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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 charged up while mobile with the ProClip Custom Charging Mount

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Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Protect your Z10 with Ballistic's tough 3-layer Shell Gel (SG) Series Case

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BlackBerry Z10 case concept lets you see your notifications and LED

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Stay charged on the road with the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger

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Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers nearly-invisible protection

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Protect your BlackBerry Z10 from surface wear and tear with the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case


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Customize your BlackBerry Z10 with a new battery door! Enter to win one free from ShopCrackBerry!

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BlackBerry Z10 gets some extra class thanks to Case-Mate's real wood backing

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Official BlackBerry Z10 leather holster combines style and function

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a Z10 case of your choice!

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case

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Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Seidio Surface case offers great protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with a kick(stand)

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CrackBerry Crunk Case: The Infomercial

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Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!

Enter to win a new case for your BlackBerry Z10! Keep reading for details.

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2013 01:58 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is getting into more and more hands by the day, so that means more and more users that need some new Z10 accessories. Luckily we have all the latest cases, headsets, batteries, chargers and more available for the Z10 at ShopCrackBerry. 

We've been burning the CrackBerry oil to crank out reviews for loads of our favorite products ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle to the Mobi Products Soft Shell case

If you haven't yet accessorized your new Z10, be sure to swing by ShopCrackBerry to check out the new arrivals and get your orders in. 

Keep reading for you chance to win a new BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice!

Best Selling BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

New BlackBerry Z10 Cases

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New BlackBerry Z10 Headsets

Contest: To enter to win a BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice* just leave a comment on this post letting us know which case you'd choose and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. 

*valid for any in-stock case < $100


Leather pouch for me to slide in my blazer so during business meetings I can lay it on the table for everyone to see.


A BLACK or RED Transfer Case would be NICE to WIN......count me in. WHY not 5 WINNERS :)


BlackBerry COMBO OEM Tranform Hard Shell (Black) +Roots XL Leather Side Belt Clip Holster for Z10

Posted via CB10


OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Arm Pack After retiring from the Army I now fish professionally for a living and I could really use a water proof case while on the water.

Posted via CB10


I'd like the BlackBerry Transform Shell Case in white, please! :)

Posted via CB10


Hmmmmmmmm, as nice as the red transformer case is I have to go with the cute little BlackBerry portable speaker please.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 because only one battery doesn't get me through the day sometimes!


A red hardshell Transform to protect and be able to stand up!


i would love to have another case! shop crackberry is amazing!

Kris Simundson

Microfiber Red, to keep my berry protected when I'm out and about, and to make sure it stands out when i pull it out of the case


Transform case as I don't wanna fully cover the sexy Ness of the z10 which is way more better looking than the iphone or any other phone period besides the q10 which is pretty sexy

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry leather pocket pouch. To change it up from the flip shell.

Posted via CB10


I would love to win the Transform Case in Red!!! I love that functional design!


Red Transform Hard Shell for me. Red/black is killer. and it will let me imagine I have Red Limited Edition Dev Z10.


Simple vertical holster w magnetic closure.


I would love a holster for my new z10!!

Posted via CB10


Bright orange case looks awesome....


I would to have Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for Z10. Although I'm being EXTREMELY careful,i currently have nothing protecting it. It's only a matter of time till I drop it. I'm cringing just thinking about it. This way I can have something protecting it while I'm working or running errands.


I'd love a blackberry transform hardshell case, great protection + a cool kickstand

Thanks CB for these great contests!

Posted via CB10


Woot Woot! Lets go CB! I would love to see the Ballistic case on this puppy as a student, i dont have the luxuries of replacing devices often.


Count me in also. I have the BlackBerry leather pouch but would like to have something else too

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a BB charging bundle or the transform case. I just love having accessories and those are the 2 that are missing from my collection thus far and my love affair with the flip case is almost over. Once the docking station comes out I will be all over that as well.


Looking forward to accessorizing the Z! I've already got a transform case, but a BlackBerry Leather Holster case would be a sweet alternative for the professional look.


Ballistic SG series, White ~ Have the BB Transform, got my wife the ballistic, and it's pretty sweet.


