Action now has a symbol, but does the symbol have a name?

The BlackBerry....
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2012 12:59 pm EDT

Do you have a better name for this symbol than the BlackBerry "splat"? Leave a comment with your suggestion and you could win a sweet prize!

If you're a BlackBerry user, you know the symbol in the image above. It's the graphic layered on top of application icons on the the BlackBerry homescreen, letting you know new messages have arrived in those apps.

For BlackBerry users, it's a powerful symbol. When you see it, it's hard to avoid clicking on it. You just have to take action and check what messages have come your way. But what's the name of this BlackBerry symbol?

Throughout the world... throughout history... powerful symbols typically have names associated with them. It only makes sense that this symbol for BlackBerry be given a proper name. This is especially true considering we are seeing the symbol show up in BlackBerry advertising. In India, BlackBerry launched a new Action Starts Here marketing campaign that puts a lot of emphasis on this symbol. 

Unofficially, I know Research In Motion employees have historically referred to this symbol as the "splat". Splat is definitely descriptive and fits with the basic look of the graphic (see google image search). It's also fitting given that it's typically splat on top of other icons. But... there's just something about the word splat that comes across as less than ideal for the name of a powerful symbol that represents Action. So I think it's time CrackBerry Nation weigh in with some suggestions as to what this symbol should be referred to as.

Question of the Week: What would you call the symbol in the image above? Leave a comment with your suggestions! We'll do a follow up post soon with our favorites and give away a sweet prize to our favorite of the bunch! 

Reader comments

Action now has a symbol, but does the symbol have a name?



Shooting Star.... people respond to it quick too... indicates its importance aswell

BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

I like "noti" best so far.
Followed by "StarBurst"

Nova is no good because it has the opposite meaning in Spanish from what it symbolizes

I'm a big fan of Calvin & Hobbes and I go with "Splort". keeping it close to the 'splat', but with a bit more fun!

BlackBerry Phoenix Unleashed!

You didn't think we were done yet?.........Did you, Mr. Iphone, Mr. Android? What you thought was the end, is just a new beginning.

Ladies and Gentlemen We are introducing to you the Winner for the name of OUR Favourite A C T I O N symbol...and it is ....

S P L A S H !!!

BlackBerry Splash !!!

(combination of splat + smash = SPLASH) !!!

thank you! ;)

PS: what is the sweet prize that i win? ;)

Wow, great ideas so far! I've done some thinking myself, came up with a longish list and pared it down to a small smorgasbord:

Things that alert / notify you
BlackBerry Jab
BlackBerry Bump (Thump)
BlackBerry Tap (Tip)
BlackBerry Peek (Peex? Pique?)
BlackBerry Q (Cue)

Visual cues
BlackBerry Ink
BlackBerry Trax ("track" like a footprint, also "tracks" your messages etc.)
BlackBerry Star
BlackBerry Spot (Dot)
BlackBerry Flag (Flare, Beacon)

Things that make noise (like a ringing phone...)
BlackBerry Bleep
BlackBerry Jangle
BlackBerry Ding
BlackBerry Ping
(ok, I can't do Bing....)

Fruity berry things
BlackBerry Thorn (an itchy reminder you've just gotta press...)
BlackBerry Zing
BlackBerry Pi (hey, pi is a symbol too...)
BlackBerry Tart
BlackBerry Squash (Squish)
BlackBerry Squirt
BlackBerry Splash

And just for fun
BlackBerry Plix (why? Dunno... Reminds me of "pick" and "click" at the same time... Plus I kind of like things with "X" in them)
BlackBerry Splax (splash + X)
BlackBerry Blink (Blinx? Why not?)
BlackBerry Tattle (because it sneaks you the message...)

OK, ok, I'll stop now...

Put a stem on it and it could be a maple leaf! LOL. I think I always thought of it as a star. I like splat but that's not gonna work in advertising. Splort's not bad or burst.

Blackberry Spark. Spark your productivity and imagination with Blackberry.

Or just call it sparky!:)

In keeping with current advertising, I'd call it the "BBD", short for "BlackBerry Done", because once you click it, yet another task will be done. Kinda corny but worthy of a prize. :)

"Screwhead" (as in, looks like a...) or "Cheerit" (came about because I thought it looked like a cherry, but now thinking along lines of Cheer It! because something new and exciting arrived).


