Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!

Enter to win a new case for your BlackBerry Z10! Keep reading for details.

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2013 01:58 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is getting into more and more hands by the day, so that means more and more users that need some new Z10 accessories. Luckily we have all the latest cases, headsets, batteries, chargers and more available for the Z10 at ShopCrackBerry. 

We've been burning the CrackBerry oil to crank out reviews for loads of our favorite products ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle to the Mobi Products Soft Shell case

If you haven't yet accessorized your new Z10, be sure to swing by ShopCrackBerry to check out the new arrivals and get your orders in. 

Keep reading for you chance to win a new BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice!

Best Selling BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

New BlackBerry Z10 Cases

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New BlackBerry Z10 Headsets

Contest: To enter to win a BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice* just leave a comment on this post letting us know which case you'd choose and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. 

*valid for any in-stock case < $100

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Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!



I would pick white transform flip case so I can watch movies while I'm flying the plane. Put my BlackBerry on the cockpit dash

Posted via CB10

A Black BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10. Why well because it says BlackBerry on the back and because it serves both as a case and a stand. Hope i win! Thank you CrackBerry, you guys are the BEST!!

Obviously I would get the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for the following reasons:

1) a true back in black with a BlackBerry stylish leather pouch is Tradition
2) I just love too much the feel of "Naked" Z10 in my hands: no slim feel, no party
3) I just want people to see that I'm using a BlackBerry while I'm making a call, by letting the back side's BlackBerry logo visible

We need tools, not toys.

The Poetic Atmosphere case, because it adds just enough flavor and protection to the Z10, without making it clunky, thick, and taking away from it's brilliance

Posted via CB10

Black flip shell. I love my incipio dualpro, but I feel like my screen could use some more protection.

Just the leather pouch that should have came with my z10. Maxine will be saved And I wouldn't worry about getting Spousal abuse charges against me. I even started a thread when she dropped from my hands the hard concrete. Heartbroken.

Black Transform Hard Shell. I like that it has the ability to serve as a multifaceted case, Also the ability to be left on and charge in the desktop charger

I need the transformer hard shell because now that i have a media monster I'm going to need that thing to be proped up when I'm watching all this good content!
I'll need it in Black, so when I purchase my Black mini stereo speaker they will coordinate!

Pocket Pouch. Keeps phone protected and phone can keep its original look when used without some ugly outer covering.

Posted via CB10

The Seidio Spring-Clip looks like a great alternative to the BlackBerry OEM clip case. As the Z10 is tall, getting out of the OEM holster is not slick. I want fast snappy access whilst sitting down! Bring on the Seidio Spring-Clip!

Posted via CB10

It's in a dead heat between the: (a) the Poetic Atmosphere case or (b) the Blackberry Flip Case or (c) the Seidio Case (black)... Blackberry Flip Case by a nose though....

Well, I already have the leather pocket case, and just bought the flip shell case and promptly returned it, I didn't like it at all. So I think I would have to go with the leather holster. I love my leather!!

I would love the transform hard shell because it versatility. The best of a case and a durable stand.

Posted via CB10

I'd like the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 so I would have a case for my Limited Edition Z10 when it arrives. I really like the Black/Red combo. :)

I'd go with the leather pocket pouch, it just screams classic BlackBerry and at least while I'm using the phone it gets to be nude!

Posted via CB10

Case-Mate Silver Brushed FX Aluminum Barely There Case (CM025194) (Silver) for BlackBerry Z10.
I'd be so cool to get this. I want to prevent that first scratch on a new phone. Once that happens, you'll start treating it like a junk phone. Don't want that to happen.

Mobi Products Silicone Skin Cover Case (WXRIM-BB10-SC-COL) for BlackBerry Z10, Black. Keeps it non-slip and simple :)

Could use the standard blackberry slip leather case for my laptop bag when I'm on the go. So weird for the phone to not come with it!

I've been running around naked, and I like it that way. But it could use a little protection while in a bag.

Kevin thanks for getting back to me on the otter box happy you like what I did with it but it's time for a new case

Posted via CB10

So many nice cases to choose from but im really intrigued in the white blackberry transform hard shell! I really like the white because it would give my black z10 a nice contrast and it's really convenient to have a swivel to landscape mode for your viewing pleasure! =]

Ballistic SG Series Hard Shell (White/Grey) - offers some serious protection and works with my White Z10. I currently use the Blackberry Leather Holster and absolutely am impressed with its quality and elegance, which is great when I am working. The Ballistic is for when I am playing, running, cycling, hiking etc.

