Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2011 04:06 pm EST

Contest: Easily charge your device with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charging Pod

The BlackBerry Charging Pod. By far one of my favorite and most used accessories, it has definitely got the most use out of all my other BlackBerry accessories. You can use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. Charge your device without having to fumble around for the microUSB port and leave your BlackBerry ready for quick grab and go access. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Pick up one (or more!) for all your devices at ShopCrackBerry.com


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To enter to win a BlackBerry charging pod, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!



Well, here I am sitting with my Playbook, eating pistachio icecream, watching Family Guy on Netflix and commenting in another contest that I won't win......again. Oh well, the icecream is good, Family guy is hilarious and my Playbook rocks.

This guy needs a charging station for his batphone. I will trade you this charging station for a bottle of unicorn spit.

please pick me crackberry! id love to use this charging pod as my alarm clock holder, in that case i wont be late to work anymore haha! thanks for these contest, i love you crackberry!

oh man, this would be so clutch for my 9900! i love the phone but i have to charge it 2 or 3 times a day because of the BIS/BES usage.

I think the BlackBerry charging pod is a must-have for all BlackBerry users, whether for personal or work related use. It looks slick aswell, with a smooth finish; perfect. Nice 8). Got to order me one now from @ shopcrackberry.com

This would be so great to have since I work nights and sleep during the day and my wife are always having to change the alarm clock. I would use this by the bed and never have to touch the alarm clock.

I am having a hard time teaching my BB 9780 to stand on it's own. I have offered my BB treats, demonstrated how to stand upright for months on end and I have failed miserably. So I see there is this contest for a charging pod that would not only make my BB Bold 9780 stand upright, but ALSO CHARGE and DISPLAY its clock?? Who are these people? I am hoping to be amazed, should I be lucky enough to win one, as I have had no luck teaching my BB to do just the very thing... I am skeptical, but open to see if this could be my solution.

Would love for my 9900 (which was a huge upgrade from my Curve 8310, lol). Now that I've customized the phone to work for me, need to start collecting those accessories!

If this includes the Playbook, I'd like a charging pod for mine. If it doesn't, a pod for my Torch 9810 would be great too. Thanks!

I'd love to win one to replace my 97xx charging pod that's become a paper weight since I got the 9930! :)

i just got a new bb and would LOVE this :) i hope i win ive never won anything my whole life :P imma loser lol

What a great accessorie for my Bold. Sure would save me from having to mess with the wires every night.

Please let me win this. I would love to show off my 9930 at work for all to enjoy and test the amazing functions of a blackberry. Thanks for helping me promote blackberry in such a stylish manner.

Dear CrackBerry Santa,
Either my PlayBook or Torch 9850 would LOVE a charging pod. They have both been very good Berries this year!

Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod!... Yes Please... I would love to have a charging pod for my BlackBerry Torch 9850.... Please? and thank-you!

Now this - a Blackberry Charging Pod, I am charged for!

The best part of it, if I win this contest? I'm not charged for it!

Therefore, I'm charged.

Thanks CrackBerry!

CB i just broke my charger after reading this post...Now you have to give me whats mine BlackBerry Charging Pod.... :-(

That's what I need ! A BlackBerry Charging Pod for my 9850 ! " I want to be the first guy on my block , with a confirmed kill ! "

Hello crackberry this charging pad would make life so much easier..just place it on the pad no more plugging in...what a time saver

Whenever given a choice in other contests, this has set has always been my choice so lets see if I can win it this time!

Just got back to Blackberry after having a year and a half long android hiatus. I would LOVE this bundle!

I'd love to win a charging pod for my 9780! I've always wanted one, but it's just a little out of my budget for now :P

I could really use a charging pod for my Bold 9930. Thanks for the chance and I hope I win. Thanks crackberry!!

Sure would like a charging pod. I had one for my Storm 2 but was trying to keep costs down when I upgraded to Torch 9850.

This would so work for my poor Tour 9630 while I await the release of BBX devices. Might breathe a little life into the poor thing. I never go anywhere without it. :)

since I recently joined the blackberry family with my 9850, I would definitely find this little thingy useful ;)