Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2011 12:35 pm EST

Contest: Win an extended battery for your device! Details Below.

OEM Size Extended Battery

When I get a device I'm all about battery life. Ever since the 9700 and it's insane battery life came around I won't settle for anything less. One of the ways I've found to keep the fire burnin' is with an OEM size extended battery. Unlike bulky extended batteries that require a different cover, the OEM size extended batteries fit right into your stock device and give you a good amount of extra juice. While they don't pack the punch of full-size extended batteries, they let you crack away for a few extra hours (or days depending on your use) and really do make a difference. 

We have a wide range of both full-size and OEM size extended batteries available at ShopCrackBerry.com for most devices, so swing by and pick on up today!


To enter to win an extended battery for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us why you need extra juice. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!



I demo blackberry's on a daily basis. Every bb I've had after the 8330 have been horrible on battery life. So pls add some juice to my 9650 .

I use my Storm 2 for everything it's intended for, especially emails, and I use it for geocaching in my spare time. An extended battery will allow me to do all of this and more without having to worry about how much juice I have on board!

I'm quite happy with the battery life in my Bold 9780, but I will need the extended battery to last 2 full days, the standard battery only lasts a day and a half.

I'm a college student, and I have the nook and kindle app on my Blackberry Curve 8520, The extended battery would be a big help. Especially when i play muisc alot then when im through I dive into my books.

i have a really weak battery for my 8900 and my battery is drained within 5 hrs due to ubertwitter and nimbuzz....i really need some extra jay uice help m out!!

i could really use this, on my 8530. i travel on the bus to work and the gym and would love to listen to my radio on my bb but i just can't because of too much juice. it would be great on the treadmill. i just need some extra juice . the good juice and would love an extended battery, i would cherish this for my blackberry and my blackberry would thank you too.

I need an extended battery for when I am on field excersises in the United States Marine Corps and do not have access to electricity to recharge my Bold 9650 (usually have to make it last 3 days).
Semper Fi

After using my phone off and on at work the battery is usually running low on my drive home. Since my stereo was stolen from my truck I've been using iheartradio on the drive home while sitting in traffic. My car charger is in a bad place so it'd be really handy to have the extra power from this batter for my Torch 9800.

Because of streaming restrictions at work, I'm unable to use radio websites to listen online. Instead, I have my iheartradio app going all day with many pauses during commercial breaks to sustain the battery throughout a full work day.

Music & Sports Talk Radio (Jim Rome is a HUGE crackberry guy and plugs BlackBerry often on his program) makes the day go by much smoother.

Thank you CrackBerry. =)

I need the extended battery b/c of my parents poor health and constantly being "on call" for them... When the battery dies, I can't get their calls obviously... and that has turned into serious problems more than one time.

My girlfriend is driving me crazy with sending me messages in BBM all the time and wanting to talk to me/sending pictures. She can be really jealous so when I don't reply she gets crazy ideas as to where I am, what I'm doing and why I am not answering, and when I say my battery went dead she doesn't believe me because it sounds like a lame excuse to her. So having an extra battery handy just in the right moment can really save the night for me (or the weekend, or the relationship, for that matter... :D). Because, although she can be annoyingly jealous at times, I love her very much.
Love you darling :*

I need juice because my phone is constantly going dead!!! I have a Curve 8530 and it has never held charge. I have to charge several times a day. It would b amazing if I could just use my phone insead of worring about where I can charge it up at. Thanks :o )

Because I work 12 hour shifts and my BB is nearly dead by the time I get home and sometimes I forget to charge and I have to go without my phone for another 12 hours untill i get home :(

My Storm 2 9550 barely makes it through the day. It would be great to have a battery that could give me some extra power so I would not always be worrying about finding a way to plug it in.

I am constantly on the road visiting customer locations. Unfortunately with all my travel, I hardly have time to charge my phone and usually wind up with having my Bold 9700 run out of juice. I shudder to think what it would be like if I was still using my old Curve 8330!

I'm a Blackberry a and I use my Blackberry about nearly 24/7 and I have a blackberry torch which can drain quite quickly and so an extra battery can increase my blackberry life.

I need an extended battery as I carry two spares when I go out, and won't be with charger. My BB 9800 just loves to consume the battery in as little as 5 hours under heavy usage.

