Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2011 12:35 pm EST

Contest: Win an extended battery for your device! Details Below.

OEM Size Extended Battery

When I get a device I'm all about battery life. Ever since the 9700 and it's insane battery life came around I won't settle for anything less. One of the ways I've found to keep the fire burnin' is with an OEM size extended battery. Unlike bulky extended batteries that require a different cover, the OEM size extended batteries fit right into your stock device and give you a good amount of extra juice. While they don't pack the punch of full-size extended batteries, they let you crack away for a few extra hours (or days depending on your use) and really do make a difference. 

We have a wide range of both full-size and OEM size extended batteries available at ShopCrackBerry.com for most devices, so swing by and pick on up today!


To enter to win an extended battery for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us why you need extra juice. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!



with my extra juice i will be able to crack away longer now. as it is I have 3 batteries, an external charger, and home chargers placed everywhere.
its ridic!
thanks CB

I survive off slacker radio at work. it is my source of sanity, I work in accounts payable for a large privately own clinic, they frown on plugging in to charge our phones. To the boss silence is golden so we all wear head phones, it makes the day go faster. Running Slacker and wifi (we're in the basement) my 9700 makes it through the day but then after work i have to sit next to an outlet to let my BB charge while i catch up on non work related fun. i would love an extended battery to post pone plugging in after work.

2 batteries?! i had two batteries for my other phone, helped so much!
it would be so cool if i had two batts for my blackberry!

I am away from home for work an average of 14 hours a day. I could really use a new battery. And This would be just what I need for the long days. Please pick me.. :-)

i would love to have this great gift from sedio. i will be the envy of the company that i work for. hope you pick me.

Who wouldn't want some extra juice, I am constantly charging my storm. In the car, at home and in the office.

I just started dating a new and special lady we live a good 45-minute drive apart and consequently, we spend a LOT of time on the phone. a better battery could come in very handy.

I'm sure that people who work, especilly international workers, can buy their own batteries... I bet yoy that college students can buy batteries too... I'm a high school student that uses his blackberry just as much as other people to do regular things like Facebook, listen to music etc... But i can't buy my own battery because I don't even get money from my parents.

International travel has it's own unigue set of battery recharging challenges. This unit would sure help to extend daily usage.

I have the 9650 and the battery life is absolutely horrible. If i had the extra couple hours of battery life it would definitely make my 9650 a whole lot better!

I need the extra juice when I'm traveling with my 9700 so I don't have to try and find an outlet in the airport.

I travel four states as an independent sales rep. I have ACT! by Sage that is synced to my computer. I access information on customers all day long. An extended battery would really help. I have a 9700.

I don't have wifi at work, and thus use 3G connection all day, which kills the battery quickly. I would love to have a second battery to alleviate this problem.

I still own a Bold 9000 which is the Cadillac of BlackBerry's but the battery barely gives me 2-3 hours anymore. I would love to win this because it would be amazing to get like 6-8 hours of battery life again.

I need an extended battery because the building I work in manages to keep most of the signal out making it very hard on my battery.

I need an extra juice because juice is good for one's health... oh wait, you are talking about battery juice? Well, the more juice the more power, baby! :-D

After moving from the Storm to the Storm 2 I need something more than the standard battery and a car charger. I am happy with my blackberry but it dies to often.

like everyone else I need it cause there just isnt enough juice in a regular battery... I am retired from the military and I spend my retirement on the go;f course or on my harley or both and after 36 holes and a few hundred miles on the hog I usually have a dead phone and it sucks...

aint life a Biach... :-}

My Torch lives in my hand...I think it may become my hand...and having an extra already charged battery on the go would come in HANDY!! Haha

Oh this would make my month. Umm k what do I say, I'm a student.lol I'm sure like everyone here their phone stays on 24/7 and you can't let it go. The extra juice would def be a big help.

