Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2011 12:35 pm EST

Contest: Win an extended battery for your device! Details Below.

OEM Size Extended Battery

When I get a device I'm all about battery life. Ever since the 9700 and it's insane battery life came around I won't settle for anything less. One of the ways I've found to keep the fire burnin' is with an OEM size extended battery. Unlike bulky extended batteries that require a different cover, the OEM size extended batteries fit right into your stock device and give you a good amount of extra juice. While they don't pack the punch of full-size extended batteries, they let you crack away for a few extra hours (or days depending on your use) and really do make a difference. 

We have a wide range of both full-size and OEM size extended batteries available at ShopCrackBerry.com for most devices, so swing by and pick on up today!


To enter to win an extended battery for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us why you need extra juice. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!



Day by Day my addiction to my BB is increasing by leaps and bounds. I gotta feed that addiction with extra juice for my device :)

My battery inevitably dies on the way home from work. One of these days my car will break down and I'll need the extra juice to call CAA (and probably save my life!!!)

I would enjoy the extra juice simply because Blackberries do not possess the needed juice to operate like they should. I purposely delete needed apps just so my phone won't die by the end of the day. If i had extra juice, i might be able to reinstall some apps like Poynt, and Facebook, and use my blackberry the way it was intended to be used for.

Thank you.

I would love an extended battery because its such a hassle to being lugging around spare chargers all the time. I work in sales, so I am constantly using my calendar, memo pad, networking, etc. I also play music throughout the day and am frequently pulling up files from my email on my phone.

I need the extra juice so I can continue to keep in touch with all my family and friends around the country using my Sprint BlackBerry Torch.

I often use my 9650 just enough that I run out of juice about an hour before I'm done for the day. An extended battery would get me through until my nightly recharge.

I would love one for my Bold 9700! I have to keep up to date with my twitter, and facebook all day long! :D

I have 5 kids and work for Hampton Inn in a management position. I am on call 24 hours a day and my Blackberry must be on and ready at every waking moment! Plus, I'm getting married soon and would LOVE a gift that never stops giving!

I could really use the extra life for work. I'm a patrol officer in my city and find different uses for my bb everyday, but it's getting to the point that I can't finish my shift without killing the battery now.

You know there's one issue with the extended battery... If you can pull one out of the hat for 9800 then I'd like to win. However I've searched and looked wanting to BUY one and can't find a simple extended battery for my Torch. SO there you have.. Pick me and show me I'm wrong or atleast email me where I can purchase one..

Daniel C.

I need the extra juice, because where I live (in South Africa), there are always power failures which leaves me with almost no battery at the worst of times!!

Short story long, I have two batteries that die at the speed of light. Two is not greater than one in the case of BB battery juice. This is mainly because of the inconvenience of carrying an extra one, the "infamous" reboot process, and the recharge procedure, consisting of taking out a full battery to stick in a barely surviving one. And this, again, leads to the 'infamous' reboot process. An extended battery would be the greatest B-Day (which is today) gift everrrr.

Would love an extended battery for my Bold 9780. I just can't get enough of my Blackberry and Crackberry!

Because a 9630 Tour vaunted battery life can't stand up to a day of life in the city and 1-2 hours on the phone a day when there's not a single wall socket around

I need the extra juice because I'm on the road a lot and frequently out of battery!! :( Please pick meeee!

I'm a full-time college student and a full-time sushi chef. I spent most of my day driving between the university and my work. I use my crackberry for work and for school.
An extended battery would be a huge help to me since I'm running the leaked version of OS 6 on it, everyone knows that it drains battery fast :(

BB= Business+Battery, I lost my car charger and sometimes forget to charge my 9700 at night which leaves me minimizing my usage that day due to low battery. Thank You for the look.

Just started using the Bold 9700 & love it !!! I work on the road quite a bit as a paramedic & having an extra battery in case of emergency would be great!!! I can use a lot of battery life looking up drugs / medication interactions & surfing the net / checking emails while waiting for calls.