My Torch wall charger is giving me greif and it gets harder and harder to get a full charge from it. During the day i am leaving my Torch plugged in at work and well, its not easy to text, reply to emails, talk on a BB with it charging.

I would love another battery so I leave it charging overnight in a charging dock instead.

Please help me out CB.

Thanks again for another AMAZING contest.

I would love to have one of these batteries because I am used to the awesome battery life of the 9700 but I just switched over to the 9650 and the battery life just isn't the same, with one of these I'll be all back to normal with that awesome device known as the 9700!

im a college student with a sprint 8530. as if the battery life in general with wasnt bad enough, i am going to school in an area that i need to keep searching for a signal...constantly. this KILLS my battery and i often find myself on campus, far from my apartment, with a dead battery and no place to charge. PLEASE HELP ME OUT! being a college student i cant afford one of these batteries on my own!

I'm in sales so I'm constantly on the move. I do loads of mails / calls / text msgs so I need more juice.

Please !! give me more !!!!


I was recently laid off and I use my BB for everything while job hunting...the Internet, Docs to Go for my Resume, email, etc. And, of course, because I'm a BB addict and have many personal apps and games on it also!!!

I need am extended battery because my building has terrible reception and is always searching for a signal thus killing the battery.

I need the extra juice for BB Torch 9800. Reception is poor at my workplace and my BB is constantly searching for a signal. After a full day of emails, tweets, IM and finding my way around the city with BB Maps, my battery is drained.

Depending on which apps I have running on a given day, there could little or a lot of battery drain. This would definitely help!

i need a second battery because i am often away from a charging source throughout my day. i am frequently left with a minimal charge (under 10%) by the end of the workday. This causes me severe anxiety as i would be unable to do my job without my easy access to email.

I have to charge my device at least once, if not twice, a day. I could really use an extended battery. I'm an emergency responder and I need to have my device available at any point - preferably with good battery life.

I would love to have this extended battery for all the overnight vegas trips I make. Using my phone all day long, and then staying up all night really drains the battery and it never lasts all night! This would be awesome to have!

With the money I save off the electric bill from getting the extra juice, I could finally upgrade to gold membership status at Madame Fong's House of Oriental Massage!

I still use a 9000, and love it. I am a very heavy user, and not always near a charger. The problem is that my usage eats battery life, especially when using or searching for Wifi. I don't always remember to turn that feature off and on. I usually leave it active and suffer the consequences as the day wears on. So . . . an extended life battery would be very useful, My partner uses a 9780, and could also benefit from an extended life battery; so if you aren't offering one for a 9000, please consider this a post in support of an extended life battery that would work in a 9780.

Because I switched from an iPhone to a blackberry, DESPITE the fact that i knew the battery life is sometimes brutal. Even with it being the best for battery life, I still find myself charging my 9780 sometimes 3 times a day. Think that sounds outrageous... this phones seen every episode of entourage in the last 2 weeks and plays music almost non stop with bluetooth connectivity to the system in my house. Not to mention the insane amount of BBM and e-mail/work stuff i'm going with it.

Nothing worse than having your phone die in the middle of a season finale episode

this would b great when i'm out and my battery dies because i've been using the phone all day because of my busy schedule.

As a current student this would be great! I could finally go a full day without having to constantly find somewhere to plug in my Bold 9650!

Why me?! Because I practically live on BBM and Twitter... not to mention I'm constantly using ScoreMobile, AT&T Navigator, and listening to music on the go. An extra battery would be so clutch for me and help me to worry less throughout my day. Its the worst feeling to be somewhere when your phone is in the red and you're not sure when your next charge will be (sigh).

I work for UPS usually bouncing from route to route (I don't have my own set route yet) and being on the road all day long delivering and contacting customers about their shipments, trying to get directions, etc. It takes a toll on the Blackberry's battery. Also jibber-jabbering with my bosses and other contacts through out the day. I usually keep my Google Maps app. running to save me time locating an address or using the grid to find a road. An extended battery would be very helpful and allow me more usage through out the day/night.

Would love to have some extra juice, especially with all the nice apps on my 9700. Would also be nice to not have to log my charger around on a 2 -3 day trip...

