Action X-Ray for the BlackBerry PlayBook wins AT&T Hackathon

By Joseph Holder on 9 Jan 2012 08:05 pm EST

International CES doesn't start officially until Tuesday, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to do in Vegas. We're here at the AT&T Developer Summit at the Palms, where six new AT&T LTE Android phones pretty much stole the show.

The news wasn't all Android today, though. On Sunday, app developers gathered from around the world to compete in AT&T's Hackathon, utilizing new HTML5 API's developed by AT&T. Developers used the API's to quickly add complex features of their applications in a short amount of time. After working mere hours building an application from scratch, three finalists were selected to do a live pitch to the assembled audience at the summit's keynote. After the pitch, it was the audience voting by text message that would decide the winner.

Out of the three, two of the app finalists chose to develop their applications using the BlackBerry PlayBook. Staring into the faces of the hundreds assembled for the keynote, Demian Borba gave a quick presentation of his Action X-Ray application on the PlayBook. After only 7 hours, Demain and his Action Creations partner Doug Saisho created the app in Adobe Air.

Providing a way to keep track of (and show off) your wounds and injuries, the app also recommends products using you might like to buy - from right inside the app. Cleverly, the app might suggest you purchase a helmet before sustaining another head injury.

For being coded in such as short amount of time, I thought the app was fairly impressive; and the audience agreed. Demian and Doug won the Hackathon challenge along with $20,000, a backstage pass to tonight's Nickleback concert, and will be featured in an upcoming AT&T television commercial. Now that's what I call a win!

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Action X-Ray for the BlackBerry PlayBook wins AT&T Hackathon


its a real good idea! they should make it so that companies buy the app to keep track of work related injuries.

Those poor souls, having to spend their valuable time backstage with the members of Nickelback when there's so much gambling that could be done...

The last thing I would do in Vegas is waste my time with Nickelback. Just sayin...

Hopefully the application is shown running on a BlackBerry product and AT&T actually puts in money into airing the commercial.

Super Bowl anyone?

That's an impressive app developed in 7hrs.

It would be interesting to know why they chose the AIR SDK on Tablet OS to build their app.

very cool that two of the three finalists built on PB OS. Certainly says something about the ease of development on the platform. Even more interesting because the focus was supposed to be WP7 apps (though Android/Blackberry was highly encouraged). Taking a little bit of shine off the award, it seems iOS apps weren't part of the game.

It takes a little bit of shine off, but not much. Apple's positioning in the market is pretty secure for the reason's we all know. Blackberry's biggest issue the past few years has been losing subscribers to Android. Android is becoming an even more fragmented marketplace than it was, and so it is hard to imagine Android keeping its #1 position in mobile. That leaves plenty of opportunity for both Blackberry and Windows, and so this type of a result means alot for QNX development, and ultimately Blackberry IMHO.

So the LTE chips in those 6 phones are good enough for att, android and the phone manufacturers but not for RIM?
Sent from my piece of crap 9700

You do know that most Android users have to charge their phones once if not multiple times a day right? That's a real piece of crap. Might as well buy a landline.

And in case you haven't realized, your phone is over 2 years old.

I wouldn't mind charging the phone once a day if it was a qnx BB. The reason I haven't upgraded is because I was waiting for qnx which should have been out sometime early this year. It seems like that has been pushed towards the end of this year now. What is there to upgrade to, android, 9900 or ios, No thanks. Anyone have any suggestions for a nice Windows phone ;-)

Instead of backstage passes to Nickleback, what about some time with RIM exec's to explain why they chose to build on PB and how RIM might be able to attract more developers to do the same.

Can Crackberry interview these guys and ask them about building apps for PB, what they would like to see from RIM to make development easier/better ?

Thanks for all the great comments guys, we are so excited with the result, after so much work in such a short amount of time. But we did it, and we are proud to have it done for the PlayBook. Keep in touch!

Twitter: @demianborba

Twitter: @mistersaisho

Hi Demian,

Alex from RIM here. Congrats on the big win and thanks so much for developing for the PlayBook! We’re looking forward to seeing Action X-Ray in BlackBerry App World really soon.

I know you’re already a pro at this, but we’ve got a ton of developer tips, tricks and stories on our Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog that you might want to check out when you get a chance: Congrats again!

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

They keep mentioning QNX and Adobe Air. This goes to show how powerful the QNX platform is. RIM should hire these guys.