Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jan 2011 02:28 pm EST

Contest: Win an Ventev PowerCELL for your device! Details Below.

Ventev PowerCELL BlackBerry

I picked up a Ventev PowerCELL a while back to use with my BlackBerry Torch, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I was kind of down and out when I jumped from the Bold 9700 to the Torch and didn't have the same battery life. I explored some charging solutions and even carried a spare battery for a while, but then I came across the PowerCELL. It weighs next to nothing and is small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Just charge it up ahead of time and it provides plenty of juice when you're device runs low. It comes with multiple adapters including mini USB and mircoUSB for BlackBerry devices. Available for just $54.95 from ShopCrackBerry.com. Keep reading for details on how to win one of your own!


To enter to win Ventev PowerCELL for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how it would help you keep your device charged on the go. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!



I would love this device because I'm a college student who's always on the go. I never know when I'm going to need to check in with classmates for assignments, or for family events, and if my phone is dead. It's kinda useless if it's dead, and this would help!

i get up early every morning and spend my day out and away from my charger constantly using my berry. this would end my daily search for outlets!

Wow I would use this constantly, my university is higher elevation and surrounded by forest so I rarely have more than 1 or 2 bars of service. The constant search for a better signal leaves my BlackBerry Bold 9700 running on empty by the end of my school day.
Having a product like this would keep me with the power to continue through the day! Please pick me!

I run a 9700 which gets about 2 days or so, but when it gets worked harder it drains faster. I work on the road so this would be great to carry around.

As a full time student involved in a bunch of extracurriculars I rarely am in a position to plug my BlackBerry in when I'm on the go. I am constantly on it and something like a Ventev PowerCELL would be a life saver.

would love to win this because longer battery life means more BBM-ing, more email and others. Thanks CrackBerry! ;)

I use my Blackberry for everything from storing phone numbers to 4 email accounts to using Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Twitter to maintaining my entire families event, Appointments and class schedule on the calendar. My Blackberry lasts me about 5 hours tops before it needs to be put on either my home charger or my car charger. The Ventev Powercell would really help me when I am running around doing things or going to things for my kids or just doing what I need to do with my Blackberry. Please consider me to win the Ventev Powercell.

Thank you

This is a great idea! I have a Plantronics BT that comes with a case/charger/extra battery supply, I didnt really appreciate it at first but it really comes in handy. I bet this would be about the same. Good!

I NEED to have this for my blackberry! Please hook me up with this, and I will be forever grateful :) Thanks Crackberry - you guys are the bessssst!

I too jumped to the Torch from my 9700 and although I love the Torch I agree that the battery can't even be compared to the life you get on the 9700. This way I don't have to buy that second battery I've been looking into but I find too expensive. :)

Very cool. Similiar to a couple of other reserve charging devices I have seen and own. THis would beuseful for my wife and i to get some extra juice for our devices (Blackberry bold/iphone/ipod touch) when needed.

I work 12 hours shifts out on the road. This would be awesome in cases when I don't have a car with me and no other means to maintain connectivity. I use my device alot, and sometimes power becomes a problem.

I needs this to keep my phone charged up, my ipad charged up and my handsfree charged up. I am a travelling tennis pro and spend 6 hrs a day on the tennis court with not enough time to recharge anything. Confirming lessons and replying to texts and reading texts and receiving and sending e-mails leaves my devices drained.

Hook a brother up, son!

I move around a lot when I'm away from home, so this would greatly help me stay charged up without having to constantly look for a plug if I need to. Plus that thing looks thin enough that I can even put it in a pocket and not bulk me down! Yes please!

I'm still using my Bold 9000 and it's kind of battery hungry, being able to charge on the go would be aweome

This is great product. I can use it to charge my phone when I'm in school and have no time to sit and charge. With this product I can continue receiving important emails/SMS/BBM about projects and assignments from professor and teammates.

This is a must have for me. I am tied to a power outlet almost all day, this seems to be a great alterntive.

this is a great accessory. -- my 9000 is the perfect device, minus the battery life. -- this would fix that and be great for when the Dakota is finally released :D --

CDMA BlackBerries just don't have the battery life of the GSM ones. My wife and I both have a 9650 and in the evening we are both wanting the charger to get through. With this one of us could tank up at work and leave the other one tethered to the wall at night- or to the powercell of course!

