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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 charged up while mobile with the ProClip Custom Charging Mount

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Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Protect your Z10 with Ballistic's tough 3-layer Shell Gel (SG) Series Case

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Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers nearly-invisible protection

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Protect your BlackBerry Z10 from surface wear and tear with the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case


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Customize your BlackBerry Z10 with a new battery door! Enter to win one free from ShopCrackBerry!

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BlackBerry Z10 gets some extra class thanks to Case-Mate's real wood backing

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Official BlackBerry Z10 leather holster combines style and function

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case

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Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Seidio Surface case offers great protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with a kick(stand)

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CrackBerry Crunk Case: The Infomercial

Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!

Enter to win a new case for your BlackBerry Z10! Keep reading for details.

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2013 01:58 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is getting into more and more hands by the day, so that means more and more users that need some new Z10 accessories. Luckily we have all the latest cases, headsets, batteries, chargers and more available for the Z10 at ShopCrackBerry. 

We've been burning the CrackBerry oil to crank out reviews for loads of our favorite products ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle to the Mobi Products Soft Shell case

If you haven't yet accessorized your new Z10, be sure to swing by ShopCrackBerry to check out the new arrivals and get your orders in. 

Keep reading for you chance to win a new BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice!

Best Selling BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

New BlackBerry Z10 Cases

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Contest: To enter to win a BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice* just leave a comment on this post letting us know which case you'd choose and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. 

*valid for any in-stock case < $100


Blackberry Transform Shell Case because it keep the bb thin


Blackberry leather holster. Classic. With a screen protector, I can still have the "natural feel".


I would get the seido spring clip holster in white. I work at Best Buy as the store "BlackBerry Expert" and I currently have a plain black case (Best Buy standard) and I would like to have a flashy case with a holster and the BlackBerry logo on the outside so I can show my BlackBerry pride!

Posted via CB10


A Maple Leaf Blue one would be great

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Ballistic Shell Gel case for me, you rock crackberry. Thanks


I'd choose the orange pouch for two reasons. Firstly, orange is the color of a crackberry addict. Secondly, it's a attention get'er that will give people a chance to see how badass the z10 is. Win win! Thanks cb.

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The blue seidio surface case with kickstand would be awesome. Would love to add some additional style to my already sexy Z10!


My Zed baby needs some new duds.

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Red Transformer Case, Please! All in one for Protection, Plus a stand and not to mention.. the best case option for the multimedia dock, when it comes out. Thanks CrackBerry!!


I'd love to have the Incipio DualPro Hard Case with Silicone Core...I've already dropped my new love a couple of time, so some protection wouldn't hurt.


Need a case with a CB sticker.

Posted via CB10


I'd love an Otter box!


Posted from my Z10 via CB10


The leather pocket pouch would be great!

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I would like the Red BlackBerry Transform hard shell or Red Sedio Surface Case with Kickstand. Because been able to leave the cell on landscape mode while gaming is a must and both these cases leave the charger and hdmi available to use without having to remove (or flip) the case.


Crackberry for life!

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I'd totally rock the Red Transform case, that is, until my girlfriend takes it and puts it on her white Z10...

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had the get the phone on my own! maybe you can spice it up with a case for me?


I'd love a Poetic Atmosphere case!


oooooh! that crackberry orange definitely caught my eye! would love to own one =]


OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Arm Pack for BlackBerry Z10.

This is a must for me. I work out and I sweat a lot. This case is a win win for me. Thanks Crackberry.


I would choose the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in black as I feel it is fitting for the BlackBerry Z10!

matt Coyle

Any otterbox. I've dropped the torch thirty feet of scaffolding an no problems. Phone still works great.


I like it. Bought it from crackberry

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I Wann win

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry hard shell case in red for me please.
Why you ask? I've had my Z10 running around naked since launch day. Think it's time to dress it up a little.

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I'd like the Black Case-Mate Tough Case. I still want to have a good grip on the phone and the case provides just that.