Pick me. Need a Seido surface case, Z10 needs a little protection.


leather and black, like this one please, ACC-49273-101. I'm pure BLACK berry


I need a case... This would be a good way to get it

Posted via CB10


Loved my 9930 and I love more my z10

Posted via CB10


Hmm, not sure which case I would pick. Thanks for the contest.


um transform hard shell would be great.


It's all about the 'retro' leather pouch. Can't forget about BlackBerry's signature accessory! It still amazes I phone/Android users on how it locks and unlocks the phone! You can't buy an app for that!! Lol........

Posted via CB10


Uuuoouuu, without a doubt, the BlackBerry Mini Stereo Speaker would help me a lot on a daily basis, I really want one of these:D.


BlackBerry Transform Case in white.


Poetic atmosphere case because it flashes the bb logo, colours are bold mixed with the sleek look of the z10 :)


I'd have the red transform hard case. Splash of colour. For my Z10 and keeping it BB official.

@JamieWilson01 via CB10


I like the Seidio ACTIVE Case in black!


I want to win BlackBerry HS-700 Bluetooth Headset for me because I want listen best songs without wIre. Yes pleas pick me. Thanks CrackBerry


Otterbox to match my BlackBerry PlayBook© or the blue poetic case.


BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z10, need it to help me keep my phone protected while in the gym


I would love to rock a red or lime-green hard shell transform case.!


Since I just bought a Transform, the leather holster would be much appreciated.


red transformer case would be cool

Lily Huynh

I'll choose the poetic case for the look, but the blackberry leather pouch if it really helps the Z10 battery.

Posted via CB10


Poetic atmosphere in Grey as it compliments my white z10 but shows off its natural beauty by not covering anything up

Posted via my Zee10


battery charger please


I'd pick some holster


Poetic Atmosphere Case for Z10 in any color would be great to be able to protect my Z10

Posted via CB10


I'd choose the Poetic atmosphere. Because it's minimalistic but practical and manages to give some extra flair to the z10 with the colored accents and the frosted back :)


Any silicon case that comes with a free screen protector would be great. I keep my phone in my pocket with the keys and now with winter ending, i don't have an extra coat pocket to keep my BB safe



288 comments in les than an hour. Do I stand a chance...probably not, but I still itch to send a comment because I wanna freaking win a new case for my stellar BlackBerry Z10.

Posted via CB10


A royal blue Seidio case for me..they look sleek and professional just like the z10.

Berry Nation

Posted via CB10

Petros K85

I want one! The BlackBerry transform hard shell!

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

Poetic Atmosphere to show the logo and to have people easily identify that i isn't another Iphone...


Seidio ACTIVE Case would be nice


I'd like to get the transform.

Initially purchased the flip shell, but since the cover doesn't stay closed, phone was constantly activating due to the magnet. Then get the microfibre pocket pouch from the CB store, but all the seams started splitting apart within a week (I do not recommend this case, must have used the cheapest glue in existence).

Don't think I can justify spending any more on a case, so would love to get one from CB!


BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch FTW !!! Please and thank you :D


I'd love a sedio active holster

Posted via CB10


I love the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell


Soon when I get my BB Z10 my case of choice will be the Seidio Active Case. The bottom looks like it doesn't block the swipe area like the Otterbox Defender does (really wanted it) as many friends tell me. Hope you pick me!


I would rock the Seido case for the colors, the kickstand and the knowledge that my precious is safe in a good case

Posted via CB10


Would love the Otterbox Defender! Great for hiking, hazardous environments :)


Seidio surface case, it looks great!


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in white. Look great and mainly 100% protection for my boy:))


Definitely want the poetic..

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell is the one for me. Does the job with no fluf.


I would go for a blue poetic case. I currently love my roots tuff case though.

Posted via CB10

I am JT

I'm in! Could use an Otter box or tuffcase.

Posted via CB10


my motorcycle's got a kickstand...why not my phone - Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand)


I would choose the transform hard shell case so I can I can have the same case as CrackBerry Kevin, Overboard case would be great for the sea-doo (another fine Canadian product)though hmmmmmm.


Love to win that black transform hardshell!

Posted via CB10


Black Transform Hard shell!!


