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Post-Christmas Accessory Roundup: Win an accessory of your choice from ShopCrackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 27 Dec 2013 11:55 am EST

Did you get a new BlackBerry for Christmas? Or maybe there was something on your list that Santa forgot to bring? Whatever the case may be, we're still in the holiday spirit so we're giving you the chance to win a brand new BlackBerry accessory of your choice from ShopCrackBerry. 

It may be a new case for your Z30, a spare charger, a car kit or just a screen protector. There's always plenty of BlackBerry goodness to choose from so you should be able to find something that you need without too much trouble. 

Check out all the hot new accessories below and keep reading for details on how to win!

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Contest: To enter to win a new accessory for your BlackBerry (value < $100 USD) just leave a single comment on this post telling us what you want and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT.



I'm still waiting for my z30 clip from dec. 1


I'd love an HDMI cable for my Z10 so I can see all my Christmas pictures and movies on my TV in HD!!

Posted via CB10


HDMI cable would be alright.


An extra battery would be ideal.

Where are my Z10 bitches?


I would love a transform case for my Z30--it needs something to protect it.


I'd like the battery charging bundle for my Z10. You can't have too much power.


All I want for Christmas is a new z10 case (because my flip case broke :( )

Posted via CB10


PB desk top charging dock.

Because it is the last BB device I purchased, that can use a dock. (z10 "dock" is a fail)

BB until it is not CDN


I would love to win the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10... As a teacher, sometimes I have days that are 12-14 hours long (beginning classes in the morning and ending at 11:00 PM). Without a chance to charge my phone, it often dies before I can get it to a charger at home. This would be a really handy way to get through the day!


@ tim..... get a Z30..."Problem Solved"...


Not everyone can just go out and buy a new phone..

Posted via CB10


I have a spare battery for my z10 but my wife just got her z10, I tried ordering her a spare battery on amazon but none left.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry music gateway for some music control!

Posted via CB10


That is exactly what I want! Music gateway for me too please.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!


I really could go for the Battery charger bundle for the Q10. They're $50 in the Sprint store, shy of $35 in the CrackBerry store, but who could beat free? As much as I hammer on my Q, it would be awesome.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10


Well, I could use a spare battery/ charger ;), i use my Q10 so much that i need to charge it twice a day sometimes.


I would love the Z10 battery charging bundle - small, easy to carry guaranteed power.


I need a BlackBerry Z30 transform shell for the Z30 that I will win in your next contest

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z30 for my new Z30 because I would hate for anything to happen to my "baby"


The BlackBerry charger bundle for Z10 would be perfect so I can have more battery longevity on the go. My Z10 is always in constant use, whether I'm instant messaging, checking out the latest BBM channels or browsing CrackBerry forums looking for the latest on all things BlackBerry. I also game a lot on the go, if I find myself in a lull. I love my Z10 :)

CB10 via Z10STL100-3/


Battery charging bundle for the Z10 would be nice.


I'll take a 64 gig SD card to hold all my.music

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Z10


An accessory... okay I want the charging dock for z10, honestly.

BBM Channel C000FA856 | Z10STL100-3/


I would love the charger bundle for the Z. I can't let go of my device but the battery doesn't hold up to my usage. I really need that thing, but there's no way for me to buy it.

Z on Channels


Need the music gateway!

Posted via CB10


I'd LOVE an Otter Box for my Q10. I'm always on the go, so a tough, sturdy case should come in handy, just in case (hehe see what I did there? ;)) anything were to happen.


Been rockin' the Z 10 and use it so much to organize my life, I need the extra battery charger bundle to keep me going!


SanDisk ULTRA MicroSD XC CARD 64GB W/ADAPTOR CLASS 10 that is currently on clearance would be perfect for me. I use my Z10 for picture and video very often. My current 8Gb card is almost full. I have to keep deleting stuff from it to add new pictures and videos. I do back everything up on my computer but I like having it on my phone so when I travel I can look back at all the old pictures and videos to being back memories. I do not like deleting my memories from my phone since my phone is everything to me


Media Gateway would complete my Stereo System


I would like to have SanDisk Extreme MicroSD 32GB 45MBS Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card w/ Adapter. My Z30 need more space to storage video

Posted via CB10


A new case/holder for my z10. I'm too hard on them and the ones I have are not lasting very long. Thanks.


