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Deal of the Day Sunday, July 10th: Add to Contact 2 is 50% off today only!

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Deal of the Day: Add to Contact 2 for BlackBerry Makes it Easy to Add New Info to Existing Contacts

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2010 08:51 am EDT
This deal is expired

Add to Contact 2

Add To Contact 2 is a handy little utility app for your BlackBerry that makes it easy to add new info (like a PIN, email address or phone number) to a contact that already exists in your address book. All you need to do is menu click on the info as you see it, like in the body of an email for example, and from there select Add to Existing Contact. It's simple and it's handy. Add to Contact 2 features include:

  • Add phone numbers from call log entries
  • Add phone numbers from SMS messages
  • Add E-Mail addresses from E-Mails
  • Add PINs from PIN messages
  • Ability to select a phone number type on adding or just use the first one
  • Replace already existing phone numbers
  • Phone number formatting
  • Add phone numbers or E-Mail addresses from any web page opened in browser
  • Add phone numbers or E-Mail addresses from body of any SMS, E-Mail or PIN message
  • Add E-mail addresses from E-mail's CC and BCC fields
  • Add phone numbers to existing or new contact just after incoming call finished 

If you jump over to the Add To Contact 2 product page in the CrackBerry App Store, you can see this app has maintained a 5 Star rating and has received some glowing reviews from users. It's definitely worth checking out (free trial available).  

Deal of the Day - Save 50%: As today's Deal of the Day, you can save 50% on Contact To Me 2 and get it for only $1.47 (normally $2.95).



i can't believe this is not standard.


What is up with this not being part of the OS...I have always been frustrated by this.


I totally agree...

You purchase and forget "No support" from anybody..

Piff Berry

My thoughts exactly. It's quite repulsive that it's not.


It is prob just as quick as going through all the menus!

So many pointless premium apps! Who buys these things?


Copy and paste is unbelievably more annoying than this app. I hate all the clicks you need to do in order to get to the address book after copying to clipboard, and then all the clicks to navigate back to where I was.

tony bag o donuts

This is so much quicker then copy and paste.
This should be part of the os...
one of those apps you don't realize how you ever managed without it.


But since it's on sale I'm gonna part with the $1.47 today and buy this. I'm SICK of copy (exit messages, go to contacts, find contact, menu click to edit contact) and paste.


i bought smrt merge before this then i switched cause this sits inside your phone without hogging ram, and actually it does just want i need mainly to add numbers to existing contacts and emails as well, its worth the bucks but it should be a standard thing in the bb this same feature rocks, i dont like apps that sits in ram all the time to do a task, it just slows the phone down and bloats it, but not this and its fast.


I've BB9300.
Purchased it. But hangs up at "select catagory" screen.
And worst part :::: No Support :::::::