An extended battery. Works great as long as I'm in a good coverage area. I coulad really use this as I'm always on my BB, but really have to go out the way just to keep it charged up.

I would love this product. It would mean not having to worry about hooking my Torch to my laptop off and on throughout the day.

this would really help me keep my torch going all day long without having to plug it in the car all the time. it would really help on those camping weekends too with our local boy scouts for me to stay in touch

this would help to get through the day to only have to charge my torch once a day instead of twice

wow this product is awesome its like having a 2nd battery for everything that can be charged with a USB cable. my BB torch would love to have it on the go so would some of my other devices.
its like having a outlet u can take with u simple awesomeness

This would be a great accessory for me. My phone is constantly in use and the battery drain is intense. This will keep me from having to carry a backpack with a laptop and usb cord sticking out of it for backup. lol

My battery died right after class, I missed the bus, had no one to call home and had to walk home 13 miles in the Michigan cold.

I want this yesterday.

i could use this device since im always on the go and dont have an extra battery that i could use to give me more battery power!

I could really use it. I can never make it thru one day without charging my torch during the day. Problem is, I'm not always in the office. My iPhone can use the extra juice sometimes too.

Wow! I can use this NOW! I'm stuck in a class all week and no way to charge my Blackberry. It's about dead by the time I leave. This thing would really help!

I need this soooo bad. I am a salesman and am always on the road. I have to take tones of pic and have to charge my S2 two to three times a day. I need this to make my everyday job flow.


For those days when I talk a lot or listen to podcasts while working alone in server rooms and find my battery at 20% by 4pm this would do the trick. I have something similar for my bluetooth earpiece already. It's a Plantronics Discover 975 that comes with a charging case that I have used to give me 3 more full charges. I've been pondering why I haven't seen anything like that for the phone itself... now I have. Thanks!

This would be awesome for travel, and I love that it will work for both my Torch and my husband's Bold 9000. (He's so excited for the Dakota. I hope it's going to be all we think it will be!)

I totally need this- My wife and I cannot for our lives remember to always bring our chargers when we travel- this would save our butts!!!

With the 9700's amazing battery life I sometimes forget to charge it. This results in experiencing the rare occasion when I've carried a BlackBerry brick. Same goes for my girlfriend. We could really use this external battery pack as a backup. Certainly if not us, all our friends with Android devices or iPhones who are constantly looking for available power sources. I'll charge everyone $1 per charge and make $100 a month. Then I'll buy another external battery pack and do this again. And again. And again. And again. Yes, Android, sell more devices. Apple, keep moving those units. I'll be rich...

I'm out of the office a lot and rely on my BB to stay in touch. Being able to charge on the go would be a game changer. Hope I get lucky!

Sometimes I forget to charge my phone. This will be perfect for those times, I'll just leave it in my bag.

i am in riyadh now a days and have planned to go to makkah every month, its around 2000 km round trip and last time i ran out of battery, this device would help me to stay online all the time

I travel A LOT... i am out of the country for a week every month. During my travels i use the following devices constantly

1. BB 9700 - India no (work)
2. iPhone 4 - India no (home) and Music - (Normally stays in airplane mode)
3. BB 9300 - Local no for country traveling to
4. iPad - carries all my pictures for work, PPTs, documents etc.

i have a mac with me but i use the ipad and the 2 BBs the most. and on the flight my iphone.
Thus a portable charger is what i need for my mobile ife

This would be perfect for hiking. I frequently kill my battery and have no back up in case of emergency. I have to win a contest at some point...

I am constantly using my torch, whether it be bbm, to slingmobile, to games. This takes a huge toll to have a bunch of things running, and me being on the go alot, would love to have this with me! Cheers again for all the great contests!

i would love this charger because by the time i go home, my battery is about to die or dead. I can use my phone as much as I want without having to worry if my phone is going to run out of battery.

I loose my charger all the time and always have to be around a computer to charge my phone with the usb cord, this would solve my problem!!!!

