Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 6 Oct 2011 01:47 pm EDT

Contest: Charge your device in style with a BlackBerry Charging Pod. Leave a comment to win!

BlackBerry Charging Pod

When I think of accessories for BlackBerry, I always come back to the BlackBerry Charging Pod. By far one of my favorite and most used accessories, it has definitely got the most use out of all my other BlackBerry goodies. Use Bedside Mode on your nightstand to view your clock and disable alerts at night, or simply have your device ready for access on your desk during the day. This accessory is one that can't be beat. Pick up one (or more!) for all your devices at ShopCrackBerry.com

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    To enter to win a BlackBerry charging pod, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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    That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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    Reader comments

    Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry Charging Pod for your device!



    I would love to have Thw charging pod for my 9850 . Then I can have my playbook n phone both charging on pod's

    One of my favorite accessories ever was the charging pod I had for my old 8330. I'd love to have one for my 9930...

    I'm not sure if there is a charging pod for my 9850, but I'll take one if I win also have a 9900

    Awww i was looking forward to one of this contest for long time !! does this include a charging pod BlackBerry Playbook??
    and also if in "case" im gonna win this contest from you crackberry.com can you put a Sticker on the package so i can stick it on to my car, please and thank you!

    Good luck to all !

    isn't it true though that charging pods may contain charging pod people? That has me a little worried.

    One of my favorite accessories. I have one for my Bold and one for the wife's Torch. Need a new one for an OS7 device once AT&T gets off their duff and releases the 9900. Stupid AT&T.

    would love one for 9810 as a gift for my sister :) shes the reason i got hooked on blackberry's, thank you CrackBerry

    Either 9900 or PlayBook would be good.

    What would be cool would be a dock that could charge both.

    its a great addition to the bold 9900. very useful and stylish at the same time. would love to have one.

    Yes I need a charging pod for my 9810. I also need to get extra battery. so need pod that charges phone and spare battery at same time. Good Luck To All.

    Would love a charging pod for the 9930 (for when I buy one after it is discounted to $99). :)

    This is the one accessory I am guaranteed to buy for every BlackBerry I own. At least one for the nightstand and another for my desk will be ordered usually. CrackBerry Pod for me? Yes?

    my device is a PlayBook, that just lays flat when it charges, it doesn't stand up when charging like all the other cool PlayBooks that have a ChargingPod...☹

    the one problem with upgrading from my storm 2 to my shiny new 9930 is the need to replace all my charging pods! I can't live without them! Thanks for the awesome contest!

    My playbook keeps begging me for a cool charging pod.I keep sayin hopefully I will win one soon for you...... Thanks crackberry nation.

    I have been looking at getting one of these for a while now... i always use bedside mode and this would just make it easier to hit the snooze button!

    i want one of these so bad for my 9670 STYLE! it would look so nice!! my style gets picked because of its "different" look to it but i love it and i think it would look bery glamorous in a charging pod!

    I really need one since I gave my torch away with it's cradle (See I'm nice and give things away, the universe owes me a 9900 Cradle :) )


    Maybe that will get some attention.

    I would be soooooo happy if I won a charging pod for my 9900!! It's so sad sleeping on my bed everyday :( HE NEEDS A DOCK!

    I would love another charging pod for my Torch 9850 to use at work while I'm streaming audio over Bluetooth all day.

    Just made the switch from the BB 9650 Bold to the BB 9930 Bold & I would like to get my BB 9930 Bold a charging pod.

    Would love to have a charging pod for my night stand as it is right now my cat likes to attack my phone when the alarm goes off and sometimes the cord is pulled long enough so she can get it on the floor, so with a charging pod it would add some weight and make her work for it. if she gets it then she deserves it lol. please Crackberry help me save my phone from my technology loving cat. Thanks for the great contest / possible life saver :D

    I NEED one of these SOOOO bad b/c there a shortage in my charger port and its so annoying having to put my phone a certain way for it to charge lol 9650 PLEASE!!!!!

    A charging pod for my 9900 and a rapid charger for my Playbook would be great! If I don't win it I will order one from Crackberry.

    Why is it that when you want to get a charging pod - in this case for the Playbook - it's out of stock! Or it costs almost 30% more in Canada?
    Thanks Crackberry!

    Blackberry charging pod,
    Is what I need to turn my phone into god!!!
    Give me a NOD!!!!
    Else I will hit you with a ROD.......

    Charging Pod + BreakingNews = WIN! This is the best combination ever. You're device is getting charged and BreakingNews keeps you up to date. Right now I have to rest my BB precariously against a dangling monitor cord and hope no one bumps into my desk. However after a few such occurrences I learned that a strategically placed paper stack "pillow" helps soften the blow. Help me clean up my desk CrackBerry!

    Keep trying to win one of these for my 9900. I guess I'll have to shell out some cash if I don't win this time cuz I really miss having a pod for my phone.


    I need to get may hands on this charging station. Since I am madly in love with my 9900 my fingers are all over it all the time. I find myself charging my phone on a consistent basis. I need to win this charging station....pick me !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could really use it , I really want it , & I wowould appreciate it ! Come on CB I should be the winner of this one (x
    -bb 9800