"BlackBerry Instant Notification". I think the word "instant" is key since the BB platform has this advantage over other platforms.


"BlackBerry Intelligent Notification"

I would call it

BLACKBERRY BOL (BOL in blackberry symbol, BOL in Be Bold)
BOL: Be On Line.

My two cents.

Red ... October ;) It looks like communist symbol somehow to me. With the voice of Sean Connery (One ping only). Sonar ping or sonar pulse. Pulse sound catchy.
Action Star is good, Action Mark or just Action! will be fine also.
Ping, ding, bdiong, beep! From the sound of notification.
Roger! Over!

I think that BBM should have it's own 'roger beep', the one which will be patented and put on first place in BBM commercials. Each BBM messenger instance should sound that beep as a default new message sound.

(Astronomy) to change or be changed into a star. Perfect for the BlackBerry transition back to greatness.

Also an amazing tune by the god-like genius that is Ian Brown. Look it up.

Why not call it the Action symbol? Or if we need something more creative to define itself, maybe "A-Req" (pronounced as "ay - rek" for "Action Required")

I can also think of "Do-time" or "Go-time" or "Do-star" (BlackBerry people DO!)

I would call it "Burp"
My "BlackBerry BURPS" once in a while, Everybody does it at least once in a while :D

Burp/Blackberry Burp

According to its definition, a motion is a proposal for action.

Therefore, call it the BlackBerry Motion™ - an official trademark of Research in Motion.

Bb10 is all about your flow, and what guides your flow more than new notifications? So I call it Ebb, as in Ebb and flow. Two things intrinsically linked.

How's it sound?

I would call it...

"Thumb Star", instead of "Thumb tack".

Hyper Star, Advisory Star, Greeter Star, Butler Star, Cater Star, Siren Star, Alert Star, Reminder Star,
Focus Star, Attention Star or Attent Star, Indica Star aka Indication Star.

Demanding Star, Demand Star, Magnet Star, Touch Star (as in Touch Start).
Royal Star, Mood Star, Tickle Star, etc..... lol.

Diamond, sparkle, glint, show'd, drop, spot, blot, notice, here, use, obey. like glint, sparkle, and blot the best

Diamond, sparkle, glint, show'd, drop, spot, blot, notice, here, use, obey. like glint, sparkle, and blot the best

I like "Mir" RIM backwards of course.

Or hmmm.... need something fun,how about "Notey" or "Nodie"of course short for notification.

Doesn't have to be to compicated now does it?

Scenerio: two people are talking and a guy says "hey hold up a second." let me check this notey ,nodie - just got on my BlackBerry :)

The BlackBerry nodie :D

1. Five Star
2. All point
3. T.A.D aka totally awesome dot
4. L.A.M aka look at me
5. Jump cuz it looks like a stick man jumping and you should jump to the msg

Call it Dingle. That's what I always think of because it's the sound I associate with BBM.

Or you could always call it Fred, but I like Dingle better

My thoughts are BBN. See when your on BB10 and BBM, you are always connected because of BBN. (BlackBerry Notification) ......."Introducing the new BB10. New to BlackBerry? Where have you BBN......(A play on the word been)

call it "Flash"....cuz when your phone vibrates or receives a notification, the LED light always flashes and with that flash the notification symbol is always associated. :)

Call it Pavlov, or CC for classical conditioning, because let's face it, we all click open the app when we see that stimulus :)

How about 'RED' "hey bro, you have a red" referring to the symbol & the flashing red light.



How about... the BlackBerry Spur?

"The very old word derives from Anglo-Saxon spura, spora, related to spornan, spurnan, to kick, spurn; cf. Medieval High German Sporn, modern German Sporn, Dutch spoor, Frisian spoar.[1] The generalized sense of "anything that urges on, stimulus" is recorded in English from circa 1390."

"Spur into Action with BlackBerry."

It even fits with their current marketing campaign, isn't far off from the current name 'splat,' and even looks like a spur you'd see on a riding boot.

It would give new meaning to the phrase "My Boss is really putting the spurs to me." (constant emails).

I'm all for the Blackberry burst, but so that I actually have A CHANCE at winning, i proposed the Blackberry Note. A note is simple, short and to the point. A note reminds you of something important. And, its part of the word notification.

