Why I'm now using AccuWeather for BlackBerry 10 and why you should too

By James Richardson on 25 Jul 2013 11:24 am EDT

We all know we have a pretty decent native weather app on our BlackBerry 10 smartphones powered by Accuweather. However, their standalone app is better in my opinion and with it being available for all current BlackBerry 10 models, it's worth giving it a try.

The app is free and ad-supported, which is why I was a little put off it when I first downloaded it some time ago. However, now that the summer has finally graced us with its presence here in the UK, I decided I needed a few more features than the native app. Now I'm back on the AccuWeather bandwagon and its bursting with good stuff.

As you would expect when you open the app, you are given the current weather conditions for your location. AccuWeather also gives some extra details on this page which include wind speed, wind gust, humidity, UV index, dew point and visibility. If you fancy jumping between different locations, just tap the name of your town and a further page will open where you can add other towns/cities.

At the base of the home screen are three tabs - Current (which is what the app will open with), Hourly and Daily. Both the latter two options give plenty of information in advance  - all with a nice black and white user interface which is the opposite of the 'Current' one which is full of color.

Jumping into the main menu offers up even more features. Here you can view the Lifestyle section where you can check out how the weather conditions will affect a wide range of things - from health issues to sports. Maps are also present in the menu and here you will see your location and you have the option to zoom in and out. But press the 'Play' tab above the map and any rain pockets will show up as the map goes interactive - it's quite clever and rather impressive.

If checking all the aforementioned isn't enough you can even watch weather forecast videos from the main menu. These are split into regions such as Europe, Canada, Asia etc. Last but not least is the 'News' section where you will be presented with a list of weather related news stories. Jump into one of these and you will be re-directed to the web browser to read the story in full.

And what a glorious Active Frame the App has - I tend to keep this one open all the time now. If all that isn't enough to make you want to use AccuWeather I don't know what will. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Who's using AccuWeather instead of the native weather app?

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Why I'm now using AccuWeather for BlackBerry 10 and why you should too


I guess if you got nothing else going for you in your life, something like this could give you the feeling of importance you so desperately want, lol. Oh well.

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Don't listen to these haterz. First is an accomplishment. Many posts start with 'awesome' or 'sweet' or 'should be free'.

Not sure how 'First' is any less relevant.

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its starting to get really boring and kinda annoying after time hehe do u want medal for that?

Why would they need a medal if they got a first post? :P

In other news: I replaced my Z10's default weather app to the ad-based AccuWeather. I like the additional features. ^_^

That's the first app I downloaded in my z10 and put the native weather app in a 'hiden' folder

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Hi, I use accuweather - BUT do remember that different programmes use different weather models - I don't find them as accurate as say the UK Met office - but each to their own!

I wish was it was more accurate. Often it doesn't even show the current conditions accurately.

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I bought BeWeather but I'm using Accuweather instead because of the weather warnings. BeWeather doesn't have warnings for Canada.

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First off I use BeWeather the free version and love it. And I do get weather warnings in Canada (Vancouver). So not sure what you are talking about.

Also, Accuweather looks boring. I love the look, feel and animation of BeWeather.


The free Be weather doesn't let you pick your weather station. I'm in Toronto, and the station it automatically picked in on Toronto island! This means my weather is always wrong, and i can't change it :/

Also, the Bellshare's website states that advisories and maps are only available in the US.

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I am on V1.0.75.863 (Not the pro version)

I have had many advisory warnings to my phone. Just so you know it is a "setting", maybe you have it turned off?
I have 4 locations added as well. Not sure what you mean about not being able to pick your station?


I bought Beweather and it works great. Pick weather stations, get weather warnings works great.

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Totally agree. Downloaded it before then felt like i didn't need it.. tried Last Weather App and was amused for awhile but with no forecast... it kinda sucked. Went back to the stock one which is great but the actual AccuWeather app itself... miles better.

Not to mention it seems a version of this app will be replacing the stock weather app in future version of BlackBerry 10. (if the leaks are to be believed)

I use the weather Network app as well and like it very much. However, I also have the Enviromnent Canada website and have that bookmarked in my browser.