Most days I leave the house at 5am and don't get home till 6pm, battery is almost dead by the time I get home. Would love a bigger battery.

i think everyone can use an extended battery for me it's mostly due to the active bbm group that i have people from all over so i am constantly getting notifications of people talking in the group it puts such a drain on my battery

I have been stuck with a verizon tour for months and months. This is my 4th. Each one has had its own problems. The one i have now only lasts me about a day (half a day if im really churning out emails) and every time i get "signal too low for radio use" i want to throw it against a wall. Ive tried to trick them into giving me a new phone countless times but maybe a little extra juice would make things easier... all i want is an upgrade!

I mainly surf the web with my Bold 9700 when I'm travelling by train for my job and it happens a lot these last times, a spare battery would allow me to use my phone as much as I really want to

I have a Javelin. The battery life is pretty good (better than any phone I've had before) but if I listen to podcasts or MP3s for the afternoon while I'm working I end up coming home on fumes. This would hit the spot nicely.


i have a bold 9650 and between school and work i have no time to charge my phone. i usual end the day with 10% battery life and not being able to text or call anyone back till after its done charging. i would love to have extra battery to be able to get me through the day.

much appreciated

I work 14 hours everyday and my phone always die before I can get home, so annoying! Please help me!!!! I'm low on funds. Thank you very much CrackBerry!!!!

I work 14 hours everyday and my phone always die before I can get home, so annoying! Please help me!!!! I'm low on funds. Thank you very much CrackBerry!!!!

I work 14 hours everyday and my phone always die before I can get home, so annoying! Please help me!!!! I'm low on funds. Thank you very much CrackBerry!!!!

I work 14 hours everyday and my phone always die before I can get home, so annoying! Please help me!!!! I'm low on funds. Thank you very much CrackBerry!!!!

I study and conduct research on freshwater turtles that are fast becoming extinct, and as such, I am always out in the field (in the river) doing my thing, sometimes for days. It would be lovely if I had an extra battery in my bag for those I-need-to-get-those-emails-but-I'm-in-the-river days! :D

I could so use extra juice for my 9700. I'm using a bluetooth headset all day, streaming Sirius, and often tether for wireless access, every extra minute I can get would be awesome.

I need the extra juice so I don't have to throw my phone on the charger when I get home and miss my incoming BBMs!

My battery is down to about 30% by 3pm! Seriously need the extra juice to keep it going pass 3pm, however I think mostly it's the fault of a faulty battery... -_-"
Otherwise it just can't be right! Love my torch though!

I need an extended battery because I have a long commute to school every single day and after a day's worth of reading articles and typing papers on my phone, my battery is usually on it's last life by the time I'm ready to go home. This would help me out SO much!

I need a battery because the os 6 leaks for the bold keep having the 35%-0% sudden battery drop. dahahahah

I have a Torch, which I love. But, it doesn't qui-i-ite make it a full day for me. I put it through a lot most days, so an extended battery would make it just about perfect!

I work in a hospital and frequently find myself in areas that don't get the best signal. Because of this I can't keep my BB on me all day or it will be dead. Therefore, I'm stuck hanging around my desk where I've got the phone in a charger and I have to leave it when I'm forced to move around the hospital. Extra juice would be super.

i love my torch but the battery life is really bad :( it only works from 8am - 5pm -- enough for my office use! i cant seem to get it to cooperate during play time.

Hi, after acquiring the blackberry, I am literally addicted to it, consuming huge amount of battery. Even the good battery life of 9780 is not sufficient for one day, can you imagine?
So it will be great to have a solid battery with enhanced performance, that way it increase my blackberry's capability and at the same time, allow me to see how far I can stretch this awesome battery further :)

I could use the extra juice! I use my Storm's MP3 player on long bicycle rides. Longer playing time could mean longer rides. :)

I work in remote areas away from power sources. My 9550 starts running low toward the end of my shift. If I need to make a call, I could be in trouble.

Because the Torch 9800 standard battery sucks!!!!....Hey I'm just keeping it honest....this is my 4th Blackberry and wouldn't use anything else.....but I have to charge my Torch overnight.....on the way to work (an hour there and back everyday).....and throughout the day at the office.

i need an extended battery for my bold 9000.i am always constantly moving and on the go, and messaging and bbming a lot, and my battery runs out quick. i also want it so that it will last longer but as well i can use my old battery as a back up if anything happens.