Blackberry Note

Or, perhaps the Blackberry Bolden. It fits with their current market strategy, and also, like Bold type, brings your attention to where it needs to be

BlackBerry Rash
BlackBerry Scab
BlackBerry Zit

because once you see it you can't help but pick at it!

How about Dingle Berry!!??....Oh...wait..Hmmmmmmm ummmm I like seed.

BlackBerry - seed, they go together. What do you do when one pops up??? You plant the seed of course.:)

#TeamBlackBerry FTW


Yes ladies and gentlemen the word is BRAMBLE ...cause it is ...what it is

And you ask why??? so here you go

Bramble in the United Kingdom is any rough, (usually wild) tangled prickly shrub, specifically the blackberry bush, with thorny stems. It may also refer to the blackberry fruit or products of its fruit. The shrub grows abundantly in all parts of Great Britain, and harvesting the fruits in late summer and autumn is a favourite pastime.

So harvest your messages when BRAMBLE shows up

How about a Berry-Zit???? Don't you just hate when they pop up?

Edit: someone got it in while I was typing. I love it that I'm not the only person who is weird. Hahaahaha

I would just call it the Blackberry "Signal" would be short-formed as B.Signal. Just like how Batman has the Bat Signal, We Blackberry people have our own too!

I can't believe no one has mentioned this, but the Apple mirror of the Windows Key which looks like Irish-type knot in a square has been called a "splat" since the Mac SE days in the mid-90's.

Also a "bang" is the yellow exclamation mark in the Windows Device Manager.

I also like Noti or Notice as others have mentioned. We need a HUGE poll to vote!

I think it should be something catchy, something with flash, but something that encompasses what BlackBerry is all about, so my suggestion is:

"The Connectivator" (connect-iv-ater)

It sounds like some year 2094 teleportation device, but I think "connectivator" would combine technical power with a focus on connection, which is what BlackBerry is all about.

I always call it " SEED " you know, like someone or something plant a SEED on you and u just have to click on it and a MUST to open it...simple and catchy.

" seed "


Its like the wink of an eye, calling your attention, telling you to come and see. xD
Its sexy, its funny, its intriguing =)

Blackberry Wink

It should be called BERRi, and come in a variety of colors to match the phones that come in a variety of colors to say, hey, BB isn't just about business anymore. Security is on the forefront but so is fun. Get to know BERRi; The Blackberry Energetic Rapid Response Indicator!

I made the i lowercase at the end for three reasons, to psuedo mock apple, and to show that I know how to spell and that it isn't an L, and to draw attention away from the normal spelling with the letter Y. Will Rim use a word that isn't real to promote their business, probably not.

Quick, easy, makes sense with what RIM already has going for them, and hard to forget.

whenever a company introduces a mascot or something prior to starting out, it rarely catches on, so sticking with something that they are already about (berry) works better here

BAM! If that isn't a winner, then you people don't deserve to use the internetz

Blackberry Kiss or Blackberry Pucker

...for our German viewers.... Blachtung!

What about the Blinger (Blackberry Finger)

Starkiss (not to be confused with Starkist canned tuna)

Doostar (like in a star that does)

Jumpstar (like jump-starting something into action)

... so many possibilities... oh my!

How bout a zit. Since its red with something white in the And when you open it its like you pop it and it goes away lol. Cool.

I'd call it "Icon"

Imagine a conversation when you explain to someone "Wait, I just got a BB Icon, let me see what it is..." No real explanation needed for them after that

The symbol should just be called Action. Then you would have BBM Action, Mail Action, SMS Action, Facebook Action, etc.

Action would be a noun or a verb. You would have "Take Action" but as it catches on, would become "actioning" and "action it."

If the marketing department could take hold of this, they could advertise it in many places where the term will catch on. First, they need to get it out there with a significant marketing blitz. Then:

In action films, they can sponsor the film. Call it an "* (Action) film."

On sports teams, they can place the star on helmets and jerseys. Sponsor a race car and call it an "* (Action) car." Also, "The team is in * (Action) tonight."

In music, an action is a characteristic of a stringed instrument. Put a star on a guitar.

In video games, you have an "* (Action) game"

In nightclubs and large venues and events, "The * (Action) tomorrow night is at X." At the venue or event, "The * (Action) is here."

