Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2011 12:35 pm EST

Contest: Win an extended battery for your device! Details Below.

OEM Size Extended Battery

When I get a device I'm all about battery life. Ever since the 9700 and it's insane battery life came around I won't settle for anything less. One of the ways I've found to keep the fire burnin' is with an OEM size extended battery. Unlike bulky extended batteries that require a different cover, the OEM size extended batteries fit right into your stock device and give you a good amount of extra juice. While they don't pack the punch of full-size extended batteries, they let you crack away for a few extra hours (or days depending on your use) and really do make a difference. 

We have a wide range of both full-size and OEM size extended batteries available at ShopCrackBerry.com for most devices, so swing by and pick on up today!


To enter to win an extended battery for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us why you need extra juice. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!



I work for an international company and do some extensive traveling and well...to be honest..it's really inconvenient to always be looking to plug in my Bold 9650 into a wall socket at the airport and especially in planes whenever flights get delayed and I have no access to any power sockets and must use the Blackberry, then switch the screen off, then turn it back on in order to save as much power as possible.

An extended battery would be a great help for me and allow me to focus on the important things, like actually getting work done.

An extended battery would allow me to access Crackberry more often, instead of being out of juice at the end of the day!

I need the extra Juice because im a college student and between tweeting and texting all day id love to cut out the multiple charges i have to go through so my phone dosent die.

9800 BB torch

I need all the power I can get! I currently have to charge nightly and sometimes I cannot work into the evening on the same charge. This extra battery would be handy!

Regular battery is barely making it through a whole day, and I'm not even talking or texting a lot! I've turned off apps I'd like to use to save power - have to turn them on & off each time. An extended battery would be SO helpful!

Need the extra juice just like all BB addicts. Phone is in the hand and in use constantly and would preer not to worry of running out late at night. thanks for the chance to win one!

My Storm 9530 runs out of juice before the end of the day, especially if I listen to Pandora/Slacker or use Garmin GPS.

I need extra juice because the Bold (9650) is hard to work on while plugged in due to the power micro usb being directly next to the keyboard. Hook it up!!

I just got back from a business trip where I saw my battery actually dip below 10%. That's unheard of for me, but I was without a charger (wall or car) and I had a bunch of calls I had to make.

Thankfully I was carrying a spare battery with enough juice to keep me rolling. I'm also on a 9700 and I love the battery life (in fact, that was the primary reason I rolled back from the OS 6 leaks - OS 5 handles battery much better).

I've often toyed with the idea of grabbing an extended life battery from Seidio, but the debate between OEM size and the larger beast has kept me on the fence.

Push me off the fence guys - give me an OEM size freebie to put through its paces.

I'm a full time strength and conditioning coach and a full time graduate student...I'm never by an outlet yet need my phone for scheduling for work, emails, and files for school :s

I stay tethered to my charger because my coverage is very flakey and I am frequently showing the roaming triangle, which kills my battery. Not to mention the fact I am always streaming the latest tunes to my Tour 9630 and since itdoesnt have wifi, that just makes it even harder to stay charged. I need an extended battery so I can at least make it until lunch without a recharge.

Would love one perferct for traveling I travel quite a lot or when I can't gett o a charger l have a extra batterry :)

I tweet for my CEO, which basically means I have to be the first to publish information in our industry. Constantly monitoring feeds and websites is killer on my battery.

I constantly end up in the red with my 9700 at the worst possible times. An extra battery would help me out a lot!!

I'm not always near an outlet to charge my Bold, especially when travelling through several airports in a day.

I'm constantly running low on power for my torch. as a new bb user from a nonsmart phone, this lack of battery is troubling. NEED POWER.

I definitely need an extended battery. My work as a producer means I'm gone a lot and don't have time to keep charging my battery. On top of that I have the curve 3G 9330 with blackberry 6 which doesn't help the battery life at all. An extended battery would really make life easier. Especially a free one cause I don't have the money to buy one my self! Thanks crackberry hope I win

I work as a driver and am always on the road, in a truck with broken power outlets. I really could use the extended battery so that I don't have to worry about running out of juice while I'm on the road.

