Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2011 02:28 pm EST

Contest: Charge your device in style with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charing Pod

When I think of accessories for BlackBerry, I always come back to the BlackBerry Charging Pod. By far one of my favorite and most used accessories, it has definitely got the most use out of all my other BlackBerry goodies. Use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Pick up one (or more!) for all your devices at ShopCrackBerry.com

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    To enter to win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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    That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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    Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!



    Using a charging pod, setting the Bedside mode to turn on whenever I plug it in, I no longer have any need for an alarm clock. Now if only I no longer had the need for any alarms :)

    I dont' need a Charging Pod ... my Bold 9700 battery drop after 3 daysssss !!!!!!!!!
    YESSSSS !!!!!! BB The best!

    Am mostly loving my torch (my first BB) but battery life is not ideal on those long days. Would love to have a charging pod at work so I can easily top off the battery during the day.

    this would be great in my office...as a pastor my phone is never off and a charger like this would be of great use!

    My wife has on for her Tour and I'm beyond jealous to be honest. I would really, REALLY love one for my Torch! Please and thank you!!!

    Would be nice to win one, been a crackberry member over a year and haven't got anything yet, so this would be nice to actually Win. Pick me Crackberry.

    i'd love to have a charging dock! i could see my phone without picking it up, which always tends to disconnect the wall charger!

    Love the look of these charging pods, would be nice not to have reach over and lift up my phone to see what time it is.

    I use my Blackberry Curve 8900 so much that I need to charge twice a day. Traveling a helluva lot with it; its been super useful on the go with the amazing apps & email that arrives faster than sitting on your computer. I spend a lot of time on my desk too and it doubles as an alarm clock for me at nite so this charging pod would be super useful for me @ work & @ home. Would be amazing to own one!!

    Most of all the looks are amazing, would look just great next to my curve and my wife's curve.

    I've been looking for this device for the 9700 in Canada for a year. Those who said they had it were located in the US and the shipping charges to Canada were more than the product was being sold for!! If I'm not fortunate enough to be offered this device here, please tell me where in Canada it can be purchased! Please!! (and not double the cost found in the US -> the C$ = US$)

    My Torch would look so awesome on my night stand with a new charging pod! Hook me up Crackberry and good luck to all!!!

    This little charging pod might be one of the best add-ons for blackberry - no doubt!

    But has anyone yet thought about future bb handhelds carrying 4 in stead of 2 little electric contacts on its bottom - and thereby even realising a USB connection for sync? That would be really neat - as I personally don't really like fiddling around with the USB cable on the top of my bold!

    And in the mean time, whilst waiting for RIM to come up with this new idea, I really wouldn't mind dealing with an ordinary charging craddle from CB ;)

    I would really love this charger, i have a 8900, and its needs something to brighten it up, so please plug me up, would really like 2 hahaha

    I would love to have one of these on my desk at work! Plus it would be a great bday present since Sunday is my bday!

    I've always wanted one, it would be great for my room, since I don't have a clock/alarm only my 9780. Thanks Crackberry if you pick me!

    I realllllly neeed it.... Please let me have it... I use my 9700 for everything... It will be great as bedside mode...... Pleaseeeeee

    PLEASE pick me because I just bought my 9780 full price today (broke now) and my old 9650 pod will not work with my new new phone. Also, just so y'all know how much I LOVE BB I sold a Mytouch 4G and an EVO to get back in a BB.

    Would love a charging pod for my new Torch as I just traded my Bold and don't have a new dock yet. Thanks Crackberry!

    I have been wanting one of those! Just been procrastinating toooo much!! I'd gladly accept it. Thank you in advance :D


    I have been wanting one of those! Just been procrastinating toooo much!! I'd gladly accept it. Thank you in advance :D


    :) I really hate trying to prop up my blackberry by using a stack of books.

    This would really be a blessing

    Will be moving from an 8900 to a 9560 in the next week or so. This would be a good way to break in my new BB!
    Thanks CB!!

    I always use a charger base at home for my storm. Now i need a new one for my Torch.
    Wonder if they'll have one for the Playbook?

    I have always wanted one of these, but saw it as a luxury, not a necessity. This is the perfect way to get one.

    I use the bedside mode at night and all alerts are off. However I have to tilt the phone against the bedside lamp to view the clock in the dark. Wish I can win the charging pod

    Wife and I both have the 9700. Have been BB users for over 8 years with Tmobile. This would come in handy at work or at home.

    I really, really need this nifty charging pod! I either have to recharge at work where my chair gets tangeled in the cord or at home - that is if my computer would recognize it. This would be an ideal accessory for my 9700. Let me win!!!!

    This would go great next to my cpap machine. They are even the same color (except for the chrome)