Im a heavy apps user. Plus I use my gps a lot. An extended battery would get me through an entire day without worrying about charging my 9650.

Ever since getting a 9650 battery life I've wished for the two-days of charge I used to have on my Curve. It was so nice to have the safety of knowing that in a pinch I didn't need to charge every night. I never used to worry about charge, but now I feel like an iPhone user!

I need extra battery time for missions. When I'm in third world countries like Haiti, I can't always get a charge so I can always use extra juice to keep in touch with the family back home with my Storm2.

One hour commute to university + it's on a mountain so my bb9700 struggles to find a signal constantly + I'm addicted to bbming friends + another one hour commute home.
My daily schedule is consistently using up my BlackBerry Bold 9700's battery power. An extended battery would be unbelievably helpful!

I could really use the extra Juice because im a always using wifi at work and home and im always on the phone sending txt messages, instant messages and emails so please pick me for this battery.... my device is a bb storm2

I would love to get this for my 9700. It seems that when I am at school, I get too many emails from profs that I always running out of juice. It would be nice to have this one for sure. After paying my heavy school fees, I do not have enough money to spend on BB stuff. Please pick me.

Well, i suppose saying i had a Tour 9630 would speak volumes alone. However, im a college student at Southern Illinois in Edwardsville by St.Louis,IL and for some ridiculous reason US Cellular doesn't have 3G in the area and my phone is constantly looking for a signal as there is many dead areas. About midway through my day my phone dies and i'll be stuck to a computer in the library (as i dont have a laptop) using Google SMS to contact people like i am right now. An extended battery would definitely help :(

I'm not going to lie. I txt/bbm/browse all the time. I have ADHD and get bored easily. I've had the 9780 for a month and I tend to run out of battery by the end of the day already. To be able to carry an extra battery around would feel that much better!!

Extra battery power is always great. I have a Bold 9000 and the battery does pretty good, but on days of heavy use I need a charge. More power and or an extra battery would be great. I also have a Torch but switched back to my Bold just because of battery life. I now use the Torch for my play phone cause it can't handle work like the Bold. And besides, it should be my time to win something.

I'm not going to lie. I txt/bbm/browse all the time. I have ADHD and get bored easily. I've had the 9780 for a month and I tend to run out of battery by the end of the day already. To be able to carry an extra battery around would feel that much better!!

i really need extra juice for my blackberry bold 9700.. because i just cant stop to bbm & using other social apps like facebook, twitter, WLM, skype, foursquare and reply mail ... also use my bb to listen music & movie. bb camera is just awesome with os6 now...

I NEED YOU ...Seidio Innocell 1750mAh OEM Size Extended Battery.. :)

I need more juice for my Blackberry Bold 9700 because I'm all day in the university, I work there and the battery at the end of the day is almost dead, and when the playbook will be on market I will buy it and I will need more battery because I'll be all day using my Bb's!

My 9000 gets a lot of use during the day. Between email/text/bbm/web and some games to kill time, it isn't uncommon for me to need a charge by the end of the work day. An extended battery would be great.

I use my Torch for email, music and games. I especially listen to music at work via A2DP so my battery runs down pretty quick. I have to charge every night in order to ensure that I can have full use my BB the next day.

As a busy college student, I am constantly using my Bold 9650! I have 4 e-mail accounts set up, as well as an extensive list of apps that keep my life in order. I also travel back and fourth to Europe, and it is sometimes difficult to find a way to charge my phone. I would love this extra boost for my BlackBerry!

I live and work in Saskatchewan, I drive for a living, its cold here (Kevin knows) and if I were to get stranded in the middle of nowhere I would DIE, I don't want to get swarmed by an army of rabid zombie deer in the wild Canadian north without a way to call for help! Please Crackberry don't let this happen.


PS sad sad bb tour! sad tour is sad.

i leave the house before 730 am. I often don't have time to charge the battery whenver i have to be ut of the office. I am a heavy user so by 3 i only have about 20% left. I could use the extra juice.

Crackberry please hook me up

i leave the house before 730 am. I often don't have time to charge the battery whenver i have to be ut of the office. I am a heavy user so by 3 i only have about 20% left. I could use the extra juice.

