Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jan 2011 02:28 pm EST

Contest: Win an Ventev PowerCELL for your device! Details Below.

Ventev PowerCELL BlackBerry

I picked up a Ventev PowerCELL a while back to use with my BlackBerry Torch, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I was kind of down and out when I jumped from the Bold 9700 to the Torch and didn't have the same battery life. I explored some charging solutions and even carried a spare battery for a while, but then I came across the PowerCELL. It weighs next to nothing and is small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Just charge it up ahead of time and it provides plenty of juice when you're device runs low. It comes with multiple adapters including mini USB and mircoUSB for BlackBerry devices. Available for just $54.95 from ShopCrackBerry.com. Keep reading for details on how to win one of your own!


To enter to win Ventev PowerCELL for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how it would help you keep your device charged on the go. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!


i need to be EXTRA JUICED. . the solution is Ventev Power Cell. send one this way, my blackberry and i would love ya for it. VENTEV POWER CELL ROCKS !!!!!!


This charger would be great for when my Blackberry 9650 is about to die and I have no means of charging my phone. This charger is a great accessory.

As of now to charge my cell phone on the go i have an DC to AC adapter with a usb port.(the thing is huge) USB__> to cell. the problem is when I am out geocaching i cant keep it plugged in as i am looking for the cache. :) (GPS takes alot of power on my 8530)

Just a perfect solution to one of those problems that happen just a the worst times. Has to be a lifesaver for any BB owner, how cool!

I am always on the go and away from electrical outlets. My fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be so swapping batteries is no longer an option for me. Charging my BlackBerry via the USB port takes FOREVER. The Ventev PowerCell would allow me ready access to a quick charge when my battery needs a boost. I would then be a happy camper.

Being in Law school, I just bought a new Bold. I really hate having to pay extra monthly fees but the BB helps me so much with my court scheduling, case info, homework and to keep in contact with teachers and fellow students. The problem is Law school is almost a 24/7 ordeal and I'm on my BB constantly. I always have to have a charger with me because I have to charge it at least twice a day.

My Torch has a terrific battery life of average about 2 days/charge; however, I found myself in many occasions that my Torch dies out due to heavy using and in nowhere near a charger. I think this will help me out more than a spare battery.

this would be an amazing thing to have especial on those looooooong over seas flights i take 4 times a year to see my family. my phone always runs out of battery on the way

I'd love this, my phone is always running out of power at the worst times, I could definitely keep this in my bag :D

I would love to have this because I have access to a charging dock 1 days on 3 because of the school/work. So i have power for a day and a half and then, no more juice... Would be really usefull but don`t have many money...

This would be of great use to me, as I am a student and there is no place to charge my phone at school when my battery dies, in case of emergencies, or just so i can text:) I would love this!!!!

i never win anything but you know what they say...you cant win if you don't play. That being said, Ive started my own catering business and went to a torch (on Saturday) from a 9700. So i could definitely use the extra power since I'm always on the go getting this puppy off the ground. I'm sure that if i don't win that id get one eventually. But a new business has to keep an eye on the dollars and a product like this could really be useful sooner rather than later.Thx! and congrats to the lucky few who actually win :)

I would like to win something for once in my life. Also I love my new Blackbery Torch. Love the system should of been a Blackberry user long time ago. Winning something like this too will definitely open my eyes to why people love this site and Blackberry so much. I also use my phone a lot and notice that I have to charge 3-4 times a day, so this will come in handy when I'm low on battery.

This would be perfect for when my phone dies during my train commute because I forgot to charge it overnight... again!

Since I am always on the go with work and such this would allow me to have a way to charge my phone while flying. Carrying two spare batteries and a extended battery gets old after awhile.

Wife and i coud use it during extended boat excursions whers the Berries expend all their energy to stay connected to the distant towerd

as someone who puts a lot of demand on my Storm due to work, this would be an awesome help during my day.

I would be beyond grateful and thrilled to win this. I currently keep my 'wall charger' at my work desk, my usb cube at my bedside and my car charger...well- guess where?!! This would allow me to have something available when I am out and about. I never go Anywhere without my Torch! Please pick me and thanks for the read.

Really nice to have it, so i can charge on the go..
im traveling all the time, around the world some time 8 to 10 hours flights .
i contain myself some times of playing with my torch, or listen music due too maybe or not i will have a chance to charge it on the next stop.
that's why i would like to have it.