Seidio hard case with kick stand so I can watch while I eat dinner.


Trident Aegis case looks sweet (currently have a white transform case). Thinking green or blue or (gasp) pink would be great...anything that stands out!

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen


I'd go with the Poetic Atmosphere in Orange! Great look, shows off the BB logo, and protection to boot.


Id love the blackberry transform white. Hard shell case ,cuz its so cool, stylish and can protect my sweet z10 !

Posted via CB10


The blackberry leather pocket pouch. Domo arigato.

Posted via CB10


Seidio surface case is my first choice..

Posted via CB10


Poetic Atmosphere in white. It doesn't hide the sexy white that is my Z10. I want to show it off not hide it!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Seidio surface case. Because we don't have such cases here in South Africa yet . We need to import to get them.

Posted via CB10


I would definitely like to win a sturdier case for my Z10. Using it out in the field as much as I do, I feel so self conscious every time I take it out of my pants....wait, that doesn't sound right.


It would be the Seidio Active case for me. I like the sleek look and the kickstand

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Poetic blue without a doubt. Gotta class it up with a little bit of color.

Posted via CB10


Transform Hard Shell for my LE Z10 would be great. Why? Because it's awesome!


The poetic cases are Awsome great colors and appropriate protection for my phone; without sacrificing style, it would also provide me with a great tactile feel while I'm on the go; that way I don't have to worry about dropping my precious z10.


I'll take the a white or red Flip Shell, thank you kindly. It was great meeting you cats in NYC.


I'd love a Seidio surface case in red!

Posted via CB10


A BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 for me please :-)

EDIT: a case... well.... the Red Transform Hard Case if you be so kind :-D


I want the BlackBerry Transform case that works with the upcoming dock because I'm really thinking about getting the dock!


Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for Z10 por favor

Why? Because I want to keep my baby safe and sound! :)


A BlackBerry Leather Holster would be nice, so I can give my wife the pink Incipio case I have for her own Z10. Don't even ask.

Posted via CB10


Black transform case because my z10 is black!

Posted via CB10


I want the Seidio SURFACE Case for Z10
this will help me, I had 4 items on the crackberry shopping cart. and my total was almost 200 :/ didn't purchase it cause 2 of the items where out of stock.. so kevin. bring more of that battery bundle charger. cause I need it. lol


I have two cases but can you ever have too many cases?

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10!!!!




I've been looking at the Seidio Surface Case and Clip combo for my Z10. This would be great to win one here.


Transform Hard Shell Case, because it doesn't get in the way.


a really cool holster case would be fantastic for my shiny black BlackBerry Z10


The Trident Aegis case in black. Shows you mean business on the outside, while protecting the soft, chewy center on the inside!


Win my Zomg10 phone a case!!

Posted via CB10


Active holster....cuz its sexy

Posted via CB10


So glad to be back with BlackBerry--its been too long! Any purple case will do fine for me ;-)


I'd like the serious surface in black. It seems the least intrusive to the feel and design of the device. I enjoy the way the device feels but am looking to add a little extra protection to it.

Posted via CB10


Transformer case in white because it looks hot

Posted via CB10


Poetic Atmosphere BlackBerry Z10 case in orange would be freaking awesome!! Sell Like Hell CB Team! WHoot!

Tracy Daken

BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 For Sure the coolest one. And blackberry branding as well. ^^ white and Black Version


The CB orange case for the win!

Posted via CB10


transform hard shell case. black.


I would love a royal blue case.....this phone is so bad ass!!

Posted via CB10

R Field

Ballistic SG Series Hard Shell because it protects well and looks great.

Randy Scanlan

BlackBerry combo, oem hardshell and roots leather holster. I prefer a leather holster so it doesn't make noise if it touches a hard surface as I'm walking, but I like a hardshell case to protect the phone.

Posted via CB10

Manolito Sanchez

I would love to have BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell (black), because i love the idea of having a multitasking case, and its built by blackberry so you know its got to be awesome quality! :D


I would like the Incipio OVRMLD Black!


I wish I get the BlackBerry Z10 Hard transform case

Posted via CB10


I would love to win a seidio active case and holster combo! Preferably black ;)

Posted via CB10


Id like the leather pocket pouch please! Provides protection yet still lets me use the phone nekked


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in black would be awesome!