Crackberry please hook me up

I am tired of having to carry an extra battery with me just to get through an extra hour or two. I could really use a longer battery so I can keep on going.

M first BB, and I was going to go for the 9780 because I wanted that extra battery life but have always loved the torch so I went for that, but now I find myself charging it every night, not that I mind cause I love this device, but the extra battery would surely help! Thanks CB and good luck everyone!!

I need a Seidio b/c I sure would like to get though a whole day on a single charge! Wonder what it feels like?

I love my Torch, but it would be great if I could get a few extra hours out of the battery. this would be perfect!!

I could use an OEM size extended battery for my Storm2 9950.
I am hard on batteries and consequently charging my phone all the time.

Yes, I would like to win the extended battery. Far too many resons to list but more power is never a bad thing. Thanks Crackberry!

My OEM battery that came with my Tour is not holding up as well as it used to. I've been thinking of getting a replacement battery, and this would be a great time to snag one from your contest.


As I stated in both the accessory and ventev cell giveaway, I would like something to ensure that my phone is ready at the end of my day when I head over to pick up my wife from her work place.

i really need some extra juice since im up for work at 345AM and dont get home from work till around 9PM im in construction and i dont have a place to charge my phone while working and im always on it making calls to get more supplies or talking to the boss

being part of the junior management team in my company, my batt always is running on empty with all the emails, calls, and texts that i have to do on a daily basis

i'm also always on the move when in the office so i can't stay in one place while charging my 9700 if it dies out on me

that's the primary reason why i need the extended batt

gimme one please

Using WiFi and Bluetooth tends to drain the battery before the end of the day, so an extended battery would really help extend the usefulness of my BlackBerry Storm 2.

I love having more juice. I stopped taking
my iPod to work and just use my bb to listen to music all day

I would love this, I am constantly on the move talking all day to my customers and what not, and I sometimes I dont have the time to charge my phone, this would be great!

Need more battery life (torch 9800) for my dad because hes a salesman and he drives most of the day, without a car charger to plug his torch into.

my battery life on my curve 8530 is terrible.
i usually only make it halfway through the day and its already at 60 percent.
an extended battery would be super nice so i can constantly use my bberry to it's full capabilities!

Why do I need an extended battery for my Bold 9650? Because battery capacity is just like money and closet space - one can never have enough.

i need an extended batt cuz im on my phone constantly..my girlfriend hates it that i dont pay attention to her cuz im on my phone every second..so since im on my phone all the time..my batter doesnt last to long on my 9800 so pls pls pls i need one bad!!

Its winter and I got my season pass for snowboarding.. I use my curve 9300 the whole time I'm on the mountain... which is usually all day. I also use my blackberry all day over there because I listen to radios, check my emails and track my route with the gps. And also take some pictures and video off course. This all need lots from the battery and it usually dies before I leave. So there, that's a good entertainment reason to win this battery

Well why not? I hate carrying my usb cord around and charging my phone twice a day! If not I can go back to OS 5.0. Lol. Gotta love OS 6 on the 9700!

I need an extended battery because I'm attending university right now, and I constantly have to keep track of my class lectures on my phone, which sucks sometimes when my battery dies.If I win this extended battery, it would mean less angry mornings :).

I'm a student and I'm always with my phone. I know that's relatively shallow excuse but I would just really love an extended battery for my new Bold 9780.

Love my OS 6.0 9650, however, being a pilot for a living and ending up in many different time zones all day with heavy use between flights and no time or place to plug in, I almost always run low <20% before i can get to my car charger or home charger. I sure would love a longer lasting battery without the bulk of a super extended one. thx for the contest CB.


i am literally on my Torch 24/7 runnin a multitude of random crap thats pretty draining so it'd be nice to have the extra power to run it just a bit longer :D

I am a college student and service is very spotty on my commute and at my college in some places that it drains my battery quite a bit. And when I have 8 hour train trips my batter is pretty much drained at the end and I wouldn't have a place for my charger. This would help me a lot! Thanks guys, Crackberry is awesome!!!

i've got a bold 9700 but somehow the battery never keeps its charge throughout the day. having one with extended life would be quite awesome!

