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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 charged up while mobile with the ProClip Custom Charging Mount

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Story Napa Leather Holster Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Protect your Z10 with Ballistic's tough 3-layer Shell Gel (SG) Series Case

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BlackBerry Z10 case concept lets you see your notifications and LED

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Case-Mate Barely There case for the BlackBerry Z10 offers nearly-invisible protection

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Protect your BlackBerry Z10 from surface wear and tear with the Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case


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Customize your BlackBerry Z10 with a new battery door! Enter to win one free from ShopCrackBerry!

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BlackBerry Z10 gets some extra class thanks to Case-Mate's real wood backing

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Official BlackBerry Z10 leather holster combines style and function

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Keep your BlackBerry Z10 safe on the go with the Seidio Active case

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Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Seidio Surface case offers great protection for your BlackBerry Z10 with a kick(stand)

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CrackBerry Crunk Case: The Infomercial

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Accessory Roundup - Enter to win a case for your BlackBerry Z10!

Enter to win a new case for your BlackBerry Z10! Keep reading for details.

By Adam Zeis on 8 Apr 2013 01:58 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z10 is getting into more and more hands by the day, so that means more and more users that need some new Z10 accessories. Luckily we have all the latest cases, headsets, batteries, chargers and more available for the Z10 at ShopCrackBerry. 

We've been burning the CrackBerry oil to crank out reviews for loads of our favorite products ranging from the BlackBerry Z10 Battery Charger Bundle to the Mobi Products Soft Shell case

If you haven't yet accessorized your new Z10, be sure to swing by ShopCrackBerry to check out the new arrivals and get your orders in. 

Keep reading for you chance to win a new BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice!

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New BlackBerry Z10 Cases

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Contest: To enter to win a BlackBerry Z10 case of your choice* just leave a comment on this post letting us know which case you'd choose and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PT. 

*valid for any in-stock case < $100


Any bright orange case would be great.

Posted via CB10



What is the one in the picture?


i think its a red holster case


we are looking at the orange one...


BB Transform Hard Shell


Nope. Those don't come in orange or show the BB symbol on the back...


Poetic Case and i should win because i THINK i'm first to post :)


DAMN IT!!!!! Lol... 2nd... But still... I should win. I was at the CBNYC party... Showed up i a three piece suit and repped CrackBerry all over twitter and Facebook that night. #CrackBerryFREAKS all day lol. Poetic case, In white, PLEASE :)


Leather pouch FTW!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for me please.


I'd choose the Red Transform Hard Case for my white Z10 because it would look stunning. The foldable stand is a plus!

Thanks in advance, CrackBerry!


Ballistic SG series please, my poor Z10 has hit the ground more times than my basketball.


A sweet red transforming case :) Good luck everyone....

Posted from my lovely BlackBerry Z10


Transformer case black. And it's because I purchased one for my white z10 and it was stolen. :( Now I have a Black one.

Posted via CB10


Leather belt clip would be awesome.

BBX-I Said it!

Nick Spagnolo

Any accessories for your gifting would be cool for my Z10


Se idiot surface case a red one please cause my z10 needs protection cause its red hot!!!

Posted via CB10


A Black Transform Hardshell case!

Gregory Ryan

Anything you got in Crackberry orange would be fantastic.

Posted via CB10


Poetic Atmosphere Case for Z10 because I want to show off the Logo on the back!


A white transform case for me! I love the thought put into the functionality, but hey, it's BlackBerry, it's what they do!

Posted via CB10


I'd have to go with the roots tuff case w/ holster as a protective alternative to pocket.

Powered by BlackBerry 10


I would love a new case....Otterbox (only case my office let me order) does not work well.


any idea when the Battery Bundle Charger will be in stock? :]


and a Crackberry case for a z10 would be pretty awesome :D


The Seidio ACTIVE Case looks pretty slick.


I'd love a BlackBerry Leather Holster, I hate keeping my Z10 in my pocket!

Posted via CB10


I love the flip shell! It is both power saving and protects the phone while using the phone unlike the original blackberry case or the transform shell!!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster because I have all the rest. lol I should win because I stood outside in the freezing rain on Feb 5th to get my z10. Then posted a video of the experience and youtube made me take it down. And I have been a part of all the live chat casts since then.


Why would you have to take the video down?

Posted with my Zed via CeeBeeTen


I'm in for a Transform hardshell case. I think they are pretty sweet looking and a good option for me to put my phone into bedside mode and leave it facing me instead of facing up


Transform case because I already have the flip cover case and it is breaking on me...