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I prefer BeWeatherPro as it is more accurate in my location Midwest USA. Well worth the money to not have ads.

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Accuweather is decent however nothing beats Weatherbug from my bbos device. Weatherbug always managed to push me a notification when thunderstorms are in the area the only thing Accuweather manages to warn me of us flash flood warnings.

I would switch to Weatherbug in an instant if they would come to bb10

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I've tried it before, but for my area at least, Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, the information was ridiculously inaccurate. I would have had the same level of accuracy by asking someone living in an underground bunker.

I'll second that. In-accu-weather forcasts are useless for Vancouver and the lower mainland as well. The other problem i have is that for all the stats they offer, they don't predict mm of rainfall. In a lot of months in Vancouver, the forecast will have rain in it. What I need to know is how much is it going to rain. A 1-5mm rain day is a lot different than a day with 20mm+ or rainfall. The weather network app may not be great, but the forecast is generally pretty good and it gives me all the info i need.

I also tried the original weather app which is powered by accu-weather and this one from them only to find it was not giving me accurate nor reliable information when compared to actual weather in my area so I switched to the Weather Network and have not looked back since.

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Agreed. I can see not being able to delete important apps like the browser, bbm, appworld etc but to not be able to delete a pre installed weather app??

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If they ever decide to have a paid version without the ads I might give it a go...but ad-supported apps are a non-starter for me.

Accuweather is working on a paid app without ads. They actually responded to an email I sent them. Their response was pretty quick too. Surprised me.

Sweet. BeWeather Pro doesn't have full support of features in Canada, so I've been hoping for ad free Accuweather.

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I've been using this as my primary weather app for about three months now. It's not as awesome as MyCast was (in terms of weather map options and depth) on my legacy device, IMO. But it is definitely a beautiful, well put together, weather app with its own amazing features. I use it multiple times daily.

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Yup, my go to weather app as well. Comparing others I have, Accu was bang on, while all others were out to lunch to local weather.

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Accu is definitely the best weather app. Far superior to all the others I've tried.

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan

Like James I'm in the UK but, as a sailor I am close to obsessional about the weather and spend a ridiculous amount of time on weather sites. I have tried quite a few weather apps and have not found Accuweather to be much good for the weather down here in Cornwall.
Outside of the best Internet sites I have found an app called The Weather Channel to be by far the most accurate. It doesn't look as good or run quite as smoothly as some of the other weather apps I have tried but, it runs well enough and it is easy enough to use that frankly those negatives are small beer compared to the fact that it is more accurate.

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This app is good but there's always annoying alerts that come with it. Weather alerts that come more than once and you can't get rid of.


Agree. I first thought it may have been a bad install, but not the case. And yes, push notifications is off. This needs a fix. Otherwise a good app, though I'd like to see weatherunderground available.

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I find the concise simplicity of the BBC weather page is perfect for my needs. Don't need an app for that!

I prefer the Weather Channel for their detailed hourly and daily forecasts. Weather Channel is also a built for BlackBerry app.

I find the most accurate weather forecast in Canada is my browser link to Environment Canada. The Weather Network and the like are not accurate in the interior of BC

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Agreed, I do the same thing. I'm in Kelowna and Environment is the most accurate for my region.

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Been using this since the beginning almost. Also beweather pro is quite nice but I won't pay for it soooo hahah. But it offers slight more ability and features. But accuweather is rock solid. And I love it's accuracy. I have three others and this is go to

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The thing with weather apps is how they interpret the information they're receiving. For somebody like me in the Northwest the line between rain and sun is pretty slim.

Your average app is useless. And unless you see 7 days jn a row of something expect it to change.

The best I've found so far is the weather network website. Works great on the browser, throw a shortcut in your apps pane and your good to go

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Was using BeWeather for a while until I stumbled across this in BlackBerry World. Oddly I didn't even realize that it had ads until I saw this; mine always seem to be not actually be there but now looking I can see where they are supposed to be. In any case, it is by far the best weather app I've seen so far.

Have been using Accuweather on all my BB's for years, and it's my favorite, though I like TWC and TWN too.