I need an extended battery for my Curve 3G because I just upgraded to OS 6 and as smooth as it is it requires a lot of battery power and along with my internship, twitter, health and fitness rss feeds and blogs and facebook I am constantly being online and in communication and a n extended battery would help me actually get through a full day without having to hunt down and outlet lol

Well, I'm a University student and I often spend my whole day at school. I have a Blackberry Bold 9700, and it seems that ever since I upgraded to OS6, the battery life just hasn't been too comparable to OS5. To top things off, I am on one of the new providers (Wind Mobile) who have a 3G-only network on the AWS band... So I can't even do voice calls over 2G to save battery life! And the signal strength isn't too great everywhere so it sometimes has to spend time searching for signal (especially when I travel through the tunnels between buildings on campus), which isn't too good for battery life either... Things don't end up too well if I ever forget to charge my Blackberry at night!

So basically to sum things up in a sentence: An extended battery would really help my 3G-only, OS6 Bold 9700 get through my whole day at school without any worries :)

Because I'm one of the brave few who have the audacity to watch YouTube videos and browse websites on my Bold 9000. The Cadillac needs a new engine!

I need the extra juice because I work an hour away in a bad coverage area that eats away at my battery. Also because Jack La Lane has passed and the juice is gone

Because I want near-9700 battery life with my Torch! Right now, I'm running it pretty lean with no Social Feeds or Facebook app and making sure that automatic updates on anything else (weather app and News Reader) either go as long as possible or go manual only. Plus, I like using GPS apps (like Waze, Google Maps, and others) but with the GPS and BT on while driving really chews through the regular OEM battery. And, if I'm travelling around rural Alberta with slightly spotty coverage, I can't go anywhere without the cigarette charger!

Living in nyc means taking the subways everywhere I go. Having a bit of extra juice would definitely help my phone last throughout the day!

Would be sweet as it is my only phone and that extra battery would make life that much better connecting to the outside world :) Thanks

The battery on my Storm 2 sucks. I consider myself a light user and I have to charge this thing daily. Might also have to do witht he fact my house is in a place with poor reception.

I need the extra juice because my company's IT guy doesn't like me listening to Slacker on my computer, so I use my BlackBerry with Bluetooth headphones instead. Oh, and it's a Storm2.

I'm a printer repairman, I spent all day driving and in offices, I don't have a spare hour to charge my phone while I work. An extended battery would be a huge help to my work :)

Btw I'm using a 9700

I need a bigger battery to get me through the school day, I sometimes forget to charge my 9700 at night because I stay up so late studying that it becomes morning!

well, i need this battery because you don't want to get spammed with some pictures of my smashed phone at the end of the day :D

Seidio Extended Battery - Always have a problem with battery life for my BlackBerry 9650. This would be a great addition.

Hi CB, I am on my Torch every waking moment - my poor little battery is always doing overtime. Won't you please choose me for the extended life Torch battery so that my current, little trooper of a battery can get a little rest?? Please!! Thanks ;)

My 9650 is a heavy battery juice drinker. It's embarrassing to inform a client that may phone may die, just in case I hang up on him. Goodness, this is much needed!

im a construction worker and im using my 9650 all day during work and i work 12 hr plus days sometimes the stock battery just doesnt cut it

You might think since i already own a 9700 i don't need another battery, but you'd be wrong. With the work i'm in, out in the field developing technology, i don't always have a place to plug in my phone when needed. That and I have been know as the juicer, so juice me up!

I need the extended battery because I use one CDMA Bold 9650 for business and personal use all day and evening. I run through so much battery life that at times I have to turn another phone on to do call forwarding. I use the Bold for calls, emails, BBM's, task management, RSS, etc. It gets a work out!

I'm going to be a college student later this year and my phone always needs charging during the day because I use it so heavily. The extra battery would be an extreme help when I'm running between classes and can't wait somewhere for my phone to charge.

Fellow CrackBerry Addict,

CURVE 3G 9330 Verizon

I commute about 2 hours a day to and from work so in the mornings I love to listen to my podcasts on the road, have a skim through about 100 or so news feed reads, and listen to music via Pandora or Slacker, whichever sets the mood for the day - all while running BB Traffic...

