Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from ShopCrackBerry.com!

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By Adam Zeis on 23 Feb 2011 12:21 pm EST

Contest: Don't let your device be naked! Leave a comment telling us which BlackBerry Case you'd like from ShopCrackBerry.com and you could win it!

Lets face it - there are TONS of accessories for BlackBerry. Bluetooh headsets, memory cards, charging solutions, batteries and more. But when it comes down to it, the thing most users pick up first and always seem to always have more than one of is a case for their device. There is such a wide variety of cases out there that for the most part there is something to please everyone. Cases not only help us express our personality, but also protect your device from the daily bumps and brusies. From your basic skin case all the way up to the insane protection of an OtterBox, there are loads to choose from. So youre mission this week is to leave a comment letting us know which case available at ShopCrackBerry.com you'd like to call your own. Be it a silicone sleeve, snap-on hard case or something stylish, let us know what and why (and be sure to include your device) and it could be yours!


To enter to win a BlackBerry case of your choice, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from ShopCrackBerry.com!



I currently don't have a case for my 9700 so this would really put a smile on my face! Thumbs up for me!

Give me the iSkin Vibes (Blue) Case for my Curve 3G!!! :D :P ^_^

I really love the way these contests are constantly popping up on the home page of crackberry!

Gives me a smile first with the thought "Yay!, Chance to win something!"

But later on gets me a frown on my face when i see the winners list, with the thought "Bleh..........:("

But anyway, I like the anxiety/curiosity this feeds me with till Sunday midnight! lol

Anyway, Hope I win! ^_^

Love the otterbox but the defender is too much. would love to have the otterbox impact for my 9780.

Thanks CB!

I would go the with the white version of BlackBerry Skin Case for Bold 9650. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

I would get a hard case like a sedio in pink for my wifes 8530. She needs one since her berry now is naked and stored in her pocket. Not good. Help!!

OMG i would love to get the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case for BlackBerry Curve 3G My curve needs some protection with very light style

The case I would love to win for my BB, would have to be:

Body Glove Snap-On Case for BlackBerry Torch 9800

I feel like this case would help protect my BB torch to the fullest. I am a very active person, and I am finding that my BB isn't protected as much as it should be. I think this case would be up for the "challange".

I would love a new case mate barely there for my storm 2, Lost my last phone and case in the snow storm :-(

I would love an otter box commuter series for my Storm2 9550.

I am constantly dropping my phone and having this case on would make feel better knowing that is it does fall, I won't have to worry about it as much. it may add some bulk but the piece of mind it would add is worth it.

okay just made it down to the bottom to post my comment, i would really love to win this for my 8530, so dressy it would be for my blackberry curve, and it would be all from crackberry.com. i have ordered from your website before, and just love all the styles and choices. i have even told my friends about crackberry. but this would be great and another fine example why i would order from your website again and again regardless. so put a case on my blackberrys face. CRACKBERRY ROCKS !!!

My Torch would love to wear the black leather holster, the official Blackberry Accessory! Thanks!

I would love to win any case for my bold 9650 that will make it look close to being white cause I wanna white one so bad!!!!!!!

I could do with a BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch (Black) for Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 3G/9300, Curve 8900, Curve 8530, Curve 8520 for when it's not attached to my belt.

My storm is not a storm until it has a cover to turn into a thunder storm.. wait that did not make any sense... see crackberry see what you make me do with the skin..

I would love to try the Seidio active case for my Torch 9800...I had a case mate, and the bezel would fall off constantly...I picked up an otterbox a few months ago, and it has already busted as well. Please hook me up Crackberry! Regardless, thanks for the chance to win!

I'd love the Case Mate hybrid case. looks like good protection and lots of colors to choose from. It would look nice on my Bold 9780!

I think it's time for me to get a case, have hurt a lot of BB's because of no protection, so the Otterbox would be the one for me.

i would love the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case for my BlackBerry Bold 9780 in black.
its sleek and perfect for my new blackberry. i chose the color black because i love the
look of my new bold being mostly black, and then a black case would be the icing on the cake!
all black everything for me!

I have always loved otterbox for blackberrys..had one for my 9700 made it last forever!!! Need to get one for my torch

I would love to win a better case for my Torch. I almost dropped it a few times while taking it out of the pouch. Need to protect my baby!