Plus de mémoire

Posted via CB10

Always smiling

Definitely the 32GB extreme memory card for a more stable memory storage device.



The BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell Case please! I need it because I need a case for my phone since I already dropped it a few times and this is the best protection case imo! Good luck to everyone!!!

Posted via CB10


Santa didn't bring me a charging bundle for my Q10. I need it for when I travel.

Posted via CB10


OK I gotta think this one out... give me a minute

Posted via CB10


I'll love to have the blue tooth speakers

Posted via CB10


I could use anything for a q10 like a soft case or a charger battery for a z10.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry flip shell case for my Z10!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry premium stereo headsets to listen music in digital sound

Posted via CB10


I would like a gift

Posted via CB10


I would love a
Amzer Snap On Case for Z10 so it protecting my Z10 from my kids

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10, please -- as I use the phone more, so too the battery.


I want the bluetooth mini speaker. Why? Because I don't own a television and my laptop is ancient, so I use my PlayBook and Z10 as my sources of entertainment. It would be great to have this speaker to enhance the experience a bit :)

Posted via CB10


Amzer snap on case for the Z10 please

Posted via CB10


I could use a charger. I have so many BlackBerry devices I develop on but only 1 charger. Juggling them for power has become cumbersome.

Follow my app development on BlackBerry Channels bbmc:C00231722


I need a 64 GB SD card for my photos, music, videos.

Posted via CB10


New headphones ? Yeah why not...

Posted via CB10


I'd like a nice bluetooth headset cause myy current one dies on me too often. If I had 2, I'd never run out of juice.


A Z-10 battery bundle would be great. There are many days it would come in handy to get me thru the day.

Posted via CB10


I would get the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2.0 blue tooth headphones. I pretty much have any other accessories I would want for my z10, and these are something I probably wouldn't buy myself so it would make a fabulous after-chistmas gift.

Posted via CB10


HDMI cable and Mobi Desktop Charging Cradle for my Z10.

Posted via CB10


İ need a new Z10 battery. Because my battery isnt working like a battery!!

Posted via CB10


Blackberry Q10 charger bundle! Because when (after a while of course) my phone dies, I need more of the amazingnesss my blackberry Q10 gives me! :D

Posted via CB10


All I would want is a battery for my 9900 cause my old one exploded and my dad needs this phone. My very old 9700 is aging on him lol.

Running with Black Edition Alcohol Abuse Meeting App


A 64gig SanDisk would be nice for my z30. I'm using a 32gig from my legacy devices and it's full to the brim daily.

Toasted via CB10


A blue Siedio active case for my Z10 would be wonderful, because I don't use a belt clip and the Convert is a little bulky for the pocket :D or a quick quick charger for my playbook (the usb charger is getting finicky and I have to double check to make sure it is charging).

Posted via CB10


Glider gloves (size large) - It's getting cold on the east coast!

Curtis Blair

Love to have the HDMI cable to see the pictures and movies on the big screen.

Posted via CB10


Gloves so I can use my z10 during the cold weather!

Posted via my awesome z10


BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset 3.5mm
Will be the best what I want to complete my q10 enjoyment.

Posted via CB10


HDMI cables!Cant find them here!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome


Hi! An HDMI cable for my Q10 would be sweet. Thanks!


Id love a charging bundle for my Z10.

Would be nice to have a spare battery and not have to carry my spare phone around for emergencies :)

Posted via CB10


Mini stereo speakers for better music quality from my Z10



Battery Charging Bundle would be nice for the Z10, although battery life keeps on improving with each new os release!

Posted via CB10


64gb memory card so I have somewhere to put all those $.99 movies I downloaded. Filled up my 32 gb pretty quick.


BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10

Bcuz it's a BlackBerry... that's why!!

Posted via CB10


I would love the BlackBerry mini bluetooth speaker. I need a bluetooth speaker and what better than one made by BlackBerry for my new Z30.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z30


Nite Ize HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount
For using my z10 during my bike rides

Posted via CB10

Logan Rogers

Stereo gate way, a must have for every home.


Posted via CB10


I want the charger for the z30!!!

Posted via CB10


I want the BlackBerry mini speaker because it will certainly rock my new year! Happy 2014!

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!


