Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice!

BlackBerry 7 Accessories
By Team CrackBerry on 26 Mar 2012 04:37 pm EDT

Contest: Keep reading for your chance to win an accessory of your choice!

By now many of you are enjoying a new BlackBerry 7 phone, while others are still in the market for a new device. The one thing I hate when getting a new phone is having to rebuild my accessory stash. I can't seem to live without my BlackBerry charging pod as well as a few cases and a spare battery or two. If you're in the same boat then don't worry. We have a full supply of all the best accessories for your BlackBerry phone. Be it cases, chargers, batteries or whatever you need -- we've got you covered. If you can't quite decide what accessory to pickup for your device, keep reading to check out all the available accessories and details on how to win an accessory of your choice.


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories


To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice*, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Winner may choose any in stock accessory at of value less than $100USD

Reader comments

Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice!



really would LOVE to win the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for my PlayBook :) its a few dollars over but im willing to pay the difference!! (or get something else if it doesn't qualify)

I would really love and need a Blackberry Bold 9900 Charging pod and charging Pod for my Playbook :)

I love my new Bold 9900 and have bough most of the accessories I need from Crackberry but a chargingpod would be cool

Crackberry is an excellent resource for everthing I need regarding my BlackBerry. Any chnace for a freebie is much appreciated.

I carry with me my playbook wherever I go, so an OtterBox Defender Series Case for my Beloved Playbook will protect it.. Please???????? :((

I could really use a stereo headset, which one, I will have to decide later, to many to choose from!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and!!!

Whatever the nicest Bluetooth headset I can get for under $100. My phone stopped recognizing my headset a long time ago and I've been missing having one since.

I could really use the Motorola Dual Port Universal Charger. Great whiling the playbook and my device :)

the jm1 battery charger and battery combo would be nice. my wife sent mine through the washer and dryer and doesnt work anymore.

I'd love to win a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my Bold 9900. I could really use a spare battery since my Bold 9900 unfortunatelly doesn't last me a day; and the charger bundle would be perfect for charging both the device and the battery at the same time. If the item is not available in stock, then just a JM-1 spare battery would be very fine too!

I hope I can win this time on the accessory contest!

Thanks for the opportunity one again!

I always have my pb with me and it would be nice if it has some protection on it or a charging dock for when I'm watching movies on it. Thanks guys!

I would love to win BlackBerry Journal case for my PlayBook. Poor thing needs protecting, and what better way to protect it in style?

I could sure use a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold Bold 9900.
Thanks CrackBerry!

This would be great if I could win one of the following for the Torch 9810: a holster, a case or a battery. Please pick one (if it were up to me I'd take a holster). Thank you very much for the consideration!

I don't know if I'd pick an accessory for my Torch 9810 or my Playbook, but this would be a good dilema.

P.s. I don't really talk like that, but hey if it makes people notice me it'll work.

Rocking a 9930 on Verizon

FSM willing, I could add some useful accessories to my household Blackberry technology pool.

I can use the BlackBerry Convertible Case for PlayBook...since any extra chargers are too much for me (and not as practical for the time being)

While I'd love that "BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook", I'd settle for the "BlackBerry HS-700 Bluetooth Headset for Bold 9900" instead...

Until the PlayBook keyboard case is released I would settle for a charging dock or a bluetooth headset for my Torch 9860.

Wish the playbook bluetooth keyboard was available.... Oh well. I guess I can make use of the extra battery/charger and "Y" cable. I go thru about 3 batteries a day anyway.....

Thanks for the contest crackberry! =)

Hi, I would like to have a Black NoiseHush NX80 3.5mm Stereo Headphones or Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for my BlackBerry smartphone (and PlayBook). Thanks CrackBerry!

I'd love a Motorola P790 Portable Charger. Charging on the go would be amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

My headset got ripped out of its socket now the wires are exposed and they stopped working,
I definitely need a new headset, can't live without using my headset along with my awesome BB 9900 :(

Only had the 9900 for a couple days and still trying to decide what to get...Otterbox Commuter or charging cradle? Maybe a bluetooth headset or something for the wife's BB (once she decides between the 9790 or 9900.

Crackberry thank you for wht you do! If I were to win I would love a desktop charger and extra battery for my 9860

I could really use an OEM holster for my 9810. Mine got lost at a party over the weekend. Found the phone, but the holster was nowhere to be found....

I could really use a charging stand for my desk in my Law School Newspapers office (the paper for which I wrote an article praising BlackBerry for the PlayBook and my new Bold 9930). So that'd be cool!

First choice would b with a playbook keyboard with me paying the difference. Second would be a new charging dock for my 9860.

Would love to have a blackberry case with remote keyboard. Would be more than willing to pay the extra $$. If that wouldn't work I would love an otterbox defender series case for blackberry playbook.
Long live the crackberry nation!!!!!!

I need a J-series extra battery bundle for my 9930. I kill the battery pretty easily if I use it all day without plugging it in at work.

I can't find it yet but we could pre-order so I am assuming it will be soon - A Blackberry mini-keyboard for the Playbook. So hopefully you'll let me wait until you stock them.