Posted via CB10


Blackberry Flipshell Case Black! Protects device all around while saving power!


I would choose the Transform case because it's versatile and protects the phone while giving it functionality and style.

Posted via CB10


Give me the teal and Grey incipio case so my girl will finally commit to the Z10 lol

Posted via CB10 on At&t Z10


Count me in please!

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry transform hard shell (white), because I want my Z10 protected

Posted via CB10


Oooh! Would l love that?
I would.



Poetic! Because it's see through

Posted via CB10


I would take a black BlackBerry transform case. I like the way it serves as a stand and would allow it to work in the dock without taking the case off.

Posted via CB10


I'd want the OtterBox Pursuit/40 Waterproof Series Case (Expedition: Clear/Slate).
So when I'm out on the water and the boat flips, my phone won't get damaged.
Not that BlackBerry phones break that easily, but last time after dunking my BlackBerry 8900 into the water, the screen color was a little off. (True Story)


Leather holster or the transform case!

Posted via CB10


The Seidio clip case please. :) I like showing off my BlackBerry logo because it always leads to a conversation about my Z10. Not that I don't get enough questions on it as is. :)

Posted via CB10

Allen Guarin

The Ballistic SG case for me. It looks solid and does not interfere with any of the gestures.

Posted via CB10


I would take the roots case

because it looks like the most versatile... and there is nothing better than having a canadian phone protected by a canadian case!


I would like the Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for BlackBerry Z10
because it would fit with my lifestyle



Whatever case will be nice. I won one on cb contest but till today nothing arrived at my address :( Second chance maybe


BlackBerry Transform Case in white. This way my phone will look like a half eaten Oreo cookie :D

Posted via CB10


Good contest! I would pick the Seidio SURFACE Case for Z10 in black based on your reviews and wanting something very thin/light for my Z10. Without the kickstand - I'm not a huge fan of those :) Thanks!


I would love to win some protection for my baby.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Drew Oswalt

I would love to win a BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10. The magnetic flip closure and flip top great features.


Seido spring clip holster would be awesome. Another great giveaway from crackberry.

Posted via CB10


I would LOVE the mobi hard shell case is red or black. I like the look of it and the protection it would offer since my phone is my life! Z10 all the way!! :)

Posted via CB10 on my amazingly awesome Z10


I bought a temporary plastic one - I don't even know the brand - to protect my Z10 as soon as I got it. But after looking around, I would choose the Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case. It looks like it will offer the least amount of bulk and weight to the phone, and more importantly, showcases the top and bottom edges of the Z10 which I think make the phone unique and attractive.


Poetic Atmosphere Case in CrackBerry orange .. cause it's CrackBerry orange of course.


Surface Case with kick stand please because I watch so many quality videos on the phone and this case provides a simple, elegant design, protecting my phone and with the plus of being a stand I can watch videos with my hands free (no, not like that) to take notes/cook/etc :)

Regards, Tino Chiko


a white or a red transform shell case for me :D


Seidio active case thx
Its the brand i can trust! And looks nice too with the kickstand


I would go for the Siedio ACTIVE case in red because of the stand, grips, and compatibility with the holster.

Posted via CB10


Transform Hard Shell!


Commenting with a comment.

Posted via CB10


I don't care what case. I just need one!

Posted via CB10


I am rocking a white Z10 with a black transform case but would love to wrap it in a ballistic SG case for when I go to job sites to give that extra protection...


I'm actually torn between the transform case and the Leather Pouch..hmmm


I would love to have the Red BB Transform Case. I think it would really give my Z10 some advertising power for when I am converting IOS and Android friends over to BB10!


The Sedio Active Case, because it is the closest thing to the non-existant Otter Box Commuter case.

Posted via CB10


I'd like to enter for a chance to win a blackberry leather pouch.

Because, like I learned in health class, if you really love her, wear a cover.

Posted via CB10


11 days until my Z10 upgrade!!!
...or should I wait for the Q10??? hmm...

Guy Shaw

Leather Pocket Pouch for sure. Can't go wrong with that choice and it is NFC friendly.

Posted via CB10


Incipio DualPro Hard Case with Silicone Core for BlackBerry Z10 because it offers protection and it does it with style


Music Gateway! As a Dj I can play mixes I that get sent to me quickly. It would be nice

Posted via CB10


Would be awesome to get a nice case for my Z10.