The blackberry transform hard shell because it's awesome and it going to protect my z10 too!

Posted via CB10

White transformer case for my Black Z10 because I can't always leave this thing naked and the stand will be a nice add on for my bedside mode.

Posted via MY BlackBerry Z10

I'd like to try out a BlackBerry Microfiber Pouch in Gray, I've been considering a pocket design. And I think it would feel cool in my pants, eerrr... hands and pocket. And I might even use the card holder! :)

I've always been a fan of the Seidio Surface Cases. Would love one for my Z10 in Black or White.

I went to shop for a Z10 case last week in store to actually see what they looked like... couldn't buy any, wasn't sure if I wanted to cover my red Z10 or not! Might jump on a case-mate case or a transform case... still waiting for the Z10 charging pod to decide!

Seidio Active case & holster...But only if it comes with a CrackBerry sticker for the back of the case to show support for the Nation!

Posted via CB10

I would take the Mobi Hard Shell Case. Because I tend to change cases time by time, this one looks durable and adorable.

If I was chosen to win, I'd probably choose the BlackBerry flip shell case in black.

Reason for choosing are that it's OEM, it's faux leather over some type of composite (plastic?) which is an upscale look while at the same time serving to protect my precious. Also it encloses the phone but also serves as a kickstand if you will. In other words, this case serves almost every purpose you could want in a case other than extreme ruggedness.

Posted via CB10

I'd choose the flip case, because the magnetic switch it's so cool, it covers the screen and also can be used to watch movies

As an attorney and board room attendee, I am always looking for the professional look. I usually use a holster, but I find my holster is not as useful for the Z10 as it was for previous devices because the Z10 OS settings do have holster specific settings. Bummer. Thus, I am looking for a different case that will allow me to slip the phone in a suit jacket pocket or pants pocket without being damaged. Thus, I want the screen covered as well, but I hate screen protectors. So, my sollution, the black flip case. That would be sweet.

I'd love the OtterBox Defender Series Case (Black)...I tend to have 'accidents' and I would hate to see my Z10 get the worst of it... Pick me ...if not for me...for my Z10 :)

I want the BlackBerry transform! I got the battery bundle and a silicone case and one of the casemate wood cases but the transform looks sweet!

Posted via CB10

Still waiting for my soft transform case for the Z10. Would love to win one of these to keep my Z10 safe for now!

Posted via CB10

I would like the OEM BB Leather pocket. There are occasions that wearing my belt clip isn't appropriate and the pocket would still give protection while I'm out and about.

Seidio ACTIVE Case, got the kickstand plus you can get the holster to go with it. Best combo for me as i love holsters (dont need to bulge my pockets any more) also comes in Red and a red dress for my Z10 is a sexy as it gets.

I need the transform shell because I just learned the hard way that the feather shine does not provide enough protection

Posted via CB10

For sure the Trident Aegis Case in blue. I am needing a little bit more of a protective case. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

The accessory that I'd love to get is the
Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone! This would be a sweet addition to my car! (wonders if it would work with my PlayBook too?) :-)

Posted via CB10

The BlackBerry Music Gateway any day. The Z10's audio is awesome thus paired with the music gateway would be a perfect companion.

Posted via CB10

Seidio Active Case. It did a great job on my 9930. Gotta get the spring holster if i win. Thanks for the chance Crackberry!

I would like the microfiber pocket in red! I prefer my phone sans case...but inevitably put it in my pocket with the car keys :o

Posted via White Z10

I would absolutely love a Transform hard shell for my Limited edition developer Z10. As much as I love my phone naked, I feel the need to protect it and this case seems like the perfect option.

I currently have the Incipio feather light case, and it does a good job of protecting the sides and back of my Z10. The only complaint I have is it is very slick, there is no grip at all. And I would of preferred a black one, but this is all they had at the AT&T store when I got the Z10.
I don't know if it's just me but I have a hard time with phone cases... it can take me a while to find one that works well for me. It is not uncommon for me to go through several of them when I get a new phone. Expensive but that seems to be the way it goes for me. The one I want - and I've only seen it on a review - is one called the z10 flip I think... it looks good and has a cover for the front face as well
And it doesn't look too bulky. I will probably order one of these soon. At any rate, loving this new z10.