Hello CrackBerry! I need an extra battery to keep my baby Torch up and running everytime. It's a hassle to plug-it to charge everywhere you go and see an available outlet.

Driving 2 hours each day plus walking another 30 min while listening to either mp3's or Slacker, twitter on a lower refresh rate than I'd like, and various other apps during breaks/downtimes make it a definite need to get an extended life battery!

I need extra juice because my wife is pregnant,expected to deliever any day now, and need to have enough battery in case she goes into labor and needs to reach me.

I could really use the extra life of an extended battery in my 9800, since I am military and quite often I am away (in the field) and away from reliable power sources. Currently, I have to shut off my BB when I'm not using it to conserve battery life. Thanks CB!

pretty much i need a spare battery because running a torch + 3G all day = impossible. im a crackberry addict and im CONSTANTLY bbming, emailing, smsing and browsing crackberry.com ;). i am out almost from the moment i wake up til the moment i sleep with work + school and hanging out with friends, it is rare that i am by a socket. A spare battery would be extremely useful so i wont always have to turn off 3G and worry about my battery consumption so much! thanks :)

Because an extended battery on the BlackBerry Torch would make it the perfect device to help put together work and play without needing to charge as much.

Because I'm tired of my bold's battery bleeds, and an extended battery would make them a smaller deal

Living in nyc means taking the subways where the phone would constantly search for a signal. Having a bit of extra juice would definitely help my phone last throughout the day!

Would be great for my Curve 3G! Battery life is the only thing that's making me jealous of my wife's 9700 (well... and screen res).

an extended battery would be great to have! i'm running a torch 9800 and the extra juice would go along way :D

I work for a cable provider in OC and I get mails all day everyday! I use my Google maps all day. And then when I get home I let my son watch Mickey Mouse Club house on my phone on youtube! So my battery gets drained fast!

I am maybe the number one person to give this to when I start school at 9 my 9800 dies just at 1 maybe 2 o clock if I'm lucky so please if anyone should win it should be me =D

I would love to win an extended battery for my 8900. I was actually just looking into buying a replacement this morning because I've had it for 2 years now and its definitely showing. I am a university student and have classes from 8am to 7pm on some days. An extended battery would save me the stress and hassle of bringing my charger everywhere and stealing power to juice my berry. Let it be me!

College student and never near a plug at school, long hours of studying and nothing worse
than a dead phone. Please help!!!

This would be awesome for my Bold 9000!! I'm using it to write a script for a short movie I want to shoot this year, I just love Blackberry keyboards!!

I need extra juice for my Torch 9800 because I'm always away from my house and my Torch battery dies so fast!

I am carrying a BB Torch 9800 right now, and as a District Account Rep I am always on the road. The extra juice would help me keep my battery cord in my laptop bag instead of breaking it out constantly at airports!

I need the extra juice simply because I am trying so many different applications and themes, that the constant pulls/restarts are draining me. With this extra battery, I can further support the financial efforts of the CB nation :-)

My wife would kill me if she knew i spent $50 to replace a battery in my Bold 9650 that already worked all day as long as I carried a charger with me to work.

I've overused & abused my berry for quite a while now..and like any battery, it gets a little lesser uptime life with each recharge. I need a new one.. - curve 8520 btw, and very fond of it.

I need extra battery juice, because I am recently divorced and a single guy like me is getting alot of attention from the ladies. My text, BBM, email, Facebook, FB Chat action can not be stopped in the day for a dead battery. So if you could help me keep the ladies happy I would appreciate it. ;)

I need extra juice for my 9700 because I can no longer easily swap out my battery. I used to carry two batteries and swap them back and forth.