I would like the poetic atmosphere case. It looks Kool and won't add lot of bulk

Posted via CB10


I would get the Seidio SURFACE Case for my Z10. I had seidio cases in the past and they are amazing quality great fit to the phones and it doesn't look bulky and still stylish

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Black transform case please! Form AND function!

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I'd pick an armband case, have two cases now but need an armband

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amanda k

A poetic atmosphere case would be great- purple, red or pink!

Posted via CB10


I like the BlackBerry Transform case. I already have the white one but would like to get the black one. I like how I can easily swipe on the screen without being bothered by a case, and how I can flip part of this case to turn into a stand.

Posted via CB10

Thomas H

Seidio case, minimal increase in size. Keeps the sleekness.

Posted via CB10


I would love the blackberry transform hard shell. It would help alot. I wouldn't have to baby my phone all the time :)

Posted via CB10

AK rahim

I've got clear coat all over my Z10, would love to have a good case to match it..

Posted via CB10


I would buy the poetic orange case because it adds a nice pop of colour.

Posted via CB10


poetic Atmosphere Case!!


Any case to protect my Z10 would be "GREAT"!


A Seidio Surface case would be pretty awesome on my white Z10 because a contrasting color would look awesome against the white!


I would take the seido combo: the stand in red for fancyness and the active case for jogging.

Posted via CB10


Would love a purple poetic case

Emir Zulkharnain

I would love to get my hands on the white Transform Hard Shell Case and snap it right on my Z10 because it seems to be the one that looks best on the phone. Annnnddd Kevin uses it too, that's another reason :p

Posted via CB10


Looking at the new Seidio Active case and holster! Enter me in, please!


I love the Poetic case. I got one for my wife and one for me. I'd like a pouch for my phone though.

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That orange case in the feature image sure looks great. I also have my eye on the red transform shell. Looking for a case that will protect yet also draw attention to others that it IS a BlackBerry and I'm proud as hell to own one.


I would like to win the leather pouch for my Z10 :)

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BlackBerry COMBO OEM Tranform Hard Shell (Black) +Roots XL Leather Side Belt Clip Holster for Z10 - thanks!

FeDe MoNcAdA

My choose would be the poetic atmosphere case cause it bring all the detailed lines to the z10 marking its beautiful shape bit not making it thicker or bulky! Also keeps simplicity and elegance by showing the back blackberry logo making it stand out! Even small details like camera frame just seem stunning! Easy access to all ports and buttons! Perfect choice in orange for me!!!

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BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch would be idea once I am eligible for an upgrade. The all around protection would protect my future Z10 while keeping the Z10 naked when I want to play with it.


Hello, probably won't win, but I'd go for the White BlackBerry Flip Case or a BlackSeidio SURFACE Case. That is all. Thank you


Transform Hardshell Black please and please!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Seidio Spring-Clip Holster

Posted via CB10


I would take a BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell because I would not have to make/buy and carry around something else to prop it up with.


How about a red Seidio Surface Case signed by Ashley Esqueda? Or any case signed by Ashley for that matter!

This would be the ultimate win ;)

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry transform hard shell in red is my favorite.

Posted via CB10


I'd choose the Trident Aegis case in blue because it would offer great style and protection for my Z10!


A black Transform case would give my Z10 a smooth, cool, dignified, "I mean business" modern look. Lovin' it!


Any holster + case would be awesome

Posted via CB10


Poetic atmosphere orange!!!

Posted via CB10


I would love to have one of the cases with a kick stand so that reading the news in the AM would be that much easier!

Thanks CB

Posted via CB10


Red flip shell case.


As soon as I'm able to upgrade from my 8530 (yes that's right curve cdma 8530) I will certainly need a case and this would be a great start to my new BB10 collection.


Ballistic SG hard shell (black black) please. It's beefy but still allows for Z10 gestures.

Posted via CB10

Yonas Berhane

Trident Aegis case because its a stylish, not too big of a case. It actually looks great.

