Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jan 2011 02:28 pm EST

Contest: Win an Ventev PowerCELL for your device! Details Below.

Ventev PowerCELL BlackBerry

I picked up a Ventev PowerCELL a while back to use with my BlackBerry Torch, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I was kind of down and out when I jumped from the Bold 9700 to the Torch and didn't have the same battery life. I explored some charging solutions and even carried a spare battery for a while, but then I came across the PowerCELL. It weighs next to nothing and is small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Just charge it up ahead of time and it provides plenty of juice when you're device runs low. It comes with multiple adapters including mini USB and mircoUSB for BlackBerry devices. Available for just $54.95 from ShopCrackBerry.com. Keep reading for details on how to win one of your own!


To enter to win Ventev PowerCELL for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how it would help you keep your device charged on the go. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.



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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Ventev PowerCELL for your BlackBerry!



I have a Storm and being a heavy user, I have to recharge multiple times during a day. When I'm out and about, I don't always have access to plug it in. This would resolve that issue and make life a whole bunch easier.

Ventev PowetCELL is a heavy duty BB tool for heavy duty users like me. In a day; more than 100 emails, more than 60 minutes phone call, lots of internet browsing, some youtube, always connected with Skype, Bluetooth handsfree, headset and inPulse watch... I'm power hungry in dire need of Ventev!

I have resorted to keeping my laptop on me in my bag with the usb cord plugged so I can charge, while I walk and text/bbm. Crackberry at its finest.

This would be great to keep my BlackBerry going at work, where I don't really have a place I can plug in and leave it to charge.

I never seem to have a place to plug in except at home. This will keep me going when I do not go straight home after work.

I'd love this. I fly a lot and I'm constantly running low on battery life while in the air. When I land there's no time to seek out an outlet, dig out the wires and hang around for a quick charge. So, I head to my meeting, then lunch/dinner and don't have a chance to re-charge until I'm at the hotel.

Having this would allow me to de-plane with a full battery to carry me until I get checked in at the hotel!

I sure could use this!! When I do OT and the firehouse, sometimes I don't have time to recharge. This sure would help me out!!

Well I would love to have this cause I don't have internet at home anymore so I'm always om my phone now.Between CB,FB,twitter and everything else my battery drains, so this would help me a lot.

I would love to win this for my Blackberry Torch 9800 so I can have an extra battery.
I'm usually on my phone and my phone is a Torch and the battery can run out quite quickly and If I have a spare one I could my phone juiced up and use it if there is an emergency.
Thank you blackberry for making these contests!
Good luck to everyone!

I would love to win this. I always seem to run out of juice when im the furthest possible place from an outlet.

I run through the Storm 1 battery on a daily basis and at night I often forget to charge it up! Would love to have this on the go as I venture out for the day.

this will be perfect for me. i am a college student full time and i also work so i charge my phone when i get home from work which is usually around 11pm then i leave at 9 so i constantly have to walk with my charger to charge my phone at school and at work.
if i get this powercell charger it will be less of a burden walking around campus looking for a outlet or charging my phone when i am at work on my break.

my work often has me on the road and out of the office so this would really come in handy... especially since my cigarette lighter adapter keeps blowing the fuse in my car... not fun when your dashboard and stereo goes out on the 401 after dark lmao

With all the reviews and freebies from CB, I'll definitely need a back up power for my 9700. I'm always on the go, and my bberry is my everything for keeping in touch with my job, friends and ministry. It will be great to win one of these. Thanks.

The wife and I are both avid campers and this would be extremely useful for those times when we don't have any power or if we are both trying to charge our phones at the same time on long trips.

Would be nice when I travel see the sights, I would keep it in the camera bag in case I run out of juice!

- Power Shortage -
I am an IT Professional that travels a lot around the country. Could use something like this to keep my gadgets charged on the go.

I really need this accessory, and would be grateful if I won it!

I'm using the 9630 (tour) and I cannot have more then one non-deault application running if I want to have my device still running without a recharge at the end of the day. Sometimes when I'm travelling in the subway I'll purposely turn off data services for a while just to save the juice.

There's a lot of other applications that I'd love to have running to make my Blackberry more useful but I cannot due to fear of mega draining of the battery.