Why can I no longer do so? Well, my credit card recently renewed. CitiBank no longer uses the keytags for their PayPass system (that wireless credit card system where you waive something [a card, your keytag, or something else] over the scanner). To see the old keytags, go to https://online.citibank.com/US/JRS/pands/detail.do?ID=MCPayPass

Now Citi uses a little plastic card that is designed to stick your cell phone. You can see it here. https://www.citibank.com/us/cards/svc/cbna/content/jump-page/pymnt_tag/

Now, Citi says you can stick this to the back of your phone, and you can, but that strikes me as a bad idea. It will take abuse, get knocked off, etc.

Solution, take off the battery cover and put the sticker on the battery. Put the cover back and it still works. AWESOME!!!!

The downside, switching batteries becomes a pain because you have to keep moving the sticker. So, I tried putting the sticker on the back of the battery door. Solution, NO. The problem is that the sticker only works when facing out, not in. When you stick on the inside of the battery door, no good.

Thus, I put it back on the battery. So, I need an extended battery, because I no longer switch back and forth.

By the way. I highly recommned the sticker. It works great at numerous shops and in other convenient locations, such as the NY subway system.

Not only do I not have time during the day to keep my phone charged, I love hybrids and playing with OS's, which is costantly using additional battery for reboots, and leak tests. On the road this would be a g-d send. Thanks for the opportunity.

Being a professional boxer I am always on the go traveling, training, etc....A extending battery would help my 9700 out a lot.

Coming from an iPhone, I love showing off how I can leave my new 9780 off the charger for more than 24 hours. Extending the battery would be such an even bigger smack in the face to iPhone users, and without the extra bulk, they would have no clue!

Simple-my Storm is nearly 2 years old w/original battery. We all need a new charge when we get old!

I need a bigger battery for my 9780 because i am always texting and calling people at my university which kills my battery :p

Coming from an iPhone, I love showing off how I can leave my new 9780 off the charger for more than 24 hours. Extending the battery would be such an even bigger smack in the face to iPhone users, and without the extra bulk, they would have no clue!

I the extra juice for my Bold 9650...I work extended hours and could definitely use the extra...

i dont need an extended battery but it's always nice to win :) . It wont hurt to have mor power just in case.

I live on my BB from wake til sleep.....I even wake up in the night and check my mail......total addiction and never enough battery power......would love to have this product in my Bold 9650

I need one because
low signal strength = low battery
I would like to not have to switch batteries every day

As a law enforcement officer, I am constantly on the go. My Bold 9650 has become the most useful tool on my duty belt, and thankfully so. Depending on my use I can typically make it through the shift, but there are situations that arise that keep me out and busy using my blackberry. Unfortunately it is hard to find time to put it on the charger during my day. When I am forced to charge it I sometimes don't have the luxury of time, when exiting my cruiser, to unplug and holster my bold. An extended battery would certainly allow me to NOT worry about that from happening again.
Thank you.

I have a 8520 and in college and have most if not all my lecture notes on my bb and I would really love the extra juice I can get while I'm at school :)

I am recently engaged and have moved from all of my family in the US to Canada. I use my BB like CRAZY when it comes to staying in touch with my family. When I cant be on wifi my battery takes a HUGE drain when using apps like what's app? and facebook chat to talk to everyone daily. I miss my family so much and being able to spend a little extra time talking to them with an extra battery would be fabulous! Thanks crackberry for another GREAT contest!

My bold 9650 with sprint OS6 helps me get through school but lately hasn't been holding a charge and dies during the day often. in reality by giving me the battery you would be fighting a battle, against boredom.


Welcome Crackberry.
Every day I meet great difficulties posed by lack of sufficient quantities of juice in my BB9700. Sometimes it's so uncomfortable that I need to throw two bags from my arms to get into the charger before I get home from work.
How my life would have changed if my battery was capable of sustaining a few hours longer.
SInce the 2012 apocalypse is coming I'd really like to have more SEIDIO-POWER JUICE before I run out of my life.

I work in Health Care supporting Outpatient Surgical Clinics and I'm always on my BB communicating, document editing, and planning. This would help me serve our patients better and mean I wouldn't have my BB in the charger when i got to meetings missing possible patient care emergencies. You would be positively affecting the patient care of Vancouver's Elderly, Young Mothers, Families with sick children and children requiring intense surgical procedures. If that's not some serious BB Karma I don't know what else is!