I'm a student on the go and also work two jobs. I'm attached to my crackberry like no other. I would love to have extra juice to make it through the day!

Bold 9650 on Verizon Wireless!!

I need more juice because I teach from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 or 9:00 at night. I am not always at my desk during that time, so I answer student e-mails from my Torch all day. Lots of texting and calls too. I have to charge up almost every day. An extra battery would be very nice.

I sell Blackberries and am tired of always having to recharge mine in front of customers after I show them all the features of the phone.

Plus its another thing I can pitch to people :)

what a joy! - another extension for our beloved gadgets. I have so many apps running and between that and calling folks the juices aren't flowing enough. I would love one. thanks much

I'm a university student and I use my blackberry for everything from taking notes to listening to music. The extended battery will be very helpful because I am not able to charge my phone all the time and it is very crucial to my daily life.

I need the extra juice for my Bold 9700 to keep up with all my university assignment due dates because i use my blackberry for calendar reminders and such.

I'm taking care of my dad who just had brain surgery so calls and emails all day between surgeons, doctors, and other family members to keep them up to date with his progress. I usually have to charge 3 times a day >_<

I can use the Seidio extended battery for my Storm 2 because I use my BB for work n keeping in touch with my family and friends. My work involves a lot of traveling and I'm not always near a power soure for my charger. Thanks for having these great contest!!!!

This would be especially handy for the longer international flights. Many times, I could be in-transit for >24 hours, and an extended battery would be very handy for those situations.

I use my blackberry heavily and so run out of juice almost everyday. That extra juice will help me on days when I don not have my charger beside me.

I am using a Bold 9700. I hope I win :)

The extended battery is a real must for anyone that uses their BB for business. I have to plan ahead when ever I'm on the road. (9800)

I must win or buy the 2400 extended battery - too many apps and too many e-mails. The insurance business isn't about driving anymore - texting, e-mails and internet access require as miles to the gallon as does my 4-wheel communicator - maybe more!

Need extra juice because Im always on my bb and my life now is filled with obsessing over my battery life. I have BB Bold 9650.

Need more Juice. I use my BB so much that when the battery starts to get low and I can't charge it, I start having panic attacks, LOL. Hook me up PLEASE

do you guys have one for the torch... i would love to not have to stay on my desk while i could be checking up on my employees..

I need extra battery life really bad! My phone has to be charged at least twice in an 8 hour shift at work! I have little to no service there more than 75% of the time, so it drains the battery looking for a signal. The wifi is also spotty so sometimes I can use data (which doesnt drain the battery as much), but most of the time it doesnt work.

Extra battery life would free me from having to bring my charger to work EVERYDAY and would allow me to be mobile while at work so that Im not attached to the charger!

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More power for the Curve 8330! (Keeping it until Sprint begins calling nervously asking if I don't want to renew my contract.)

Well any crackberry owner will tell u that having that extra battery life means more web surfing, more facebooking, more twittering and of course more bbm time w/friends and loved ones. And those r my reasons as well =P

I work as a computer security consultant and do a lot of other consulting work. As I am traveling frequently while negotiating new contracts one of my main concerns isn't how well the meetings will go it is if my BB will hold out. If my BB dies it wont reflect well on me as a business man not to mention it also puts future work at jeopardy as well. The extended battery is a great option! I truly appreciate this opportunity! Thanks CB

I blog and moderate my blog, email, tweet, Facebook, listen to music, watch movies, play games on my Blackberry. I have to have my BB to connect with my readers. Yes I also make calls on it but I keep having to charge it throughout the day so an extended battery would be awesome thanks!

Even so that my 9700 rocks in battery, there are moments that y had to go that extra mile, starting my day at 7am, unplugged my Bold and start rocking, bbm, news in viigo, twitter, facebook, pingchat, autofiwi(helps save battery), msn chat, all this going on seems like crazy, but days like a friday y need that extra mile, when y go out an party, come on pictures are a must and plug you bb to your speaker throw a plug and play cable with audio power on, all this is a LOT, so a more powerfull battery must do the trick, come on, this will be my first win, and will help for keep rocking my bb Bold 9700 state of mind.

I dont like to carry two different devices, one for my music and my 9650, using my phone for music forces me to either carry my ipod or a traveler charger.