I would use it to charge my phone when i have to work and go out on the same day so that my parents and friends can call me even if my battery is low because i would use it to charge my 9700

Since my Torch doesn't make it two days; and since when I go hiking I use GPS tracking and it doesn't even last one day (and of course outside I have no opportunities to charge it) I would love to get it.

I am always travelling for 2 - 3 days between Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. I end up in cars without my car charger or taxis, hotels without power outlets and frustrated to see my BB 9700 fade before my eyes, often having to power down whilst out and about. This would give me the ability to stay connected in critical times when I need the extra power. This could literally be a life saver for myself and our team.

I drive a lot and I am always looking for someplace to charge my Bold 9700 before it dies. I have a car charger, but it just recently quit working. This would be great for me. Thanks CB for the awesome things you post and information that is posted.

this would be extremely useful when i take these business trips by car, when i keep texting on the road (i am not the driver) and after the meeting my battery is almost dead... that would be great to get some extra juice from my battery

I would love this because it would finally give me a way to charge my Torch while out offroading, and taking photos. It would also be put to use while I am remodeling the new house my boyfriend and I are going to be purchasing. It would make it so much eaisier than having to lug around a car charger, house charger, and even then not having a reliable power source.

I am a frequent business travler and this would be a perfect solution to keep in communication without chasing outlets.

This would give me piece of mind while I'm out on the trails. Nothing is scarier than seeing your BB's battery meter turning yellow/red.

I'm a restaurant manager and practically run the restaurant with my Blackberry. Always in contact with the owner, other managers and we even do our scheduling online, which uses email and text messaging. I spend alot of time at work and can't afford to leave my phone in the office to charge! I'm always on the go and really need a better alternative to keep my Blackberry charged with me!

I would really love to win this accessory because after upgrading my BB 9700 to OS6, it's battery hasn't lasted throughout the whole day. I constantly bring my charger around everywhere, even in school, which can be pretty annoying if you tell me. Winning this product would really relieve the hassle of bringing my big ol' charger around! Thanks! :]

If I were to win this product i'll use it all the time I hate carrying around wall chargers and car chargers. I will be able to charge my phone on the go.

I'm a heavy BM user and even with screen brightness at a bare minimum and and many other battery-saving techniques, I'm always worried about my phone dying near the end of the day. This would be so helpful! I bought my first BlackBerry this year from a discount on Black Friday and I'm so glad!

This would be great to have as I am contstantly in and out of place with no signal. My battery get drained pretty quickly. Most of the place I go you cannot plug anything in to any outlet with out a permit. This would be great for when I am running on the ragged edge.

The wife and I both have new Blackberry 9800 Torches. She is on the road all day (works with developementally challenged adults) and has no car charger to keep her battery up and going. She is constanly on her Blackberry for work and to keep check on me(3 stroke survivor). This device would be a godsend for our household.

While I love my BlackBerry, I hate the battery life. My 9650 usually lasts til about 4 or 5 pm since I have to get up at 4 am and take my phone off the charger. Having a portable spare battery would allow me to carry that instead of quickly charging it in my car on the way to a store...or other location after work. It's usually hard to do anything after work because my phone battery is almost dead every day.

Priceless would describe the importance of this additional power source. I would be able to use this almost daily due to the area that I have to cover during my working hours. GREAT contest - Thank You

This would be great for me! I own a lawn business and use my Storm as an mp3 player while I work. The battery only lasts so long and then I have to go put in the truck to charge on a charger and half the time the charger is in our other truck! I would love to have this!

I spend 8-10 hours in a 35 degree room 5 days a week, streaming pandora through my bluetooth.. My battery usually dies 3-4 hours in.. This would be a nice way to have a completely music filled work day!

I'm on my phone constantly and even with my 9700s great battery life I still find myself running low on battery often. This would be a great help

I am on the Torch right now along with the Tour. The battery life could use some work. The Tour lasts me alot longer than the Torch. I am constantly on the go and on the devices. This Ventev Powercell is a great idea, send me one.

I carry an extra battery and 2 charging cords for my 9700. I have only ever had my phone run out of bettery one but when it did I was completely shut down for work.

I am badly in need of this backup charger for my BOLD but short of buying one because I have a spare battery in hand at the moment.

