Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry 7 phone accessory of your choice!

BlackBerry 7 Accessories
By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2011 01:52 pm EDT

All the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones are out and CrackBerry abusers everywhere are sporting new devices. I'm loving my BlackBerry Bold 9900 as I know many of you are as well. The one thing I hate when getting a new device is having to rebuild my accessory stash. I can't seem to live without my BlackBerry charging pod as well as a few cases and a spare battery or two. If you're in the same boat then don't worry. We have a full supply of all the best accessories for your BlackBerry 7 phone. Be it cases, chargers, batteries or whatever you need -- we've got you covered. If you can't quite decide what accessory to pickup for your device, keep reading to check out all the available accessories and details on how to win an accessory of your choice.

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Contest: To enter to win a BlackBerry 7 accessory of your choice just leave a single comment on this post telling us what you'd choose for your device and why. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.
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Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry 7 phone accessory of your choice!



J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle--for obvious reasons (9930's battery is decent but it's always good to have a backup)

I'd choose the 9900 hard case. I'm already on my second BB9900 because I keep dropping them and cracking them!

I'd pick the Otterbox Commuter Case for 9900 cuz I have dropped my 9700 so many times that it looks too bad.

WOOT! The J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle please!

Just exchanged my 3 week old battery for a new one yesterday! Suddenly started discharging at 10% an hour while idle.

I choose a BlackBerry Premium Micro-USB charger for Playbook because I would want to charge my 9900 rapidly!!

I just picked up the BB Hard Shell case for my 9930 but I could certainly use an OtterBox Defender or perhaps a spare battery and charger. I could go on forever!

I don't know if this is on the table, but I would love to have a speakerphone unit for my car for safer hands-free driving. Otherwise, I'd love a cool case for my 9850.

Charging Pod all the way for my awesome 9900!! I haven't loved a new BB like this since my 9000!

I would choose the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my 9850. This would help from having to recharge my phone via an a/c outlet during the day @ work. Several others would buy this after seeing my new accessory if I were to win.

I would choose the new Hard case shell for my bold 9900. I just love how the back cover replicates the back of the phone, it looks so great. Also the case doesn't look that big in the videos and fit the device perfectly so it looks like it's barely there. Makes it a perfect accessory of choice!
Thanks CB. ;-)

I woud choose the Otterbox Commuter case for the 9850. Their cases are simply the best handz down.

I woud choose the Otterbox Commuter case for the 9850. Their cases are simply the best handz down.

I'd pick the desktop charger for the Bold 9930. Had one for my Torch which I just dropped for the shiny, new, awesome, amazing, fantastic, phenomenal 9930 and miss having the charging stand so my phone can have a place of honor on my desk!!!

Well, since I already got the following for my 9850 from the Crackberry Store: Blackberry Premium Case, Clingo Phone Holder, JM-1 charging kit and battery and the cellet micro usb reader...I think I'd take a charging pod if I could! Thanks!

I need the 9900 charging pod because my 9900 is my alarm clock, and it can get annoying to have to lean it precariously against the wall every night...

I'd definitely choose the charging pod for my 9900 as I've always had one with my previous blackberries and haven't picked one up yet!

I would choose the Charging Pod for my 9860 so I can get a good nights sleep using it to put my great new phone in bedside mode which would wake me up early to carry on with my BBerrying day ;-)

I would choose a charging pod for my 9930, because it would increase the cool factor of my charging station.

That playbook charging pod would give me just the reason I need to go out and buy the Playbook itself. I've been on the edge for weeks now.

The Playbook charging pod would look very, very sleek next to my 9930 charging dock.

I would really like to win one of those sweet looking hard shell cases to protect my beautiful 9900! Plus as Kevin would say it looks Hawt!

I would love to have the BlackBerry Charging Pod w/ USB & Charge Unit for the Bold 9930 due to the fact on my previous Blackberry, my USB port had a pin break inside over time and I was unable to Sync my phone or charge it via the USB port.

I would choose the external battery charger.

Because there is a company by where I work that jams cell signals and my phone struggles to get a signal which wrecks my battery life. I can't get through an 8hr shift without recharging my phone!

I'd have to go with the charging pod for the 9900. I've had to replace several Blackberries thru the years due to mini usb port malfunctional. I also use my phone as my primary wake up tool in the AM and the pod completes that.