Posted via CB10


seidio active case is my favourite cause of the active stand and colour variety

Posted via CB10


I want the BlackBerry transform hard shell case because it looks sick and I certainly could use a case when I go around carrying my Z10 EVERYWHERE. At home, to the grocery, to the mall, to friends' houses. Never without my Z10

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BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z10. Have the swivel and it is great. However the pouch is suitable for occasions when wearing a jacket.

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The BlackBerry leather holster so I can pull out my Z10 like I'm in the wild west #cowboy

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Roots Tuff skin because I'd like to keep my z10 protected!


Any case would do, but if I had to, and otterbox is the only way to go.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and


I loooooove the Poetic Justice in purple... Protection in an electric colour! The Trident in the pink is pretty cool too. Gotta have the girly colours...:)

Posted via CB10


When will the charger bundle for Z10 go back in stock?!?! Jeeeeeez n' rice!!!!


I would much like the Mobi Products Silicone Skin Cover Case (WXRIM-BB10-SC-COL) for BlackBerry Z10. Either the orange or the blue.

Posted via CB10


Poetic Atmosphere in Orange for me please and thanks!!!


Seidio ACTIVE Case (kickstand optional) in Royal Blue for me thanks! And if it's not too much trouble, a Z10 to fill it with... :)


Black flip case for the BlackBerry Z10!!! With the multiple stance positions it would allow me to watch video and read the news while I have breakfast/lunch, without constantly holding it in my hands!

Posted via CB10

Michael McDonough1

A new case, yes!

Posted via CB10


Wouldn't mind dressing up my phone in another case :)

C William Campbell

OEM transform hardshell: I have a pouch for general protection, but I'm often on the road for work and bring media along with me on my phone. To better enjoy it on flights and on trains it would be amazing to have a case that worked as a stand so I could watch things hands free.

Z10 forever. Best phone I've ever had. Even as a first time BlackBerry user!

Loves the Z10


I'd love the transform case in white to go with my white Z10! Why the transform case, you ask? So that the charge stand can complement it perfectly!

Posted via CB10


I wish to win:
BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10, White

Jerry A

BlackBerry Transform case in black because the flip stand will alleviate the stress of having to hold such a bulky phone for extended periods of time. :)

Jerry A

BlackBerry Transform case in black because the flip stand will alleviate the stress of having to hold such a bulky phone for extended periods of time. :)


I would love a brand new Seidio case for my phone. I've always loved using their cases and they really tend to work great, especially with their holsters. I'd really like a convert w/ surface combo!

Posted via CB10


Would live the leather holster for the z10, just came back to BlackBerry after a few years android use, one reason that brought me back is the nice belt holsters BlackBerry offers never could find a good one for any of my android phones.

Posted via CB10


Poetic Atmosphere is definitely the best looking phone case for Z10. The contrast color scheme makes it stand out more than other cases, adding more style to the Z10.


leather pouch to protect z10 in pocket but still show style of z10 when using it

troy lee

I own a blackberry z10 here Cambodia, but none kinds of these accessaries were sold ..... so i must get one to protect mine :D

Posted via CB10


Seidio spring holster! Love my holsters and they make one of the best! Plus it still has the sleeper function!

Posted via CB 10 from my BlackBerry Z10


Gray coloured, Poetic Atmosphere case, because it's profile doesn't add any extra bulk to the awesomeness of the Z10.

Usually run naked, but if I had to cover my beautiful white Z10, I'd go with the Poetic Atmosphere for its lack of bulk.

Posted via CB10


The Trident case in blue would be awesome :)


I would prefer having
BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10

Reasons :
It commits to preserve battery life,
Has magnetic flip closure, has good, durable protection against scratches and it folds for viewing videos or reading PDF conveniently!

And why I would like to win it in this contest? Because it's out of stock. :p

Nice contest btw 'those nuts, the Crackberry freaks!' :p

CB10 is a fantastic experience!


