Accessory Roundup - Win a pair of touchscreen gloves for your BlackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 12 Dec 2013 04:22 pm EST

The weather is turning pretty crappy here in New Jersey this week. I'm sure there are plenty of other places (like the Peg) that are way colder, but for us winter is well underway. I've busted out my snow tires, shovels and winter clothes, making sure not to forget my favorite accessory of all. I'll admit that when you get to the point that you need touchscreen gloves for your phone you're a bit more than an addict, but that's okay with me. 

So as winter sets in for many people, we're helping to spread the holiday cheer. Since we're in such a giving mood, we'll offer up not one, but three pair of touchscreen gloves from ShopCrackBerry. You can take your pick between the Glider or Arduro gloves and ensure that you'll never have to be phoneless -- even when you're braving the cold weather. 

Keep reading for contest details -- and no, you can't pick the awesome BlackBerry gloves in the photo above :-)

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Contest: To enter to win a pair of touchscreen gloves, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT.

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Reader comments

Accessory Roundup - Win a pair of touchscreen gloves for your BlackBerry!



Chuckle. Glad to amuse. If you're in Calgary and can make it downtown I have 2 pairs of 'slightly' different blackberry gloves in original packaging... you're welcome to have them...

Posted via CB10

lol, i wish. i'm in vancouver. got some friends in calgary who might take you up on that offer though... but probably not haha.

Me three. I think BB could make some cash if they sold Splat (or is it spark now?) and other merchandise. Little splat charging cushions (when we get wireless charging... one day), BB gloves, shirts...

I was excited thinking it would be the BB gloves, but would love touch screen gloves since it is always so cold and then I can really always be connected when im on the go.

Woo-hoo gloves missing the tips. Count me in for these amazing piece of tech :) a must have for sure

Posted via Z30 using CB10

Had you read the post you'd know that the gloves you get aren't the ones in the photo and thus do have tips :) 

Please pick me, as it's starting to get really cold here in Toronto, and I'd love a new pair of touch screen gloves to use with my BlackBerry Z10!

Posted via CB10

It's cold here in Vancouver! Some glove love would be nice :)

Posted via my Z10 on the Rogers Network.

It is -27 C outside and a bit of snow and windy, yes sir I would like to try those, please and thank you. Just a regular Alberta winter eh?

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Awesome! I didn't even know these existed. Great timing as I am searching around for Christmas gifts in Canada! Thanks! hopefully I win for me while I buy for others :)

It's very hard to use my favorite CrackBerry app on my favorite Z10 in this harshest Canadian Winter.

But win or no win I will keep using it :-)

Posted via CB10

As I am very well trained in losing my gloves, I could definity use an extra pair. Especially if I can use my BB with them.

This would save my poor hands from freezing while using my amazing z30! Need to keep moving!

Sent using my spiffy Z30

Those BlackBerry gloves are nice looking where did they come from? Homemade or are they on the market somewhere?

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Isnt it hilarious that somebody in a country as hot as Nigeria is also desperately seeking one of those gloves??..

Though it's because I want to flaunt the blackberry sign on it so my android/iOS chaps will know how much BlackBerry truly cares for its customers... ;)


Z10STL100-1/ "the iPhone-killa"

I live in Tropical North Queensland / Australia and I'd have a pair any day!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Would definitely help with the (crack)ed fingers.

Seriously, this Z10 is a Contender!! Keep it up BB

How about BBRY gave away a few ten thousand of those gloves to berry supporters? Sure gets people talking, and probably cheaper and more effective than a Super Bowl ad.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I work outside doing auto glass and those gloves would keep my hands toasty and still allow me to use my phone!

Posted via CB10

Id love some! It's always super cold here in Canada and i hate having to take off my gloves to answer a phone call, or reply to a txt while waiting for the bus. :p

The only way I can promote my awesome new Z10 in cold weather is by using the touch gloves! I would love a pair courtesy of my fav app on the planet! Crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Here in Louisville, KY we are being blessed with Canadian arctic blast (thank you, Oh Canada) and we are in the low teens. Oh the joy of having a pair of these gloves! Pick me, please.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Well, i never had gloves, even if we have pretty cold winters here ;). But i might just use them! ;)

Definitely would like a pair. It is cold when you are standing there out in the cold waiting for the train and trying to message or read some news on Bloomberg, Globe or CBC. I also lost my glove on the train and still haven't got it back.

Adam ... FYI ... the links to the gloves doesn't work. I wanted to check out what I was going to win and I get the DREADED 404. :)

I'll give them a try if I win. Gloves (of any kind) are not something that I would normally purchase for myself.

I just bought my wife a pair for the Glider Urban gloves and think I need a cool pair of touch screen friendly gloves for myself.

Posted via CB10

Brilliant contest! It's been a brutal cold and snowy November (and now December) here in Alberta and the Glider gloves would be fantastic for using my Q10 when running or working out in the bush!

I could use the gloves. Even though I have a Q10, I forget an dtry to use the screen with regular gloves.

Gloves are good!
PS: tried the links. Gloves are not available in Canada Eh? Pitty.

From Z to U via CB

Would be good for the weather here in Toronto -20...

BlackBerry Z30 & Z10 | | C0006E212

I could use a pair for the cold weather we're experiencing now, that way I can keep using my Z10 while outside and my hands don't have to freeze :D

Give me some touchscreen gloves if you want my touchscreen love, Crackberry! I'll have some of the Medium sized Glider Urban Style in Black please.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 via CB10.

I have a pair from BB themselves last year, but I would love another pair for my fiancee as she keeps stealing mine now lol

I want the gliderr touchscreen gloved white please!!! I really need one :D

Posted via CB10

The Glider gloves would be cool. And they look textured like Spiderman gloves; I've been playing the game a lot since it was a free download...

Posted via CB10

Yes please. The links for the gloves you have in the post are not working for me so I am not sure which ones I want.