I'm a college student who commutes every day about an hour there and hour home and I use the media player instead of my FM dial to entertain me on my drive. I'm at school for sometimes 12 hours and using my phone to BBM other students, get details on my next assignments, sending teachers e-mails and keeping dates on my calendar to make sure I don't forget anything.
I work part time on weekends where I use my Bold as media device all the time. I work for a record store and I let customers listen to the music on my phone all the time to see if the artist they are looking at is right for them.
For leisure, I take photographs with friends/family to post on my FB or Twitter. I capture videos of memorable events and I make sure I BBM all of my friends to make sure of what is happening.

I use my BlackBerry, what I'm told, far too much then I'm suppose to but it's because I absolutely love it. I can't keep it charged all the time so having an extended battery would make my life a lot easier.

I'm a freelance designer and I'm always on the road meeting with clients. I listen to my music and podcasts in the car or I'm always on the phone in teleconferences or emailing. I'm always putting it on the charger in the car, or overnight at home. I also get weirdness where I get quick power drain from not doing anything. I have to do a battery pull and then find a charger. I think I have a janked battery!

I'm on a 8520

Wow do I ever need one!.... I produce sports radio broadcasts to over 1000 radio stations across the U.S. Every night I'm overlooking them, and texting the guys on site, taking calls and emails etc. It would be great to not have to recharge my phone as soon as I get off work!

I just got my first BB it's the 9800 Torch. Like all new BB users I can't put it down, I think I may end up on Intervention because I'm addicted to it. The extended battery would allow me to play, poke, and prod with my BB even longer !! Thanks

running the 9700 os6 leak has killed my battery at times with those pesky battery drops. an oem sized extended battery would definitely help as it keeps the great form factor of the 9700 but with extra juice

could always use the extra juice for my 9700...between university and work, i barely have time for a new charge for my 15 hr days...this would be a great help, thanks in advance!

After reading a few comments, I can see there are people who can use an extended battery more than I do, however, I am on the cusp of selling my beloved Torch because of poor battery life alone. I am in constant fear of running out of juice and have on occasion run out when I needed it most. Can an extra charger solve my problem? Yes, but so can an extended battery :) Pick me please!

No sob story here just straight up! I run the torch, on your site with my phone, I talk ,text, facebook, titter, blogg, listen to music surf pretty much everything on my baby but the facts are the facts, I can't go anywhere without my powermat 1850, cause I am always in need af a charge. This battery could really help me out each and every day. Thanks

With my non stop texting, gaming, I love you e-mails to mom. My battery don't last me a full day in college with my tour. It would be nice to have that extra bit of juice to push me thru the whole day, or even close to it. :) thanks for this opportunity, and good luck to all! :D

My Torch's battery dies out extremely fast and i need a good battery so that i am able to continue on with my day since everything i need is on my phone, whether it be music, videos, camera and most importantly my schedule and appointments.

If I won this, I could be able to make it from work to the club without having to turn my Storm 1 off to conserve juice for the end of the night.

I would give my existing battery to my son. Verizon wants to charge him $30-$40 to replace a dead battery, even though he has been paying insurance for almost 2 years on the phone.

I use my Blackberry 9700 for everything . I live on the thing. Music (MP3 and Streaming) all day, navigation, email, web , facebook, twitter, on and on just like most crackberry addicts. Would be great to not have to worry about setting things like Polling at low refresh rates, or getting out of navigation quickly because of the battery draining too quickly.

Pick me pick me! Would allow me to not run out of battery when trying to find my way around the city doing my deliveries

Why is the extended life battery for the Bold 9650/Tour 9630 so much more expensive than the others?

Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9650, Tour 9630
Seidio's large capacity Innocell Extended Battery is for the avid traveler who can't always get to a charger. It is up to 90% more than the capacity of the original and comes with a door in black with Seidio's signature soft touch coating.

I use a storm 2. And I use wifi. Yup that sums up my life with a weak sauce battery life. I work and do school all day. I can't have a charger in the wall all day. This would help a ton

New baby, I take tonnes of photos and videos, combined with using fb and twitter the battery on my torch drains quickly, this would be a great big bonus for me. thx

I need the extra juice because:
1. The moment I wake up I disconnect my phone to it's charger and read news on my feeds
2. I alway go out meet my clients and I don't have a car to charge my toy.
3. I always send text messages to my friends
4. I always call my clients reminding them our appointment for tomorrow
5. I check my appointments and task for the day
6. I reply all my email using my torch
7. I bank through my phone to see if I got some cash to pay some of my bills
8. I pay online through my phone
9. Commute and check the GPS where to go
10. I check my shippings..... crap my phone's battery is drained.....