I bought a Transform case and a leather pocket pouch. Like both a lot as it gives me freedom to change according to situationim in. Normally i'll use my transform as i travel a lot in busses to work thus need to take out my Z10 without having the hussle of taking it out from my Pouch. Pocket pouch when im on business trip :) . would love to have free gifts other than what i've have :)


I'd love the "BlackBerry Microfiber Pocket for Z10" in Red is prefered but ill take Black as well either is fine by me if i dont have a choice.


I chose 2 cases. The first was KaysCase TurtleBox Heavy Duty Cover Case for RIM BlackBerry Z10 10 Dev Alpha B Smart Phone (Black) for it's low cost ($11.95 on, it's light weight and I like the cutout that displays the BlackBerry logo.

The second case I purchased was the OtterBox 77-25761 Defender Series Hybrid Case and Holster for BlackBerry Z10 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Black ($35.49 also on After watching the failed sidewalk test I wanted to get something with more protection.

Since the OtterBox is not nearly as bulky and cumbersome as I originally thought it would be, I use it as my main case and rarely use the TurtleBox.

- CM

Malicye - Posted via CB10


Red Transform hardshell

Posted via CB10


I would like to win a Transform shell in black because I haven't found something I truly like, and when I got my Z10 they were sold out so I couldn't even check it out

Posted via CB10

Blake Moyer

Seidio SURFACE Case in blue or black.
I'd like one to add some flavor to my z10

Posted via CB10


I want the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch simply because of its sleep mode function.

Posted via CB10


Red transform shell. Why? Because I'm going to by a charging cradle to go with it.

Posted via CB10


The blackberry Transform case. Seems simple and sleek. Perfect for pocket people.

Karan Mnoyan TB 442

I like the case mate wood crafted case because it gives you berry the slick design and some personality


Posted via CB10

Justin Couto

Casemate crafted wood :) provides style and protection while showing off class and wealth! It's like the BlackBerry z10:)

Posted via CB10


I would love a flip shell case in classic black cause or hit white because it's sophisticated and a very professional look

Posted via CB10


The seidio active case with kickstand with holster combo would be great, in blue of course. With CrackBerry Kevin signature on the back if possible, hell, signed by all of you guys at CrackBerry. That would be awesome!

Posted via CB10

Ian Robertson1

I think the rosewood case is unique, professional, and elegant. It would be my choice.

Posted via CB10


Hello, I would love a purple sedio surface case because my Z10 is 2 weeks old and it has no protection! :(


Here in Indonesia, there are a lot of cases but not for the other original blackberry accessories. Now that I have z10, I'd really like to have either bluetooth handsfree or bluetooth speaker. Many thanks, Crackberry. :)

Posted via CB10


Would love the blackberry Music gateway, thats a must have .... but the orange case is pretty sweet too....


Bought a Z10 on the very first day spent all my money on it would be great if i could get a free case

Posted via CB10


Black transform hard shell!


Posted via CB10


I'd love a red transform hard shell case to make my z10 pop and provide protection when out of my holster.

Posted via CB10

Jake Storm

Transform hardshell.
Oh, Yeah Baby!


I would choose the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in Red to match my shiney new LE Z10


Have to be the Rosewood case. It's the only case that looks as good as my white Z10.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


A Transform Hard Shell case would be sweet...

Posted via CB10


Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard or SCOSCHE soundKASE Sport Armband

Hard case to modify for camera attachment ;) and the later to get my workout on

Hassan Hbk

Seidio ACTIVE Case I dont want my blackberry get any scratch


Love my new Z10 and could really use a BlackBerry Transformer Hard Shell Case to make it easy to carry in my pocket because I can not put in down at work.
With the great stand feature it make it easy to view all the great videos and articles on Crackberry.


I would go with the BlackBerry Flip Shell as it protects the screen too. Though those Incipio ones are pretty spiffy too....

Tedjo A Imardjoko

The Blackberry transform hard shell because i dont want to damage my baby.