Other smartphone and tablet vendors want "a piece of the * (Action)."

"Bored with your phone? Can't get your work done efficiently? Take * (Action)"

"* (Action). It starts here." "The * (Action) is here."

Eventually, you will have people tattooing their groin with a star because they want Action. That would make a good commercial.

RIM's marketing department needs to get onto this because this is an ingenious marketing campaign. Before they do, I expect them to contact me as these are some of my ideas but not all of them. And not even the best ones.

* of course, the asterisk denotes the star, the Action symbol.

I would call it BlackBerry Tap. I see it as kind of a tap on the shoulder to get your attention. The name could include the whole of the notification system instead of just the icon. This would also differentiate the system in name from the others. It also plays into BB10 with "Peek" in that I peek over my shoulder to see who is tapping me. BB is partially a social atmosphere with BBM and this name would play into that.

It may already be in the comments somewhere but I thought I would throw my take on it in here as well

"Blackberry Boom/Bang Notification"
-startled and surprised with an unexpected notification.. :))

Something UNUSUAL BB10

How about "RedBerry" or "DingleBerry"??

I really like "DingleBerry". Everytime time my phone dings, there's a red notification. This could be a fun Twitter campaign. #DingleBerry

arising from the ashes with a new song

try the BINK

Blackberry Inc

as in : "Incoming !!!!" (duck, take it now)

plays off the Blackberry Instant Notification above adding Key


as in: open the door to a new update

when the LED flashes...someone is "Binking me"

you mean blinking don't you? no ... BINK'ng me

unique lingo...

I haven't read through all the previous posts. (So, I am not conscientiously stealing someone's idea.) But I'd call it the PentaBerry.

How about the BlackBerry Blossom (feminine) or the BlackBerry Blast or finally the BlackBerry Blink or Burst!

How about one of the following:

ACT - Attention Coming Transmission
NOTE - Notifying On Time, Everytime
NOW - Notifying Our World

I didn't read all prior comments. My apologies, if someone already suggested something similar.

How about the BlackBerry POP?

Power Of Push notification. That is what BB is made of.

BlackBerry: Its what we are made of.

It's called a "rubus"

Or if you like, the full name is "rubus urgens"

Trust me. Google it if you don't believe me.

Okay for you lazy ones:
1) It sounds cool
2) Genus rubus family members include blackberry bushes

Call it Al....
As in the boys name, but also short for "alert".

It's an alert, nothing more, nothing less...

Naming it makes it personal and it sounds nice and catchy. Good to market: "There's BlackBerry Al....!" or "Al's here....!"

"BB Al..." is also easy for the users I think.

The BlackBerry "Stain"

BlackBerrys are BlackBerrys because they look like blackberries. The notification is like the juice, the info, and messages that comes from your BlackBerry, metaphorically and actually it stains your device letting you know there is something new. And when you see it, you clean/clear the new "stain"/notification. And when you clean a stain it usually doesn't completely go away. There is still the left over part of the stain/info that is still there. "The BlackBerry Stain."

I'd like to suggest the STARt symbol, (as in Start Here), or the PingStar.

"Oh, I've got a PingStar, just a sec."
"Just give me a minute to check my STARts"

...what need is a new phone... :-)

Red eye

Many have been said, credit to those I just liked 'em. If any were unsaid then those are mine otherwise my favorite and vote goes to "do-dot"

I've always called it the DOT but after reading some of these post, I kinda like the burst too. Or the spot is nice too.

you just always think in english ? I found japanese a great and soft language when your hear it...

maybe we can think of :

- hoshi (meaning asterisk, or star symbol)

- Sei (meaning starry, reference to the star)

- or maybe if we are allowed - we do all remember "Seiya" (approximately meaning "shooting star" falling in your Blackberry)

I would call it "Knock"... Like you get a Knock on your door and you actually need to open the door to see who it is... Similarly you need to open up your text or email to find what it is when you get a Knock...

1- Action or Action Splat
2- G.I.D. - like time to get **it done
3- BlackStar - yea idk maybe scratch that one
4- ?
5- Jam
6- idk i call it the asterisk or notification but i wanna win something cool

The Quark because it is the fundamental of our Blackberry addiction :) lol


The Pat = Patrick = Patrick the Starfish :)

Here's another simple one, "BlackBerry Nod". Meaning signal or sign of agreement. BlackBerry don't need to be cluttered it has be as simple and bold. Ps. BlackBerry Node is anothe one. :-)

A Sonic!