I'm on my phone 24-7 - I need the extra juice so that I don't need a charger everywhere I go!

I could really use an extended battery for my Torch. I almost always run out of battery just when I seem to need it the most. Help me, please.

If I had this battery I'd have enough juice left in my Torch at the end of the day to catch up on Crackberry!

My poor oem battery has a hard time keeping up to my crackberry addiction. I gotta plug in too often. Need.....more.....power!


Extra juice is ALWAYS good. I almost got stranded once because my 9700 died - a spare or extended battery will let me breathe easier. Thanks!

I need extra juice because I need to brag to my friends how much longer my battery lasts than theirs. They're all unbeknownst to the crackberry.com world so before I unveil its awesomeness I need extra juice first so I can show them what it means to be a true crackberry addict!!

i'm a student and when i'm at university i can't recharge my 8520...so i think i need an extra battery!!
I hope to win...i have bb 8520!!

as a graduate student and a helpdesk/it consultant, I am constantly using my phone and going out on calls. it'd be very nice to not have to have a usb cable in my pocket all the time and plugging into whatever usb outlet i can find.

I'm on the line all day, making phone calls, texting, and emailing. i use my browser a good amount also on my work wifi connection and all this puts the hurt on my stock battery. Please hook me up withe the extended life battery!!

I'd like to win an extended battery as I spend 8 hours a day at work listening to Pandora, and my battery, being almost a year old, no longer makes it through the day. It's hard to brag to my iPhone friends about my battery life when my battery can no longer keep up.

I have the bold 9650. I need extra juice. I work as a police officer and have to carry an extra battery to get through my shifts. I'm always using my phone for work related problems and the extra would help me much. Thx

i'm using blackberry as my one and only phone, with need for speed, pocoyo video for my son, email and bbm from work. yes i need extra batt so i don't charge my 9550 3 times daily.

I use a Curve 8520 with 3 emails and whatsapp and constant use of BBM so by the end of the day MY BB is always gasping for energy! Pitty Energiser or Duracell dont make batteries for the BB so i could do with one of these.... :)

so many mails, so many apps but so few mAh to juice my bb with a big screen.. :-(
I definitely need a new, larger battery for my bb to use it as long as I really need....

I work for an insurance company and an extended battery would really be useful. I am always on my Blackberry for work and find that with the standard battery I have to charge a few times a day. Hopefully I will win and that will become a thing of the past!

I use my blackberry for EVERYTHING I do. For personal use, I am always on email, phone and text. Additionally, I run a boot camp style personal training business on the side and am frequently on email and phone for that. Finally, my full time job as a Facilities manager/ Building manager, keeps me tied to my blackberry for email and phone, talking to contractors throughout the day, responding to alarm calls at night, or speaking with other company leadership in the early hours of the morning during times of inclement weather to determine delayed openings or building closures. In short, my Blackberry is always on, tied to my hip and always in use. I find I am frequently crippled when I have to pause and plug in for charging.

I need an extended battery because im addicted to my blackberry torch, I got mine in november 2010 and never had a bb before this one I would bearly use my old phones and always forget them in my room when I left, since I got my bb I seem to be unable to put it down always on the phone with chat on facebook, bb messenger, twitter and music always running the battery life just isnt up to the job.

Dont think I can do without a blackberry again all my future upgrades are gonna be blackberrys.

It takes me about 13 or 14 hours to fly back home to see my family, and my torch battery cannot make it all the way

I'm a basketball referee so there are times I have to constantly check my schedules for different leagues I work in and I use the Blackberry Traffic and Google Maps to get me from place to place. Knowing I have some extra life in my battery on my Storm 2 would make life a little easier not having to drag a charger everywhere I go.

there is absolutely nothing like extending an already good battery by adding another stand by...this will keep me away from all kinds of sockets and allow me stay on the move for ages.

Having an extended battery would allow me to finally use streaming music apps. Since my battery is pretty close to dead (15-20%) at the end of day for normal use, I have avoided them. This would give me the ability to enjoy my Storm more.