The PowerCELL will definetely help eleviate that problem signifigantly if not completely.

Please and thank you!

This is the exact device I need for excursions away from home where it isn't always possible to find a power outlet. Please consider me so I can sing the praices of this PowerCELL.

I'd use this to help keep my wife's blackberry going. I give her my battery because she keeps forgetting to charge her's. lol

Yeah !!!! sounds great !

away from noise, in the nature, i'll use it as my best friend :-)

Love the wilderness !

Solutions like this charger would help me out since I'm constantly on the go. My laptop can actually charge my cellphone but it really does take a lot of time for it to charge considerably.

This device would most definitely help me out when in need of power.

I want to use this with my BlackBerry PlayBook when I get it! I'm sure that the PlayBook will ship with good battery life and will only get better as new OS updates are pushed out, but for those times when I'm on the go and find my battery getting a little low, this Ventev PowerCELL should give the just needed little boost the will allow me to keep using my PlayBook until I'm able to give it full charge. Would be awesome to win one. Thanks CrackBerry!

Would be great for all the times my car charger is not in my car and I need GPS and data when my battery is low.

My 9700's battery drains insanely fast due to all the work I have to get done on it when out of the office. This would help immensely.

im a photography student and im permanently having to use the itnernet on my blackberry for inspiration and ideas and as everyone knows using the internet on your deivce drains the battery , and by the end of a college day my device will be dead, having this powercell would be very helpful to quickly charge my phone at the end of the day, so i can keep my bbm and texting going without having to go home and sit there waiting for it to charge :)

the OS6 leak is killing my battery and still experience sudden drops so being able to be fully charged on the go would be AMAZING

As a race director and owner of a race timing company, I am constantly on the go meeting clients or traveling to scout out race routes. Carrying a charging cord for my Bold 9650 is inconvenient and this device sounds like a god send. Thanks for the opportunity to win one in this contest.

something like this seems too simple a solution. And it can work with multiple devices. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Sweet! I can barely get a day on a charge with my Storm 2. This would give me a little more peace of mind that my phone won't be dead by the end of the day.

As much as I travel out of town, to doctors and such places where a laptop is not convinent to carry, especially when I'm in the hospital....this device would be so awesome! I would greatly appreciate the consideration on this one. Thank you.

This is the product for me! On a recent tent camping trip, my Storm 2 battery drained quickly due to the 1x signal. I had to resort to using a car charger on my 4-wheeler's 12v accessory port and run the engine--expensive gas powered charger!!

I definitely need this. It's embarrassing and unprofessional to have to warn a client that my phone may potentially die during a conference call while I'm on the road between meetings. This would be a life saver...thanks for keeping me in mind!

I could really use one of these for my Torch. I was disappointed in the batter life after coming from a 9700. This would really help. It would be nice to see an extended battery for the Torch at some point.

It would be perfect to keep juice during the whole day and night during party!! I need it! Thanks

This would be super handy for those overnight business trips! My Bold 9700 gets through a full day, but it's a PITA trying to keep charged for day two.
Sometimes I need to bring my AC charger to use in a motel, other times it's my car charger to use in a rental car. And then there's the times when I'm taking a bus or a train, when neither of my chargers will help me.

A battery-based charger would be awesome! One stop charging!

I don't know how many times I have been on a 12 hour flight and killed my battery before I even got to my destination. I struggle to sit near an outlet in the airport beforehand, if there is even one available, trying to keep it juiced up as possible pre-departure in the hopes it might last. This is great.

This is an awesome device i would love one of these. Extra battery life would be a good thing to have especially cause i go camping a lot!

What an awesome charger, it would be cool to have this! I have a Torch that I am getting activated soon and would so love to have this!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

Well thanks to crackberry i unlocked my torch which will make my life easy when i travel to India next month. Now VenTev powercell will make me breath easier on the hop skip and jump trip.

This product would be a life saver! I'm always on the go with my profession and need my phone to keep in touch with clients and other important information. The car charger doesn't always cut it...

Something like this seems too simple a solution. And it can work with multiple devices. Perfect for a long trip.

