The 'Action Starts Here' campaign seems to have been a big hit in Thailand

By James Richardson on 1 Nov 2012 01:17 pm EDT

You may remember that back in August, BlackBerry launched the new brand campaign around the concept of "Action Starts Here". For the past 3 months, BlackBerry has been inviting locals in Asia to join the revolutionary digital campaign by taking action, realizing their dreams and making their world a better place. Consumers were challenged to set a goal, make and complete the pledge via BlackBerry Thailand Facebook page. The activity was held from 21 August - 15 October 2012.

To date, the activity on BlackBerry Thailand Facebook page has ended successfully with more than 1,000 pledges and 7,500 votes. The three winners who earned the most votes were Tonkla-Tonnum, White We Love the King and Anong Sukon. While, the top 5 topics that participants pledged about are in the areas of Love, Friendship, Travel, Career and Fitness. As a result of this competition, the winners won BlackBerry smartphones, PlayBooks and other prizes. 

RIM is offering complimentary passes for students and faculty members to attend BlackBerry Jam Asia 2012 in Bangkok on 29-30 November 2012. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to with proof of enrollment or employment.

Once received, the BlackBerry team will provide a code that students or faculty members can use to register online at The passes are limited and do not include transportation or accommodation.

Great once again to see RIM doing as much as they can for the BlackBerry nation. 

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The 'Action Starts Here' campaign seems to have been a big hit in Thailand


I received a cool T-shirt wid a "BB Action Starts Here" Logo from BB India after I registered for the Action Starts Here Campaign. itz awesome. :) :)

God I wish they did the same here X( all they did was driving OS7 sales by trading their old gemini to an amstrong/davis with discounted price :p which was good, but not enough to get people's attention. In that matter I have another update ^^

My gf told me another story few hours ago. She said she was with two of her friends eating at some cafe on a break between her classes. She put her Monza on the table because she was eating. Then suddenly her Monza vibrated telling her she got an email. It was an email about class assignment from her professor. She then told her friends that their class got an assignment. Both of her friends, which are among those who blindly follow what's trending and hype now, asked how did my gf know. When my gf said she got it just now on her blackberry, both of them were surprised. "Blackberry can do that?" They check my gf's Monza and a second later both said they want to change their android with a blackberry XD

My point is, if RIM want to reach for more people, they need to make what they did in Thailand with "Action Starts Here" campaign as a global campaign. They need to show those who only following the trends&what's hype about what blackberry can do. Because us and all the people who keep track on what happen in mobile phone world are only a few on the tip of the iceberg. The bottom of the iceberg are those who only blindly follow the trends&hype.

Any one here has that nice looking picture that shows in the BB screen above? Please sent it to d.j.a.gloudemans.blackberry @ gmail . com

Thanks :D

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7500 votes in a country of 75million people.
Seriously winning.

I would think there would be more people in line at an Apple Store launch

that depend on the penetration rate in that country. take it like this, i play game online. there are people i met playing the game, from US, UK, Aussie, etc. from asia, korea, Philippines, even vietnam. but i haven't met any thai yet until now. does that means there are no thai playing game online? of course not. i'm sure there are people that playing game online in thailand, but maybe not as many as in philippines or indonesia, or malaysia or singapore. so 7500 out of 75 millions total is a lot. even thailand's blackberry fanpage only get under 100 likes on each status update (if compared with blackberry indonesia it'll look very few, we can get hundreds of likes on each blackberry indonesia's status updates. but i'm not sure we can get 7500 votes if there's a vote here too lol). so 7500 votes is a huge success if you look it objectively. not everyone is online you know ;) those who have the experience running a page on facebook know how hard is to get likes or even votes :)