We can even have it stand for something: a System Of Notifying Instant Communication!


how about callin it in every time u get a msg or i ping..ur phone lights up..its got a bling..;), i think the BB BLING!! =)


Its the "Action" icon already... so it does have a name, I agree that with the post about "action" being a great choice for marketing!

Take Action!

I call it the BlackBerry Alert! Okay, it's not sexy or anything, but it works for me and folks I talk to.

Well we just call it the (BlackBerry) Star. Simple, straight forward, and since it looks like an asterisk with an emphasis halo behind it, it stays true to form. Also allows for versatility in marketing campaigns.

The Red Star of Waterloo - RSW.

Corny, I know, but we're putting everything out on the table nowadays.

How about BB BAM - BlackBerry Action Message - BAM is powerful, brings you to action and you know you have some kind of Message/Notification. Cant help but think of Bam-Bam from the Flinstone's of the 70's...

Its the Blackberry Check Star people! No other name fits , its a blackberry original and it should be named in accordance besides it tells you to check your messages , mail ,text, bbm whatever and its the skeleton of a star! so its the blackberry check star!!! I win! I win! Give me my damm prize! Tnank you!!

Action has a symbol, it should be called...wait for it, "the Action Symbol" or simply Action.

I was surprised it took so many replies to this thread before I saw someone suggest Action, so I'll +1 it here.

I also really like the "Noti" name, or "Action Noti", and since it really is the "action required notification symbol", it makes sense that people might use this as a slang term anyway, no matter what the "official" name is.

The Blackberry "bloop". Thats the sound I can imagine hearing when I have updates or such........bloop

Jesus!. Cause every time you get the sign you're like Jesus!! who is it now? Or Jesus! what does my boss want now!! Just don't go short into Jeez ! Thats all i'm saying.....

I had to repost my Blackberry Check Star because i searched top to bottom and found nothing that actually describes what it is realistically and what it is telling you , also where it belongs ie Blackberry, who owns it and where it belongs, Check, what it tells you to do and Star what it is. So when BB10 is being launched and you hear the words" When you see the Blackberry Check Star appear next to an application icon you instanly want to jump and open that app because BB10 is helping you get things done"!!

How about the " SNew" meaning Something new. Usually when we see this symbol something new is there

Pronounced SNOO.

BlackBerry "Biz-y" many ways to use it

I just got "Biz-y",
Never too "Biz-y"",
Are you "Biz-y",
TCB.....Taking care of "Biz-y-ness"

I like "E-Motion" con - evoke Motion a form of action

Therefore, call it the BlackBerry Motion™ - an official trademark of Research in Motion

ATL Michael

How about TopoN? (spelled Top on, similar to log on) BlackBerry, always on and always at the top. The notification is always at the top on the folder. and who puts off the device when you see this symbol?

Pon also means this: Pon, a command to start up the Point-to-Point Protocol daemon connection (it's unix based OS).

Also this:

Our friends in Singapore (in Singlish) will skip an activity to look at their 'berries with this symbol.

Pon de river: flowing upstream (in Jamaican)
Pon also means pwn: meaning to own somebody/something, or dominate. Gamers will like this. :D
PON: it also means Property Owner Notification as per US government.

TopoN! it also has a positive ring to it.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 | BlackBerry Torch 9810 |
Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

I'm felling a little Latino on this one... how about the "cinco"?

weird guy that has a Windows Phone and BB Playbook tablet

How about BINI Blackberry Instant Notification Icon (pronounce Beeny)

I also like Noti

My Wife and I call it a Blinky as well

most seeds are round shape and whats inside the seeds is plants. very simple and green... GET IT..!!!!!!! ahh!!!!! im SHOUTING... CALL IT " SEED(S)"

FRIEND: hey! man you have " SEEDS "

ME: Oh! thanks, I wonder what it is?

FRIEND: Well! why don't you open you " SEEDS " and find out.

...see VERY CATCHY..!!!!!

This is amusing. The only time CB gets so many comments is when something is free. it's like breaking open an ant hill to see ten times the number of ants you initially saw.