I'd love to keep my phone plugged in but my car charger can't always keep up and ends up heating up my phone and then it drains even faster...

Having an extended life battery is just the thing I need to keep me juiced without having to look at my battery and sigh, or stop using an app just because I need my car charger to keep up...This would help a ton and I've been meaning to buy one, except the funds are low and times are rough...teachers don't get much walking around money...

Would be a welcomed add-on to the S2, as we all know battery life isn't too great on it to begin with.

The GPS can really suck up the juice and I use it on extended trips for geocaching. Can get all the latest info and search for th cache at the same time so It can eat those mah's pretty quick.

I work in a hospital long shift and I rely on my blackberry Curve 2. I keep a spare battery charged in my bag at all times but it's a hassle to switch between them and keep them both charged.

I'm an university student with quite the long day schedule. It would be nice to have an extra battery to avoid having to stay at one place waiting for my bold9700 to charge, when I need to go.

I'm usually gone from 8am to 10pm; don't always have a chance to get my BB on a charger. This would sure help out.

I need the extra juice for my 9630 because the one I have doesnt have all the punch it used to. I can barely make it through the day =(

I need the extra juice because my Blackberry 9780 has become the central organization point in my life. It is where my work-life, home-life, and play-time intersect. Having a dead battery is like the power going out in my personal life. We don't realize how much these devices really do, until we are without their abilities. Help me keep the power on!

i need extra juice cause mom forgot to go grocery shopping lol j/p i need it cause i always fall asleep wit bb in hand and neva have time u charge it in the morning before work

Constantly browsing Crackberry and listening to the Crackerry Podcasts really take their toll on my Storm 2 battery. This is what i need to stay connected with the best site on the web.

This would be lovely! Between phone calls, twitter, and BBM I also listen to Pandora or other music files on my phone all day at work or in the car. You never know just how much your battery is being drained until you really start using your phone for other things besides textng. Come 2 o'clock I have to plug my phone up to my work computer just to get when it's time for me to go home. On the weekends I can't even make it until then before I'm looking for a plug. I remember at my daughters birthday party last summer I had to search for a plug at the bowling alley.

Being a student, im constantly getting updates sent to me on our group projects and im constantly opening, downloading, watching ppts, excel spreadsheets, and documents. I can barely make it through the day the amount of stuff i get through my phone. I would love love love to get something that would give me that get up and go to survive the 2 more years of university i got left :) Im rocking the 9700 with a not so impressive battery life :)


I go out of the country once or twice a year, to help with natural disaster recovery. Often there is long periods of time between accessibility to charge my device. Having an extended battery would really help with the device lasting a bit longer.

i need some extra juice for my BB bold 9650 so i can listen to my sirius app and not miss a second of howard stern !! i miss most of the show because i have to get in the back of my truck and get orders ready and then deliver the order so buy the time i get back in my truck i miss alot of whats going on ! i tried to use the app but bye the time i do a couple of orders my battery is down to half . i have to stop the app running because i need the phone to place my orderes and customers have to be able to reach me !!

Working In a hospital repairing equipment, I need constant connection to my email, and BBM to get a hold of my colleagues, and the companies of the equipment i am working on to order parts and to help trouble shoot issues. I find the battery is great but at around lunch time it starts to run low, and the fact that im not at my desk that often i cant charge the phone when im on the floors.

running a 9700 BTW

i am addicted to my bold 9780, i text and bbm a lot... many times my battery dies without being able to recharge it... that extended battery will give my phone enough juice to keep up with me :)

Cause-I lift things up, and put them down. I lift things up, and put them down. I lift things up and put them down.......

I pull long hours at the company I'm with & I don't always have time to charge my phone long enough to get any good use out of it 1/2 way through my day. An OEM extended battery would help out tremendously bc I'm on my phone constantly with clients & co-workers.