I'd love the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my 9930. I've kept a lot of features turned off to save the battery, but if I had this bundle I could turn everything on and rock this 9930 to the fullest!

For me it would either be the Otterbox Defender for the PlayBook so I could mount it in the car OR the PlayBook rapid charger.

I'm hoping I actually have to make that decision. *HINT*

I would choose the spare battery charger just do to the fact that I've always had one for my previous models and I know from experience that when it is coupled with a desktop charger it is almost impossible to be caught with no power.

I'd want the Charging Pod for my Blackberry 9900 because I like to charge my device overnight, and without have to feel around in the dark I'd just be able to see it in bedside mode.

I would like the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger bundle. One a busy day and out-and-about, I can't get a full day on one battery. This would be GREAT!!!!

I would definitely go for the J-Series extra battery and charger. With the lower capacity of the JM1 battery, I think an extra charged battery would go a long way to making the device better than it already is!

I would love to have an extra battery charge kit! My battery dies so fast so it would be a lifesaver to have a second one fully charged

Totally want the J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my 9900. I barely make it through the morning with my 9900. Been snake bitten lately on CrackBerry so here is hoping this is the turning point.

I would love to get another battery for my 9930 because I can spend a long time out between oppurtunities to charge.

I would probably choose the Seidio Innocase for the Torch 9810. My reasons: Nice feel, does not add bulk, and sturdy. Thanks for having the contest CB! It's nice to a berry back!

I would get the dock for the 9900, I already use my phone as an alarm clock. This would just make it that much nicer.

I would love to win a Otterbox Commuter Case series for the Bold 9900! I'm a destructive beast.... Need the extra protection ASAP! I NEED ONE, Or the Bold 9900 dies.... Nuff said!

I need a charging pod for my 9860! Its my alarm clock so I hate how I have to lay it flat on my nightstand right now.

I would take the Otterbox Defender Case for my 9930. I'm always handling my phone and have dropped it a few times. I don't want this precious peace of technology to break now :p

Well, first of all, I have the Bold 9900. I would love to win myself a "BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAh Standard Battery for Bold 9900", as I think it is always a good idea to have yourself an extra battery just in case you're in a situation where your battery life is getting low and you have have no charger on you. Having an extra battery just makes sense. :). LONG LIVE BLACKBERRY! :D

i would choose the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle because i would have the best of both worlds with this product

J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle Sil Vous Plas!! Better to be safe than sorry with the life of the 9900's battery

I would love to have a BB charging pod for my new 9930...because it's so gorgeous that I'd love to see it sitting upright on my desk or nightstand!

definitely need a charging dock for my 9900! looks so much cooler on a dock than laying down on my bedside table

Definitely could use the iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount for my 9850. I'm on the road too much, needs constant charge and I always need the navigational up.

Normally the first accessory I get for a BlackBerry is the charging pod. However, for the Bold 9900 I have to put the BlackBerry J-Series charging bundle first. I will still get the charging pod but the phone can barely make it past 4-6pm on a single charge.

I would chose the Ventev Powercell (Backup Battery Powercell) as it would boost the battery life of my BB Bold 9900 and is simple to use on the go. Hope I can win, just maybe :)

Extra Battery Charger Bundle please. Hate having to plug my phone in and putting it in a pod does no good when I need to use it.

nice !
I'd love to win a spare battery for the 9900
simply because im using BBM, IM+, FB, Twitter, whatsapp, social feeds, browser, sms, email and tons of other apps all day long
so i'd definitely pick the spare battery ! ^^

I would love to win the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for BlackBerry Bold 9900. I have broken 2 holsters already and would love to not break another one. The pouch looks like an excellent accessory for me!

I have just got my 9900 and work outside and would probably cry if I dropped it. Battery would be the second option as the Bolds that I get don't seem the best for power.

I would love a BlackBerry Charging Pod w/ USB & Charge Unit for my Bold 9930. I use it on my night stand as a clock & alarm. Thank you for the offer.

I would take the extra battery for my 9900. I have weak reception at school cuz its on a mountain and my phone won't last me the day whenever I go to school. =(

I would love to have the charging pod, just so i can charge my 9930 on my desk AND show it off at the same time.

hey I need a new charging pod for my torch 9810 cause I'm always a finger from my laptop, so my BB does too. (and we know they need to be connected...)