If only I have an extra juice...

I need the extra juice because I'm useing my BB in university to read the scripts for lectures and doing research of subjects in the library where i unfortunately cant plug in my BB to a power source. And since i'm literally living in the library extra juice would be awesome and boost my research speed.

I stream a lot on my blackberry 8900 and it just sucks the life out of my battery. I would love the extra juice to get through the day without fear of completely draining my battery.

I frequently forget to charge my Bold 9700 in the business of school, so this would help me a lot!!!!:D

When I'm on construction sites that often don't have any power at all, I don't have the option to plug in. My 9700 doesn't often fail me, but one of these batteries would make sure it lasts the whole day.

Because Once I buy this playbook I'm going to need a battery to keep me bluetooth tethered to enjoy all the flash goodness

I'm on the move constantly, and not necessarily in the car... so there are definitely times when not having to worry about swapping batteries and losing time would be a bonus. This new extended battery would make my 9700 that much more awesome!

I need one because I bought a cheap non licensed car charger and it fried my dash and lighter socket. It didnt just kill the fuse it actaully shorted out the whole shabang!
I cant afford not do I wanna fix this because my car is a heap.
PLEASE let me win an extended battery.




i'd like to be able to make it through the day withough HAVING TO CHARGE THE BATTERY. ok, rant over.

I am involded in a local website where we grant wishes. If u live in manitoba or canada and watch ctv or cbc news u have probably heard of it. My bb always dies before the day is up as I am constantly checking to see what people r wishing for to see if I can grant it. So having an extended battery will help me grÀnt more wishes.

This extended life battery would certainly serve me well as my battery seems to lose its charge at an ever increasing rate and I am nowhere near my next upgrade. Please help.

I love my blackberry! But plugging it in all of the time is such a bummer.. I could use these extra hours! Thanks(:

My last phone i had for four years untill the screen just faded away. A coworker explained he had an old phone i could use seeing as how i just make no money at my dead end job. My coworker and now good friend chose an i phone and to my dismay brings an almost brand new storm 2 to work and hands it to me. The storm 2 has got to be hands down the best gift i have ever been given. Can not afford a computer but no need now i have my storm 2. I am not complaining but he let the phone sit for some time without charging so its all i can do to make it till about 6 each day. Please send me a free battery in any case i am just happy to let every one know how happy i am with my storm 2 good luck everyone.

This would be wonderful to have! Sometimes I don't always have the chance to charge my phone, and even so if I am on it it tends to die quickly if I'm playing around on it too much. With all of the health complications recently with my grandfather (he'll be 91 in July, has survived three heart attacks, a head infection/skin cancer, fought in two wars, and now has a staph infection) it's difficult to tell when I'll be in and out of the house to go over and help out wit him just to make sure he's okay and so my grandmother can go to the store if she needs to since we cannot leave him alone, just in case.

Even basic daily use of my BB drains my standard battery so quickly it's embarrassing. I'm the proud owner of one of the most popular "mobile" smartphone brands in the world. Mobile enough to show off all it's wonderful battery consuming media, GPS and messaging features if done so immediately after disconnecting from a power source that is. Such an attempt after about 5 hours or regular phone use leads to it's transformation into a very nice electronic paperweight. This extended battery is just what I'm looking for.

i'll take an extra battery for my blackberry 9700 running os 6 my battery life would always die on me at work which is not good...

i use my 9700 as my main device for everything (movies, music, etc). so i could definitely use the extended battery!

This would certainly be useful as I'm a college student hoping learning java development to become a developer for these fantastic devices. I use my personal device to test things that I work on in class and I also use it to keep track of my assignments and even sometimes to take notes in my other classes.. Usually by 2 PM my battery is red and my longest break between classes is still 2 hours away so I can never make it a full school day.