I'd choose the Transform case. I have a Flip Case, but would like to try out the Transform case and see which one is better for me. The Transform case also comes with a screen protector, so I wouldn't mind slapping a free one of those on too!


i would love the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in black so that i can oreo out my white verizon z10 and use the kickstand feature that it has to prop the device on my desk at work. Thanks!


Any case or any bling would be very cool!


Seidio Spring-Clip Holster would be great. It can protect your device and battery saving.


Mobi hard shell;
Protecting my Z10 is my main priority

Posted via CB10


I'd probably like the Flip Shell case in red. I have it in black only because the red was sold out when I ordered!

I would choose the black Poetic Atmosphere Case for Z10... Simply because here in holland, I can't get any case yet.. only webshops :)


Flip Shell Case in Black please. Protection and useability.


Hmm, I would the BlackBerry Hard Transform Shell because just like the shell itself, BlackBerry has transformed the way of multi-tasking through gestures. Not only that, BlackBerry has also transformed the way of taking pictures by the unique function of time shift.

Also to be mentioned is the innovative keyboard. BlackBerry has really transformed they way of typing through futuristic word predictions which eases they way of typing with accuracy. :)

Posted via CB10


I would choose the trident Aegis in pink :) keep my phone safe from kiddies and look good too :) Thanks Crackberry


I'd love a Poetic Atmosphere case in light blue. I have 2 holsters already, but am looking for something lighter now.


Would love to win a new case. This Z10 rocks but it needs a little protection.

Posted via CB10


Transform Red! It would look great on my White Verizon Z10! Wont hold my breath, I never win anything.


Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand) for Z10.
I liked this style case on my retired Incredible 4G LTE but not sure if the kickstand is my thing or not. Be great to find out if it's handy or hindering.

Posted via CB10


Flip shell case because it has a clean look to it. It is also one of the slimmest covers that covers the screen

Posted via CB10


I'm liking the Poetic cases that add a splash of color, but still looking for a case that functions as a safe carrier but not a full time cover.

Posted via CB10


The case I would love to own is the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10 in either Black or Red.
I am hoping that ShopCrackberry will have these back in stock by the time the contest ends.

Why do I want to win this? I have already dropped my Z10 once on the pavement, and this particular case is not available at Verizon or AT&T.


A Blue Seidio SURFACE Case would look awesome on my Z10.



What a great contest, as for myself I'd really enjoy a Trident Aegis Case in Blue! Looks like some solid protection without being too large. Of course the color choices are a huge factor for liking it as well.


BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster (ACC-49273-101) for Z10

Stilll the best quality choice...but they need to modify it as I needs charging holes on the side...
And I noticed that when I am on walks listening to music..the magnetic flap interferes with the that needs to be carved out or hole punched a little as well...or slimlined...


The Seidio active case and holster would be my choice!

Posted via CB10


That HS-700 BT earpiece would work perfectly for those times when I'm video chatting on my Zed with my wife and her Zed. My current 2 year old BT needs to be retired and that HS-700 would be perfect!


I would pick a Seidio SURFACE Case because my Otterbox is bulky.


Anything with the CB logo available by chance?


Red transform case for me. I hope I win.


Poetic Atmosphere Case - white for my wifey..


Incipio dual molded case. Great protection and fit. Has a holster also. I want.


Choose the Otter Bob to protect my new baby (Z10)

Posted via CB10


A white Transform Case so I can stand it up and watch movies and I can also use the media dock when it finally comes out.


Transform black case!

Posted via CB10


Case mate with rosewood. Flip case doesn't work for me and the plastic corners are wearing out :-(........

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for Z10
Because it will look awesome on my next Z10!!!



Choose the Otter Box to protect my new baby (Z10)

Posted via CB10


Poetic Case Grey Please!!!


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10 - I love how the flip cover protects the screen, is a stand, and helps with battery life. Wish it had a magnetic closure but can have it all. Or can we?


Any orange case would be accepted! Thanks crackberry.

Posted via CB10


A white hard shell would be sweet!

Posted via CB10

Unbiased Tech

I need a case bad lol I hate having my phone naked it just feels wrong so a Poetic atmosphere case would be nice

Posted via CB10


I'd have to choose the poetic Atmosphere Case, it'd offer protection, and as it's see through, still show off the sexyness of my LE Z10!