As a project manager I find myself on the road a lot visiting customer locations. Constantly my phone dies on me halfway through the day. I've been known to stop for lunch at locations that may have an outlet just so I can charge my phone for a half hour. This would allow me to keep my phone charged.

I'm on the road for my job (Fedex) and the truck I use doesn't have a cigarette lighter in it so I can't charge my phone. I'd like to view Crackberry more while on my break, but I need to save my battery. This would help me out big time!

I have to charge mine every night. That sucks. This may help that 2pm "sorry, can't reply right now, losing power" email.

I ride my bicycle to work and school each day. This would be awesome since I could charge while riding. No 12v output on the ol' Giant. :(

The battery life of my Bold 9000 has decreased. This would be a good device to cover the extra work hours in a day.

I have a Torch that I use for games, sometimes I'm away from a charging station for 15+ hours at a time. Need I say more? I really want this.

The building I work in might be the only place in the east coast where they can't hear me now. I do however get text msgs, email and bbms. Since I leave my phone on the battery drains quickly, this would allow me to charge my phone without having to take my charger back and forth to work daily.

This device would be just awesome for me, really! It has all cables that I need. Mini and micro usb for my backup BlackBerry smartphones, universal dock connector for my iPhone and mini USB also used to charge up Kindle.

Just perfect!

I can most certainly use the Ventev PowerCELL to charge while I'm away from home. I'm always afraid I will drain my battery away. Additionally; for my wife who has ADD; she always forgets to charge her phone... I need to charge hers as well. The Ventev PowerCELL would put my mind at ease about her being away with a dead battery. Thanks for the opportunity!

Oh yeah... I could use one!
While on the move, my Bold tries to get 3G coverage, and runs out of juice quite fast. This baby could help me to stay tuned :)

With this I would not need to leave my blackberry in the truck to charge when camping. With this I can still charge my BlackBerry in my tent.

Please CB I could really use this come camping season!!!!

My wife and I both own BB but different models. I have an older BB and she has a newer BB. Our charging connections are different so we end bringing two different types of connections when traveling. We even bought ourselves a portable battery pack that has a USB connection and an adapter for USB to Micro USB connection. I believe this Ventev Power Cell will put an end to our problems. What I like about this Power Cell is that it's rechargeable, and I can charge different phones with different connections. This will save the cost for us without having to buy battery packs every time we need to charge our phones. I'd love to get my hands on this item. Thanks!

Another incredible giveaway from CB. I find myself so often in late or unexpected meetings, and on particularly heavy days, my Bold 9650 just doesn't have enough juice to make it through. This would be a terrific solution that will enable me to get that extra lift, wherever I might be! Please include me.

This would be very helpful for when I'm on the travelling. Quite often my BB won't last the day because of much heavier usage.

I work at customs and sometimes I have to work 2 days straight, always on the go, finding a place to charge is almost impossible. The torch smaller battery doesn't help either! I hope I win. Keep it up CB.

It's not a secret that the torch isn't all that when it comes to battery life so winning this would be perfect for me!

My Bold 9700 keeps dying on me because of all the use. My commute is about an hour long and this could make it feel much shorter if I get to use my BB while on the go... Lol

I have a torch so I know how battery restraints can keep me from missing important phone calls, txts and emails. But if this is as good as you say it is my worries will be over with. Hope you guys pick me.

this would help out alot when im running around on the train listening to music and i dont have a chance to charge my berry.

I am frequently away from power outlets as I travel from job to job. The Ventev PowerCell would be just the ticket for keeping my Bold 9700 charged up.

I could have used this device one day while I was out and about. I had forgotten to put my Pearl Flip on charge the night before and I did not have my car charger. The phone went dead and I had to cut short my fun, since at the time I was caretaker for my father in law and could not be out of communications. One other time, a storm knocked out the power with my phone low on charge. I sounds like just what a forgetful guy needs!

This charger would be good for me, so that I can be able to keep a charge while working and going to school.

Pick me!! :)

This would compliment my Torch very well. I spend all my time on this site so my battery can get drained quickly. It would be fantastic to get a opportunity to use this device. Let's keep on Chargin!