I am always on the road so an extended battery would be extremely handy. Bought one for my 9000 but can't afford one for the Torch.

My Torch is great, but realistically I need more juice! Now that the semester has started it just doesn't hold up through my busy days on campus.

Mostly i have no problem with battery life of my Torch 9800. But there is always one day per week, when battery life is not enough, especially fridays. From 8am at University Libary studying, Classes, some phone calls during the breaks, listening to music, mailimg and messaging the whole day, later you make plans for the evening calling some friends... and later at night after a party, you miss the last breaths of your device to call a taxi.

So please give me more battery life --- need an extended battery.

I am a digital artist, and I travel quite a bit. During the day I use my Torch as an image display device, contstantly showing one or more images on the screen. Quite often I run out of juice before the day is over. Pick me to win and will tell everyone about the cool battery I got and that I got it thru Crackberry.com .

as I use my 9650 for writing my posts and papers, in addition to having to constantly use my BlackBerry to tether for classes. Please give me an extended life battery! :)


Would love to get my hands on one of these for my bold 9650! I do a lot of traveling, and most places have weak signal, to the point where I always have a 2nd battery on me. Please help free me from that burden!

haha I'm a txter--enough said. The standard battery just doesn't cut it for a days worth of chatting and txting.

I need an extended battery for my 9550 Storm 2. I'm on fumes usually every day by 4 pm.!

My Bold 9650 battery doesn't last about a half of day. I would love to win a extended life battery to keep me going all day without having to put my phone on charger or changing the battery out before the day ends.

I could use one because I rarely seem to be near an outlet when I need one. I am a heavy user and could use that little extra juice to get me through the day.

I need an extended battery for my curve because my Blackberry is my life. I keep everything in it. My calender for my work schedule, and personal schedule. It keeps my life in order and on time. It is my best friend that never leaves me. I can't live without my Blackberry!

I consider myself a pretty busy person, between college and work, I am never really home. Problem is that my phone is used a lot with work when receiving emails from my many different email accounts and I find myself completely out of battery at the end of the day. The bold 9650 did not exactly come with the BEST battery which is one of its only flaws. My cousin has the torch and his battery seems to last LONGER then mine for some reason! :/ It would be great to win an exteneded battery so I don't have to "hold back" when using my blackberry daily to try and conserve the last bit of battery so it lasts me the entire day. I have to cut out things like my hourly checkup on CrackBerry.com... You guys can't do that to me! I'm addicted to this site but it drains my battery being on it so much every day in between any time I can find between work and school. Please consider this as an extended battery would be the perfect solution for my situation and crackberry addiction (; Thanks Guys!

I need all the power I can get. Thanks this site ROCKS.....

STORM 2 9550 and yes I LOVE IT....

I'm switching back from a HTC Evo to a Blackberry Curve 3g 9330 and I would love to have the extra battery life...something that would make me stay with the Blackberry family, instead of going back to my Android.

I'm starting a new business here, and find myself using my Blackberry Bold 9650 more than my current battery can handle in a days worth of work, and I really can't afford to purchase another battery at the moment with all the other new expenses I have starting a new business.

Hi there.
Myself, I work for Southeastern Railway in Kent, England. My daily commute of two hours each way is so tedious, I use my 9700 a lot while on these journeys. The battery has such a fine life for what it is, but it still isn't enough for how much I use it. The power outlets at work only specify in company electronics so I'm unable to charge my device when in the office. The trains in which I commute also don't have any power outlets. My device's radio turns off after about 30 minutes on my commute back which makes the rest of the journey seem longer.


I could really use this... I work with a Down's Syndrome kid and we are out and about in the community all day. I have very little access to a charger and i depend on my BB for pretty much all info all day. I currently use a Bold 9650 and really go thru the battery every day. I would hate to have an emergency and no extra life in the battery. I have pondered about these batteries and thought about getting one but wasnt sure if it would be worth it....

Hope I win one!!

Because I'm a 9650 user who is jealous of 9700 users' amazing battery life!

That, and on the 9650 the charging/data port is in a really awkward place for typing, making it a little harder to just "plug it in and keep going" with my busy day.