I shoulda got the transform case but I went with the traditional case :( Now, i'm stuck justifying the purchase of a second case. I have seen the transform case and the fact that it doubles as a stand is intriguing! It also offers protection full time, rather than some of the time with my swivel holster - out of my holster, my Z is vulnerable. So I hope I can switch to a transform case and not have to explain to my wife why I need another case!


I'd love to win the Incipio OVRMLD case in white/gray. Pick me, please!


Blackberry Mini Stereo. Since I have already purchased the Transform Case, Battery Charger, Vehicle Charger, and 2 Music Gateways from the Crackberry Store. ;)


Nice. A Seido Active case in garnet would do nicely. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Transform hard shell in white. Because it would good on my stormtrooper. Also it will give me an alternative to my dual pro.

Posted via CB10


Think I would go with either the Ballistic SG Series Hard Shell for when I need something solid that can take some punishment while hiking or camping or the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for some style while around the office.


White flip case for me! I gotta keep the blinding white scene going for the VZW Z10.


Just give me some blackberry accessories #blackberry10

Posted via CB10


Bright orange would be nice

Posted via CB10


Like the Otter Box I have, but variety is good for me!...I'm not picky!

Posted via CB10


i would pick the Blackberry Transform Hard Shell in red to protect my Z10 and give it some special style.


Would love a shiny new case!

Posted via CB10


Wow that under water case Sealabox looks cool. Something slim like life proof cases!

Posted via CB10


I bet the Seideio active case is awesome. Looks sharp.


Would LOVE a Transform case!


Seidio SURFACE Case please cause I dropped my Z10 this weekend riding my bike....brutal.


I like mine naked, but I also like entering contests. So, I guess the transform case is what I'd pick, but I'd probably keep it in my laptop bag and just bring it out to watch movies on the plane.


A red transform case because BlackBerry is the hottest thing on the market!


Got the Z10, got the Transform Shell - still looking for a Flip Shell!! Pleaaaaasse help me out! :)

Posted via CB10


Leather pouch for its simplicity.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)


Would have to be the transform shell in white. Matches my phone. Minimal and functional design.


I go OEM only on my Blackberry phones.. Always classy. Count me in CB!!


Awesome I wish I waited until these accessories came out

Posted via CB10


Normally I'd say the white poetic but after reading the crackberry freak article I feel more obligated to sport the orange instead!!


I'll take a Red BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell! Please and Thank You


White poetic atmosphere please.



BlackBerry Flip Shell. Not too bulky, protects phone like a shell, but has cool flip cover stand. Best of both worlds

Posted via CB10


White Transform shell on the black Z10! Fashionable, useful, and promotes racial harmony.

Posted via CB10

nasi goreng

the Leather swivel holster or.. Seidio spring clip holster would be awesome thank you :D


Mobi blue hard shell case because I bought the Z10 in full off contract on a student budget!

Posted via CB10


Seido active case! Looks great for summer hiking saftey.

Posted via CB10


Battery Charger Bundle...Had one on order for a while now but it has been backordered.


I bought the Case-Mate Tough Case for my Z10 and it's excellent. Does not interfere with the gestures and fits like a glove. It's excellent!


BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch would be nice :) I want it because I live in Abu Dhabi and there's a lot of sand here :D As you might already know sand is harder than glass therefore it can scratch the Z10 easily.

Posted via CB10


I am waiting for the Z10 dock that got shown a while ago :(


BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster, i choose you!!


The Transform in Red !! Looks mighty good.


poetic Atmosphere Case in white for BlackBerry Z10 would be the perfect edition to my business tool, and would make me hold and work on it even more then I do now.


I'd love a transform un white plz!!

Posted via CB10


OEM leather swivel holster. I have been sporting a transform case since day one but it would be nice to have a holster for when I'm at work. The beautiful thing is that the transform case comes off easy
So quick switch on the fly would be awesome

CB10 App, Z10


I'd be down for a Flip Shell case in Black. Even though the 3-story drop my Z10 suffered, sans case, when it was just 6 hours old would more properly suggest an OtterBox, I prefer slim and light cases.


Seidio SURFACE Case for me please, because my Z10 should be safe :)

Lucky Nazib A

"white" Flip Shell Case for my "white" Z10, it would be perfect combi~!


Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand)
That is so cool that it has a kick stand these guys think of everything!!
Can I have one in blue please thanks you rock hard!!