I recently moved from one side of the office building to another with low cell reception. Now my 9700 drains battery much faster then before. The Ventev PowerCELL should boost battery performance. Thank you for this contest.

My storm2 battery drains quickly when im using my gps and pandora apps when on bike rides or hiking. This would be awesome to have so I could continue to explore the outdoors and not be worried about a dieing phone!


My girlfriend is working overseas and BBM has been really helpful in maintaining communication with her. One year has passed and now my Bold 9000 battery is slowly dying, even on 2G network it can stand only 6 hours.

Instead of buying a new battery, I wanted an USB charger that can be used for my other gadgets. I bought car charger so that I can charge my BB while driving the car, I also bought a solar-powered battery charger which is very useful whenever I go hiking and camping.

I am very happy with my solar-powered battery charger, but I suppose having a Ventev PowerCELL will be helpful during a rainy day!

This would help out a ton when I'm at class all day then I go to work at night. I can charge my phone on the way to work and won't have to worry about my battery being to low to be turned on for the rest of my shift.

Let's c this device could help me greatly cause all my networking and business is thru my blackberry. I am always either online or on calls which drains my battery life like no other. And one of the things I have 2 do 2 prevent this is always carry my charger w/me so that way I never lose a sale or a potential client. And I'm not sure about yall but sometimes its very hard 2 find a power outlet when u need it the most. So this handy device will ensure that I always have the power and reliability I need while maintaining my business. Thx guys 4 the potential offer.

This would definitely be a cool addition to my gear. Always out for work, only make it home 2days out of the week. Definitely keep me charged and goin.

Power user on Storm 2, road warrior. 3000 minutes+ per month on phone, and email, text, web. Extended battery power a major plus, as I'm already having to charge the battery (it's new) for the second time today.

I would love this for my Torch and iPod Touch. More than once, I've had to stay somewhere overnight on short notice and been without a wall charger for both devices. This would allow me to be "prepared" the next time I'm suddenly away from my standard chargers.

I love my torch, but the battery life is not the greatest (no big deal to me), having this Ventev Power Cell would be awsome for times when there is no outlet!

I am always on the go with multiple electronic devices (Blackberry, Apple iPxxx, etc.) and all require power. As I use each device during the day my first check is the battery strength and a quick calculation of what I have left (yes I charge most of the devices every night). So having this 'power pack' means I don't have to worry anymore about where the closest power outlet or USB jack is. One less stress item each day is a big win!

This would be great for my torch as I also came from a 9700. It would make my mid day hunt for an outlet obsolete.

Wow! this would be fab.

With being using my BB device whilst mobile and also having a Ventev PowerCELL, this will let me keep my PlayBook charged for a full day of work on it.

Great idea!

This is one of those products you recommend to your friends. It would defiantly help me keep my BlackBerry charged. I use my berry so much i have an 1800 Mah battery but it still dies by noonish everyday so I must keep my charger handy 24/7. Please pick me!

i would use it to keep my BB9780 and Samsung Vibrant (which i use for entertainment) charged on the go!

I usually have to do big Road Trips, and travel to another places, and im always in need of an extra Baterry because 1 is just not enough, and with this, my Bold 9780 will do PERFECT, it will be like having 2 bateries in 1. So please choose me for the winner of this contest. Thanks :)

I would use this product all the time as my girlfriend and I both have blackberries, ipods and soon to be Playbooks! I'm sure it would get used daily!

This would be so awesome to have. I have a Torch too and need extra battery life on the go, this seems like the perfect solution.

I work in a hospital, and rarely have time to sit around waiting for my Berry to charge. I was looking at the extended battery, but there don't seem to be many "high abuse" cases that accomodate the extended battery. The external solution seems to be the way to go.