Please and thank you!


I just need a case because I've been pushing my luck without one!


Otterbox for me, please!


I would choose Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Plus. Bc I love the design of it.

Posted via CB10


I would love to win the poetic Borderline Bumper Case for BlackBerry Z10 (in red), because it has a very minimalistic design and form factor so that it will fit into my pocket easily, and it only covers the border so that I can still show off my red Z10 easily!


The blue and red Trident Aegis look nice.


Seidio SURFACE in black for me please.


I'll go for the "BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10" case.. LOL

In all seriousness, I think I'd opt for the "BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster (ACC-49273-101) for Z10" case.


BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10 because only one battery doesn't get me through the day sometimes. And until Verizon comes up with upgrade my phone keeps draining on me.
Thank you Crackberry


i love Ballistic SG series.


I would choose the Roots Tuff Skin 2 w/ Exo Guard + Roots Holster (Black) (RT2BB10H) for BlackBerry Z10, because it looks to offer the most protection and I prefer a holster.

Posted via CB10


Any will do

Posted via CB10


Transform Shell Case in White would be awesome.


BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster - carrying on my belt is a necessity. The power saving feature is a bonus.


BB Transform Shell for sure. Protection, minimal added bulk, with functionality and included screen protector too boot.


I'd love to win a BlackBerry battery charger bundle for my Zed10. It would come in handy for me because at least, with it, I wouldn't have to worry so much about when I need to recharge my phone. I was thinking of asking for the BlackBerry high speed HDMI cable too but I'm thinking I'll get it at a later date from the Canadian CrackBerry store.


A leather swivel case cause it's the best way to show off the Zed.

Posted via CB10


Transform hard case, cause it's bad ass and so am I.

Posted via the all mighty Z10


I like the Seidio SURFACE Case with kickstand... I'll take any color.


Please I need HDMI convert to VGA accessories... because for my presentation... :D

Posted via CB10


The leather holster. I always carry a holster and feel odd without one to carry my phone in...

Posted via CB10


Seidio active case in black or blue! Because it looks like good protection and has a kickstand! Please and thank you :)

Posted via CB10


Otterbox Defender for the z10 would bei great for outdoor activitys.


i wouldn't mind a powerskin case.


I would like the BlackBerry Z10 SuperBundle Flip Shell (Black) + Tru Screen Protector + SPE Car Charger for Z10 (or just the Flip Shell if the bundle doesn't qualify). I have a red one but it shows marks from being put in the holster.


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10

It looks durable for when my bb is in a daypack, bike pack, etc

Lilian Wong

Poetic blue please!

Posted via CB10


Flip lid case, because it looks good, protects the screen, saves battery and can be used as a stand too.


Red Transform Case!!


White transform case. Offers good protection whilst also being darn convenient, when I'm watching YouTube on my desk at school!

Posted via CB10


The BLUE surface case with kickstand because I have been advertising the heck out of the Z10 an I can bet I was the first person in Tennessee that got the Z10 from verizon

White BlackBerry z10


If I won, definitely go for the Incipio Feather Ultralight hard case! Just ordered my white Z10 with a white transform shell and I really want to a snap-on all around shell for the Z10. :)


doxa sub750T

After trying out with Poetic case, clear/gray and Seidio active case with kickstand, I think that I am going for the leather pouch.

Well, Z10 is sexiest when naked. Those cases while providing nice protection, I do like how it looks without the case the best.

Thanks for your generosity, Kevin and CB.



I would love a BB flip shell case....Thats my #1 accessory


I would love one of The Trident Aegis Cases



Casemate Barely There please


I had a few that saw me with my new Z10. They had positive things to say and some would mention how they know someone else who has it as well. These were iPhone users.

I am waiting for their changing dock.


Blue poetic atmosphere case. Why? I love poetry, I love the z10 and I love blue.

Posted via CB10


BRIGHT>BRIGHT>BRIGHT orange case in the picture is SWEET!! (Anyone know what case that is.... I'm never the guy that wins, so I should probably figure this out.


Best case you can give me please.


