Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice!

BlackBerry 7 Accessories
By Team CrackBerry on 26 Mar 2012 04:37 pm EDT

Contest: Keep reading for your chance to win an accessory of your choice!

By now many of you are enjoying a new BlackBerry 7 phone, while others are still in the market for a new device. The one thing I hate when getting a new phone is having to rebuild my accessory stash. I can't seem to live without my BlackBerry charging pod as well as a few cases and a spare battery or two. If you're in the same boat then don't worry. We have a full supply of all the best accessories for your BlackBerry phone. Be it cases, chargers, batteries or whatever you need -- we've got you covered. If you can't quite decide what accessory to pickup for your device, keep reading to check out all the available accessories and details on how to win an accessory of your choice.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories


To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice*, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Winner may choose any in stock accessory at of value less than $100USD

Reader comments

Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice!



In my line of work I chew through batteries with my Bold 9900. A charging dock would be convenient and make it a lot easier than having it plugged in the car all the time.

Just got the new BlackBerry 9900 and would love a dock. So excited i didn't buy an iPhone i need my phone to actually work not play stupid games!

In my opinion if you want a real phone get a blackberry!!!

BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz HD for BlackBerry PlayBook would be great for my playbook or a Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset for my aging Bold 9700, so I can hear and be heard when driving in my car.

Maaan, that charging pod for the Playbook seems popular, understandably so. Sign me up for one of them badboys, too! Otherwise, a holster/charging pod combo for the 9900 wouldnt be too shabby, either lol

Please count me in for - "Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone"
This accessory will be useful while driving

I would love to have a Journal Case or Convertible case for my Playbook. There ain't any blackberry store in my country. I even got my playbook on a retailer. I wonder why RIM will open a 1,400 number of stores in Indonesia? Why not show some love in my country, it's more fun in the Philippines and its more social.

My current wish list stands as follows:

- 9930 charging cradle
- PB rapid charger
- PB hdmi cable
- HS700 bt earpiece
- BB micro usb car charger

Now b/c the contest seems to state "one accessory" the hard part is picking which of the above to get. To date I've kinda got a process in place regarding charging my devices (charge the PB overnight as needed, same with 9930 while at work too). I haven't quite needed the hdmi cable, not until we get Skype or Netlfix or Hulu (I will not dingle my Book).

So with all that said...I would chose the HS700 bt earpiece, my previous one recently died and been using the prem BB headphones.

Let's go CB team and pls pick me!!! Notice my well thought out plan, spec'd for an office setting to which would change slightly in a year or 2. Until then, pls hook me up!! :D


I would really appreciate a Jabra DRIVE Bluetooth Speakerphone. I cannot afford one at this time but if i get the chance to win it , i`ll use the money for it to buy the PB case with keyboard.

i would love a battery for my 9930 , coming from an iphone , i feel the battery is a little weak , a charging pow would also be good

I could really use the spare battery and charger for the 9900 - it's better now with OS, but it still eats battery life!

Would love a charging block for my beautiful BB PlayBook!!!! Thanks CB for another great contest

I would love to win either a PlayBook charging dock or an in car blue tooth speaker...please oh please pick me.

It's so hard to choose. I'd probably go with either the Playbook rapid charger or the Otterbox case for the Playbook - unless I could get that mini-keyboard case, but I think that's over $100.

Wow! Now thats a contest!! I could use sooo many of these accessories. Batteries to bluetooth not sure what I would choose..
Awesome contest!

My Torch 9800 needs a boost by the end of the day. I could use a Seidio Charging Vault Kit for BlackBerry Torch 9800. Thanks

I could really use a BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9930 the wall plug always falls behind my desk. Thanks

I could go for another extended battery as a backup when my current one starts to go. Pick me!


Crackberry is an excellent resource for everthing I need regarding my BlackBerry. Any chnace for a freebie is much appreciated. Bluetooth, bluetooth, bluetooth!

Where to start ... Freedom BT Keyboard would be great beside my PB or a charger bundle for my BB

I love the fact that CB gives soo much free stuff away, the only way for it to be any better is if I win something. lol

I have like a BlackBerry Charging Pod for Torch 9860 - because the crackberry not be transported to Hungary. :(

Good morning CB team :). Id love a Case Mate barley there for my brand new 9810, in white please. Thanks and as always keep up the good work.

I don't know if I'd even know where to begin, I wish my carrier offered the 07 OS phones. I'd love a Torch. There's some cool stuff there that my old timey 8530 could utilize!


Charging Pod or Battery is much apreciated! Would be a nice gift to celebrate b-day ;) Thanks for the opportunity CrackBerry!

I love my BlackBerry Bold 9900! I would love it more, when I get a 2nd Battery or the Desk Stand!

Hmmmm... what to choose. Could use a new charger or battery. Hmmm. Well, if I win, I will have fun thinking about it further! :-)

I bought a Blackberry Case from for my Curve 9350 and I am very satisfied with it!

Much cheaper than any other site.

Thanks Crackberry!