Need that juice!!
Crackberry pick me!!
need some more time on my browser and to play games!!
Sumtimes im away from from and i dont always have my charger.
This would b awesome to win.
hope i win

I text/bbm all day and night. Around 15,000 texts a month. Its got quite a drain on my battery, not to mention all the time inbetween I'm on my browser or twitter. Save me!!!

Because I am a Director/preschool teacher, who needs to stay in touch with the families that I care for. My Blackberry needs to stay in my pocket, not plugged into a wall.

I need this!!!! Pick me, Pick me......please (bats eyes ) ; )

Because ever since I upgraded to OS6 on my Bold 9650 the battery life is absolute crap (I'm talking 20% depleted in about 40 minutes if I'm listening to music.

I currently have a Blackberry 9650, I have received the extended battery as a gift and its great!
my mom however has a 8330, which does not use the D-X1 I want to get her a battery because even though she is charging every day, she cant get though the whole day for her job, I have tried to upgrade the OS, Delete BBM, turn off 3G roaming,

For my mother. please.
Love Death

I find lately that I am not always in a position to charge the battery when out and about and as good as the BB9700 is I want ot be sure I am not caught with out the juice I need...This would be perfect to carry around just in case I run down the battery.

I need one because I go on long bus trips since I'm a college hockey player. I use it to listen to music, text, and browse to make the ride go by faster so more battery life the better.

Always need more power! Seriously, I take my BB camping and use the GPS - extra battery life would be awesome.

BB 8530....

When I'm traveling for work, there's no place to carry around an extra adapter to plug it in. I need my tunes and email always. It would be awesome if I'd win. w00t! Thanks CB!

Oh my god! I really need this, i've had my blackberry for a while now and an extended battery would be the perfect thing for it!

I really really need this. As a full time worker and student I'm always on the run and usually there is no time to plug in my 9650 during my full day. And unfortunately, after upgrading to OS 6.0, my phone has had major battery drain. I can no longer go through a full day on one charge. So my phone is usually dead by the end of the day. So that extended battery would really come in handy right about now. Please help?

I hope I win!!

I travel a lot by subway and leaving home at 6am and getting home at 7pm. And 25hours a day texting texting texting.

Yes need the extra juice as I use my BB Storm 2 for everything. Messaging, emailing, browsing (using Opera mini), NFL network, game scores, media (video and music during workouts), and even games.

Bold 9000
An extended battery / spare battery would be fantastic. I spend a lot of time outdoors with my Scout Troop. It doesn't matter if we are hiking the Bruce Trail, camping in Short Hills Prov. Park or canoeing though Algonquin Park I difficulty finding a "current bush".


I am a heavy user for 9700 and I am very sure this is definitely a more than valuable addon to my collection. I love this extended battery accessory and give me one for my Chinese New year celebration!

I'm a Realtor and have to charge my phone throughout the day. With this extended battery my Bold 9650 would last longer.

I don't know if it is the age of my Storm2 (19 months) or just the amount of third party that I have on it, but it needs the charger twice a day! That is why!

i am system administrator on garment industry. beside labor & machine intensive we also implement computerize in all section. My Blackberry 9700 is very important to keep it alive, it receives many email for communication & alert system everytime & everywhere when i am not on my desk. so my Blackberry 9700 actually needs vitamin B ( B = Battery).

When I travel, which is about two weeks a month, it's really inconvenient to look for outlets at the airports. An extended battery would be a great help for me.

Average of over 100 emails sent/received a day, plus music, GPS and an occassional game if I can stay awake. Extra juice rather than carrying an extra battery and waiting for the re-boot - that's what I need.


This is a great giveaway! With all the traveling for work that I do to Canada from the US, this extended battery would be great for keeping my BB going!

i love to use twitter + wifi + pandora on my 8530 but the battery only lasts like 3-4 hours and im not always next to a charger to plug it in! so this extended battery would help out alot!

this would be great for when im running around the city on the train listening to music on my berry and playing games and bbming ppl and dont have anywhere or time to charge my berry.

I travel frequently for work, and I always end up with a dead phone at 3pm. I am never near an outlet to plug in my phone. Please Crackberry, is is the most useful extra I could need!! Plus I have never won any contest!