Posted via CB10

Pam Pam Naraidoo

I need to win I ordered a flip case and the battery charger still back ordered. I think you need to win to get shit I tried to pay for stuff and didn't get it I think you can only get products by winning it
I canceled my order


Im in, hope win something this time


I think the Transform case, in Black. But it would be nice to see them first.

Posted via CB10


An Otter Box would go great to protect my amazing new Z10 please!


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell White is the one i love most...


A red Transform case will do just fine.

Posted via CB10


OtterBox Defender Series Case ....

The Z10 is precious.. it deserves the best protection


I want the Flip shell to protect the GF's screen :)


Pro headset. Because I like it.

Posted via CB10

Salomon Montes de Oca

Transform hard shell in red so I can keep my phone safe and in style.

Posted via CB10


pleaaaaaaaaaaaase may i win the black case.....come on CB, take one for the team!!!


I would have to go with a rigid case like something from case-mate, the current soft shell I bought from Bell has left my Z10 bent/warped. That's right, not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but my BB10 phone no longer lays flat on a table...


Can always use a case.

Posted via CB10


I'd like a free case.

Posted via CB10




A Red Transform case please! So I won't steal my boyfriend's if he ever find one in store or do win one =3

Posted via CB10


The battery charger bundle of course! Why? Because I can't get enough of my bbz10 down and I need more juice to keep me from playing with it =]]

Posted via CB10


My bad. I thought it was any accessories...but if I had to choose a case, it has to be the flip case because it just looks cooler with it


Trident Aegis Case in green for me please. Thank you! :)

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell because it looks absolutely fantastic ;-)


BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z10 since it's way cheaper at Amazon's!


Any leather case. Simply classier.

Posted via CB10


That Sedio surface case looks like a winner. Find myself watching more videos on my z10 so the kickstand would be nice.

Posted via CB10


Black on white Seidio ACTIVE Case with the kickstand, pretty much cause kickstands are dope, i'm dope, crackberry is dope and my Z10 is definitely DOPE


Blackberry Flipshell Case Red Protects device all around and saves power!


I think the leather pocket pouch in any bright color would look awesome on my z10. That way people will recognize it and ask me about it!

Posted via CB10

Rayed Siddiqui

Blue flip case :D I've got the white z10 and I think a blue and white mix would be mad sexy.

Posted via CB10


Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) I think the kickstand is a great idea and u will put it to good use

Posted via CB10


Transform case, for watching the Monday Brief in style.

Posted via CB10


The red microfiber pouch. Reason is because it's something sleek and subtle, gives you still the great feel handling the naked phone when out of the pouch, and well black or white leather pouches are just getting boring..

Javid Gozalov

Red leather pouch! Simply because it's bloody beautiful!


I bought the Transform case and found it quite strong and light on my Z10 great to as all my phones features are still accessible with the case in place unlike some I had for my BlackBerry 9800.

Posted via CB10


I would like the case mate crafted wood zero wood case or a full Otter box defend case.

Currently using the transformer case and it's awesome!

Posted via CB10


I would LOVE to win a Leather Swivel Holster for my Z10. It looks sleek, professional, and would keep my sexy new Z10 safe and secure! thanks CrackBerry!


I would go with the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell in red. It would match the red accessories I already have for the Z10. It all has to match.


I m eye-ing on Trident Aegis. That is the best case for z10 i think..


Seidio SURFACE Holster+Surface would be great cause it'll look real good clipped to my belt.


I would choose the poetic case because it not only protects your precious z10 but it also shows of that awesome logo in the back ya digggg

Posted via CB10


I would prefere the Incipio DualPro (silver/black) because of its metal finish.


Blackberry Transform shell or Seidio surface case. Have a blackberry flip case but not liking it,it is a bit inconvenient to hold for emails and messaging.


Red BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10, Love that it protects the device and allows easy access as well as a stand


It would have to be the hard transform case in red; looks great and I could watch some videos in bed :-D


Red Transform Hard Case for me!!!!