One of everything would be great! lol but if I had to choose one it would be a BB Charging Dock for the 9900, it is just a simple and effective way to charge your phone. No plugging in the USB port and it also doubles as a alarm clock!

Well i would love the Cradle because i love showing my 9930 in all its glory. i put the translucent case on my BB from the CB Store and eventhough it looks great it dosnt beat the original and beautiful design

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for me please. Then I could once again listen to music while I work, and know that my 9900 would last until the wee hours if I go out afterwards.

I would love to win the extra battery pack for the blackberry bold 9900 thanks crackberry
______ and BlackBerry Rocks

hard choice : BlackBerry Charging Pod w/ USB & Charge Unit or Blackberry J- series extra battery, charger bundle . I think i would go for the charging pod and use it at the office. This would serve my needs a bit better, since keeping the phone charged almost all the time beats the extra battery. Also, i have a hard time buying the accessories for my BB's in my country and a battery will be easier for me to buy separately.
thanks for the chance :)

I would choose the charging pod for my new Blackberry. I like to see the clock when its charging on my night stand. I also prefer to charge it without having to plug into the usb port, I'm always afraid of breaking the pins.

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle because the review by Adam sold me on this. I was looking for a charger that would charge a second battery already and this is perfect. I will be able to charge the berry using the pod and still charge the battery. Nice.

I would love a defender otterbox for my bold 9930!

Gotta protect my baby!

THANK YOU CRACKBERRY! you rock with all these free give aways all the time
just an fyi

I would definitely choose the Blackberry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle! definitely a great addition to my 9930

I would like the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle because my battery is always dieing and it would be nice to have a spare battery.

i really could use a charging pod or a clingo desk stand for my 9850 so i can always see the little red light of hope! lol Thanks

Lately, just after buying my brandnew Blackberry Bold 9900, I still have that old reflex where I put my Blackberry in the charging dock right next to my door. Sadly, it doesn't fit in there anymore and I almost harshly dropped it on the table :( Can you help me out here ;)

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for bold 9900. Extra battery and a case to carry it around with, and that split charger! Battery dieing before day ends? No problem.

I would love the Qmadix Charging Kit. I'm having battery problems, my 9900 doesn"t have the battery life of my 9700.

I would love to get charging pod for my PB or an extra battery for my Bold 9900 :) Well I guess the reasons are obvious.

I would choose the 9810 charging pod so I can stop fumbling around for my phone under the mounds of files and other papers on my desk.

charging dock for me because I like to see the time while laying in bed and if I need to grab it I don't have to worry about yanking the port out from it being plugged in via the usb.

I'd LOVE a Solar charger for my Torch 9810! As a Scoutmaster, it would be so nice to have a way to charge my BB while out at summer camp with the boys. That sounds like the best way to do it without having to walk all the way to the vehicles, and drain the car battery all week. (besides, that way I can show the boys how cool Blackberries are and they will see just how cheesy their little iPods are... hehe!)

My work station is quite boring most of the time. I don't have space for photo frames, notes or even a clock most of the times and the charging cable its quite annoying. With the charging pod for my 9810 I could have all of them and more!

Definitely new battery for my Bold 9900, this is a sweet machine but it really doesn't stand the test of time at the end of the day...A spare battery would be a godsend, especially if I'm not paying full price haha. I'm in love with this device I just want it to last!

J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle! Because one battery is never enough and having to charge one battery at a time on your phone is a hassle!

Torch 9850 Otterbox Defender is what I'd like. Why? Because I love and respect my awesome machine, I have 5 kids and squeezing out the $$ for one is tough right now. Please?

I'd pick the J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle!!
because i need an extra battery, and i need to be able to charge it simultaneously as my bb :)

I'd looveee a playbook travel charger (does this one count as a BB7 accessory ._.?) Or a charging pod (since i hadnt found it in stores :/) I never have time to completely charge my BB, and it's not nice to have it over 20-60% every day :( if I dont win, i'll die and my spirit will have the chance to freely see the QNX devices before you and will haunt your BB with spam messages MWAHAHAHAHAAA >_

Sweet.....I would love a BodyGuardz Protective Skin for Torch 9850, because you always have to keep your screen nice and clean, and with the added bonus of protecting the body as well - you cannot beat that with a bat.....