I use a Bold 9650 on Verizon and I use it A LOT...I already used other increased capacity batteries from Seidio for my old Storm 9550 and Storm 9530 (the big ones), but I think the OEM sized battery would complement my usage perfectly.

I would love some estra juice for my Pearl 3G, too bad Seidio doesn't make any extended battery for it :( though I would love an extra OEM Battery!!!! :D LOL I work in construction and use my BB very minute!!!

I use a Torch 9800. I use it for business and personal needs.

I travel a lot, and I tend to communicate a lot with my wife, who's never with me. And just to keep my little boy happy, I take pictures and little vids to send him so he sees daddy every day.

Clearly that takes up a lot of Juice.

Make my boy happy please? :)

I need the extra juice so that I can go a full day of email, web, text, and phone without having to watch that battery meter and make sure I can get to a computer or wall socket at all times AND that I put the cables in my bag.

I use a Storm 9530. I can barely make it through the day if I don't use my phone much. If i use it to listen to Pandora or a Podcast or browse the web, it only lasts for a few hours. I NEED more juice!!

I have almost 1000 users. My users are on their devices 8 hours plus a day. with email and phone, and are on call 24hours. These devices are not off very often and drain a battery. We go through batteries quickly. I would love to find a longer lasting battery for my users and for myself. When I am "in the field" my only contact is via BB. Battery drains quickly when you are in side a building where the device is constantly searching for a signal, I am always looking for an outlet to plug in. I would really like to try this battery!


I won't take up much of your time explaining why I believe I need/ deserve/ am begging for an extended battery for my torch, but I'll just say that I am a new graduate student and spend a ton of time on my torch, which you know has really crappy battery life to begin with! Being a full-time student, working, and keeping up with my family, leaves my phone dead at the end of every evening by the time I stumble in the door, so I'm not even able to enjoy any of the apps I've downloaded like the kindle app, chess, checkers, and even simple things like listening to my music.

Simply put, winning this contest would be amazing and it would help me with not only my school work, but my job and my personal life as well.

Thank you guys! Have a great day! :)

I would love an extended battery, spending so much time reading crackberry blogs is killing my oem battery, also being on the west coast I spend all day talking and messaging all my family and friends on the east coast

I work with tradeshow exhibits for a living and I often find myself on the show floor of a convention center during install or dismantle with no accessible power -- yet I must continue to get work done -- which is why my Blackberry is essentially my life... Problem is I have a BB 9550 (Storm 2) which has many advantages -- including a much larger screen with which to view everything... But it has its significant drawbacks as well -- also including that much larger screen -- that poses a very serious drain to the battery... I litterally carry 3 extra batteries, an external battery charger, and an emergency charger with me everywhere I go, and it is not uncommon for me to go through 4-5 full batteries in a day! An extended battery could perhaps reduce that number a little bit and make my life SO much easier! Especially since it also takes close to 20 minutes to reboot when you change a battery (which of course always comes at the most inopportune time)... (So much for the new buggy software update that was supposed to shorten startup time -- um, NOT! - but that's another story all together)...Please please please I REALLY need an extended-life battery!!!! :-)

I'm an Army Reserve officer and use my Blackberry to help balance my Army, civilian career, school, and personal life. I find myself on my Blackberry constantly and use it for everything from taking notes, storing passwords, checking the weather, reading the news, or keeping up with friends and co-workers. My Blackberry is in use from the time I get up until I go to bed and often times I don't have the ability to re-charge though I do carry a USB cable with me and try to plug into a computer to charge up whenever I can. Having an extended battery would allow me to continue to use my Blackberry throughout the day without having to worry if I'm going to run out of juice before I get home to charge. This would let me get more done and that's the ideal use of a Blackberry - efficiency!

I have two standard batteries because I can't seem to stop turning the screen on. Also, I download so many podcasts that my battery is always being taxed.

I'm using a old bold 9000. I refuse to upgrade because nothing new is as good as my old phone. The battery dies in 3 hours if I'm BBMing or texting heavily :( I'm sure anyone using a 9000 could attest to the need for an extended battery.

