Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX headphones

By Adam Zeis on 2 Apr 2014 01:47 pm EDT

I am all about having a solid set of headphones when I'm on the road. I don't travel often, but when I do I want to bury myself in some good tunes and go about my business. Alternatively, having a good pair of earbuds at the ready is key for me as well — be it listening to a podcast on my BlackBerry or maybe just some quick video editing when I'm out in public, I like to have a pair in my bag so they're there when I need them.

Thankfully you don't have to look any further than ShopCrackBerry to fit all of your on-the-go listening needs. We have a great selection of wired & wireless headphones for immersive music listening, and also some great earbuds for those toned down moments. Whatever your needs may be, we've got something to help you out.

Keep reading to see the latest in ear ware for your BlackBerry, and keep reading for your chance to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX.

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Contest: To enter to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX headphones, just leave a single comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT.

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Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX headphones



New post doesn't work

Blackberry serves the quality tats y I purchased this time hope ull never let me down. Well sum one stolen ma earphone. Plzzz pick me

Thank you plz count it as a comment

Posted via CB10

It's my birthday at the end of the month, don't let me down CB!

The comments are acting goofy, not sure if my other one posted, hopefully this works

Posted via CB10

I'd like a pair of headphones please! (also, lovely Bell & Ross you've got there!)

Posted via CB10

Commenting on the CB10 app does not work when doing a contest and hasn't worked for contests the last while

Posted via CB10

Jeez, can't comment. Well c'mon crackberry hook it up on my 27th birthday on the 8th. Thanks
BlackBerry10 for the win

Posted via CB10

Comments never seem to work on here. Anyways can't argue with the chance to win some decent buds! Ideal for training

Posted via CB10

Well, maybe just a coincidence, but I am all about a solid pair myself,
(omg, that's what's she said! :P)

Give' it to me baby!

Zeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^


I'd love a new set of BT headphones from the best site for all things BlackBerry, yessir.

Posted via CB10

These headphones look great, like the features of being able to plug an SD card into it. Count me in for the competition.

Posted via CB10

Just lost my headphones out and about, I could really use a new pair, these would be perfect! Thanks.

Q10/ PIN: 3348639A

I want a pair of Blue Tiger SoundTRAX headphones. Wish me luck, please!

Thank you.

It's not a phone, it's a 

I'd honestly love a new pair of earphones! My headphones can't go everywhere I go considering they're too big! #Audiophile

Posted via CB10

Blue Tiger was the name I danced under... just kidding. count me in for free stuff!

Posted via CB10

I would love a pair of those headphones... which I've never heard of by the way. Nevertheless, put my name in the hat.

Posted via Z10 (AT&T)

Never had a premium set of headphones before, it would be nice to win these and hear the difference.

The ones I have don't work well anymore. I would love a new pair! Thanks for the easy contest.

Posted via CB10

Would love a pair of nice headphones! Hard to find decent moderately priced ones for a student like myself

Posted via CB10

Good ear buds are sometimes better than best buds (the friend kind of buds not the smokable kind) when you're on the road.

Posted via CB10

Love using my BlackBerry Z30 as a music device, paired with great headphones could be amazing :)

Posted via Z30 using CB10

Yeah only just recently getting back into listening to music on the Z, after sending phone into BlackBerry for repairs. Winning this would be awesome!

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!

Gotta listen to my Lady Gaga all night. All day. All hours in between. She is so classy like a fox.

Sent using my beautiful Q10

I use bluetooth in the car and I have a bluetooth speaker (with NFC) at home. What I don't have is a pair of bluetooth headphones. I've been relying on wired blackberry earbuds (which I've bought several extra sets because they do tend to get broken).

BlackBerry 10, it's incredible how far this software has evolved in the past year.

Posted via CB10