PS: i can prove it and show u my passport :)

I work split shifts @ work, but sometimes that means I'm unable to go home for 12-14 hours. Having this accesory would make sure that my device never runs low!

I could use this. You see i have a solar charger which doesn't charge rather it just laughs at me when i plug it in, I need a new backup friend that wont laugh at me thanks!

This would be beyond useful! I'm on the road a lot for work so having this sort of thing would allow me to keep working even when I'm not near a power outlet.

i am always on the go with my work and always away from power outlets. This would allow me to have a way to charge my phone while i'm in the middle of nowhere....

I have to carry my laptop around with my textbooks to charge my phone. This will help me not carry the extra weight around for a full day.

I am a heavy user of my Torch, always on the go but not always able to let my phone site and charge. This would be a God send!

I could surely use this. I work in a hospital and tend to leave my BB docked as there are too many places where the signal sucks and the battery drains. This would be sweet as I could plug in whenever the juice runs low and be able to use my BB when I'm stuck in some of the lower signal areas.

My Momma needs this BAD! She talks so much on her Yakberry she could drain a 12 volt Diehard in a day. This be exactly what the Doctor Aiden Berry ordered!

Wish come true!! I need this becaue in my city we have started a thread on our local site where people post what they wish for and people try to grant them. So far someone has gotten a trip to vegas and a headstone paid for. It is a fantastic thing. I check this thread constantly all day to make sure I can't grant as many wished as possible. Including giving someone my old blackberry. Thus making my battery dies at a rapid pace. I would love this so I can grant as many wishes as possible. Thank you

One of the most important accessories to have is some extra juice for your smartphone. After all, you aren't going to look very smart when your power runs out, especially when you need it most. This looks like the perfect accessory to have for just such a situation. Put one aside for me!!,

I'm often in the field and away from my vehicle or office. This would be a life-saver. I can't live without my charged BlackBerry.

Torch Battery Hog? No you gotta be kidding me! Why I have no idea what your talking about, hehehe. I sure could use this. On the go user that tweets, fb, bbm, chat, talk I do it all and power consumption is always a concern. Unfortunately I dont start conserving my battery power till its too late. This would really help keep me on the go while I work hard and play hard.

Crackberry is so awesome because of deals like this which I am in dire need of to be able to use my BB all day. As a college student, class gets boring at times and you gotta utilize the BB but I run into a problem when I need it for too many classes. The Ventev PowerCell would be a godsend!

I work for an Indirect agent for Sprint and am a power user for my personal use and spend all day showing off the phone's capabilities to customers and have to charge it quite often. This would be an excellent addition to my accessory catalog. Thanks for the opportunity

This would be great to have for my Bold, Epic 4G, and iPod Touch. I have way too many devices and kill a battery on my Bold in a few hours. Pick me please!

since my upgrade to the 9800 and because i used alot of apps, i have to carry mt chrger every where. this will a new thing in my life

since my BB torch only lasts (during the work week) about 5 hours, it would mean that i can actually remain in contact with work the entire day....

of course that also means i have no excuse to not to reply to emails etc. ;-)

I live with my Storm. Unfortunately i am always looking for ways to repower via car or spare battery. Life would be simpler if i didnt have to worry

I love my BlackBerry. I use it all day every day. But because I'm doing so much on it, my battery dies very quickly. I have three extra batteries that I carry around with me 24/7, which is a pretty big hassle. If I had the Ventev PowerCELL, I wouldn't have to carry around these batteries all the time. This would be amazing. Please pick me!

****** I do lots of web browsing on my blackberry torch and battery life is'nt the greatest this powercell would do wonders for my mobile web browsing high lol *********************************

I use my torch all day long and I have on more then 1 occasion had my battery die with no charger. Winning this would be greatly appreciated and used all the time!

I use my torch all day long and I have on more then 1 occasion had my battery die with no charger. Winning this would be greatly appreciated and used all the time

This is something that would make my day much more efficient. In my line of work I am rarely around any sort of charger, I am constantly having to charge two batteries every night to get me through those last couple hours of work. This would make it so I no longer had to carry the second battery and wait for my phone to reboot after switching them out. As a plus is would work on my Fiance's phone as well!