I'm a full time college student and I sometimes stay at the college to do some extra activities. Some parts of the college my phone has to be either off or with roaming off because it always kills my battery. When it dies and I forget to take my charger I have to ask someone for their phone so I can call my mom to pick me up but With this I wouldn't have to worry as much about my blackberry tour's battery life

I work in an industrial facility, and not being able to always have a place to plug in and keep my phone charged is tough. Having an extended battery would make things a whole lot easier for me and keep me from losing calls, or leaving my cell phone unattended. Hope I win one of these great batteries.

I am a full time student and a heavy crackberry user/abuser. I check it for class updates, university announcements, messaging friends, and playing games in between classes or waiting for the bus. Its not very practical to bring my charge and be stuck to a wall. This would tide me over until I got home ;)

Im a Detective with The NYPD. Im a loyal Blackberry user. Unlike others, I wont be switching to android or the IPhone. I can really use the extended battery for my Bold 9650. Long hours on Crime Scenes. Thanks.

As usual, BB runs out of power when you need it most, no matter how careful I am to charge it before (2 last times: stuck at airport due to snow, and all the sockets are being used, or on the train with the socket not working :( )
Spare battery would help to survive :)

I need the extra Juice because I am a private security contractor and use the use the phone extensively so criminals can not listen in on a scanner. The bluetooth is always on and I love my Pandora!

An extended battery will be great for me since I'm a full time student in college and staying at school all day can put a big strain on my 9800 since I txt so much. Not only that but I often have to do homework through the internt on my 9800 and that just brings the battery down even more. So that's why I think I should get an extended battery for my phone.

I need the extra juice because I am a college student major in engineering who has classes and labs for the majority part of the day. I need my phone to pull up things regarding my schoolwork, BBM'ing friends about projects, tweeting, etc. and it's too inconvenient to tote my charger everywhere I go, and I use my phone frequently throughout the day. This would be a great prize :D

My 9700 has been acting strange ever since Christmas and I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with the battery life. I need the battery life back and then some, please.

I'd love to win this :)
Reception in my apartment is pretty bad, I don't even get a full day on the stock battery.
Especially with all my BBM groups.

I need extra juice because the Torch is a HOG for battery power. I am on the go and need the spare so i can swap it out and keep on moving. Send it to me.

Im a 911 Dispatcher and work long shifts. I am constantly using Google maps on my Bold 9650 so I can give first responders their best access routes to emergency calls. It works amazing for this however I find my phone constantly attached to the charger which is across the room from me. Having this extended battery would be a huge help and keep those directions coming when they need them most. So please pick me CrackBerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need the extended battery because I am constantly on the go and not around an outlet to charge my BB throughout the day.

I use a Tour and even though that hurts enough, now I cannot have even my data services on if I want to have my BB last the entire day. A new battery would be a lifesaver!

Always on the go, I work on my BB, I ski, sail, bike, and play on my BB. I am on call with the health system and need it to keep running!

Out all day. Battery runs down on the Storm or Tour and has me running to the cigarette lighter every day and I don't smoke.

No matter where I am, I have to charge my for fear it will die if severed from that cord for more than a few hours. When we got a laptop for store purposes my first thought was, "cool now I can bring my extra USB charger to work so I can charge my BB," how sad is that. I always charge it in the car and ALWAYS have at least one extra battery in my pocket. Please my beloved source for all things BB, why not give my phone some extra juice.

Thanks for the opportunity,
You guys rock!

I'm on a BB 9650. Late nights in the city often end without me being able to contact anyone or stranded at a train station. An extended battery would do wonders for me.

I so very much need this!!! I've got a bold 9650 and I brought a wall adapter to work so I could top off the charge a couple of times a day so I could keep running smoothly. Every time I go to plug it up I find my boss's phone plugged up to it and can't ever get access to it when I need to. He has essentially taken it over. So I definitely need an extended battery. Really, we both do, but if you're only giving away one, please let me have it!!!

I need more juice because I work in an office that has spotty cell service at best, so my phone is always searching for service.