However it has become a hassle having to switch off the unit and replace with the extra battery and boot up again. Also, not to mention if both the battery drains out!

Having this will be a great companion and I can add up longer up time and charging on the go. I can then donate my extra battery to someone else who is also in my current situation.

Having my batt topped up is always at the top of my priority list, especially when going on fishing trips up north where coverage is minimal and batt life seems to follow suit. This accessory would help me a tonne :-D

As a girl scout leader, I'm always emailing or texting on the go to my scouts or other leaders and always seem to run out of battery life when my husband is trying to reach me (ugh) so the Powercell may actually help to save my marriage.

This would be a great asset to me when I travel with my job. I occasionally go on overnight trips with a military academy and having a charged Blackberry in the field is essential to my communications with coworkers and emergency situations. Here's to hoping for a win!

I'm more on the go than I'm on the sit! T'would be absolutely phenomenal to have this charging solution at my disposal!


Been extremely dissappointed with the energizer mobile charger that I have. Doesn't hold charge, and obviously does not dispense a charge as well. After sales is bad so I'm left with a dud. Let this switch be it please!

I'd use this in the field while working surveillance at work. Would help out a lot when you can't use a car charger.

althought my 9700 has a gud battery life, still usage is just to much to keep that juice in for the while day, n since m out the entire day, could really come in handy!

As an EMT in one of the busiest EMS systems in NJ, I am on my Blackberry constantly. Besides radio communications, we utilize landlines for communications with not only dispatch and the Docs-but also multiple Department of Homeland Security agencies. Plugging a phone into an outlet or socket is not an option, as we are rarely stationary for more than a few minutes. Working 12+ hour shifts makes carrying extra batteries a must-but also cumbursome and a pain in the ass. The powerCELL is the answer to my prayers. It would not only benefit me-it would benefit my partner as well, and make us more efficient in saving lives andhelping those in their time of need. I would love to field test this for you.

I would love a Ventev PowerCELL. I could definitely use one on the road when I'm away from my house and car all day. I recently purchased a similar Energizer device at Best Buy, claiming it worked for all BlackBerries....well, lo and behold, it didn't fit my 9650.

I constantly run my battery down trying out new apps that i purchase on crackberry.com and using tether via bluetooth that i also purchased from crackberry.com. HELP!!!

I use my Torch to tether my wifi iPad so usually by 6pm my mattery is dead. Not a problem if I'm in my car but often I'm at a tradeshow or event with no access to a charger. This would be perfect for those days!

It would help me soo much. i´m constantly on tour with my torch and it happens several times that i ran out of battery. it would be great to have the possibility to charge on the go!

This would be a good accessory to have on trips. That way I could minimize the amount of chargers/plugs to pack

This is just what my family needs. We have four phones and someone is always low on battery. We could juice it up while we are juicing it up!

It would be great to keep this is the car, throw it in my pocket and know that I'll hace a little bit extra juice when I need it.

This is a must have product for me. I have various BB devices and having 1 die and waiting for the other to turn on is not a good business outlook. Therefore this would be very handy for me.


I commute on the train to NYC for work and many times have found that my Torch is about to die due to battery drain, this would save me in those times.

We got 4 bbs in our family and with 2 torches for upgrades my wife and I are swapping batteries non stop. We do a lot of traveling and are having to constantly find outlets everywhere we go. Maybe we would enjoy our lives a bit better without having to be wall hogs.

Hey Guys, this would be the perfect solution to my daily routine of trying to get through the day on a single charged battery. As we all know, apps are a must on these Blackberry's, so it's a game of chance and watching your battery strength throughout the work day. Oh my, what a treat this would truely be! You guys are the bomb !! :-)

This would be perfect!

Many times I am some where I can not plug in and yet need to keep working. This would be perfect for those times!

Wow, it's exciting.. :D we all know that Blackberry had a weak battery, i'm mobile person, with this accs, i will be able to do my work while on my trip from one city to another city.. very very useful! please let me in! :D Thanks Crackberry!

This would really help me as an entertainer I need the web to stay connected to the world and I have no internet in home so all I have is my blackberry. I'm constantly on it all day and constantly charging it. When I'm not home I'm forced to use it less so that I won't kill the battery. This would really help.