Nothing but the otterbox. 9780 could use an armour upgrade to defend off the office 'lemme see it, oops I dropped it morons. Good luck everyone! Thanks CB!

I've been wanting to get an OtterBox Impact case for my 9330. Late XMas presents are always nice.

I would want an Otterbox Commuter Series Strength case (the pink and white one)! Well its not for me but i would give it to my g/f. I have the Otterbox Commuter for my 9700 and its AMAZING!! She has other little cases that are pink and clear simply because the Otterbox Commuter case.. "would make my white bold look ugly!" Lol everyone knows how girls are.. looks are everything! (don't know why she picked me... jk... lol) but she dropped her phone a couple times before and i had to send it in for repairs (before Crackberry started the repairs service which would have come in handy at that time!!) So now i believe she needs a strong durable case! and this case has everything, the durability, reliability, and looks that "GIRLS" would love! Great case... would want one... Tell me i WON at the end of the Contest!! Thanks very much for this opportunity Crackberry Team, and good luck to everyone entering the contest!

I have a Bold 9700 and I would like an Otterbox Commuter Series case. The reason I want this case is b/c I currently have a generic hardshell case on my phone I bought at the T-Mobile store, it cost me as much as a brand name case w/o near the quality, I got ripped off.

I got to admit that I am truly glad that CrackBerry had this contest. Been waiting and hoping to win one of this. I have been scouting around for a new case for my 9700 and I really hope to win one of those marvelous cases in the store! Wouldn't mind as long as it is for my 9700 and that would be great!

My BB already jumped out of my bike bag once ...a new case would surely help for the next time :-)

Seeing as I don't have any case right now, and seeing as it's a free gift.... I will take ANY that will fit my Torch 9800. Thank you

i don't know if you deliver to the UK but i would love a magenta incipio dermaSHOT case as you can't get them here :( thanks crackberry for your awsom contests and forums!

I think an Otterbox Commuter case for my 9780 would be perfect, as it offers the right amount of protection, even covers earpiece area, without adding a lot of bulkiness to t he phone. Thanks.

Recently picked up an Otterbox Defender for my Tour (something I should've done a long time ago)... Will definitely pick up a Defender for my next device as well, BlackBerry or otherwise.

HOWEVER, my wife has a Bold 9650 that could really use an upgrade in protection. SO... I need you guys/gals to give her an Otterbox Commuter. It'll be perfect for her since she doesn't use a belt clip/holster.


I guess the best cases for all blackberry users would be one from vaja. Vaja cases are really stylish, professional looking and great for all blackberries. I love the classic leather pocket. It gives me access to the headphone jack, mute n lock buttons, usb port and the best part is the automatic stand-by magnet.
Its a great case to have for my bb tour.

I have a new blackberry torch and need a case so bad ! I would like to have the Body Glove Protective Case for Torch w/ removable belt clip. This seems like the best case because it allows you to stand your phone and watch something and the removal belt clip would be perfect for me. The case seems like an all around good case that provides full coverage without jeopardizing the function of the phone.

I've been looking at the Seidio Innocase Surface for BlackBerry Torch 9800. The tough decision would be the color... Sage or burgandy?

My bold 9700 would look so great with an Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case (Red). It's just what I need right now to make my phone look even better ;)


A rubberized skin in blue or a blackberry click case Smartphone Experts Click Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650


Oh please pick me, I would really love a colorful case for my torch. Don't make me have to go to Wal-Mart and buy an ugly cheap black one.

Please Crackberry dress up my Blackberry Bold 9700, it's naked and cold and would an loveiSkin Vibes for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 by iSkin. It doesn't add bulk and take away from the fabulous Bold. It would love the color purple but black would be ok too. Thanks and good luck to all.

I really want a black leather folio pouch for my Bold 9000, its pretty stylish. I don't think my dear Bold will survive another fall without protection :)

I would love the BlackBerry Leather Pocket for Curve 3G/9300, Curve 8530/8520, Bold 9700/9780 (Black/Turquoise)!! :p

Case-Mate Fuel Lite Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700

It has a great for factor, not too bulky- especially for it being a charging case. Also, I think it's just freakin cool that it has a light indication system on the back. Must have!