Transform shell for sure. Its osum. It protects & flaunts


Case-Mate Zebrawood's just so well designed, full coverage and that wood grain is amazing!

Posted via CB10


Red transform and roots combo looks great. May buy the roots case anyways.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard case (white) its just makes the Z10 looks more Awesome.

Posted via CB10


I want the poetic Atmosphere Case for BlackBerry Z10due to light weight durability
I have purchased 4 different cases and am not impressed with any of them so far

Posted via CB10


Gimme anything in blue woohoo!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


The official blackberry, black flip shell case!
Because it seems to be the best looking case with the best protection, and with more features than any other case.
I want that one!

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a case.

Posted via CB10


Where's my comment?

Posted via CB10


Hi, I would love a Leather Pocket Pouch, it doesn't change the experience of your phone, but it does protect it when you are not using it!


Seidio SURFACE Blue. Very good protection and nice, look and feel :)


I would love to get the red hardshell transform case, I've been eyeing it for a while now, not just because it can stand and looks awesome, but because it will be compatible with the multimedia dock.

Posted via CB10


Blackberry Transform hard shell in Red would be my choice.


I'd like the Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case for BlackBerry Z10. I already dropped mine once and I definitively need the additional protection!


I really would like to have the blackberry transform shell case.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry flip shell case because it's slick as heck!!

Posted via CB10


Seidio Active case in red please. I don't need the holster, just the case. Need the phone in my pocket here it causes sterility :)


a red Flip Shell Case, it has to combine with the Z10 Limited Edition, but as they seem out of stock then a red Transform Hard Shell :)


I so hate to put a case on my Z10 since it feels so good in the hand but I know I need one to protect it.
I'd go with the Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10 and it is a hard decision between black and garnet red. Black would continue that sleek black look of the Z10 but I think the Red would make it more noticeable. Since anything that would make the Z10 stand out more is ok in my book, I think I'd go with the red.


So many to choose from...


I would take a transformer case, cause my Z10 should support the Autobots


Otterbox defender or case mate tough! I need something to keep my phone safe when I'm out an about and don't want to use my Transform case!


battery charger bundle for z 10. any day! already got a case...


Black Transform case please. Love the slim design, and it's OEM.

Posted via CB10

J Daniel White II

NO# 1 ) ~ seidio-active-case-with-kickstand - For all the right reasons, such as Looks, protection, quality. This is a must have case for an active guy like myself.


I want a transform shell cause it's OEM. And there is nothing better than OEM.

Posted via CB10


The blackberry battery charging bundle. Because you can't buy it anywhere.

Posted via CB10

Glen Litwiller

Oooh the Orange one looks really cool, I'd like that one


Case and Holster combo would be nice in Red or CB Orange...


I would LOVE an Incipio Flexible Hard-Shell case in White/Gray. The case has been reviewed and given 5 stars, I think it would look great on my white Z10 and I can continue to sell like he!! for the Z10 and

Wireless Gadget

Music gateway or Bluetooth stereo speakers would be great.


Seido active case for my Zawsome10! because it looks sleek!


Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand).
Previously bought a Seidio case for my Torch 2 and was very happy with it.


BlackBerry Music Gateway!!!!!! I want listen to music via my BlackBerry and my TV!!!!!! Please.

Faroukh Naseem

Green Trident Aegis Cover because it matches the color of my car perfectly!!!

Posted via my Z10 Thingy


Transform Hard Shell because it's protective and versatile!

Posted via CB10


I'm in for sure. Accessories are a must

Posted via CB10


New Trident case in black. Have the original flip case and want more protection

Posted via CB10


A black BlackBerry Z10 Mobi Products Hard Shell Case
I like that it covers all of the Z10 but has cut outs for all the features :)


I'm in!

Posted via CB10 from my Zed


Yep, I'd like any case in Orange.