I Purchased A new Z10 on This Christmas,Sameday i joinned on CB.Thats why i need BlackBerry Flip Shell Case or any Screen protector As Gift


Glider gloves urban know style for my z10 b/c it's super cold these days and it's hard using my phone.

*sent from a tiny keyboard


NEED a blackberry music gateway to blast some beats!

Posted via CB10


Glider Gloves, Urban Style! So I can #KeepMoving Whatever the weather :)

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10


A BlackBerry Z10 OEM pocket case. Who wouldn't love that nice backing right?!

Posted via CB10


I need a new case for my z10.
My case mate I've had since feb has a crack.
The thing is, it's a small crack that grades threads on my pocket and is making holes in my pockets!
It's driving me crazy, and I've been meaning to replace it.

Mark LeGear

I would love to get my hands on the glaciar otterbox defender. It suits the season and I feel it would just look amazing on my black z30. :D

Thanks for the chance Crackberry

Posted via my Z30


Poetic Borderline case Z10, to be protected without the bulk

Posted via CB10


I'd love sme.some BlackBerry blue tooth speakers to pump my tunes and share the gift of music with ervyone

Posted via CB10


Would love to win the Battery charging bundle for my Z10. I'm always on the go at work using it to connect to coworkers, bosses, and it's my main source of entertainment, so if it dies, I'm bored.

Thanks for another contest.

Posted via CB10


I would really like a 10FT Micro USB charger cable! The Z30's factory cord is too short!

Posted via CB10




A BlackBerry battery bundle charger, would be the best Christmas gift ever, and the only gift! :(

Posted via CB10


I love my Z30, but with every phone, I can't stand being away from an emergency power source.

So I'd like win the Z30 external battery/charger. Thanks!

Posted via CB10


I really need the Amzer snap-on case for my Z10. The other day, my "Precious" slipped from my hands and hit the floor. After paramedics revived me, I found only a small dent in the top, right corner of the Z10. With Obamacare and the changes in health care, I don't think my health insurance needs me having any more scares like that again. So, if I win a case for my Z10, I thank you and...we can help reduce the health care budget.

On Verizon Wireless

Posted via CB10


I want the Touchscreen Gloves for Z10 because is too cold here... brrrrrr brrrrr

Posted via CB10


Love a 64GB! Need more storage for my gaming!:)

Posted via CB10


Battery charger bundle for Z10 coz it's kewl.



Battery charger bundle for z10. That way I would never run out of juice on my day :)

Posted via CB10


Pick me! I need the Nite Ize Connect Cradle Universal because my Z30 keeps sliding around on the center console in my truck, when I've got it hooked up to the aux input.

Posted via CB10


Z10 battery charger bundle, for those days when you're on the go and need to keep moving
No time for a wall charge, because you need to be hyperconnected

Posted via CB10


I would love to have Z10 Cradle... as I watch lot of movies n shows on my phone as I am traveling most of the time.

PS: Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted via CB10


Q10 Shell Case. I'm at a job where I'm constantly pulling my phone out of my pocket to check emails. I fear that, that constant motion is going to lead to a lot of wear on my phone and screen. I've had a Shell Case for my Bold and never had an issue before. Also, I would like headphones since my Q10 did not come with any.

Posted via CB10


My wife surprised me with a BlackBerry Q10 and I can't be happier. But to protect this Christmas gift I really would love to encase it in one of the best protective cases: the Otterbox Defender!


I want a 64gb SanDisk Micro SD card. So that I can keep the pictures of my daughters with me at all times.

Posted via CB10


I would like the
Glider Gloves Urban Style Touchscreen Gloves for Z10..



The battery charger bundle! I want to give it to my co-worker who I convinced to come over to BB10!

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel


I keep winning accessories from shop crack berry, don't pick me this time lol. But next time I want in!


Oh man. A Battery Charger Bundle for my Z10 would be awesome. I keep getting stuck on low battery during the day and this would totally help me through a busy one. Productivity FTW!!!111oneone

Posted via CB10


I'd love to have the Amzer Snap On Case for my Z10, because in my country, Z10 accessories are very uncommon, and I really can't find a proper case for it.


Would have to be the Battery charger bundle for Z10, don't need one for day to day use, but it would be great for business trips.


Battery please :)



I'd want a new blackberry battery. I hravily use my phone and have it packed to the brim. It already lasts less then a day even on idle

Posted via CB10

Addie Jane

What I'd love for Christmas from CB is a Flip Shell Case for my beautiful white Q5. Thank you in advance, CB!