I would like the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell in black cause I use the Incipio case right now and it has no BlackBerry branding on the back so people can't tell that I'm rocking a BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


Transform Hard Shell seems to have a very simple and functional design and the red case on a black z10 looks pretty sexy :)

On BB10 Crack

Let's pump out the tunes with the BB mini stereo.


A Black BlackBerry transform hard shell would be great. I already have the leather holster, so this would be great for days off from work...

Posted via CB10


As I have got a black Z10 I would have to choose the black transform case because when you put them both together it was like they was meant to be, ( a pure match made in heaven), i think a lot of people would agree with me. Good luck to everyone in the competition.

Posted via CB10


I would love a Seidio kickstand case with the holster.

What moves you, my Z10!


Thanks CB for your support for BlackBerry the community

Posted via CB10


Yeah need more stuff for my Z10

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in Black, because it will help keep me moving!


The Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) would be awesome. Then I could add the holster (unless you want to include it if I win, lol).

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win the Case Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case because it just looks so stylish! Thanks CB!

Posted via CB10


Would love to get a blue trident case, protection and style you just can't beat that! Hope I win one!

Posted via CB10


Ballistic case!! No way I'm cracking this screen!!

Posted via CB10


I need the Transform Hard Shell, good protection and nice for watching videos. Must be good, because Kevin is using it :)

Posted via CB10


I would pick the Seidio SURFACE Case for Z10 in PURPLE because it is PURPLE and purples is my favorite color. Plus it looks like it would protect the Z10 well. I am a bit clutzy and need a good case to protect my phones. Thanks for the contest!


I have been thinking about the Transform Case in Red. I want that Darth Maul look!!!

Posted via CB10


Pick me! I'm in~

Posted via my Awesome Zed10


I want the BlackBerry transform shell case in red. It looks so cool.

Posted via CB10


Transform hardshell please.

Posted via CB10


Ah sorry haha I want the Black Transform case, to protect my lovely black Zed 10!

Posted via my Awesome Zed10


I would def get the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10, looks bad ass!


I would love any case. Scared to be naked all the time.

Posted via CB10


I think i'd go for either the BlackBerry Microfiber Pocket for Z10 or a ecolife HYDRO Side Case for BlackBerry Z10.

Tracy Whitt1

I would love to have the Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10 It is very much like the one I had on my Iphone right before I converted to the Z10 :')


Seidio surface. Please

Posted via CB10


Orange or red transform hard shell. I saw a guy who was around 70 using one and it looked cool.


Blackberry Transform Hardshell for me. All the protection I can get.


I would pick the leather pouch for when I go out and need to look good with my new Z10.

Armin Osmanovic

I think I would go with something sleek and thin like the seidio surface case


I'd choose the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10, a white one, because it looks fresh & birght; makes my Z10 classy, and it seems to be resistant, good to protect my blackberry. And as my first comment on I'd like to say to all the website team that you're doing a very good job, we appreciate it.


Wooo I'll try my luck.


The Seidio SURFACE Case in black looks great! Looks sleek and classy, I'd love to have one.

Posted via CB10


I will like a case that is heavy duty I can't stress how many phones I go through a year and I will like to add the the BBZ10 is a awesome phone..

Posted via CB10


Leather belt clip

Posted via CB10


Defiantly the transformer. Aside from it opening up for a kickstand on the back, it is sleek but enough to keep from ruining you phone. Built similar to the speck brand case, it's got just enough to keep your phone safe from small drops. Looks fantastic too.... oh and it's blackberry branded. that's awesome!

Posted via CB10


Transform case please - classic black.

Posted via CB10


Any case would do - could be bright pink it doesn't matter just as long as it saves my Z10 from breaking :D

Posted via CB10

Yonas Berhane

Super Bundle Flip Shell would be great :)

Posted via CB10


If I would win, I would like the OEM leather pouch please :)


The I Skin vibes for great protection or the leather pocket pouch for easy in to pocket, please?

Posted via CB10


Seidio case would be awesome for my Z10.


the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell case in black would be well appreciated by me...would definitely transform the way i watch my movies...thanks in advance...{'-'}


Poetic atmosphere in white, because I just looks cool!