Posted via CB10


Yeah I'll take anything that is free, LOL!


I'd take a Transform Hard Shell

Himanshu Mehta

BlackBerry leather pocket pouch,

Always looks classy & true sophistication.

Posted via CB10


It's gotta be the transform hard shell for me. Need to be ready for when the multimedia pod is released!

Posted via CB10


I would choose the otter box case because it protects the Blackberry Z10 the best. We all love our phones so why not give it the strongest and best protection currently available!


The Poetic case.. cause it's not availiable in the U.A.E.. and I al ready have the others :)

Posted via CB10


Have the flip case... need the hard shell!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the contest CrackBerry! I'd like the trident aegis case in blue. I would like this so that while on riding on the back of my husband's GoldWing taking leisurely rides I can take out my Z for some nice snapshots. I need a case that looks fabulous but will also provide the grip to hold it and protection in case I (*gasp*) drop it.

Posted via CB10


I would love to win the Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for my BlackBerry Z10


A Red BB Transform case because I like it's versatility.

Posted via CB10


I would have to say the Transform Case. I like how it just comes apart from the phone and becomes a stand when needed!


Been dying to get a flip shell case! Keep the contests rolling, CrackBerry freaks!!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win a Blackberry Transform Hard Shell Case in Black. This looks like it would be great to have especially when watching videos.


Seidio SURFACE Case in black would be my choice.

Fingers crossed! :)


I'd choose the white transform case, because you can't beat that combination of style and function!


Black transform hardshell case - because I like the functionality of being able to watch video with it sitting on my desk.


I'm in for a blue Poetic Atmosphere Case


Would like the seidio active case with kickstand. Would be great for my desk at work to hold my phone while working! Would be nice if I won this!

Posted via CB10


The Trident Aegis will be perfect for protecting my Snow White. She'll remain pristine while exuding her fun side :D

Posted via CB10


would love a White transform hard shell to match my white phantomskinz carbon fiber skin. Otherwise a black transform hard shell case will do just fine :)

Chow Borgohain

I need the d back case with white coloure....

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I would choose the Clear-Coat Full Body Protection, so I can have my phone protected from dings and scratches while letting it wear its armour and leaving its awesome looks as a Stormtrooper to shine. But if I had to choose a case, it would have to be the Sky Blue/Grey (or actually any colour would do) poetic Borderline Bumper Case, so my Stormie will be protected round its sides but leaving the awesome looking back door free to be seen, with the BB logo prominent in the middle.


The poetic cases look great and are offered in a bunch of colors. Selection is always key.

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BB Transform in bright orange if they are available.


Green Incipio feather light case

Because I love green, and the poetic atmosphere case doesn't come in green :(.

Please and thank you, even if I don't win.

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I've always liked the looks of Case-Mate Crafted Wood Series Case (Rosewood) (CM025205) for BlackBerry Z10


Leather pouch durable, clean, and keeps the phone safe in your pocket.

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I plan to use the leather belt case at work, and then the red transform shell for home or around town.

CB10 on z10


I want a seidio surface case for my z10. I bought mine from canada. Cheers

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I think the Transform hard shell is a nice case.

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Battery bundle for the Z10!

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Have red transform but the what looks like a tan leather transform in the picture would make my white Z look better than any iPhone out there

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Poetic Atmosphere Case would be ideal to bring the sexy to my white z10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10!!!!!


I'll go with the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell in White.


Freeeee case! Ooooo please please...:)


Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for Z10 for me. Slim and yet allows me to have the option of a kickstand.


Plain and simple I would choose the Mobi shell case (prob in red If I could,). I have the flip case in black, and the hard shell would be great to have for when I want something around the edging and not encasing the whole phone like my flip case does.

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I would love to win the casemate zebra wood case! That thing is just beautiful!


I'd pick the Seidio ACTIVE Case. Would prefer an Otterbox Commuter but until they make a holster that would work with it, the Seidio does what I need it to do. Built in kickstand would be handy.