I didn't know that this existed until now. If I had I would have gotten it a while ago instead of getting the extnded battery. This will allow me to ditch the extended battery and use my regular battery since I can hardly find cases or skins to fit over my phone now. This will let me to recharge and keep on going.

Need one of these! Especially to stave off the drop from 30%-0% now that my 9700 is on a leaked OS 6! Although I know the Playbook's battery life will be great, I'm gonna be on it day and night so I'll need to keep that juiced too!

It would come in handy. I use my Storm with the Golf Logixs program and i can't get it to last a whole round.

This is something I need all the time. I carry around a blackberry 9780, Iphone 4 and Ipad. This would greatly help because I'm on the road all the time. Whether I'm travelling or on the go in the city, I need battery because I drain all 3 devices quite fast everyday.

I travel a lot on mission trips and sometimes the flight is longer than the blackberry battery charge can last. This baby would help me get a much needed boost.

I need this device because I work long hours and I have an aging mom who needs to be able to reach me at all times

This Accessory would be perfect for me because I am always on the go and always useing my blackberry. I dont like carrying around my wall charger this would be ideal to use. I have a long trip ahead of me driving from east coast to the west coast.... This item would very much come in handy.

I can't count how many times I've got to the office or customer site only to discover my phone had not charged because my daughter had disconnected my charger. Having one of these would be a life saver!

Many of those who know me will say I am in love with my blackberry (And I Am! :)) I usually take advantage of any and all opportunities to try and convert the non-believers, especially the I-fan boys and I get so disappointed when I'm trying to show off the awesomeness that is the berry and the low battery indicator pops on and spoils the mood. Lol...this is soooooo annoying! I need more juice to change the minds of the deceived! ;)

This is perfect for me! Being the mobile admin at work, I have several different devices (iPhone, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry) and having a mobile charger would save me much wasted time and effort keeping up with so many different chargers! I'd never be without power!

This would come in handy while watching weekend sports, with my buddies, because my phone blows up with texts and emails causing my battery runs really low...

with a Powercell I wouldn't have to run out to the car to charge up during the games!!!

As i like to go to festivals like roskilde, sziget and a lot of smaller ones. It always is a pain to stand in line to get a little bit of juice in my Blackberry 9700. This would make me able to use my blackberry all festival long!! awesome!!

This would mean more hours of talking and texting throughout the day. I'm always having to plug it in while im on the phone.

This would be a great addition to my Bold 9650 / and soon to be Playbook combination, especially for long trips!

This device would be wonderful to have on hand when I have long waits and the stress of hoping my Torch won't run out of battery power, I had no idea that the battery life of a Torch was not as good as it was with my Bold. Still love my Torch though.

Please consider me for this one....


This is soooo convenient !! I go on road trip a lot so this would be perfect cuz Google map drains out battery pretty fast not to mention BBM all day and surfing the web

I'm on my Torch literally the entire workday, and it's just not keeping up with me without access to a charger. Having this would give me the ability to go mobile and not have to seek out an A/C plug every time I get to a new location.

I commute on my bike everyday so it'd be cool to keep one of these things handy in my bag for just-in-case situations! I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 in White woot woot

I like to think I get the most out of my Blackberry...I am always using BBM, browsing, or listening to music so I eat up a lot of battery! I am always out and about so this seems like the perfect way to always stay charged up!

This would be great to have on the long days away from home. I could charge my phone on the go, without having to look for an outlet! Charging would not be a problem on the busy days running from school to work and back to school. Great accessory.

Spend my time always on the go, especially during subway ride, need to turn off data services in order to save battery. Having a mobile charging solution would be great!

It supports phones and devices other than Blackberries so I could even help a friend out if his device is in need of a charge. This is great for long work days where you're on the go and never stopping. :)

I work for one of the major banks and we are not allowed to have cell phones out due to security concerns. (Guess they think we all work for WikiLeaks!). Since the bank has also decided to pull desk phones as a "cost saving measure" I lock up my Storm 9530 but leave it on in case of emergency. By lunchtime my battery is practically drained to nothing and I spend half my lunch sitting in my car recharging it. This device would keep me connected without the worry of missing an emergency call due to battery drain.