I need the extra juice because I spend the majority of my working day in a basement with no windows to the outside world. Signal is poor and my Berry gets exhausted searching. At the end of the day I'm not really left with a whole lot to play with, so the extra juice would really be great. Mmmmmm, juice!

I live in Florida, and we're all about the juice! I'm also running BB6.0.0.448 on my 9700, so I can use all the extra juice I can get. Juice me up!

Im always n my torch at college on the bus when I volunteer,weather its on crackberry or mobipocket and you tube and it seems that the battey dies at the most inconvinient time too. So an extended battery would be perfect. Thx

Dont have a fancy reason, just need the extra juice so i can use my 9700 longer. Its a crackberry. Longer we can use them the better

Ah, lucky number 723....let's roll! Thanks for the chance....would love an extended battery with all the use my 9650 has been getting lately.

My battery completely sucks! It shows its fully charged, will cut off, and when it comes back on my battery will be completely DEAD! Stupid thing only holds a charge for literally 3 hours!

Out on the water and near-shore all day doing research on fish, oysters, shore birds etc. Lots of data exchange and documentaion photos and GSM layers chug down the juice! New/extra tank would be great!

I'm away from home quite a lot and need that extra power. Plus I live in South Africa, that has to count for something, right? :D

I have been spoiled with a 9700’s amazing battery life on Bell in Canada for the past year or so. However, I have been forced into an 8530. Need I say more? OK, I will.

I had to sign up for a new Blackberry as I had to relocate my one-man business and entire life to the US this week. While in the US, I will travel a lot, trying to build my small business, and will be making a lot of calls to the US and Canada, all from my Blackberry. Since I will be making many calls to the US and Canada while traveling all over the US, I could not resist Cricket’s amazing $55 per month plan for unlimited talk, data and long distance to Canada and the US. However, their only Blackberry device is the 8530, and I am unable to use my 9700 on their network. When I received my new 8530, to my horror, the battery life was incredibly inadequate. I have been bringing my charger everywhere, and am constantly looking for power outlets. Please help me and my struggling business!

I could use extra 'juice' because this is my only phone and sometimes I have to charge it during the day as well as overnight due to using it - a lot! Thanks for the contest!

My Blackberry Torch is my best friend and when it dies....I die!!!! I NEED THIS EXTRA BATTERY SOOOO BAD!!!!!! Please pick me crackberry!!!

id love one for my 2 12 hr school days every week! my bold 9650 keeps me entertained and connected, but with the new os6 and my gps on, my battery is all but dead by the end of the day! please hook me up with an extended battery CB!

was previously using a 9700 and on impulse switched to a 9650.

i cant believe the battery life im having now.

i needs this extended battery :(

My 9800 last the day with me driving using bluertooth, searching for info and using gps apps, but barely. It has no more juice for when I'm off work and i'm hunting for a charger. This would be great to have. Thanks.

ok, I'm just forgetful, from the job, from the three kids, the wife, life, everything in between and around. I forget to recharge in time and run out and sometimes miss out and late on stuff. So, I would love to win one for my Storm 2.

My business environment is very hectic. I am on the road for most of the day and I use my Torch as my Office on the go. Between Documents to Go typing up quotations for my clients, emails, and the constant phone calls my battery does not last me the day.

My car charger is my friend right now to give me some extra juice. An extended battery would be prefect for me to gain the few extra hours during a day to avoid the car charging.

This is my first BB - a Torch that I bought in December. I'm amazed at how well this device does what I need it to do . . . communicate and schedule. I use it constantly throughout the day/night and absolutely love it . . . hard to put down. So, the extended battery is NEEDED because I can't stop using my Torch!!!!
- Tom C.

I need an extended battery for my 9630 because it barely makes it through a day at work and i dont want to worry about it dying all the time.

Well, between school and work all day sometimes it's difficult to make it through the whole day. Would love to be able to not have to carry an extra battery around (which is from my 9530 bought in 12/2008, so it's on the way out)

I also need some extra juice for when I win that Slacker Radio subscription this week too... :)

An extended battery would be awesome especially on those days where I can't get to a charger to top off. Thanks CrackBerry!!