Who Would'nt want the extra battery life... please hook me up with a 9700 extended life battery and I will show you how to use it

I'll like to get one 'cause always I lost all the charge to midnight and its not comfortable been layed on the bed with the bbm, twitter, facebook and reading all my un-read mails with the blackberry pluged-in, and really will love it so much have my bb turned on always with me

testing and using a 9700 =)

Use my Bold 9650 in an iffy area coverage-wise and phone uses up a lot of battery life looking for signal. This is just what the doctor ordered.

Working for the armed forces, wall outlets aren't always around.
An extra extended battery will let me keep in touch with the homefront !! (And Crackberry off-course :))

I've been meaning to get an extended battery for a while. I'm on my phone all day and offten away from my desk, so i can't keep it charging all day. Count me in!

It's always a stretch to get the torch past 16hrs. - just when I can sit and relax after a long day I have to go find a charger! Just give me enough to get a whole waking day in!

I travel a lot and the extra juice would keep me powered up with my 9700 while sitting in airports.

I would like to be one of the winners because unfortunately, I found myself being in poor coverage area on daily basis. Whether it be at home or school. On top of that, considering that I'm a heavy user it bothers me to constantly check the battery status and make predictions on how long would the phone die, if I was to use an application or an other. Most of the times, I end up not using any of them because I'm anticipating that the need to make important phone calls would make better use of the remaining life.
I would like to win because I want to be able to use a device that I truly love, with full flexibility.

Simply I'm a power user. On my torch all day everyday. Charging it on my lunch and after work in the car. Having an extra battery would be awesome. Awesomer if its a free extra battery :)

The huge screen on my torch drains the battery faster than my older blackberry's ;( an extended battery would be lovely ! :D

Ive just started my own small business and I need my phone practically 17 hours a day.... unfortunately my battery runs out 6 hours in so I am forced to use a second 6 year old phone that is the worst thing ever. I own a 9780 Bold so I really don't know why Iam getting such crappy battery life

Definitely could use an extended battery on my BB. Would make it so that I could make it through a day of heavy use much easier.

please pick me???? i have to bring my charger with me everywhere i go. and right now, i can't really afford purchasing a new battery.

I would like to win an extended battery because I can't afford unlimited internet plan. I use wifi all the time and that alone drains the battery life on my curve 8900. Thanks and God Bless to the winner!

i live on extra juice as my 2 months old 9800 has been leaving me out and dry. my car charger does work when am in my car only. i need this so bad.

My Mother is 87 and terminal in a hospice, So my BB is on 24/7 and it is critical that I keep it juiced as I receive calls from the hospice day or night about health issues as I am the one responsible for authorizing her treatment.. at night it stays plugged in and on but running about during the day it would be nice to have the safety margin of extra juice.

You gotta be kidding... win a free battery???? WOW!

I'm a Deputy Sheriff. 12 hours on the road, using my Storm II all the time, utilizing bluetooth, GPS, and of course, Pandora!! NEED JUICE! Please, oh please let me win this!!! This is the coolest contest ever.

I have a number of apps that run in the background on my Bold 9650, mainly for security. Plus, I am constantly performing some task or checking emails. Normal battery life on the 9650 has been an issue from Day 1 and is pathetic. Having an extended battery is not an option, it's a necessity.

I need extra juice because listening to music on my 9550 absolutely kills the battery, it's impossible to listen to an entire album before that red light starts blinking at me.

Stupid battery life... think you're so... cool. *grumble grumble*

Ever since I have been testing our activesync setup here at work my battery life on my Torch has been, for lack of a better term, SUCKING. Astrasync will KILL a battery. Where I could usually go about 36 hours between charges, with this program running I am having to charge every 10 hours. So an extended battery, or even a second stock one, would be AWESOME!

Need extra juice, because well I'm running around with work all day and don't have access to a charger. Tired of plugging in the car charger every time.

I was somewhat dissapointed with the Torch's battery life having come from a Bold 9700 and a Curve 8900 prior to that.

I'm an IT admin and I'm on my torch all day long responding to email and finding out about the latest fire to put out...