Posted via CB10


Thanks CB for the contest, not sure if I could win, but I would love to have a

iWALK Extreme 10000mAh Duo Universal Backup Battery for BlackBerry Q10

I am heavy usage user on Q10, and I don't own a car that can charge during travelling. With a backup battery I could go anywhere without worrying that my phone will die :). It would be good for a week without electricity :))


The HDMI cable would be perfect. See all the family xmas pics on the big screen.

Posted via CB10


An otterbox would go perfect with the z10 that my 13 year old wanted, yes that's right he actually asked for a z10 for Christmas. He has a Galaxy and my wife has an iPhone but after borrowing my Z he...well let's just say Santa welcomed him to the Dark Side.

MePiikan...you shall not be forgotten.

olalere adepoju

I want it because I have never been able to buy any blackberry stuff for my self it would be really nice if I win in I am a huge fan and i would just love to have some accessories

Posted via CB10

Eric Waggoner

I would love the spare battery accessory because I am on my Z10 all day and some days it just doesn't get me through the whole day!

Posted via CB10


Hmmm, what don't I have....OOOO, BlackBerry Music Gateway! I'm loving external memory and it keeps my music files separate!

Posted via CB10

Diogo Cardoso

I would love the charger bundle for my z10 because I'm always afraid of my battery sometimes I'm not "keep on moving "

Posted via CB10


I would like this product
Part# A16618

And a Micro HDMI cable.

The case is to protect my Z30 once I buy it and I enjoy watching videos on a big screen TV from my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10 because....well because it's a BlackBerry Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10.


I'd love the window mount for my Z10. IL just passed laws effective Jan 1 that prohibit cell phone use except hands free, so having the phone on my windshield will help keep my eyes on the road and make the Nav easier to see since I travel quite a bit down there.


Either a music gateway or a seidio active case! I've had the case I have now since I got my phone...

C00270EBC check out my Tattoo channel! Brought to you by Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing


Battery charging bundle. Can always use spare power for the Z10!

Posted via CB10


A Q10 hard shell case for my new Q10 that I just got for Christmas!

Posted via CB10


Ooh, a battery charging bundle would be excellent

Posted via CB10


Media Gateway please :)

I want to use NFC for something other than adding friends to BBM

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry battery charging bundle please


Posted via CB10


I would love CrackBerry even more if I won a BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for my Z10. It would give my Z wings to go above and beyond!


Sporting this Z30 since launch, without a case. This sweet sweet device needs a case to keep it safe. :)


I want a car kit. I travel so much I need one for my phone. Q10 and playbook. Iwth all the driving, especially hands free states, it would be nice to have a nive one.

Posted via CB10 via Q10


I'd love a Seidio case for my Z30 but Seidio isn't making cases for it from what they have told me. I'd also take a Grey/White Otterbox Communter for my Z30 if I win.



A 64GB memory card would be a nice post Christmas gift.
It would be great for holding all of my music on my Q10.


I would love to have the battery charger bundle for my Z10. I had one for my Torch 9850 and I really miss it. Thank you Crackberry.


I would love a spare battery for my Z10 so when I'm on long trips and constantly on the move I don't have to worry about trying to charge during those 5 minute intervals. :D

Posted via CB10


Would like to have the BlackBerry music speaker!!

Posted via CB10


Extra battery for my Z10 to keep me moving!

Posted via CB10


Would absolutely love a pair of NoiseHush NX22 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones. I have the original ear buds that came with my phone and these would be the ULTIMATE upgrade for me.

Thanks for these great contests CB! A little fun with my news and reviews is always welcome!

Posted via CB10


Incipio dualpro shine case because its shiny

Posted via CB10


Charger bundle for my Z10... why? Why not?!

Get on giving me something for free! I'd love it!

... on my Z10


The Music Gateway would be a great addition to my winter project of a new stereo setup: music streamed from our Q10s, PlayBook, or even Touchpad sounds like a win to me!

Jefersson Cipagauta

I want a BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 because I'm a student from Colombia at Cauca's University in Popayán - Cauca, my BlackBerry Z10 is my only tool to study and sometimes the battery is not enough for my needs, please I need it. Thanks BlackBerry for this opportunity, greetings from Colombia, sorry for my English.