In settings change units from imperial to metric.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Good review and a great app. I don't mind the adds at all as they are unobtrusive. I just wish that they would add a dynamic icon in addition to the great active frame. On BBOS there was live info showing even when the app was not running.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

BeWeather beats it in 2 ways, no ads, but more importantly, I like being able to choose from nearby weather stations on a map. Being able to search like that instead of by city is a quick way to choose exactly where I want my weather information coming from. Especially convenient for cities that can vary drastically from one part to another due to hills, lakes, etc. However, I get notifications from Accuweather without it being open, whereas it seems I only get them from Be Weather if I have the app open.

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It's a great looking app with one exception. On the Q10, the radar map is too small to be of value thanks to the advertisement. I've gone with BeWeather Pro because the map is much more functional.

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I'd have to agree with a few others that in Canada at least. The Weather Network app is fantastic. Blows the rest out of the water. How come all our phones have these broadcast channels in them now but yet support is so lacking for utilizing this great tech. It would be nice to have emergency alerts sent right to me no matter what.

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Accuweather was my first downloaded app too, but wasn't accurate at all. Same with the preloaded app. I switched to the weather network app and it's great!! Must be a Canadian thing :D

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Recently I have been unable to view the you tube crackberry videos from these postst on my bb os7 9930. I get unable to view item want to save to device.

Anyone else having an issue/expaination?

You can add me to the list of people who have and love Be Weather. It's very nice, has great graphics and with the pro version there are no ads. I love it.

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I tried them all. My work is highly affected by weather. The best for me was always Weatherbug. Wish they would come back to BB. Using The Weather Channel app now though. Like that one the best out of our current choices.

I love it except I wish it did chance of precipitation and wind speed in the hourly forecast. For agriculture those two pieces of information are priceless!

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Thanks for the tip on AccuWeather. It is a much better weather app than the native one. Just wish there was a way to delete the Native App. Instead I'll drop it in my Boat ware file.

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The AccuWeather app is well designed, has a great Active Frame and detailed forecast information like rain precipitation in % and mm for day and night, if you tap on a day in daily forecast.

However the ad banner is extremely annoying. They really need to add an optional in-app purchase or a paid pro version. I'd happily pay a couple bucks to get rid of the ads.

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I use weather network here in Canada. It's easier to see the "feels like" temperature in the short and long term as well as hourly forecasts

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10.2 stock weather app wins for me. Nice and basic, quick, and even in-app access to the browser interface for details.
Oh, and it includes (some?) alerts too, but they don't show in the hub unfortunately.

This is good but wow please can they bring out a paid version as the ads take up too much screen estate especially on the q10 in the map screen, also like the weather channel a full screen button for the map would be good!

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ok- I admit to being confused. The stock weather app from Blackberry is powered by Accuweather. Why install an ad based app for the same data?
I like the look of beweather better but have found the stock app to be more accurate. But I am not about to see a bunch of ads for the same thing I can use ad free ...for free

Too bad they don't have an app for Intellicast.com for the BlackBerry (just an iPad app), it is by far the very best weather site for the PC, but I have it bookmarked and all is good.

Edit: Just saw that they now have an Android and and iPhone app on their site.

Be Weather pro is the best for me here in Iowa always gets me local weather while traveling including warnings and advisories for not just my home location but all saved locations including current location

Best weather app for me.

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This standalone app IS better than the built in weather app, The Weather Channel app (gasp!), AND the BeWeather everyone raves about, so you know that says something!

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I must be in a different UK than this poster. The app is dreadfully inaccurate and the ads are just too intrusive. I'll stick to using myweather2 (via browser) which is accurate to the hour as it takes data from airport stations. They ain't gonna be wrong!!!

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I'm using 'The last weather app' and it's the funniest weather app I've ever seen! Also it's exclusive to bb10 which is always fun when someone starts looking for it on their iPhone after I've shown it to them ;-P

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On my Q10, the ad is sadly perceived bigger than it should be, you know, the real estate being not that big.

However the info seems to be useful. It's free and native so say no more just download already.

I use the free Be weather app as much quicker to load in poor signal areas and even the adds are not to intrusive.

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