I'm using a 9700! Rock on Crackberry

My Bold 9650 is my work and my personal phone. It is always being used for email, web surfing, social media, etc. All that use really drains the battery. Thanks, Crackberry!

I would love the extra power because I spend a lot of time traveling and I dont always have access to a way to charge my Blackberry since its usually a bus or train, plus during the Summer when I'm doing Warped Tour I tend to drain my battery pretty fast since its outdoors and all day and people are always trying to contact me to find me and vice versa and I try to snap photos to send to Twitter for the entertainment of others :)

because i'm at school almost all day in weekdays and i cant recharge until night, and weekends i'm out for my trainings and hang out with friends so i'm out everyday and its a bit hard to recharge and sometimes i lose connection because of my battery, so if i get this extended battery i will be always connected to my mails and friends
using a 9630 btw

I am always on the go. I don't have time to stay at one place longer enough to charge my phone.
In between email, phone call, sms, bbm, and games, my battery only lasts about 10 hours.
I don't even drive long enough to juice up the battery.
This spare battery will enable me to stay connected while on the go and to use the phone at its full ability in connecting people on the go.
PS: my family is overseas (15 hrs difference), so when I bbm with them, it's normally at the end of the day when my battery is at its lowest level.

Because who doesnt need extra battery power.... nuff said
Being attached to a charging cord while you are on the phone is truely annoying...

I could use use this on those loooong days traveling thru airports and surfing while bored. This is cool. Thanks guys

Because my Torch is only barely making it through my ling workday and I often have to shut it down for the commute home. Bless me with extended battery life!

Using the phone on the Verizon CDMA network with less than 3 bars sucks down the juice fast in the standard battery.

I spend the majority of my day on my torch. I get decent battery life but not exceptional. As most of my business is done over the phone the battery usually needs juice at the most critical times which sends me running for a car charger or what ever I can find. If this will get me over the hump please send me one my way.

I am always on the road or at work. I have the car charger but I can't leave my phone in car to charge so an extended battery would be a help to keep me working on my 9700 til I can charge the phone when I finally sleep

Because traveling over 200,000 miles a year there are times in the air that my battery and my back up battery just will not last. I need the extra power and hours.

I need the extra juice for one reason..............because that means more time keeping up with everything on Crackberry. It just sucks when the battery dies and I'm in the middle of reading a blog here.

I AM IN COLLEGE. Therefore charging can't happen on a busy day and service can be terrible in classes eating up my battery, another battery would be AWESOME!

upgraded my 9700 to OS6 and my battery dies after 5 hours.. my friend just told me to get a second one soo i search here as always and vola!! ... there is a contest!

I need this extended battery because I get a million emails from 4 different email account that are just work, then my regular email on top of it. This is JUST the juice I need to get through my busy day!

an extended battery would be so much help for my 9650. I've been a member of this site for years, and I never won anything, so maybe this time!

I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic. I spend all day in an ambulance call to call to call. I utilize by Blackberry for GPS functions, taking notes, and EMS cad on the blackberry. On a 24 hour shift, lets just say it tends to run out of juice very quickly. I would love having this extended battery so i don't have to keep running the last 3 hours of my shift with no phone! A car-charger helps, but I'm usually not in the front, im in the back of the Ambulance with the patient.

Cuz I got a 9630....and I Tweet, FB, Podcast, location share, 100's of emails, RSS feeds, and more behind the scenes....battery barely lasts 1/2 a day!

my bold 9000 is a couple years old and the battery life is greatly reduced. i like to listen to sirius xm app on my phone but it really uses a lot of juice. i think this extended battery would be awesome

Because I spent all my extra cash on apps that are causing my current battery to drain right before my day actually ends. :) This would be fantastic for my Verizon 9650!

