ActionPad for BlackBerry - 50% Off for CrackBerry Readers

By Adam Zeis on 21 Oct 2009 12:37 pm EDT

As a special hump-day promo for the CrackBerry nation, the folks at S4BB have decided to offer a 50% discount on their top selling ActionPad application. ActionPad is an amped up version of the MemoPad app that offers an insane amount of functionality. With the application you can search, use hotkeys, encypt data, create categories, spellcheck and more. ActionPad is MemoPad on acid. If you're like me and use MemoPad daily, you may want to check this one out. Instead of the usual $9.99 tag, you can grab ActionPad for just $4.99 by using the coupon code CRACKBERRY_BARGAIN. This code will only work in out mobile app store or mobile app store client.

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ActionPad for BlackBerry - 50% Off for CrackBerry Readers


Does anyone know if there is a character limit as with the Balckberry Native Memo application?

Also, it appears that there is seamless integration with the native Blackberry Memo application. So a user would see all the memeos created with the ActionPad application in the native memo applicaition.

Someone please confirm.


I just purchased and downloaded this app. Great app! Not sure of a character limit for ActionPad yet, but since the BB Memo application has to still be installed, I'm guessing it will have a limit as well ... but I could be wrong.

I went into ActionPad and all of my notes from the native BB memo app were in there (as well as remaining in the native app). So I encrypted one of my notes in ActionPad, then went to the native memo pad and opened it.

In the native memo pad it showed "ENCRYPTED_AES_DO_NOT_DELETE_THIS--" then a bunch of garbled characters. So it could not be read in the native memo pad if it's encrypted.

But if it's not encrypted in ActionPad, it's readable in the native.

So far it looks like a very cool app. Glad I got it with the discount! :)

I tried to buy ActionPad and got the "This promotion code has been already used!" message as well. Anyone know what's happening here?

Go to the CRACKBERRY MOBILE APP STORE from your phone.

just hit the crackberry mobile site like normal and click crackberry mobile app store at the top.

Code works there just fine.

and the app is just awesome! Thanks a lot Adam for the article.

@jtg11: because it uses the MemoPad database it will sync fine to Outlook Notes over the BES. Works great with my desktop Outlook too.

been looking to buy @ $9.99 just a couple of days ago.
feels good when you save $ no matter if it's only a few bucks.

Just bought this today @ 4.99

Really wishing there was a way to change the keypad shortcut to open this app instead of MemoPad.

I use MemoPad a lot to store sensitive info since it is very easy to hit "D" and type that info in. This lets me protect that vital info.

If there was an OTA backup of memos it would be the ultimate Pad!!!

Anybody that knows when it will be possible to buy WunderRadio (BB 9000 Bold) when living in Denmark?