Posted via CB10

Would love a blue Seidio Active case with kickstand. It looks like a decent case that can take a beating.

Posted via CB10

I would love the Incipio Feather SHINE Hard Case because I think the Silver looks sweet wrapped around the Z10!

I am never satisfied with my case for my phone. I bought 2 for my Z10, and...well, they're okay. I think I really just don't want a case, but this baby needs to be protected. I'd try another just to see if there is any one I like. The arm band one would be handy for the gym.

I want the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle. It's the sweetest accessory ever, either using it as a powerbank or popping that extra batt. Once I get my white Q10 to accompany my white Z10, I'm springing for a second one.

Looking to get a black flip shell case from BlackBerry! I love my Z10. It's the sexiest, sleekest phone I've ever owned, and it deserves a case that's equally as smooth.

Can i please have the leather pouch from blackberry or otterbox defender if that works better for some reason. thanks again for a great contest. ill be hoping i can finally win!! CRACKBERRY is the BEST

A Red Blackberry Flip Shell to protect my white Z10 and at the same time save some extra battery when I put it on standby! #MagnetPower

The black transformer hard shell case because I work in a harsh environment and need to protect my Z10.

Posted via CB10

The transform hardshell! You can use it as a landscape mode stand and keeps the screen off of the surface.... Mind blowing!

The Poetic Atmosphere is ok, but the side controls are a pain to adjust. So my pick would be the BB Flip Shell in black. Please and Thanks

Poetic Atmosphere case black. It protects but also allows you to see the BlackBerry logo without interruption.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to get my hands on the OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Arm Pack for BlackBerry Z10 so I can workout or ride my bike with my BlackBerry. I'd also like to see endomondo develop a native app, but that's another issue.

Posted via CB10

Nutshell leather belt case for me. Looks very classy, will keep my Z10 super clean and safe, and also close so I know exactly where it is all the time when out and about.

Posted via CB10 using my awesome BB Z10

A blackberry transform case in red would be great. I love the idea of having a case that's also a kickstand. I sideloaded Netflix and I get tired of holding my z10.

Posted via CB10

I like the poetic atmosphere case. Because it looks silk and smooth. Just like the crack berry site.

Posted via CB10

A blue Poetic Atmosphere Case is where it's at. I would prefer red, but that's not available. :( Regardless, this phone wins for great protection, yet you don't cover up that it's a BlackBerry!

I pick the blackberry flip shell case because it has a few colors to choose from, it saves battery life, made by blackberry so it's built correctly, and to top it off very nice design.

Posted via CB10

I would love a Case-Mate Silver Brushed FX Aluminum Barely There Case (Silver) for BlackBerry Z10. I think the aluminum would look awesome paired with the Z10!

I wouldn't mind the Trident Aegis Case for Z10. I have a 3 year old, so this would keep it nice and protected.

Id go with the transform shell. For the first time this weekend I actually had to prop up my phone with my wallet so I could watch a movie without holding it.

I would want the "Case-Mate Silver Brushed FX Aluminum Barely There Case". I like the sleekness of my Z10, but would like to have a little protection for it. Also it is a nice design.

Posted via CB10

If I remember the review correctly the transform case lets you still use the charging dock. If that's the case (:p) I'll take one in black.
Second choice is the seido active case in black.

I would definitely get the blackberry z10 hard shell transform case. I have the black one and wanted the red one so badly!

Posted via CB10

Since I already have the Seidio surface case and the orange poetic case is en route, the BlackBerry leather pocket pouch would be my choice. Although the battery bundle would be my first choice and the bluetooth stereo speaker would be the second... I'll take whatever is given to me if chosen...

Posted via CB10

It's has to be the charger bundle!!!!

Removable battery is one of the key features of the phone, and that accessory exploits the awesome feature to the max.

Having said that, I already bought the BlackBerry flip shell case from crackberry already .

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Flip Shell Case, Black! I already have the Leather Swivel Holster for everyday use and would like the harder flip shell for travel. I have my BlackBerry Travel App, just need the case! Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I want any colour of the Flip Shell case because it'll make my black Z10 sexy (red + black = sexy BMW colours, black + black = classic professional-looking BlackBerry, white + black = yummy reverse Oreo)

I would want the red transform hard shell case because I need a case that can be thin and double as a stand.