Posted via CB10


I like an easy clip holster type for convenience

Posted via CB10


I would love to have Blackberry Flip Shell Case (Black or White) or Blackberry Transform Hard Shell case (in case Flip Shell is not available). They are both multi purpose and genuine Blackberry cases, so nothing more to add :)


I have always been a fan of the leather pouch cases for BlackBerry phones. Nothing compares to the feel of sliding it out of the case. The cases always felt premium and always looked cool as all hell.

Posted via CB10


I want the incipient over mold case.

Jimberry Storm

Seidio Active case, cause even though I'm a fat bastard I'm pretty where I go so goes my Berry

Dj Teknision

Transformer please. Thanks

Posted via CB10


I am wanting Seidio ACTIVE Case (with kickstand)


Red BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for looks like good case for when the z10 goes out on the town.

Posted via CB10


Hello CB team!!
I would love the Transform + Roots clip case. I have the Flip right no but find it very annoying to have that silly flap there when its open. With the Transform + Roots I get the keep the kickstand i love so very much and still get full screen protection when its in the Roots case.
-JAGWIRE a "NUT over at CrackBerry" !!!


I'd really like to try the BlackBerry flip case as I think it would be quite beneficial with the ability to protect the screen and the use of magnets to turn on and off the screen as well.

So may I please win?

Posted from CB10 on my LE Zed 10


The case I would use is the BlackBerry leather swivel holster (ACC-49273-101) for Z10.
My reasons are:
- Being a genuine BlackBerry case, it will keep the display from turning on when not in use.
- Most cases make the phone bulky when you are using it, and I like holding my phone naked. Lighter too.
- Being that I don't carry a purse or bag of any kind, a case makes it to bulky to slip into a pocket, and most make it to grippy for that as well.
- The belt clip also gives me a place to carry it.

Posted via CB10


I would love a red transform case. I currently have a black one. Need to change it up every once and while.

Posted via CB10


Sedio Surface please! :) why? cuz i don't have a case for my z10...yet! lol


Always great to accessorize


I don't need a case already have my transform shell, just thought I'd let everyone its the best case there is :)

Posted via CB10


Premium Z10 charger so I can charge my BUNDLE and PHONE on the go. Keep moving! :)


poetic Atmosphere Case for BlackBerry Z10: I don't like buldgy pockets

Salem Binhuwail

Poetic case blue cuzz I really need a case, just had my z10 and all ready it had fallen from my hands and has a big mark on it. Thankkss

Posted via CB10


Although the white one would be nice for spring :)

Posted via CB10


Would love me a blue case.


A white BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell for my Z10 Please. As I would like to transform it. :o)
And if you want to throw in a battery and charger that would be great.

Posted via CB10


Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case!


because i dont want to add any bulk


Man, I really want the Leather pocket. I carried my 8320 in the original leather pocket, and then carried my 9700 in that same leather pocket. Now my Z10 won't fit in that one so I need a new one. It feels naked without one!


I would like the White BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10 because it offers the best of everything with complete device coverage when closed and also allows you to sit the device up horizontally for media viewing, etc.


The pink trident case would be great. Would look good and I definitely need the added protection. Plus I like the name of it!

Posted via CB10

Logan Whitly

Red blackberry transform case you have to make sure you rep blackberry on the back

Posted via CB10


Oh boy, a new case for my z10 would be great!

Posted via CB10


A red seidio surface case would make my day! Style and protection on Seidio cases are number one!

Posted via CB10


i need a case for my Z10, a seido surface would be nice, or the flip ones too :)


Seido active case because I love that little kick stand. Also it looks easier to type with two thumbs on than the flip case I have which sort of gets in the way.


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10 black cos it seems to work well to turn on and off the Z10


Pick me

Posted via CB10


Red transform case for my oreo z10 would look sweet!!!


I want the poetic Borderline Bumper Case in red because I could finally protect my z10 and it'd be very sexy with it!

Posted via CB10


please send a case my way because the z10 just feels so sexy I don't want to scratch or scuff her. The flip shell case I think.


Of course the battery charger bundle for me

Posted via CB10


I want the otterbox for my new z10!!
Thanks CB!


Black Transform so I can be the Yin to Kevin's White Yang.


Black seidio active case with kickstand, because the kickstand is convenient to use while watching videos and Seidio provide grip for our hand to grab the phone easier. And black is elegant also ;)

CB10 | Z10


red transform hard shell! it would make watching crackberry videos, youtube videos, movies a lot easier


Trident case in black. would love to win. thanks for the chance CB!!!