I'm a medical student and yes... I do work all day & night long, and I need my bb always on... need it here

I'm a medical first responder, and use my blackberry to get weather reports, news updates, and use it as a flashlight. Its a great tool on scene and at the fire station. Having a bigger battery would let me not worry about charging up as much!

Between having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for the better part of the day and having to take a bus, train, and the subway between home and school, my battery drops pretty quickly. So I have to plan out my usage throughout the day to make sure someone could reach me. Having an extended battery would let my Bold 9700 last just that much longer.

I don't want sympathy for this just practicality, I'm in a wheelchair and have to travel a lot for treatments and while waiting to board planes it's hard to park somewhere near a charger. And, like most people these days, I can't afford one. Thank you for offering one to someone -- yay contests!

In my hometown we can barely manage more than a 1-2 bar connection (not even 3G) which sucks a battery's power like no other. An extended battery would give me a few more hours of not having to charge my Verizon 9650.

I could use all the power I can get! I currently have to charge nightly and sometimes I cannot work into the evening on the same charge. this would be great so i could stay in touch with all my kid's and work.
thank you for this.

I'd really like an extended battery for my Bold 9700 because I use it everyday a lot. And most of the time. At the end of the day I don't have any battery left. More battery for my Ubertwitter, my feeds & for my multimedia needs please? ;)

I need the extra juice because I am a Paralegal, I spend most of my days replying to emails/BBMs and running around in the court houses. I also use my Blackberry to listen to music and the Crackberry Podcasts when I'm commuting in the Subway.

Well I'm a business owner and I'm always on my phone texting and emailing clients and with having the 9550 big screen battery doesn't last long, also I have two 9 yr old kids that love to play games on my phone well let’s just say that there isn't a long enough power cord to have the phone plugged in every where a go lol.. I have to plug my phone in anytime I get a chance too so if I win this battery it would help me out very much thanks crackberry.

My 9650 is constantly trying to hold onto a signal when at work.. That kills the battery in no time. extra juice would help!

Where do i go , whether New york to california.
or when i go for international tours, its hard hard to carry you in my pocket.
Thats why i kept you at service provider by paying extra 25 dollars per month as my data plan.
I suddenly so excited to see you and i press one application button from my BB 9700 phone.
Thats it you will be in front of me in seconds. thanks for 3G.
When i go EAST OR WEST you are the BEST.

Extended battery would be most helpfull in demonstrating how USEFULL my Storm is ... I love IT ! .... Just say No to Droid !

My Storm 9530 is on from the moment I wake up
From Slacker and Wunder Radio to constant updates on e-mail, weather updates and constant snow advisories (NJ) to running a full time business it uses up a standard battery pretty quick.
I carry a spare at all times, so an extended battery would be a great help.

Gotta go……weather update just went off again………snow is really getting to be old.

My bold 9000's battery is old and always running low, I am considering getting a new battery. But since my contract is up I might as well get a new phone, I am hoping I the new Bold will also use the same size battery.

I have a sprint tour. Updated software and all. If you have a tour, then you know the crap we've been through. Bad Systems, bad track balls etc... I can't upgrade my phone anytime soon. Make it more bareable to use.


I need an extended battery for my Torch because I am on my BB all day! I can't put it down for more than a couple of minutes at a time. So, the battery doesn't quite last as long as I'd like! :)


I'm constantly draining my battery between hundreds of texts, twitter, facebook, foursquare, and having Smrtguard follow me!! An extended battery would fit right into my lifestyle!

I really need another battery, always rinning dead at the wrong time! My Torch needs some LOVE!!!

I'm a teacher, and use my phone to call all my parents, text my students plus personal items. The phone (9700) is great and having an extended battery will just be that much greater. I can't believe how much life I get out of the battery right now, as opposed to the past touchtone phones whose batteries overheated. This would just be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge help for me.