I need this! With traveling with my torch, I need that extra juice! Often, by the end of a day, the Torch is toast, so this would be awesome! Good luck to me.

Would love this to use with my Storm. I like using Endomondo to track my bike rides, but with the GPS use, and live Facebook updating, the battery on my Storm drains quickly. This would allow me to live track longer rides.

Man- This thing would be a dream come true- Not only to recharge my Blackberry, but it's got the same standard as some of my battery powered equipment! I'd never have to buy another AA for them again... !

I would love to have this to take on trips. No more running out of juice on the plane when I'm trying to read using the Kindle app. We will soon be a 4 BB family, so I'm sure we would put this to good use!

My wife could definitely use this charger with her Tour. She's always complaining how the battery doesn't last that long and she's not able to charge it on the go.

This would be SWEEEEETT!!!!!!! I am always having to carry around a charger to recharge my device and look around for a receptacle to plug it in to. a royal pain in the buttocks.....especially if i can't find one......

After working a 10 hour shift last night I was held over. Unfortunately, I'd used my Bold extensively and the battery was on fumes. Fortunately I was able to get a a hold of my wife to let her know I was ok and would be home late before the battery completely died. Having this tucked away in my duty bag could help tremendously.

I do love my new Torch overall, but I miss the battery life of my Bold 9000. This would fill in that loss of battery life gap pretty nicely.

Being a college student I am constantly away from a charger, and often not close enough to a power source to compensate. I use my Bold 9650 to communicate home, across campus, and setting up future professional appointments and a dead phone battery is unacceptable. I probably don't NEED the accessory as much as others but the peace of mind that I will always have my most essential- essential.. my BLACKBERRY would be an incredible gift. I appreciate a chance to win and love all the contests here on Crackberry.com. Win or lose, I will still be an addict!

An awesome solution to the dreaded dilemma - wait and charge, or get going and risk running out of juice at a critical moment! Please pick me : )

I blow through my curve battery much to quickly. Addicted to both my crackberry and audio books, this is perfect to get me through a day of traveling. Pick me! Pick me!

Im on my Stom2 at least 15 hours a day. I have to keep a charger near by. I would love to win a Ventev PowerCell

Well, I'm kind of a big deal, which means that you can usually find me protecting humanity in some vast corner of the universe. Take Kenya for example. While fighting rebelious Lion mothers, this charger would allow me a lot more time in the field (no pun intended) to disarm and negotiate with these extremely dangerous (and usually pregnant and hormonal) cat beasts. More battery life means I get to focus on the job at hand. If my phone dies in the midst of playing a funny youtube video or voice note to these hairy beasts, I'm toast. Look, I'm good, but I can't dodge a well-placed paw swipe while I dismantle my phone to install the spare battery then wait for the boot up..... Lethal consequences there. I don't mean to be selfish, but I work hard for the money, and it would be nice to have a piece of equipment that could make my life a little easier. Crakberry rules!

The Beast Slayer

Exactly what I'm looking for for my 9670 Style...battery life must be as bad as the Torch. I hope I get chosen!

I'm on the road alot and my storm 2's battery wont last all day. This would help towards the end of the day to keep me connected.

Thanks for the chance.

my torch battery needs to be charged all the time.. each time im at the office i gotta plug it in... would this... plus the wifey could also use the hook up with here torch too...

This device would be awesome in keeping us (my family) charged up. With my bb and my wife and son now in the bb family it would definitely help along with all the other phones in the house. The ability to carry this around and give us an extra boost when low is great, plus we all can't use car chargers all the time.

My VZ 9630 Torch has always had battery problems. I have read the bulletins and done everything possible to extend battery life. This product will do wonders for someone who uses his BB with battery draining apps.

I too have a Torch and work extremely long hours, typically 12 hour days M-F and some weekends. I use my phone constantly since I need to call clients ansd usually have to end up putting my phone on the charger before noon everyday. Its a huge hassle

I travel weekly, and always end up with a dead phone. This would be very convenient to have as I am never near a power outlet!