I would like the mini stereo speakers

Posted via CB10


Otter box for ultimate protection

Posted via CB10


Leather pouch works for this guy!!!

Wei Li

I would love the Music Gateway... I wanted to buy it from Futureshop and Best Buy, but they no longer carry the item. :(


Leather pocket pouch please


Wishlist case is the Seidio Convert, but sadly is not carried in the CB store. I will settle for the Otterbox. Working in construction requires that my phone be heavily protected at all times. I've waited this long for the Z10.


I would like the RED blackberry transform case, as I think the red would look hot with my white Z10 ) and also I've gone to Future Shop, walmart and the source and nobody carries the RED /sigh !!! Anyway, thanks for the chance to win !


Poetic case in White
And I'll be all right!

Oh mighty CrackBerry staff
Let me win, I leave here my Pin!


Sincerly yours
Stefano. Z.

Posted via CB10

Yonas Berhane

Super Bundle Flip Shell because it protects the sides, back and display on the Z10. I think it's important to keep my Z10 in great condition in all areas.

Posted via CB10


I would like the orange case cause it looks friggin sweet

Posted via CB10


Would love the leather holster for the Z10

Posted via CB10


Flip shell cause of the stand

Posted via CB10


Yes please!! I want the gray and turquoise Incipio case!!

Posted via CB10


The Seidio SURFACE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10 so I can watch all my media on the best device out there.


BlackBerry charger bundle. I would like one because I can't seem to buy one anywhere.

Posted via CB10

Steven Friedmann

Already have the Transform so would probably go with one of the Seidio holster options.

Posted via CB10


I need BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Z10 because my Z10 LE is so naked ;)


Uauhh! I would love to try with BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in black or red! It would be perfect for my Z10...


BlackBerry flip shell case in red because of the awesome screen cover and ability to work as a stand as well!

Posted via CB10

I'd love the blue Seido Surface case. But I gotta say, that orange case in the pic does look cool.


blackberry transform hard shell solid


Battery bundle would be nice


A Seido surface case with kickstand in royal blue would be AWESOME!
OR any case with the CrackBerry logo on it, would love to rock the CrackBerry logo on my Brand new Z10


Poetic Atmosphere case. I like that it is transparent and that you can see the battery cover !


the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for me. looks clean and functional, and easy to slip off when the sexy needs a'showin'!


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell because looks the better choice (look and protection) for me and for my Z10


I would choose the Blackberry Hard Transform Shell because it looks fresh and different from a lot of other cases


If the leather pocket pouch doesn't count then the aegis ones on either orange or blue :)

Posted via CB10


Leather Holster please.


The Seidio ACTIVE Holster seems like a solid case. Winning that one would be great. Go CB!!!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform...simply because it looks like it really protects and looks pretty good...

Posted via CB10


Seidio Spring Clip Holster. Take me back to my Tree 650 days ;)

Posted via CB10


I've been terribly undecided up to now about what case to put on my new Z10. It's so sleek and beauty o-natural. But I know it's an inevitability for me because it's only a matter of time before I drop it or brush it up again something that will damage the case. As much as I need the case, I also really need a holster too. So my choice will be the Ventev Colorclick Pro Case for BlackBerry Z10 in black because it's a case and a holster combined. The case isn't too intrusive and looks nice a thin. The matching holster will fit discretely under my shirt or light jacket. Thank you, Crackberry, for the chance to get this from you. P.S. Loving the iGrip holder for Z10 in my car.


OtterBox Commuter...If only...but how about a black SEIDIO Surface?

BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook

Rizu Hossain

I always have my bb10 propped up on my desk. the SEIDIO case with the kickstand would be perfect for me!


Oh dear, any case under $100, so many choices.
I'm gonna have to go with the leather holster, there are just some days where the phone in the pocket just isn't working out so well.


Seidio case in red. Thanks!

Brandon Glasser

Transform hard shell cause the kickstand seems like a great idea and no annoying flap that covers the screen

Posted via CB10

John Vieira

Would be very nice to get a poetic case. Orange, blue or white. Please and thank you!

Good luck to everyone :)!

Posted via TimeMachine


Blackberry Transform case.