Posted via CB10

The Seidio Surface Combo would be my choice, followed my the Incipio Ovrmld with holster. I need a case/holster combo to keep Z safe in my work conditions. I have the leather holster but it has to go naked in there and that's not an option for me. I need to get something on there before I do something stupid with it.

I would like the Ballistic SG Series Hard Shell (Grey/White) (SG1097-M185) (White/Grey) for BlackBerry Z10 because it adds that extra protection on the days the transform case isn't enough. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Transform Hardshell for the z10! I like multi-function cases and this one seems pretty sweet!!

BlackBerry Transform hard shell in red will go nicely with my white Z10. Proud to rock the Canadian colors for a Canadian company!

Posted via CB10

I'm more for minimal protection; I don't like cases. I prefer the phone's natural design than to have it covered up by a bulky case. I usually keep my phone in my pocket. For that, I'd like the Red BlackBerry Microfiber Pocket for Z10. That would be ideal for my kind of use.

Seidio spring clip holster would be my choice, awesome looking yet functional. CrackBerry rocks!

Posted via CB10

I've always liked the flip shell case... a nice red one to go with my white Z10 would be a perfect touch.

Good luck, everyone!

Posted via my sexy white Z10 using CB 10

Charger bundle because it's always the NYC people who get the good stuff -- the meetup and all happening there. :( bring some of the crackberry love to the philippines!!!! :D

I'd like the official blackberry transform hard shell, because it's an oem and BlackBerry takes amazing accessories that last forever. And the crackberry review sold me on it.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Z10 Leather Pocket Pouch - Black. This would be for when I want to run it naked outside of the flip shell I use now. I rocked a pocket pouch on my 9900 and loved being able to tell what was going on just by looking at the LED.

Zed10 via CB10

My choice is the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell in RED because with my white Z10 I'd show off my pride in Canada.

Love to have hardshell transform case because it combines portability with utility; light protection with easy transformation to a kickup stand for my BB10

I would like to see my two week old Z10 inside of a brown leather flip shell case. It's simply classy, unique and innovative. I have never seen no such thing like it. I checked online for it and they were sold out. I became uneasy. I would love to win one if not where can I go to buy one? :(

I would get the red Transform case. I'm anxiously awaiting for the dock to be available, and the Transform case will be a perfect companion.

Posted via CB10

I would definitely get the BB leather pouch. I haven't used a pouch since my days with the Curve. I think it is time to go back to my roots. Haha

I'd like the transform case cause it is damn hard to find it where i live. It would be perfect when the z10 dock comes out later.

Posted via CB10

BLACKBERRY Z10 BALLISTIC SHELL GEL SG SERIES CASE, charcoal/white version :) nothing like the confidence a good solid case can give you

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry transform hard shell in red for me! Would love the ability to use the phone in a case, flip half up to put in dock or for kick stand ability!

I like Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10 Blue
because it adjust to my BlackBerry without lose the beautifull appearance of the Mobile and protecting against falls.

Posted via CB10

Seidio Surface, Active , or Spring clip holster because I ALWAYS have my Z10 by my side, but I don't always have pockets. Would be nice to keep her safe if I need my hands free.

Sent from Amber via CB10.

Transform defo! Would come in super handy for all the video chats and movies I watch with my Oreo!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

I'd love the Seidio SURFACE for my Z10 because I use it a lot and I think this is a very sexy case. I like it a lot. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

I chose several cases from shop crackberry but everything is out of stock. Beginning to wonder if anything will ever be back in stock.

Posted via CB10

I think any white case with magnets on the case is great...

The magnet helps me alot in improving battery life

Posted via CB10

I would want the white transform case because of its ability to prop on it's side. I have a white Zed 10 (Zed cause it's one made in Canada :)) and it would help to prop it at night for the alarm.

I would take the Mobi Hard Shell Case for Z10, seems like the perfect protection for the z10.

A white transform case, because, well... I don't have one and I should because it is white.

Posted via CB10

Transform hard case would be pretty sweet if as a stand it could be a pseudo-dock for charging. Would make that night mode clock a lot more useful than laying flat on a table.

Posted via CB10

I like the poetic atmospheric case as it shows the blackberry symbol in the back so I am able to show off to everyone that I am a proud blackberry owner.

Posted via CB10

Definitely the red flip case. I need my z10 to stand out and a red case would do that

Posted via CB10