Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2011 02:28 pm EST

Contest: Charge your device in style with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charing Pod

When I think of accessories for BlackBerry, I always come back to the BlackBerry Charging Pod. By far one of my favorite and most used accessories, it has definitely got the most use out of all my other BlackBerry goodies. Use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Pick up one (or more!) for all your devices at ShopCrackBerry.com

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    To enter to win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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    That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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    Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!



    This would be awesome for work. just see whos calling, without having to take it out of my pocket or vibrating on the desk all the time.!

    This is, by far, the one thing for my 9650 I want and haven't gotten aroung to yet! I just bought xobni, so the pod would really complete my BB

    wooohooo...... It's time for me to enter this and win! yeah right -.-" I hope I win... but anyway thanks for providing this... wether I get this or not it's been wonderful to have a free giveaway =) thank you

    I would be honored to let everyone know where I got this beautiful and useful device....+ you will be selling me another charger and cable to go with it so it is a win win win situation. Thanks in advance.

    This is one of the best accessories for BlackBerry! Oh, Lord I love it...

    Won't mind winning one :p would fit my desk perfecTly.

    I have bought a charging pod for every single blackberry device I've owned (ok just the pearl and the Storm 1 :P) and it is my favorite accessory it makes the device look so sexy. I need one for my Torch now :) please?

    Win the contest or not, I'm gonna get a stand charger for my Torch. If I don't win, I'll have one for bedside. If I'm lucky enough, I'll have one for bedside and for my desk.

    I would love to win a BlackBerry Charging Pod. I have one by my bed. I would like to have one for work so I don't need to worry about my battery running down during the day, and can display my berry proudly, vs laying it down.

    I think this is fate! I was buying one from your awesome shop and they sent it back because the UPS guy doesn't send mail to the PO Box. My bad but again, fate? Bold 9650 :)

    got a new torch and a new charging pod would be great :) -- the old 9000 one doesnt quite work with the torch :p --

    Would love to have one for my Bold 9650 and maybe my wife will quit throwing my phone across the room as the cord is running across the nightstand, the floor and sometimes her pillow! Thanks!

    I would love to have this charging pod for my night stand as I travel a lot for my job and use my phone as my clock and alarm clock. This would be a lot easier to read right away in the morning. Please pick me. I could really use this. Thank you!

    Hands up for this...
    even if i'm didn't win...i've plan to buy it from CB store next month...

    This going awesome on my office desk!

    I've entered every contest for this one. Still would love it for my Torch! Maybe this is my lucky day?

    Let me try a different approach this time.

    Please, please, please pretty please can I win. Me want a charging pod for my bold 9700.

    oh please oh please oh please pick me!!! I've wanted one of these for a while now and free would be free-king sweet!!

    Another great gift from CB you guys rock, how can you stay in business. LOL I could really use this charging dock and put it in my room with bedside view. Thank You!

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time, and never seem to have the extra money to buy one. Please pick meeeee!

    I have a style and was just about to buy one, but I'll just wait and see if I win one first.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    CrackBerry - you're the best!! Please pick me to win a charging pod for my Torch!
    C r a c k B e r r y R u l e s
    (Yes - a shameless ploy at getting noticed. Thanks.)

    Blackberry Accessories........Docking station is the "Cats Meow"
    Would love to have one for bedside use.
    Crackberry.com Rocks!

    OHMYGOSH!! Id LOVE this!! Just got my new Bold 9650, which I adore<3 Pick me, pick me!!...We people in Hawaii never win anything...everyone forgets about us!! =(

    I already have one at home and love it. Lots of Bedside Mode clock options to tweak on my Style. Don't want to be greedy, but now I'd love to have another to give my battery a boost at work!

    The best place to buy charging pods is newegg.com they always have sales for $10 with free shipping plus you only get taxed if your in california.

    Have two of the chargers for the Blackberry Torch, and they are very nice indeed, would love to get one for my daughter so she can charge up her Bold.

    Im not asking much... just to win this charger... its not like asking for the moon
    am i right? :\

    Thank you Crackberry for organizing such great contests. I would love to have a nice charging pod to double up as a nightstand for my 9780.

    I wanted to get this but can't cause I have 3 girls to take care of so can't afford it right now. Would really love to Win one though.