Posted via CB10


I'd like some headphones :D

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app


I won't be greedy. All I really want is a new black flip shell case for my Z10. Mine got wet, and has started to fray around the edges. It's still "ok", but a new one would be nice!


I would love the blackberry charger bundle for the Q10 because I'm always on the go because of school and I don't have time to be spending time with the wall. Therefore, that will be nice. :-)

Posted via CB10


Would love a Blackberry charger bundle for my lovely Z10..!!!


I NEED that SanDisk 64gb card in my life. So many pictures, so many videos so much EVERYTHING is hindering my progress to be great on my Z10 with a 16gb card.

Posted with a flick of my thumb via CB10


i would love to have extra battery for my Z10 and music gateway

Marc Noel

Need BlackBerry Premium car charger for my trips to Montreal to visit family and friends.

Posted via CB10


A blackberry flip case for my z10. Coz as of now my z10 already has a lot of scratches and bruises. This kind of case is a bit expensive here in the Philippines. Hope you guys here at crackberry would consider giving me one. Thanks and advance happy new year!

Z10 OS 10.2.1 1055 Globe PH

chuck rund

I would love an extra battery for my z10


BRAVEN 570 Bluetooth Speakers because I want to rock the house with my John Denver tunes on my Q10!


BlackBerry Music Gateway please... because music needs to be free!


BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset! The one that comes with the Q10. It doesn't matter if it's black or white. I want it because I've always wanted to try them and I can't find it anywhere in store except on crackberry. I also run a lot so I want these headsets so they won't fall out of my ears! Thanks crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Duc Vu Hoang

I want to have a BlackBerry Z10 Oreo! So I can make everyone jealous :p. A black BlackBerry Battery Door for Z10 would be nice :).

Posted via CB10


Would love a car mount for my Z10!

Posted via CB10


A case for my z30 would be sweet, preferably the transform. Thanks yall.

Posted via CB10

Patrick Mccaffrey

I would love to toss my HTC one for a z30,don't know why I even listened to the idiots who got me this phone.#just don't tell my wife!


I would like the music gateway. Always wanted to buy it to simplify my listening pleasure but keep missing the sales when I have the cash


Q10 running10.2.1.1055 leak and loving it!


I would love a spare battery with charger for my z10 as I'm visiting turkey currently and battery keeps dying after a little while.

Also a hdmi cable would be good to view the few photos I have taken when the battery hasn't died.

Posted via CB10


Music Gateway x2 - because i want one in my house and in my car!!! They are awesome.


An ibolt xprodock! Because I always use my phone as my primary navigation tool.

Posted via CB10


Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9900. Need it for my long commutes to work. Thank you.


Would love to win battery bundle for z10 due to long hours of work and most jobsite has no power. Ty

Posted via CB10


Can't live without my Z10...missed it during the freezing rain storm in Ontario...no power meant no charging my beloved Z10:(

Posted via CB10


A BlackBerry Z10 battery door, in black, because mine is all scratched up, and the rest of my phone is in perfect condition.

Posted via CB10

Salomon Montes de Oca

Sweet - BlackBerry bluetooth speaker!!!

Posted via CB10


I need a spare Z10 battery as I'm having issues with the other spare not charging fully and shutting down at 20% and I've tried everything possible to fix.

Merry Christmas CB

Posted via CB10


I'd like to have a screen protector for my BlackBerry Q10, to do not break its beautiful screen


I definitely want a battery pack for my Z10.


Z10 battery charging bundle would be great! Having that extra battery would be amazing ands it's always ready to go.

Posted via CB10


I would like premium headset for my z10 so my earphones would stay in while I am exercising.

Posted via CB10

Oiram Asojonih

A spare battery with the charging dock would be great!

Posted via CB10


I would like to have a Blackberry Flip Case to pair up with my Q10 that I just received this Christmas! Protection is a must-have for this baby!

Posted via CB10


Given the current limited battery life of the Z10, The BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 would be a perfect addition for those days of intensive use when my battery runs out and I still need it working.

Posted via CB10


My bluetooth headset is breaking and I need a new one. Otherwise, no talking while driving.

Posted via CB10


New case.
My BlackBerry Z10 has been naked for a while now.
Kinda afraid it might get messed up lol

Posted via CB10


Z30 BlackBerry flip case to protect it, thanks.

