Accessory Roundup - Enter for your chance to win a new case for your BlackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2014 12:23 pm EDT

We're back in the habit of spreading some accessory love to everyone, so today we're giving you the chance to outfit your BlackBerry with a brand new case from Shop CrackBerry. We've got plenty of awesome ones to cover your device no matter if you're kicking it on BB7 or rocking out with BB10. You can choose from the always popular OtterBox cases, the huge line of Seidio products or our personal favorite, the CrackBerry Crunk Case.

Check out all of our new and best-selling cases below to find the one that's right for you, and keep reading for your chance to win!

New BlackBerry Cases

Best Selling BlackBerry Cases

Contest: To enter to win a case of your choice, just leave a single comment on this post telling us which case you'd pick. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT.

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Accessory Roundup - Enter for your chance to win a new case for your BlackBerry!



Also couldn't reply.

Anyone else notice that only '1' of the cases listed as "New blackberry cases" is actually for blackberry?

Anyway. Transform case for Z10

Posted via CB from my LE

Hi, I cannot comment so I reply. BlackBerry flip shell case for my Z10 would be awesome.


Posted via CB10

Wtf is with not being able to post comments? Happens waaay too often.
Make mine a flipshell.

Posted via CB10

Smartphone Experts Candy Skin Cover (Semi Transparent White) (Rubberized) for BlackBerry Z30, the amazing one.

Posted via CB10

I have both the Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases, both in the white and grey colours. They're great, although the Defender makes the phone pretty hefty....

Posted via CB10

Problem is that I already have ALL the BlackBerry Z30 cases.... the BlackBerry Z30 holster, pocket, flip case, the transform shell, both Otterboxes, as well as a few soft PVC snap on covers, as well as several brands of screen protectors. I have them all, so I don't need anything. What I would like BlackBerry or produce however is a charging stand for the Z30 just as I have for my BlackBerry Torch 2!!

Posted via CB10

Wasn't able to comment so I'll reply, please consider CB!

puregear GripTek Impact Case for BlackBerry Z10 :3 black please :>

Posted via CB10

Mobi Products TotalDefense Protective Cover (Red/Black Luxurious Lattice Dazzling) please!

Posted via CB10

Same here. Couldn't post so I'll reply:
BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case (Black) for Z30 is the perfect case to protect and still show off my amazing Z30. The best device in the world :-)

Posted via CB10

Can't post too...
Please one
Seidio CONVERT Case Holster Combo for BlackBerry Q10 please

Posted via Q10

Also can't comment, but a z30 case would be a great incentive/excuse to swap my z10 for a z30 ;-)

Posted via CB10

Can't comment smh but I'd love the leather pocket pouch for my Z30. I already have the best phone out of my coworkers, now I need some leather to go with it.

Posted via CB10

Unable to comment or reply from Crackberry app.A Z30 Otter box would be nice.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I would live the
Seidio SURFACE Case Combo (Kickstand and Holster) for BlackBerry Z10

Thanks very much!

Posted via CB10

Unable to add a comment too...

I would love the Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case w/ Silicone Core for Q10 in that lovely Cyan!

Posted via CB10

Can't comment...Smartphone Experts Shell Holster Combo (Black) for BlackBerry Z30 would be awesome.

Posted via CB10

First?!!!! I'd love to have an orange crackberry Crunk case to represent crackberry nation :)plus oranges are awesome

Game boy z10

Could not comment either(!?)

Z30 original swivel case would be wonderful.

Thanks fellas (and ladies).

Sent from my  BlackBerry Z30.

Not able to add a comment so I had to reply...
Thanks for all your support Crackberry!
If I would be the lucky one I would love to have the BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for Z10.

This was posted on the wonderful BB Z10, STL100-3,

The Flip Shell case for the Z10 (red).

Because the only thing sexier than a black Z10 is a black Z10 in a red outfit.


I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Kinda liking the looks of the z30 overboard case. Help keep headphones out of the way while I'm picking heavy stuff up and putting it back down again.

Posted via CB10

I love me a Blackberry leather holster for my Z10.

Didn't just type that, yeah I flicked that. Get with the times!!!

Posted via CB10

Can't seem to comment, like many others. I guess this crashed the system! I would love the Flip Shell case for my Q10 in black.