I have an IT business and I need this Battery please, I will advertise it to all my clients who have BB. I promise ;)

This would be great to have for my S2. Having to charge or replace the battery throughout the day is just not any fun!

I'm always using the car charger. Since I cant take my car into my client's homes it would be nice to have some extra juice!!!

Personally I am in the military and there are days we are working 14+ hours. Being I use my phone to wake up I take it off the charger before bed so its nearly 24hrs before it gets charged again. The extra juice will make it last a bit longer

I've been looking for a way to get more battery life out of my Curve 8900 since the day I got it!! I do just about everything on my BlackBerry. I keep my checkbook register, I do online banking, I keep my schedules for my first job, my second job, and school all in one place. All of this multi-tasking puts a hurtin' on my batteries (I have a backup). If I could be so lucky to win one of these, I wouldn't have to carry the extra battery with me everywhere!! I am PRAYING that I can win one of these. Please help my dreams (and the dreams of my Curve) come true by making us WINNERS!!! Thanks Crackberry, you are the BEST :)

I spend a lot of time on the road and use my BlackBerry BlueTooth while driving so more battery capacity means less recharging or dropped calls due to the battery going flat.

Just came back from trying out the android phone. So glad I have a blackberry!!!! Send me some free stuff for being a loyal fan <3

I definitely need this, my country does not have wide 3G coverage area, so it hurts when network changes from 2G - 3G - 2G.

Need extra juice simple because im a multitasker!! Music, Calls, Pictures, Running all kinds of apps, would love this! #9700!! WassupFred.com


I need extra juice on my Torch because I yap too much using bluetooth! Well, then there's twitter, bbm, sms, emails, msn, facebook, music......damn, I need help! I have a 9700 as well and my battery is not lasting like it used to be. So either one would be great! Love CB!

My BB is my only entertainment and I go through the battery like crazy, charging half way through the day on my 9700. I have no internet or cable and am on it constantly. I would love to not have to leave it in my van charging while I am out and about.

I would love to have an extra battery. For when I'm on the go, or to have for those especially boring days at work....I don't like having to stay wired to the wall when I'm going into hard-core browsing mode or being a download diva. I love my Blackberry Torch!


My 9530's battery is dying a slow and painful death. Buying new ones on ebay got me some bad batch batteries. This would be a life saver!

Why i need more juice? Can you ever have enough juice? The perfect mobile is one that doesn't need to be charged! So every bit of juice is welcome. Seidio knows, so they make perfect batteries for extended use. And i can tell you i use my Blackberry Bold 9700 with OS6 all day long for twitter, BBM, email, navigation, listen to music, follow my friends on facebook, calendar, tasks etc My Bold is my life!

Although the 9700 does have great battery life, I find myself still running very low and sometimes, like when I am traveling for work, I can't always plug in so the more I also like that I would not have to get another battery cover.

Poor Signal from my service provider and the ability of my tour 9630 to eat through my battery by 4PM leaves me running for a wall outlet or a car charger! The seidio extended battery would be super welcome!

As any self respecting gadget freak would say "I want!! :-)

With all these bloody awesome apps, I usually run out of juice come 4pm. I need to charge my phone on the commute home. I need this !

I almost missed the latest news and this contest, because a dying 9700 battery...
After a year and a half of good (ab-)use of my 9700 for work/study/social life, the battery has had it's longest time. There were a lot of moments where the battery didn't meet my needs. I've been looking for a new battery for a long time. But the extended ones that seem to deliver the juice i need, make the 9700 too bulky. So i didn't buy one of those because of aesthetic reasons. And to be honest, there are a lot of imitation/crap batteries on the market. If a specific battery is promoted by Crackberry, it has to be a quality product.
My loyal 9700 is now in need of a new battery. Is it gonna be an extended/better life for my 9700? I"ll find out tonight...

oh yeah all knows extra juice always good for second coming...any extension of power are what the all world is after. isn't it?

As I am on the road for work daily I always have my 9650 streaming something. Plain radio stinks. Whether it be a CrackBerry Podcast, Slacker, Pandora, Tune-In Radio, etc.. Its nothing to charge my device 3 times a day. I'd love to try an extended battery out and see how it does on my commutes. Keep up the good work. You guys ROCK!

I have two Blackberries,but I only have an extra original battery for one of my company battery,I never had an aftermarket battery before and I would like to try Seidio battery.