Transform Hardshell Case - Red please.


I have been eyeballing the BlackBerry Transform Hard Shell case for my Z10. It is a great concept case and i like the ability to use my case as a stand!


AW yeah! Tried a flip case and didn't like it. Need something I want to cover my BB's nekkidness !

Posted via CB10


Who wouldn't want a free case?


I would love a white Amzer Shellster ShellCase w/Holster.
I like its versatility.

Posted via CB10


I would choose a red Aegis case purely because my favourite album is called Aegis (by Theatre of Tragedy) :)

Posted via CB10


I'd love a red transform shell for my Z10. I've got the OEM flip case, but I want something that will provide a little more protection and grip without covering the screen and LED.


Otterbox Defender, protection above everything!!


Just to warn you, the Otterbox Defender for the Z10 is "protection above usability". Try before you buy.


Otterbox for sure!
I use the "Sports Tracker" app to keep track of my mountain biking.
I need a case tough enough to protect my z10 when I'm out on the hydro cut.


Pick me to win a Trident Aegis Case for Z10 in Blue :) You guys rock


Count me in for an Incipio Feather Ultralight Hard Case! It looks really nice. And they make quality products.


A Red Transformer Case would be awesome for my new Z10!!!

Carlo Lajoie

The trident aegis for BlackBerry Z10 for the look and for the great protection from falls and scratches

Posted via CB10


I would love a Poetic Borderline in red to show off my red Z10. I don't want to hide the thing in some all-encompassing case, but I do want to protect it from the inevitable drop.


I love all the poetic cases, white preferably. The case looks add feels great and offers protection! I have the transform case, it's good for a stand but does not offer protection.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry hard cover because my Otterbox needs a companion.

Posted via CB10 on Zed10


I'd take that blackberry transform case in red. It's loud and elegant. Makes a statement kinda like my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I'd choose the Seidio SURFACE Case because I like turtles.

Teflon Don Gabe

I'd choose the Black Flipshell Case because I'd like to have a similar case to the one I have for the PlayBook for my Z10.


Nice red transform would be cool!


Posted via CB10


Transform Hardshell case so I can hold the phone up with it and I already have the holster.


BlackBerry Transform Case in Black! Clean, Simple, Strong, and nothing beats original accessories!

Posted via CB10


I would like a poetic atmosphere case but I like to try before I buy. Unless it is free of course.

Posted via CB10


I would like a white color BlackBerry Transform hard shell case to pair with my black color Z10, as all we know why... oreo.


Official Red transform case would be lovely thanks!

Posted via CB10


A case to show off my awesome Ferrari red Z10.


Red flip shell because the transform case is awesome but having the full cover would be nice for when my z10 gets stuffed in a bag!

Posted via CB10


Just awaiting the arrival of my new Z10, and a case would be an awesome addition. I am currently looking at the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10 - magnetic closure, small form-factor, and adds little bulk to the device.


Sweet, the black flip case


Poetic Atmosphere, blue! Why? Coz I need style when I have it out of my holster. Bang bang!

Posted via CB10


Cool, Mini Stereo speaker!


Love Z10 and a Seidio Spring-Clip Holster will look after it nicely.

Posted via CB10


Transform, and poetic case would be nice red or blue. Wishful thinking :p

Posted via CB10


Leather swivel holster please. Protection and professional.

Posted via CB10


Siedio spring- clip holster for z10

Posted via CB10


Seidio SURFACE Case for in black for me!

Alvin Tang

If I won, I would pick the Black Transform Hard Shell Case because it provides great protection, and works as a stand to watch movies on the Z10. My Z10 is currently naked as I am a student trying to save money. Good luck to everyone :).

Posted via CB10


The poetic atmosphere case in blue is just awesome. Blue is my favorite.


I would love to win the BlackBerry Flip Shell case. Thank guys in advance! I appreciate the opportunity to win!


I'd take whatever case you think would look awesomest on my white Zed 10 and be crackberry proud to have it.
I want to wave my crackberry freak flag HIGH!!!
BlackBerry by choice, BlackBerry for life.......

Posted via CB10

Emu the Foo

I'm always up for a win


Its all about the Case-Mate Silver Brushed FX Aluminum Barely There Case (CM025194) (Silver) for BlackBerry Z10. Want to get it for my brother in law. just got him to swicth from a iphone to the z10 and now he needs a similar case thanks.


A red transform case! Yes!!

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