My extended battery can't keep up with listening to Howard Stern on the Sirius/XM app! I need this Ventev PowerCELL to recharge at work! Baba Booie!

Everyday I drive 45 min to work and 45-55 min back depending on traffic. I have everything i need on my BB and this would so help me to not have to worry about my battery dieing and then having to pull out that charger to keep it juiced up.

This would definitely help me with school and for work. My blackberry battery or a friend of mine's battery usually runs out at least once a day. My blackberry is essential to my business. Battery dead = lost sales!

I spend a lot of time outdoors and stay away from power outlets most of the time this would be the shiz for those times

I use my Torch for Geocaching. This puts a strain on any devices battery using the GPS so much of the time. I usually have very little if any battery life left at the end of the day.

I travel almost daily and don't always have a an outlet to my 9700 Bold charger (either AC or car charger). So having the Ventev PowerCELL would be a "Life Saver" !!

As a conductor, I use my Blackberry to keep in touch with musicians, other conductors, venue staff and to stay in communication while traveling - the Ventev PowerCELL would really be handy when I can only have my device in a rehearsal hall and need to make sure it's always powered-up. What a great idea, especially when the extra battery is not handy!

This would be essential in College, i am constantly in lectures with little to no service and this would be great to charge my bb in my backpack so it can stay on and get my messages when service appears

I use my blackberry for music, video and blogging instead of only for BBM and email, and i do a lot of travel daily in bus, train etc. , this powercell will surely boost my blackberry as more capable entertainment / music device

I do a lot of cycling, and run my Bones In Motion application. On my long rides, I sometimes have to stop the BiM application to save on battery life. The Ventev Powercell would let me ride forever AND be able to stay in touch!

I travel more than I would like to, sometimes to places with weird electrical plugs! This would keep me from needing to run laptop to power my BB. I know - dumb from a thermodynamic POV...

This will be a special addition to making me be more productive more efficient by being powerfilled. My blackberry and playbook will have a great friend.

Am mostly "on the go" and do not always have a charger or laptop handy.. I guess this is the best way to keep my Torch charged ;-)

Im on the go so much, this could really help keep my torch and bold charged, especially for the work emails and for when the wife bbms me.

I work on the road all the time. I work for comcast so whenever there is an outage I have to be first to respond. With all the calls I have to make when I get to the scene my 9650 battery dies awfully quick. This would help me be alot more productive overnight when trying not to be cautious of phone calls made and emails sent without worrying abou my phone dying when I am nowhere near my truck working on and around telephone poles.

Please this would be a huge help to my job. Was thinking about getting an ext battery bit just don't have the cash to afford one.

i work late nights for up to 12 and on the phone constantly using email, text, and internet along with calls. This powercell will definitely give me the freedom to use the phone as much as i want

It would be lovely to have it while I am on campus. I use my ipod and, of course, my torch alot on campus and won't be home till late in the evening. I hate bringing all these charging wires along with the one for laptop. So it will become much more convenience with PowerCELL! :)

I am new to the Blackberry's just switched from a iphone and really love the Blackberry torch. I got it for work and can't say enough about it. I would really like to win the power cell since i am using the Blackberry so much for work and learning how everything works. The extra juice would be great!!!

I have a 9650 Bold from Verizon and I recently upgraded my phone to OS 6.0 and It seems to drain the battery faster, I use it daily for emails, texting, and BBM'g to stay in touch with people on the go, email alerts are very important for my personal accounts. So i need to have my battery last as long as possible while on the go. I believe that the Ventev PowerCELL could be a huge help.

I work in an area where my 9700 has to work pretty hard to maintain a signal. Because of that I often find it dead part way through the day. This would help me keep it charged, when I'm not near a charging area.

This would be nice on longer hikes to provide power to the gps (the other contest I plan on entering). I won't go into details about getting lost last Spring to find that not only was the gps gone but so was the phone - dead, very dead battery.

My truck is my office and my Blackberry Storm is my guide....I can travel up to six plus hours a day and using my GPS/Navigation through my mobile eats away so much battery life. I am always asking prospects/clients if I can plug in my phone while we are meeting just so I know I can get to the next place on my schedule....

I currently am using 3 batteries due to constantly calling, texting and emailing clients and co-workers. I would love to have one of these for my 9650 Bold!