS) - so this would be a good replacement for me.

I think its a useful app I constantly find myself useing universal search so now when I use it I can have more resourses to look from cool app to have.

I would love this since I'm an avid universal search user. This would definitely come in handy on a hour by hour basis lol

I would love to use the searchit for 6 as it will free me from verizon's restriction of using only bing search. I already have searchit for os 5 and I love it.

I'd love to finally be a winner. I do a whole lot of googling with my BlackBerry. This app will definitely come in handy to save search time.

My 9700 is crying for this !! :p
I want this !!
It'll make everything soo fast !! :D

Thanks Crackberry :D

Heck, don't wait to win it, just buy it already, it is on sale for only $1.99 and I guarantee it will be the best $1.99 you ever spend on apps for your BB. Goodbye Bing, hello Google or any search engine you want at the touch of a button or in the system menu, what more could you want?

great really would love to win that! Is it also possible to create some of your own, or just predefined?

I love universal search on my BB and to be able to customize it would be fantastic. Thanks Crackberry for always having the best reviews and greatest contests.

This is an awesome app. I have been waiting for an app to take control of my U-Searches! I will use this one 20 times a day! Great Work!!

Great BB App add. I have been waiting for a U-Search App and here it is. BTW, I just downloaded it and tested the trial out... Works Beautifully. Let's see ... how much hunting and pecking will it eliminate in a typical day ..... Great Job! SearchIT is a winner and Must Have app.

I need this because I use different search engines for different searches, but I can only have one on universal search at a time. Also it would be so much easier to search crackberry, and several other important sites I search often. Thanks for this contest, and pick me!!!

I would love to have this on my phone... It will save me so much time at school. Please give this app... please...

Ironically, was just thinking over the weekend how it sucks that universal search doesn't offer a wikipedia search - this app is the answer! Hope I win!

This app would make life SO much simpler!!! Thanks for another awesome contest, CRACKBERRY!!!! You're the BEST!!!!!!

Always searching for answers on something. Would be great to be able to add additional places to get answers.
Thanks to Crackberry and SEARCHIT-OS6 for a chance to win one.

I would like to have one. This will help me out a lot because I always try to find stuff on my phone, but it is very limited. This will be a great app.