Thank you CB!

I always leave my 9650 on my lap and it goes flyin when i get up, i would take a black Blackberry Skin Case thank you!!

Can this be the one...??? Still no winner here since the "CrackBerry.com 100,000th Registered" contest back in the day. No complaints since I come here for information rather than handouts... However, a gift never hurts anyone. =)

I'll take a Bold 9650 for my girlfriend please (I'm waiting on my new Bold Touch when that becomes available).

Thank you CrackBerry.com!!! =)

I would love to win a Blackberry Leather Pocket Pouch for my Bold 9780. I have a holster that comes with the phone but too bulky to put inside my pocket.

Def. an Otterbox Commuter case for my 9650! (Because I'm admittedly clumsy and I can't think of a better case)

I'd love an Otterbox Defender for my 9780. I have the Commuter, and it's fabulous, but there are times when I want the total armor of the Defender. While I've been tempted by the Innocase II, I think the Otterboxes are tough to beat!

Thanks for the contest.

The case I would like for my bold 9700 is the casemate smart skin since it offers me the protection for my keyboard

I love the Seidio Innocase II Surface case. The two piece case is easy to take on an off so I can drop my BB in its charging cradle over night . BlackBerry Bold 9700.

I would love that Blue Case-Mate Hybrid for my 9630, I've been contemplating it for a while now!

Good luck to everyone :)

I have the Torch and I LOVE LOVE MY phone. I come from windows based and happened upon the torch. I am never leaving blackberry. I'm a stylish girl hip to the new "tthemes in motion" and would love the dooney case for my phone. I would love love the coffee colored one PULeezeeee! :-)

Do they make a case that allows you to use the charging stand without taking the case off? That is what I would like to find!

My bold 9700 is cold, lonely, and naked. It could really use a blue iSkin vibes case.
Crackberry, my bold could really use a new home.

My wife's new 9300 needs a fancy case. A nice pink or purple decorator piece would go a long way to making her a happy woman.

Thanks for one more fine contest.

I have a Storm2 and just got it and desperately need a case for it. I've been thinking Otterbox Defender for the Storm2 series. Otterbox rocks just like Crackberry.

The Mobi Case I bought for the Torch keeps transfering its color (RED) on every thing it comes in contact with, and I can no longer keep it on the device.. Have already lost 2 shirts to discoloration.

Love to get an Otterbox to keep the Torch 9800 safe...

I just broke my case on my 9800 looking at this blog. I like the body glove case snap on case for my 9800.

BlackBerry Leather Holster for Torch 9800
Body Glove Snap-On Case for BlackBerry Torch 9800

one of those 2 would be awesome!!

My bold 9650 wears a snap on hard case with paw prints on it. But it's so dang hard to take off. I could really use a nice silicone or gel case for easy on and off. Please.

I would select a BlackBerry leather pouch for the Bold 9700. It easily slips into your pocket and let's you take advantage of the sleeper function.

I have to say the OtterBox Commuter Series Case would probably work best for me. I really need something like this. I work around concrete all the time and my phone tends to get banged up.

Otterbox Commuter - Bold 9650 - hands down.

Otterbox makes simply the best, most ruggedized cases for these devices.

I've got the Defender on my 9650, my wife has not yet picked out anything to protect hers. Knowing how she is with her phones, she could really use this to help her phone last!

Oh my gosh I have been wanting a Case-Mate Barely there case forever! I've never had the funds for it and it would be awesome if I could win!!

The Blackberry Torch Seidio Innocase Surface in black would be awesome. The case looks like it protects and it actually makes the phone look better. Please let me win.

Hey I hate seeing my brand new BB 9780 dent as it crashes pavement everyday, i would love to have the Outterbox commuter series in the black and white :) thanks CB!

Hey crackberry, i just got my new Bold 9780 and would love to get the Outterbox Commuter case on it, thanks!

From mishaps at work where my BB is thrown across a parking lot to my German Shepherd using my BB as a chew toy, only one case has saved my phone time and time again: OtterBox!

I've been through THREE Bolds because my flimsy skin case doesn't protect the sides of my BlackBerry very well. Please help a broke grad student =D