Hey CB fellows! I hope you're doing fine this week! So, seems like this articule is more than interesting to me since I faceing exactly the same situation you explain on the post. Previously I used to have, first Blackberry Bold 9000, then I moved to the Blackerry Bold 9700... and that was the best experience I ever had battery-wise speaking (ahahahahaha). Seriously, Im a cruising-city person, after work I use to go walking just around the city OMW home or visit a mall and the BB9700 had being so far the best companion I ever had... After a couple-hours-walk and a long twitt-ing and bbm-ing session while walking, when I finally got home there was still one last bar on the battery status (wasnt it amazing???). Nowadays, I became a Blackberry Torch owner (as I mentioned on previous comments) and I love it so far but I would love to have a little bit more lifetime on the battery life (without having to switch to a new battery). Currently Im carrying an additional battery in my pocket and the USB cable... but I hate that in the middle of "x" important BBM conversation or "y" super important phone call my BB Torch shuts down so I have to take 5 minutes switching to the second battery or finding whatever miracle USB port to connect my BB and resume whatever I was doing... Im tired of doing that, hate it!

So, this are the solution options that I just thought while reading your post:
- If the Ventev PowerCELL is so small as you describe it, that I can carry it easily in my pocket then... While at work and not using my BB I can put the Ventev PowerCELL on my back pocket and my BB Torch on my front pocket of pants and plug it in that position to have it charged. Or do the same, but while walking. Goshhh!!! As I was typing this comment, Im willing to have it!!! Please Crackberry, it can be my late-christmas present from you guys!!! ahahahahahahaha...
Best regards dudes!

i have been looking for something like this ever since I got my torch. The battery life is really lacking and this should really help me use the phone for more than a day and a half.

This would be great to have!! Currently I have a charger at home, in the car and a work, but I was having a hard time on the weekends when I am out an about this would solve that problem for me.

This would be wonderful. Between 6 am to 8 pm entrepeneurial workdays, Scoutmaster activities, weekend long campouts, international travel, I absolutely abuse the battery in the torch. I do hundreds of emails a day, lots of text, and a calendar that is constantly updating. I abuse the system. Extending the life, without a charger or dock everywhere, would be amazing.

please choose me.

oh heck ya this would be the ultimate thing as i am always using my bb and my battery is sometimes drained by the middle of the day this would just give me peace of mind to keep going on my day.....

This would be a great product to have! Like you, when I purchased my Torch, the battery life was the one thing that I didn't like...I was so used to having the full battery all day with my Bold. The Torch is so good that I'm on it all the time and am having to charge my battery during the day! This would be a great solution!

im a crackberry addict thats all i have to say aka im always on my berry and i have to carry 2 extra batteries as well pick me please

I am very impressed with the Ventev PowerCELL. This will make charging my Curve so easy. I am always plugging it in and then unplugging it just minutes later to attend meetings or other activities. This is defiantly a time saver!!!

This is a great product. I travel often and am constantly "that guy" at the airport hunting for an outlet near my gate. With the PowerCell, I could sit anywhere and still be able to conduct business!

This would be great! I am always on the go as a student who is also working, I am often gone all day with little time at home or in the car to charge my Blackberry! This would help me out so much so I wouldn't left with a dead Blackberry in the middle of the day!

Being able to recharge on the go would be great. Usually by the middle o0f the evening I am drained so this would really help.

Thanks to Crackberry for the really good prizes.


I must have this! whether at work, on the road, visiting family or on vacation the Ventev PowerCELL will keep my mind at ease knowing I don't have to worry about my battery!

Due to the fact that I use my Curve (Wolf) as a music player - it`s hooked up to massive dj headphones- and also have a data plan, that means I drain the battery fast.The advertised solution seems great .. I need ze PowerCell :))

I work 16 hour days, and am always on the go... leaving my phone behind on a charger is not an option. I am never stationary being in a Winery/Farm atmosphere and this would be great for when nothing is near me.

Something like this would be especially handy during long days of tractor work, where streaming mp3's and listening to slacker usually kill my battery within 7 hours, so i spend the day in silence rather than lose my BB!!

Send er my way, im sure ill use it 5 days a week no questions asked!!!!

my 9800 has really tested my faith in BB,this will help to make sure am to be found by keeping my BB powered up always.

I would use this to keep my blackberry alive for an extra day while bear hunting in Idaho. That way I could use it for GPS and to call someone in an emergency. I hope I win.

This is exactly what I need. I travel a lot and my battery is always low at the worst spots where I don't have a chance to charge it up. This would be great.

This would be great to charge my Blackberry and my wifes Iphone. Even though my Blackberry is better I will share it with my wife.