I'm a university student and I'm usually on campus all day. Although I love my recently purchased Berry Pearl 9100 (thanks Telus!), I could definitely use the extended battery to get me through the day without worrying that my very heavy usage will kill it. Thanks!

If this contest is for an extended or extra battery, I'm wondering if it will fit my Otter Box for the Bold 9650. If so, I'm in to win - if not... BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could really use some extra juice for my 9650!
I'm a med student and my battery sometimes runs low in the middle of the day, so the extra energy could help me get thru the day comfortably.
Oh, and ill be buying a playbook for sure, so ill need more power to keep up with the bluetooth :)


I really need an extra batt for my 9780 as I always have wifi/bluetooth on and always on th net. my batt drains fast.

The work day starts at 5AM and it's not always possible to get to a charger to make it to 10 or 11PM

I'm always on the go....and im always on my Blackberry. So when I get "Low Batt" I start getting the shakes...so I need that extra juice to keep me going. This battery would do the trick ;)

My torch battery barely lasts me an entire day especially with the demands of work. It'd be nice not having to jump in the car and take a drive to power up again!

i need extra juice for my 9700 with cool battery from seidio, hope my 9700 can handle my hardcore busy activity. Hope i win, thanks CB, and seidio

As you will know if you use radio a lot (tunein) the battery goes down at the end of the day,
With a high capacity battery, i woud arrive at the end of the day with a good level of battery.


hopefully this is the time i actually win something from CB!

i am addicted to my bold 9000. its over 2 years old now running the latest 5.0 and the battery barely gets me through the day! i find myself trying to charge it throughout the day! i desperately need one of these!

I need the extra juice because between work and classes I'm out the house for 16 hours a day...

Still kickin w/the 8900 B-)

Why do I need extra juice.....well mostly because even with the Epic battery life of my 9700 I still hit battery levels below 10% at least three times a week and then the radio turns off...I can't live this way anymore....I need an extra really bad!!!!

My 9780 rarely gets access to a charger during my 12-hour workdays. I barely get by with my current battery solution :(

I am a full time student and need the extra juice on my Bold 9700 and now that I'm using the latest OS 6 leak, there's a battery leak bug/issue so would be great if I won an extended batter, that would be great.

I work in Technology as a release manager. I'm constantly on the phone and not always near an outlet. An extra battery would improve my productively 100% :).

I lost my 9530 and not only was Asurion's replacement refurbished (I'd never used the insurance before, so this was news to me), but the battery that came with it is 1300 mAh, which is even less than my original's 1400 mAh battery. Neither of these is satisfactory.

No exciting lifestyle for me. (We make funny books, though!) Just a crappy "hole" in coverage from all the majors so the phone keeps jumping from 3G to 1X and back for everything. Sucks juice like crazy looking for a signal. (Or just sucks? :) ) But I do love my BB!

I don't know what happen to my current battery but it does not last me more than 6 hours.
I really need a extra battery and a OEM size extended battery would be SO awesome and exactly what I need.


Crackberry rules
Tour 9630

this be awesome, keeps me going on my cellphone during my night classes and work!

I work for a Hospital in Iowa, and am in charge of the Lifeline, you know the "Help I've fallen and I can't get up" system. I am basically on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. And with the recent release of the OS 6 upgrade from Verizon I have seen a decrease in my OEM battery time. It sure would be great to win one of those extended life batteries, to ensure that when any of my staff members or subscribers need to get ahold of me they can. And I won't have to worry about my battery as much.

I have the Blackberry Bold 9650

My Bold 9700 gets the most of what if can do! With all of the productivity apps and the entertainment functions to counteract the numbness from all the work, an extended battery would rock!


My job entails doing all of the stuff no one wants to do and it is SUPER BORING. So I purchased a bluetooth headset that plays music files and loaded my Bold 9650 with all of my faves! The extended battery would be really useful - I wouldn't have to stop what I am doing and charge my Bold - so I can actually get more work done (and enjoy my music twice as long!)