This would be great for my storm. I like to spend my summers traveling from music fest to music fest around the country. I always have 5 batteries on my body and usually use them all. My blackberry has become my favorite all in one tool, except for the batteries. Would be cool to just charge my device between acts instead of fumbling around with the door and batteries in the middle of sweaty crowds of thousands. Its also a bummer when you miss once in a lifetime Kodak moments with artists because my berry is still rebooting. This would make the game different, plus I could also use it on other devices eliminating the need for other battery mishaps. I hope I can win this!

I do alot of traveling and finding charging stations at airports can be quite challenging sometimes! This would be a great add for me!

Between GPS, several BBM groups, web, plus using the calendar, contacts & email for work & ministry, anything to keep my Torch going is an essential.

Let me start by saying that OS's battery longevity is the most impressive that I've experienced. I've gotten through 9-10 hours of intense use: bbm, emails with attachments, twitter, browsing... and still have approximately 40% battery left in the day.

However, I'm one of the unfortunate few that faces the reality of OS 6's "fatal battery bug." It's at this point (40%) where I'm afraid to pick up my phone. I've seen my phone go down to 10% "normally" when using bbm or sending text messages. But if I were to open the browser, browse twitter or listen to music (anything battery heavy), the 40% quickly becomes 5-8%.

This wouldn't be so bad, but I pick up my wife after work everyday. With Winnipeg weather being so temperamental at times, I need to ensure that she stays where it's warm if I can't get to her in time. If, by chance, my phone loses so much battery instantly before I leave to pick her up, I'm left worrying that she may end up waiting in -40 degree weather longer than she should.

If I win this battery, it will ensure that I can communicate to my wife; whether to stay where it's warm, or that I'm ready for her to get into the car.

i really need this. I have almost NEVER got through a day without a charge. Plus, my inpulse watch can use a random charge here and there if i forget to keep it topped up (its great on batt life).

I am always prepared I have THREE batteries, but my iphone lovin friends and some not so prepared berry users i know would love this when we go camping.

this would be so convienient. not always having access to a charge can be very annoying.
when im out i sometimes have to turn off wifi and blutooth to ensure my 9700 doesnt run out of juice. with this i can leave them on and not have to worry about my phone dying, i could just charge on the go!!!

i am in desperate need of a charger right now i am a high school student with no money and now no charger for my blackberry. the only way i can charge my phone is by connecting it to my computer through the usb cord, and still my battery sucks on my storm 2. i would love and appreciate this. thanks

I love my BlackBerry! I own one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. I love to show it off - all the great mobile features and apps that are designed to make life easier. And they do! As long as I've got a charged battery or able to hook up the AC charger. Somehow showing off your high-end mobile phone doesn't have the same punch when you have to have that AC charger plugged into it to keep a battery charged long enough to use all the wonderful apps and features the phone was intended for. Please spare me the embarrassment of those situations! The Ventev PowerCell is the perfect solution! I will forever be in your debt! :)

I do a lot of hiking and overnight camping. also extended canoe trips where i have no power supply. would be nice to stay charged and connected

I do a lot of hiking and overnight camping. also extended canoe trips where i have no power supply. would be nice to stay charged and connected

I recently went from a Bold 9000 to a Torch. I love both phones and use them interchangeably. I mainly carry the Torch, but the Bold also has features I love. The biggest problem while doing this is that I often forget which phone I charged, therefore I get to work or class with a dead battery...

I would LOVE to win this for myself and my daughter!! We both have a BB torch and that would help us both out immensely!! She travels on her job and needs this while she's on the road and I wouldn't have to worry about her so much knowing she has this available...thank you.

O man... This is a awesome Device, I would love to win this, Ill try the win option first!!! Thanks Guys!

illicitstylz's submission!

this would provide that extra few hours of battery for my phone in an emergency, if i dont have my car charger or computer/wall outlet to charge up my phone, i can just pull out this ventev powercell to charge up my phone!

ever since i changed my 9700 os to the OS6 my phone has been dying super quickly if i had this it make my life MUCH easier since in my university has a small about of outlets and i have to make it my mission to look for an outlet when my LED is flashing yellow, this would let me charge during m lectures AND make my University life WAY simpler. Please my life needs to be filled with other things, not searching for outlets!