I would take the 9900 BB soft shell case for when I'm out ... and the leather pocket pouch which I need for when I'm at work.
Nothing too much. It would just be nice to win a little somethin...
Thanks ..

I would chose the Casemate barley there brushed aluminum case because when ATT finally releases that beast, I want it protected.

iGrip charging dock for Torch.

Boss: "Buy a GPS for your Tahoe and put it on your expense report, mine was about $200 at Best-Buy"

Me: "gps? GPS? I don't need no stinkin' GPS!!! I have a BlackBerry!"

Now I just need a vehicle dock so I don't have to keep putting my desktop charging cradle on the dash.

I would choose the PowerMat Wireless Charging System because in my office I dont have where to plug my phone near me and this will be very usefull

I would love to have a Qmadix USB Mobile Duo Charging Kit for my 9810 and the wife's 9930, no more fighting over the single charger while in the car.

I would select a charging pod for the Torch 9850. I have used one for my Storm devices and it is my preferred method for charging, plus a nice bedside clock.

Id go for the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my 9900! Will definitely come in handy so I dont have to worry about my 9900 running out of juice before I get home

My Torch 9810 is arriving on Monday and I would love to have the Charging Pod. (the sideways one) Since I work in a professional environment, it´s the best option visually to complement my office desk and to keep my phone charged up with style.

Everyone knows that the battery is thinner and holds a charge less on the 9900. I love my 9900 and have to have it by my side at all times. I just need an extra battery so I can insure total Blackberry connectivity.

I would love to win the BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9900, Bold 9930 (ACC39455101/ACC-39455-101) because I never got the chance to get it for my previous 9700. I think this addition to my bedside table would be absolutely perfect!

Hey I would love the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle because I find that I charge my battery twice everyday and usually by 1pm my phone is dead. And this is such an inconvient because I can not charge my phone in class:(. Please crackberry choose me. Oh yah. I have the bold 9900. Btw which is a wicked phone:D!!

I would get a nice skin for my 9900 because i eat lots of greasy foods and it will make cleaning my touchscreen much easier. chips, fried chicken, gravy, cheese, bacon, hamburgers, ... mmmmmm aughghghghg

J Series Battery Charger would make my month! I love my 9930 and an extra battery is all I need!
This Blog has the power to help RIM!!!!

Charging Pod for my 9930 because I have to keep picking up the cord from the ground everyday to plug in my BB. The cord looks ghetto on the floor.

Would love a car charger or an iGrip Universal Fit Vent Mount for my new Torch 9810. I've been using BB Traffic a lot more and it drains the battery a bit faster so a car charger would be great. For the same reason a vent mount would allow me to have my BB closer to my eye level.

Wow! Would a Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus bluetooth headset count as an accessory? - I just have the ear plug that came with the phone but that's not very good in the car - would love to have BT headset instead to reduce clutter (wires dangling everywhere), hear and be heard.

If the BT headset isn't a valid choice in this contest, I'd pick a black soft shell case for my BB9900 for the added protection when carrying the phone around in situations when a sleeve or holster prove too bulky or awkward.

Thanks CB for another great contest!

I would get the charging pod for my 9900. I have one for my 8900 and am going through withdrawal right now.

I would to get the BlackBerry JM-1 1230mAh Standard Battery from all the way to France! BB BOLD 9900!!!!

Hey I want the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my 9900. I want this because right now I have to charge my phone twice and its hard when I'm in class and my phone dies:(

id pick the spare battery charger i always had one for my 9000 and i miss the convenience it provides, its a great accessory

Blackberry J Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle because my battery always needs charging and I'm on the go more than I would like.

I would go for the BlackBerry Charging Pod. Had one on my old BB and need to get one for the new stuff.

My vote would be for the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930. Please send me one if I win. One can always use a spare battery when you travel

Definitely a spare JM-1 battery! 2/3 of my friends do have the same type of charger, but who wants to rely on that fact all day?!

I'd want the hardshell case for the 9900... because whats the point in having a sleek and slim 9900 and putting it in a bulky case... The Hardshell will give me some protection I need.