Between meetings and working in the machine room or labs and sometimes taking my grandmother shopping at night, I don't always have a power adapter handy, so an extended battery would really help me get all the way through the day.

I would seriously want to get this. Even though My Bold has a good battery backup, i run through the battery in 15 hours.

I work for an accounting firm and do alot of traveling. My BB 9700 is my email machine, my social network (bbm, gchat, twitter, facebook), my calendar, and my mp3 player. Right now I am playing some music, bbming with 4 people, gchating with some other people, and checking in on twitter and facebook. My 9700 battery is great, but with all the travel the extended battery would make life so much easier, and i wouldnt need to worry about charging it or it dying during my next mp3.

I need extra juice because my wife and kids always drink it all. I mean, what else am I supposed to mix with my vodka?

I need more "juice" because I work 50 percent from my phone being in sales. And nothing is more annoying than getting the flashing red battery meter & not having a charger. Plus, its the new 9670 Style...come on now, very WEAK battery! So, hook it up!

I teach parenting classes throughout the day on my phone and I'm rarely near an outlet and changing batteries is a pain! Plus, carrying a charger all day is just sad. :(


i need the extra juice as i am constantly on my phone using it for bbm, texting, internet and everything else and by the end of the day it is very low on battery, sometimes even has battery too low for radio use so a spare battery would be great :)

Now that I've got a BlueAnt in my car, I'm chewing through battery life more than ever. I could use a bit of extra juice.

Student, watching news during breaks and got wifi on all day. So usually battery is very low after 6pm and sometimes dont last until 8 :/

i would love to have the extra battery power for my hour-long commutes each way, so i can listen to my music and play some sweet sweet monopoly without worrying about the battery

Would just love a little more juice from my 9650. Those GSM guys have nothing to complain about...I need my extended battery! Thanks.....

If i had an extended battery i should be able to make it through the day without having to recharge. Thanks.

I need extra juice because I use my bb a LOT. Nothing fancy.
Weather. emails. Wikipedia. google. Getting and reviewing attachments. Calls. Text. BBM. Updated on RSS feeds for Work related information. Traffic updates. Flagging news to read later...my bb does everything except fly. So- it would be great to have some more hours and not feel my heart rate go up when my battery hits 30%.

I just bought a Bold 9000 and i LOVE IT! It's a great phone and I do a lot of things with it... if it's possible with more fuel I'll love it a bit more!!! :D

Storm 2 user.... starting my own infrared and energy efficiency business and am remote much of each day. An extended battery would be awesome!

In great need of an extended battey! Traveling to work, I use my phone for music, email, and other business needs and get tired having my BB hooked to a charger! Usually have to recharge my phone 3 times during 24 hour period. Thanks for the contest, Crackberry is the best!

An extended battery would be beneficial to me, because I use my BB Storm2 daily from 7:30 a.m. often till 10:00 p.m. (in the field). I need Skype mobile open the entire time to communicate with my brother serving overseas. I am the only one constantly available when he calls and I am able to connect him to his wife and children by 3-way calling. When that battery nears death and I am no where near a charger I feel like a portal to my brother is closing. It is an awful feeling. An extended battery would assure that I make it through the day without worry.

Thanks for the opportunity.

I'm contantly on the go, and constantly using my car charger. Sometimes though I'm riding with colleagues where I go and don't have my charger. They rely on me for GPS, Pandora, etc while in the car b/c their iPhones never keep a strong signal, and the battery dies instantly after prolonged use of those apps on their phones. I need my phone after the car rides, too!

An extended battery is exactly what I need.

Really need the extra life for my 9700. On the go in 3 coutries every few days and limited power outlets - this would really help.

On a normal day, my 9700 fully charged will last until 7 Pm. My BB has a very heavy use during the day, between phone calls, emails & Social networks. You just can't have enough battery life.

The worst case scenario (that's often played out in my nightmares) is for me to be at a meeting or in a waiting room and I cannot use my BB because I've run outta juice. Winning this contest would keep me from worrying about this!

I can't charge my phone in my work truck because it doesn't have a cigarette lighter.... This battery would help out big time.