Being able to get some extra hours off my cellphone would help on Friday nights. As I wake up early for work and sleep late due to party time. So sometimes my cellphone will be on the edge of turning off after so much use. There are weekends that I have to turn off the 3G of my 9700 to EDGE just to finish the night...

I need an extra battery because I read books on my BB and play games and let my son use it when I am not. So, my BB gets used ALLLLLLL day long it seems.

I have a 9700.

Looking forward to this..

i need extra juice because my 9700 has battery leak and everytime my phone searches for wifi, my battery drops to 7% !

I'm a Crackberry addict and my year old 9630 only has enough juice to let me check in only about 5 times a day ( I DO have to make phone calls on this thing!).

I'm always on the go and am not always near a power outlet to charge my phone and not only am I always on the go but I'm always on my phone hahaha multitasking as much as I do on my bberry tends to drain the battery a bit... I could use this item very much lol thanks again crackberry

I'm a doctor, and a lot of my patients call me to take numbers of my service and a lot of them also called to consult their health problem... And of course I always answered their question to the very root. But that makes my Torch wouldn't make it more than 8 hours... So I have to charge my Torch and ignore calls from the patients while in charge...

I wish I had the bluetooth handsfree but that would make my battery worse... So all I hope is I could win the extended battery so I don't have to ignore my patients no more...

thank you

I am a student and i get a lot of emails so i am constantly on my phone. this would be great because its super annoying to have to re charge mid day.

While I love my Torch I am disappointed in the battery. Had the Bold before and the battery was awesome. Now I realize how awesome as most days I have to charge my phone during the day...would love to have the extended battery!!

A spare battery would be great since the charge on my 9700 is already down to 1 & a half bars by 12:30 in the afternoon! I'm an intensive user and could really use this.

I am a heavy user of data on my phone... and some days when am at the races love to keep my twitter followers and my blackberry group up to date with the happenings at the track. Which means of course I will not be able to recharge my battery very easily while still keeping friends and followers up to date

Right now, my battery life is horrible! And when I really need my phone the battery is dead or about to die so an extended battery would really help me out.

I need an extended battery for my 9700 to make my life complete. OS6 has a horrible habit of jumping from 30% battery to 7-8% instantaneously. If I dont have this battery I wont be able to stay in contact with my huge network of family, friends, and coworkers/employees. Please dont make me beg!

p.s. I will if i have to though

I can't begin to explain how badly I need this for my memory deprived 9530...(little engine that could)needs more juice!

I need a new batter for my emailing and texting needs for my school work and also some leisure time I have a curve 9330 on verizon

I would love to have an additional battery for my Bold 9650. I use my phone a lot, and it would be wonderful not to have to worry about my battery going to sleep before I"M ready to!

My current Torch battery doesn't live up to my hopes. Would this one make me happy? Crossing fingers! ;-)

Have yet to experience the same battery life with my 9800 as I did with my 9700.
Let's see how this extended batt performs.

I am going on vacation in Europe this summer. Having a little extra juice will help pull me through the day, preventing charging outside the hotel.

Bold 9780 if it matters.

I have a storm II and use it a lot for streaming music over bluetooth headset, watching videos while traveling on the bus and at airports, I also use TETHER ! religiously at many places without hotspots or WIFI.

Help keep me going :-)

Extended life battery is exactly what I need. My 9650 usually runs low on battery by 11am or noon each day and I end up tethered to my laptop...USB charging. However, tethering really hampers my ability to move around and do my work efficiently.
Can you hook me up?

I recently installed a software called endomondo sports tracker. fell in love with the software. but unfortunately my torch doesnt have enough juice for my long hours trip riding. gps really uses a lot of juice. hopefully i win so i can ride more distance without worrying about battery.

Everyone's need more power for our great blackberry device..so do i..!!!
we neeeed to online everywhereeeee in this world..it's our life! :D

Oh man could I use this....so if you'd like to pick me I'd be extremely happy !!!
And I have a 9700....that would love a longer life :)