Due to the nature of my job, I usually leave home at 6:00am and don't return after 7:00pm. That means more than 12 hours without a place to charge my Torch. It'll be a great adition to my BB accesories.

Finally a product that I can actually use to get the job done. I'm a carpenter and spend a lot of time on the phone. Needless to say my battery is constantly drain by noon. Then I find myself scrambling to find a place to charge up (if I remember my charger). This product seem as the perfect companion for me

I often use my Bold as a substitute to carrying a laptop around to college. I have a limited data plan, and I have almost no signal in certain buildings anyway, so I use Wi-Fi. This is a drain on my battery, so having this around would let me make the most out of my Blackberry.

This would be the ultimate accessory for my 9 month trip around the world. The less I have to carry the better. This would definitely keep my expenses down too!

When I am traveling by air to see my grandkids it takes almost all day starting at 5AM in the morning. We all know how it is getting more dificult to find a plug-in in the terminals that is not in use. This would really solve my problem. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great devices.

I usually go to the mountain with my bike, and GPS tracking drains my batterie. That would help me to have power to call in case of emergencie when I'm alone.

With working full-time, a three-year old and a brand new baby, remembering to charge my new Torch has been the last thing on my list. And is usually forgotten until I realize that I have no battery life and nowhere near a convenient charging source. This device would help out immensely! Thank you Crackberry for everything you do!

I would take it with me to my job and use it when I'm doing overnight calls, or sometimes more than just overnight.

This would definitely allow me to be outdoors longer on the trail hiking, and to upload reports from the field!

With my 9800, I always travel with a spare battery and AC charger. I could really use a Ventev PowerCELL!

I work in Public Safety, and HAVE to carry a spare battery as I can be on the phone a lot during emergencies. Something like this would prove invaluable.

I've been waiting for this to come out. They used to have something like this for nokia phones that took AA batteries. Great product

I'm on my phone all day and don't always have access to a plug. This would be a great accessory for me to have.

having this would really help my electronic addiction i have, i always seem to have more that one on me and no computer to plug them into or the right cord. this would help tremendiously with my stress filled life of dieing things

When I am traveling or in an area that I haven't already checked out, I use my Blackberry for geocaching.But the GPS can really pull the battery down so I tend to limit my time doing this. This would extend that time substantially.

I use my Torch a lot that it sometimes doesn't last me through the day. I love this idea because I can keep it in my car on the way to places or while I'm just on the move. The job requires me to do lots of walking and driving, and it's the ideal piece to keep me charged and connected as I do my job.

As much as I love my Torch, i miss the battery life of my 9700. This would help me get through long shifts at work without having to worry som much about conserving battery life. Hook me up!

This is just the ticket for carrying around at work. Eliminates the need for a car charger, and wall plug for short overnight trips. I gotta get me one!

I would love to win it because I always have to carry around my plug so that I can find outlets around school...it's a major pain. I would love to win this

Would be handy when stranded at an airport and using BlackBerry for responding to email, calling wife, and entertainment to fill in the time. When the battery runs low in such cases, I'm currently a bit stuck. I usually travel with a USB charger only, so charging the BlackBerry would involve pulling out and booting the laptop. Even if I had a wall charger, every other punter in the terminal is also scouting for sockets. So, this device would be very very useful to quickly pull out and top up the ol' Storm 2.

Even though I'm always amazed at how long my BB battery can last, I never make it through an entire day on one charge ("I Love BlackBerry" reports 6+ hours average daily use). I always carry a second battery with me, but fear the dreaded half-day reboot (okay, maybe not a half-day, but the several-minutes boot up feels like it sometimes...) when I need to swap batteries.

I travel with 2 BB's (both Torches) , one for work and my personal one, needless to say, this would really come in handy.

I have to charge my BB twice a day this will let me stop carrying my charger. Thanks for contest.

My one little comment goes like this:
Now I can afford to be that much more productive knowing that my BB battery is able to last as longer than me =)

This would be great for keeping my Blackberry charged at work. I work long hours and my blackberry is pretty much dead by time I get off work.