Posted via CB10


Despite the fact that Z30 has the great battery for a daily use, it's nearly impossible to keep it alive during the intercontinental flights. In 2014 I will fly overseas very often and power bank iWALK Extreme 10000mAh Duo Universal Backup Battery for BlackBerry Z30 would come indeed handy to keep my Z30 and PlayBook with the juice during the travel. Happy New Year everyone!


I need a new blue tooth headset to use with my Z10. My Jawbone died earlier this year.

Posted via CB10


I would love to have the SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC for my Z10 as I am running out of space on my 16GB card which is also only a Class 2 card and therefore I can't record 1080p directly to it. It's currently listed below the $100 limit, but if it doesn't qualify I'd like to have the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for my Z10 instead. I've recently pocket-dialed 911 on two separate occasions while I was out dancing. I also managed to take about 50 pocket pics as well.


Want that glove. nice accessory in the winter A home cable will also work!

Posted via CB10


Thank you Crackberry

It would be amazing to receive a Motorola MOTOROKR S10HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


Posted via CB10


Please help me win the 64GB micro SD this Christmas :) gonna need some extra space for more apps, photos and music on my z10.


BlackBerry leather holster for Z10 - I need a new one because the clip broke on my holster.

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get these bad boys: "Plantronics BackBeat Go 2.0 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 5S". I want them because I am always on the go, but hate having to worry about long wires getting in my way or just getting tangled. Also, they would be great for my workouts!

I know this might be a lot to ask but I've been eying these for a while (waiting for them to go on sale somewhere) but the price is just too high. :/

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for my new Z30 :)

Posted via CB10

topol topoll

Jabra FreeWay will be quite usefull for me :)

Posted via CB10


I'd love to get the gloves for touchscreen... It's getting colder here....

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


BlackBerry music gateway because my car needs it

Posted via CB10

Tarun Singh Bisht

I would love to have iWalk Extreme battery back up, as I am addicted to blackberry and it really hold me back when I am out and my battery drains out. I use my phone almost 16 hours a day, so battery back up would be really awesome :)

Posted via CB10

George Jenkinson

I'd love a top flight case for my Q10 as I've just got it for Christmas and it needs a palatial pocket befitting the communications king that the Q10 is!

Posted via CB10


Need more battery juice for my Z10 so a nice new battery to couple with my current one so I have a nice tandem between the 2 batteries


Ummm there's two things I wanted for my Z10 the bluetooth mini speakers, because I love music, and sometimes I don't wanna out my headphones on so this would be perfect for at home or the beach :)
Or the battery charging kit because we all know the Z battery isn't the best :p well either would be awesome! :)

Posted via CB10


Thank you Crackberry

It would be amazing to receive a Motorola MOTOROKR S10HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Having a bluetooth headset would allow me to work out and listen to music with out worrying about cables and also be on my office with out worrying about yanking the cord out when I get up from my desk absorbed into his songs.


Posted via CB10


Battery bundle for Z10 would make my Holiday season complete.

Posted via CB10


I want a car mount/power kit to use my Z10 as a GPS when I need it.

Posted via CB10


I live in Toronto and we had an ice storm which knocked out power for days. We had a dark (no power) and cold Christmas . But thankfully it wasn't a blanket blackout in the GTA so friends living in other parts of the city could help out. But when you at home and without the power of my Z10 to keep you connected, it's a bummer. A charging bundle (Now need for a Z30 as I got a Z30 for Christmas!) would have kept me going just a while longer to let people know that I was alright and organize some help. Rather than scrambling to an area of the city with power to find an outlet....


New Z10 case would be great.

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I would love the blackberry case that show the logo

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A swivel holster for Q10 would gv me a smile for many days... :)

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I want the z10 charger pack. I just lost my old one and I need a new one! I promise to be responsible!

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OtterBox commuter so I won't destroy another Q10!

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Some new accessories would be ideal to compliment my Z30.

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I would love a charging kit because I just plain can't afford one after buying the grand kids a passel of presents.

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Case and screen protector for my Z30

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I would love a HoneyDru charger for my Z10. I don't have a car charger at all, and this looks like my favorite type of accessory--fun and functional!


I'd love to have a Pocket for my Z30 coz it aint sold here in manila :(


If i have to fight with my crappy devise holder one more time, im gonna... im just gonna... ahhhhhhhh! i need an iBOLT xProDock for BlackBerry Z10. PLEASE!