Posted via CB10

Thanks again CrackBerry! I've been looking at the Seidio CONVERT Combo for the last few days on the Canadian store, I wanted to take advantage of the green14 savings, but it's been showing as out of stock so I couldn't pull the trigger. Would love to give this one a shot when it comes in, and free would be an awesome way to do it!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Leather BlackBerry holster for my Z10 please!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

I very wanted :
1-poetic Atmosphere Case for BlackBerry Z10(blue) OR
2- BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10(red).. from the start I buy this bb z10 .. i can't find both in Egypt.. please consider it..thank you
Ps :can't comment .. tq


I would love to win a seidio active case with kickstand I love it but can't afford it! Lol.

Posted via CB10 from venezuela

Leather holster or pocket holster. I love the design and feel of my Q10. I like it being naked. To show off my BlackBerry loyalty.

"Initiated from my Q10 "

Is it not my time? Is is not the right thing to do and reward me for my devoted loyalty? I think so as should you.

Seidio Convert case holster combo for the Q10 please.

Posted by twiddling my thumbs on my Qued10 in CB10

I would pick the Blackberry Leather Pocket Pouch for the Blackberry Q5 :)


Posted via CB10

Hey crackberry :)

I would love to get a blackberry soft shell case for my Q10

Thank you.

Posted via CB10

I WOULD LOVE, the black hardshell case for the Q10.

I only have the orange crackberry case. And would like some variety.


Posted via CB10

If I was lucky, I would like the original leather swivel holster.
Thanks CrackBerry

Sent from the phone of the gods.....Z30

Crackberry crunk case in orange is my favorite. I absolutely love it. It really difference Z10 from all the other phones on the market. I will try to get one somehow. Greetings from Serbia.

Posted via CB10

I like the orange Crunk case. Don't make me buy one! Let me win one. My budget is really strung out.

Posted via CB10

I would love a OtterBox Defender Series Case for my awesome Z10, since there are no weatherproff cases being offered :). Thanks Crackberry!

BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z30, would need one please.

 Z30 ™  Best mobile platform.

Well now that the Z30 is available from the ShopBlackerry in the US, I would like BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for Z30.

I would like to win a Qmadix S Series Cover in white for the misses! She is using one of my cases and I think she could really benefit from a nice new white Qmadix S Series Cover! Thank you!

Posted via CB10

That would be great Story Leather Genuine Leather Side Flip Wallet Case for BlackBerry Z10.

Posted via CB10

Would love to win Seidio Surface Case w/ KickStand & Belt Clip - Royal Blue for Z10 ... in it to win it !!!

I really want the Case-Mate Crafted Wood Series Case Rosewood! I broke my last case and I am running without a case. Please choose me!!!

Posted via CB10

I'd like a new Seidio Active case for my Z10. My current Seidio case resembles scars from protecting my device.

Feeding my CrackBerry addiction on my Z10STL100-4/ via CB10

I wish I had more choices, but the only one that will fit my Verizon Z30 is the BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for Z30. I'll take one in black please! Thanks CrackBerry.

I'd take an Otterbox for my Q10. I love my baby gurrrl (Q10) I would hate to see her get hurt...

Sent using my beautiful Q10

I would like the Story Leather Napa Leather Holster Belt Case for BlackBerry Z10

Posted via CB10

I would definitely have the green Mobi Products Gloss Soft Shell Case for my BlackBerry Z10, gives personality and protection without hiding the beauty of the Z10!

Anyone know what's the name of that orange case. In the picture of the thread. How can I win that or purchase that??

Qyped on the most Qefficient device in the Quniverse..

BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for Z30 Black.

Out of curiosity, what happened to the Otter Box cases for the Z30? CrackBerry seems to have very limited options for Z30s.

Of course it'll be the crackberry crunk case. How else are you going to show that you are a BlackBerry addict?!

i would choose the the story leather genuine leather side flip wallet case for the z10, its the most appealing between this and the bb flip case, prefect fit for my brand new z10 :)

Crackberry Crunk Case for the Q10, in white, please. :-)

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, :-)

I would dig a tech 21 Impact Band Case (Smokey) (WXT21-3288) for BlackBerry Q10
Thank you

Posted via CB10

I would love to get the transform hardshell case for my z30!!! Send some love all the way to Mexico crackberry!!!

Posted via CB10

I would love a black Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for my BlackBerry Z10! Good luck to everyone!

I'm thinking the BB Holster, or the Kraken, or maybe the Body Glove……who knows gotta win this one first
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and