I'm constantly travelling everywhere in France for my job, I need that device, I always reduce my internet use to spare the battery :(

My wife always seems to be charging her 8520 so this would be a great surprise for her & when do actually get away for a vacation maybe she'd let me use it for my 9700! I'll give this contest a shot, haven't tried a contest in a while so why not.

A very very needed powercell for the awesome Torch... Awesome model... Useful!!! Can I have this one please?

I'd like to keep one of these in the car. Between Vlingo use and the fact that I've been using a skin more (as opposed to the Blackberry Holster...that magnetic sleep function really helps battery life), I'm finding that my battery is not lasting nearly as long as it used to.

I work the graveyard shift and the only way to stay awake is to stream radio and browse on my torch when my battery dies mins turn into hours and its a struggle to stay awake if crackberry hooks me up with this I may stay awake and not drive my truck off the road!!!! So please hook a brother up

I use my phone extensively and i always run out when i need it the most with this i can use it all day and charge it at night

My main problem is not JUST to charge my Blackberry... But because my Blackberry is part of me... I need to keep myself charged...

Blackberry battery dies... I die...
I die... hmm... well the Blackberry still functions...

So it's not my blackberry's problem... It's mine...

Cocaine is an alternative... But that stuff is not cheap... This would be great... & useful... The longer the blackberry is alive... the longer I get to live too!!!

Wow I could really use it. Sometimes I'm on the field and I end up carrying my wall and car charger hoping to find a corner to plug it. On heavy work days I even turn off 3G to make the battery last all day. This would help me forget about all of that!

i keep entering these contests!! but do u actually pick people that are outside the U.S? im in manila, philippines

I like to listen to online radio on my 9760. If I want to listen all day, I have to keep it plugged in.
This would Rock my World!

I would use this since right now I am getting about half a days battery out of my bold, I have to keep running around looking for a battery to be able to use the phone, with this little miracle all but battery problems will be solved

This would be VERY handy to have at my desk at work for those times I forget to charge my torch after a few days. Thanks CrackBerry!

This would be cool for my all day mp3 listening rounds. Sometimes the battery just doesn't make it, although with BB6, I've noticed much improved battery life on my Bold 9650. Still, when I'm out in the great outdoors, an extra charge would be super>

this will really compliment my charging pod quite well. it will also simplify all aspect that, has to do with me charging my blackberry nicely, thanks alot for this opportunity.

The powercell would help me in a huge way. I am always losing battery when on the go. I could use this to power my cell phone and my laptop. This would also power many other devices. To have something like this that would hold a charge for use in any device that needs it is a life saver. Just plug in what you need to add power to and your set. I would love one of these I really hope you pick me!

Currently the aircraft I fly do not have a way to charge my Torch, so this would help me on long flights.

A Ventev PowerCell would be the perfect accessory for me! Constantly draining batteries, including my spares!

This would help me a lot when I go to college when I'm on roaming because that kills my battery and I won't be able to communicate with a dead battery lol

This would meake my life so much better and wouldn"t have to worry about my blackberry dieing on me throughout my work day. As I'm using almost all day long and running around from place too place I can never really set my phone down to charge. So this would help me a lot!! So sign me up please!


Would be perfect since I txt, and listen to music a lot on my phone and it ends up dying, and with no car charger, this would be great

I would luv one cause right now im rocking a BB Pearl and it has a short batter and would die on me like as soon as i leave da house....so this would help me allot =D

My battery dies at work all the time - this would be so convenient to have. Hopefully Crackberry picks me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This perfect product to all my device, recomended for traveler and busy people and i one of them. hope i win this rock product, if i win i will promoted to all my friend. thanks CB

this woulg keep me going day to day and help out during weekend camping trips! gps tends to drain my battery!

I would really love to win this as I'm constantlly on my Torch and the battery is always dieing, its ventastic!

My wife and I are both BlackBerry users and abusers and, since neither of us drive, this would be the perfect charging solution for us. Hey, if I win this, I may just have to buy another!

Thanks and good luck to all!

This would be a great help to have when I have to use two blackberrys on weekend release calls. I am always looking for an outlet :)

Love to win this since have to recharge 2-3 x a day (I've got a few apps that eat up the battery & I use a lot.