Aces Cribbage for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 11 Aug 2010 10:04 am EDT

Aces Cribbage  Aces Cribbage

The folks at Concrete Software has just released their latest game Aces Cribbage. Take your cribbage skills with you when you're on the go. Aces Cribbage has multiple difficulties, multiple game modes and anyone can play - even if you have no idea what cribbage is. Features include:

  • Multiple ways to count your hand; including fast count, slow count and auto count.
  • Online Leaderboards for each game: daily, weekly and overall
  • Option for Muggins
  • Hundreds of variations of Cribbage boards, pegs, and card design combinations
  • New user tutorials and hints
  • Glossary of commonly used Cribbage terms
  • Tracks tons of statistics including number of wins, loses, skunks, and the average point leads.

Aces Cribbage is on sale now through August 17th for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) and is available for all devices. Head to the CrackBerry App Store for more.

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Reader comments

Aces Cribbage for BlackBerry now available


my dad taught this card game to me when i was in high school nearly 50 years ago! i loved it then and i dearly love it today. i am thrilled to download it to my beloved BlackBerry!!! thank you crackberry! the only thing that would have made it better: if dad were here to play it with me. [bet you thought i was gonna say: if i had won a free copy! fooled you didn't i?]

Checked Concrete's site. They say they have a moeny back guarantee, even if you don't like the game (or apps). But I still want to try before I buy.

Just checked appworld.

There is a "limited" free version. Will DL that and see what it's about.......

ETA: This limited version is 4.8MB!!!! Holy frak! That's huge. Not sure I will want to pay $3 for something that chews up that amount of memory. How big is the full edition???? (hoping not much at all)

Ok, my last post...for now....

Things I have found you cannot do in the Lite version:

- no multi-game series. Only a 1 game series.
- Gameboard style cannot be changed
- Peg style/color cannot be changed
- Only have one difficult setting (Easy)
- Cannot post scores to the leaderboard

The animations in some ways slow things down. But this sort of gives it a real cribbage feel. And even with the things you cannot do in this lite version, you can still get a decent cribbage experience. As a cribbage fan, I see no reason to buy the full version (especially at $3).

But 4.8m..........having a hard time with that one. Will play with it a while and see if I want to reclaim that space......

ya the size is misleading on the cb store as it says 62 kb but when I saw it actually loading cuz its like just a launcher and it was in the 50s for cod files I nearly shat myself lol

I mean I do have the space for 5 mb but still I'll give it a whirl for a while and see what I will do with it.

Wish I could get Uno again *sigh*

I think I am going to delete......even though it is free.

It is not a "quick hit" game like Pinball or Pacman. It's a longer game and I don't have that time during the day.

And, I think this is a battery hog. I just hit new game on my way to room. played a partial game for about 4 minutes.

My battery dropped about 1% for each minute played. And lots of spinning/waiting too for some of the animations.

If I knew the paid version would allow me to strip out all of the animations, then I might consider....but gone for now.....

Uggggh.......I went to delete from Appworld and it hung (or was taking foreeeeeever. I rebooted (soft) and my memory was back but the app was showing in appworld. I did another "delete" from appworld and that set it to "uninstalled". I then did my usual ALT-R-S-T to remove the "uninstalled" notification.

Back to where I was this morning.....

Hello all!

There are 7 different speed settings in the full version, which do cut out animations on faster speeds. It also allows you to click through animations to skip them on the fly. We even have a separate setting for the magnifying glass to turn that off if you find it annoying!

The full version doesn't have the pop-ups as well. Love the feedback - thanks everyone!

Concrete Software

Anyone know how this compares to Magmic's Cribbage? Magmic takes up only 1.2 megs for one thing. Magmic is only available through CrAppWorld for another. Anything else?

I am a cribbage nut and have played since I was a kid when my uncle (who was in the army and played endlessly when he was overseas) taught me. I tried the free version, and after one game bought the paid version. It is a great game, but I would say that $4.99 is a bit high (of course I think many games are priced too high). I didn't hesitate to buy it on sale at $2.99.

I did gag a little on the 5MB size, but it's worth it. I deleted a couple of my seldom-used large programs to make sure I had comfortable room for it. The game play is smooth, the graphics are amazing, lots of customization choices, and the computer opponent is good. I had the Magmic version of cribbage, and while it was good, the graphics weren't as nice, and there were no statistics - just the game. It felt much more bare bones than this.

Everyone talks about how bad BlackBerry games are compared to iPhone & Android, but I would put this up against any card game on those two platforms. If you want the fancy graphics, etc., the size comes with it. I wouldn't want five games of this size on my phone, but as much as I love Cribbage, this is totally worth it.

Someone wanted to know how big the paid version is, but FYI the size is the same on the free version AND the paid version - no difference.