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I'd love to win the LG Tone + HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo Headset for BlackBerry Z3.
I've yet to find a decent Bluetooth headset to use for my workouts and I've heard good things about this product.

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I would love to have the 64gb SanDisk memory card so I keep taking pictures of my two beautiful children.

Thanks Crackberry.

Z-10 owner and loving it.

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I'd love a battery charger bundle for my z10, because I've entered 20 of these contests and always wait till I win rather than just buy one already

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Chris Shelley1

Blackberry black flip she'll case. Would be great for me and my device.

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I'd like the BlackBerry leather holster for the Q10.

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I would like a BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 because I am always on my BlackBerry and the battery goes down so quick. With this it would be so handy to either connect it or just swap the battery.


Mini speaker is a nice add on you won't regret buying. Use it everyday and very portable

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BlackBerry premium head set because my cat destroyed my original ones :(

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that BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 would come in real handy right about now!


I would love to win a BlackBerry bluetooth stereo speaker. I recently took advantage of the .99 movie deals and I would like to watch them with speakers. Thanks for the opportunity CB!


I want the battery charger bundle because I always use my phone at work and always on the move so that extra battery will help me a lot! WINK


iOttie Easy Flex 3 Car Mount to place my 9900 in my honda civic for BB Maps Navigation


I would love the charging bundle with an extra battery! Love showing off my Z10 and with extra battery it means more showing and less charging! You guys at Crackberry keep me going each day! Keep up the excellent work!

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I am traveling a lot and would really benefit from the battery charger bundle for the Z10.

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Khalid Osman

I want a 2100mAh portable charger for the z30. Would make things so convenient when I need another day out of my phone without a charger

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I would love a Leather Pocket Pouch for my Z30 to keep it looking good at work!!!

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I would love the bberry battery charger bundle as my battery is useless on my z10, I asked santa for one but I quess I was on the naughty list

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I would love the battery and charger for my Z10...and a flip shell cover...that is under $100!

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I'd love a new case like the Seidio Active case with holster for my phone. I'm a very active person and the surface case is great, but just not enough spring if I drop my phone. And the holster is a must.

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Ransmus dan

Would love the charger bundle!!.. Just to help me survive the day with my z10

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I would love the Plantronics M155 blue tooth head set, I have a old out dated headset and would love a new up to date one for my Z10!!!!

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A spare charger you can never go wrong with.

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BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Q10

Because today is my birthday !

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I'd love a SanDisk 64GB Ultra microSDXC so I can load more music and movies on my Z10.


I've been looking for a credit card wallet holder for my BlackBerry ever since I got it. I would live to get in if this flip cases or waller case crackberry has.

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BlackBerry stereo Z10 headphones..or just anything BB..2014.. hoping it's a great year for everyone..including BlackBerry

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Joseph K Muscat

I would the BlackBerry Music Gateway, it make my life easy in listening to my music or podcast while on the car.

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BlackBerry music gateway for maximum tunage control on new years eve!

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An extra battery would be amazing!

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Motorola In-Ear Stereo Headset EH20 for BlackBerry Q10... Why? It is not possible to have too many earbuds. They disappear faster than losing Hogwarts lottery tickets.

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BlackBerry z10 batted pack. Because I need more battery life.

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64GB SD card would be wicked! :)


The most durable case for a Z30 that you can imagine, as my wife's insisting that my new Z30 (arriving shortly) won't be allowed in my presence without proper protection.


Battery charging bundle for Z10 would be awesome :)

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Thanks crackberry! Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I'm thinking a transform case for my z30. I keep trying cases until I find the perfect one. I had 3 different cases for my z10 before settling in in the crackberry Crunk case in crackberry orange (that case rocked by the way). I currently have a otterbox commuter on my z30...but would really like to give the transform case a try.

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The music gateway would be great, so I could stream my tunes to the stereo system :)

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I would like another BlackBerry music gateway. One for home and one for office.

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Battery charger bundle for Z10. It makes me safe!

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Battery charging bundle would be awesome!

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One of them nice Z10 Docks. You know the one I mean. Yeah one of those right off of His nightstand. Yup that's the one1


I'd love a vehicle mount for my Q10 for navigation!

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Charger bundle please. Can't have enough juice

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