Thanks for the contest,I think it's great opportunity for people to see how SEIDIO is compare to the original RIM battery.

I have a Storm 2, between taking care of business for work talking to vendors(or yelling in some cases), informing my boss about things, emailing people about whatever I also help out at the my old high school with students projects for marketing. Then of course connecting with friends with BBM, using Facebook, Slacker and running a number of other apps the phone gets plenty of use out of it day to day and by the end I have killed it. I have had too many times to count where I have had to leave my phone behind for awhile at my desk to charge or in my truck cause I the battery has decided that it should die. Falls under the not good category and unhappy me.

My battery ran out when I was admitted in the Emergency Room two weeks ago. I was in for 6 hours and had some pretty anxious moments without my family. I am working in Albuquerque and my family is back in Detroit. I hate carrying two batteries - and I only had one with me in the ER. My 9650 is a great way stay in touch with my family - but it is not very effective without power!

I commute an hour+ each way and listen to podcasts on my 9800 via a bluetooth headset while I drive. Some extra juice would be handy on heavy use days.

I could really use this battery for my Torch. It seems like I'm always having to put my phone on the charger. Please can I have one?

an extended battery will make the use of my BB more efficient and effective during the day instead of always running back to the car or office to put it on charge. I love my BB but that love will be great if i had a battery that will last me through out the day.

Still rocking an original storm. Not enough memory and not enough battery. I can't help the memory issue, but the Seidio would make a huge difference in the functionality of the Storm.

I also do extended daylong cycling voyages and run one or more of the GPS tracking programs (BiM, etc.). I often have to shut down the program as the battery goes low.

I need extra battery because I use my torch like crazy. Between bbming, downloading podcasts, listening to podcasts, music, online radio and using my torch as a tethered bluetooth modem when visiting clients I am usually out of battery by the time im leaving work. And I cant stand charging during the day because it makes it so much harder to use while plugged in. Please pick me!!

Why do I need extra juice? Because I have lost the last few contests offering either a charging pad or any power related accessory! Because of this I am always finding myself in a situation in which I do not have enough power! So if the CB gods have a heart, they will see to it that I get picked for this one!

As a doctor especially being on call you don't always have the time tO stop and charge. Having. Extended battery life would keep my phone going while I am.

I have a storm 2, would it ever be nice to make it through a whole day without re-charging. That's my only complaint with my storm

I am always on the go, and use my BB heavily. By the end of the day I have little to no battery... a little extra juice would be a big help!!!!

I could really use more battery for my Torch. I love my blackberry and use it non-stop for everything. Heck, I even sleep with it. :) I sure hope I am the lucky winner of the extended battery.

On the road, it's nerve wracking to be always checking your battery so you don't run out of juice in the middle of something, so extra life would give peace of mind and make my storm 2 a formidable machine!

Duh, cause there are tons of Apple fan boys at work !
Once I tether to my new BB PlayBook I'll need lots of juice to show each of them one by one how bad they suck. And of course I'll have to take photos of each one as they run away crying to Steve.
So I'll take the extended battery for the Playbook as well as my 9780 :-)

BB forever ! ... i-whatever.

I currently using 3 batteries for my 9650 Bold. I am constanlty calling, texting or emailing clients and co-workers. I was unaware there was an extended battery for my device and would love to have one.

I browse Crackberry getting advice on the forums for my BB. Also using Twitter, Facebook and bbming most of the day uses up a lot of battery power.
Having the extra juice will allow me to keep browsing and making the most of my 9700

doing real estate means constantly being out on the road....
so my BB is my office pretty much,
with 300 emails a day, maybe 50 texts, 100 bbms and the insane amount of calls i have to carry my charger along with me.......

not to mention the use of google maps
it would be great to have a mega battery...... for my 9700/9780

I have to charge my phone about half way thru the day. This would help make it easier to get thru the day.

Thanks for the chance!!!!

Is this contest still live, if so it out lasted my battery. Need a fresh cell, this one isn't holding a charge like it did when new.

Thanks CB

Storm 2 user here this would be so sweet guys. I go from 100% to 83% in about an hour i just cant figure out why yet.getting sick of carrying charger everywhere and then looking for outlets think of me when you read the comments .