Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device!

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2011 01:23 pm EDT

Contest: Win a Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Charger for your device! Keep reading for details.

Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot

A dead battery when you're on the go isn't a good thing. Charge when you can, but having another option is a always a bonus. The worst thing that can happen is having your battery go out when you need it most. To help solve the issue, many carry a spare battery for emergencies. But that leaves the question - how do you charge it? With the Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot you no longer have to worry. Charge your device and that extra battery at night or in your downtime and you'll be good to go when you need it. No more separate charging pod and battery charger -- here you have an all-in-one. Need a spare battery to fit that slot as well? Not to worry! We have you covered on that one too -- check out our full selection. The cradle is available for most devices from ShopCrackBerry.com for just $24.95 or less, but if you leave a comment on this post you could win one of your very own! Keep reading for details!


To enter to win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how this cradle would help you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device!



This would be great for my Torch to have a nice place to sit on my desk and not slum it on its back...


I would love to win a cradle for my Storm 2 cuz I currently don't have one. I would be able to use it to charge my phone since my charger is crappy!

Ohh this would be awesome for my girlfriend and I, we both have a 9800 and I only have so many AC outlets in my room (already for 2 power bars and both are full, yeah I'm a geek...)

This would help me to put my device and use it as a good lokking digital clock on my desk, I hope that I can win this time

This would be so handy to have...as a no. with three kids give and under, and a zumba fitness instructor, I'm always on the go...we also don't even have land line phones in our home...so of my battery goes the kids and I are screwed in an emergency...I could sear some issues on the past that would not have been issues, if I had one of these at the time.

This would be awesome for my torch. Can watch movies and charge my phone at the same time at night without having to hold my phone haha.

My Torch is already my alarm clock, so it would be nice for it to stand up like one so I can see it while still lying under the covers...

I have been wanting one of these for a while now so I am able to see my phone rather than it getting buried under all the papers on my desk.

a lot!! and it can handle a spare battery!! man!! what a great product and i do love u mobi :)

This would be great...right now my BB gets propped up on my desk and gets an undeserving fall on its face when I go to turn off the alarm in the morning.

Wow this is a long time coming great price but free is better either way it is a bb user dream come true!!!!

My 9650 battery isn't as great as I thought it would be. I'm a college student and I'm constantly traveling between school (Chicago) and home (St. Louis). Often times I leave at a moment's notice and cant charge my phone. This would really help!!!

My Bold 9650 sure would look good in one of these. Oh, is this your $5 lying on the ground at your feet???


I charge my 9700 every night. I like the analog clock but it lays on my bed. With a cradle, I could see it. A spare battery would be great also. Thaks for the opportunity.

I'm a frequent traveller. With this, I CAN USE MY TORCH IN THE USUAL STYLE WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT THE BATTERY. Also, I'm sure I would not have to face the embarasement of telling people - sorry I have to moniter my usage as my Torch drains quickly.

This would greatly help me since I am always traveling and I have no time to charge the two batteries, this would be great for me

It would be great for my Torch, I use it as an alarm and I am out in the field a lot. We all know the Torch doesn't have the ideal battery life due to its scren size, so having a nice charger on tap would be great.

A fully charged Torch and a spare battery would allow me to run all day without having to find a place to plug in. Count me in.

The Mobi Products Charging Cradle would be awesome for me in the office(10+ hour days) plus my 1 hour commute. Having a well charge blackberry by my side at all time would make me unstoppable against productivity!

My wife nneds this because she never carges her torch and a spare battery would remove a lot of stress from our lives.

It would be the my perfect work desk companion instead of having to pull out my usb cable all the time just to charge my phone. Will also provide me a nice clock with a spare battery option is a to for one deal! It would also be the perfect travel companion in that it keeps the phone right in front instead of being tossed around on a hotel bed, that way you'll be sure not to leave it, because you won't miss it in the cradle.

I would love to have this and winning one would be great! Especially since I am too cheap to buy one for myself.

I was just of out town and left behind my high speed charger. I have a cradle for my torch and a cradle for my playbook would help me get over my loss :-)

How would it not help? Not only will it make sure you have plenty of battery throughout the day, but it makes a great lil stand to use my torch as a desktop clock!

This would help me very much because I drive an older vehicle and cannot use the car charger so being able to charge at home or work all the time then I would not need it. BB torch 9800 :). Thanks crackberry for a great contest.

I would love to have a cradle for my Torch (yea alarm clock!!) and the extra battery charger would be perfect for my battery drain issue (AT&T, OS). With no land line I have to be sure my battery is charged.
Thanks Mobi and CrackBerry!!

This little fella would rest on my bed side cabinet mine on show with the clock and wifeys battery snoozing behind so we don't have to fight for the charger (she lost hers).

This is a necessity for this here BB-head!! There's not enough batteries in the world to keep me going

This cradle would be great for me because I am still using the old boring charger that came with my old boring 9700 :)

I always wanted a cradle for my 9780. Its awesome I will be able to charge both my BB and a spare at the same time. This is helpful in saving a lot of time. I hope I win it.

This would be great to have for my 9650. At work I have to charge the phone in the middle of the day even with my 1700mah extended battery and this would be great to drop the phone in when I am at my desk to keep it topped off.

I hope I win the cradle because I really need a way to charge multiple batteries and see my blackberry at the same time.

This charger would let me use my phone more cuz my phone always dies and I never get to use it after words. I always forget to charge it.

I am always having to bum a charger cord from my co-workers. Dagum Captivate owners! I need to sport up my blackberry to make them bad.

i would use it on my desk for my 9700, my brother's desk for his 9700, my boyfriend's desk for his 9700, and even let my sister use it on her desk for her 9300. so many people would benefit if i won! :D

i would use it on my desk for my 9700, my brother's desk for his 9700, my boyfriend's desk for his 9700, and even let my sister use it on her desk for her 9300. so many people would benefit if i won! :D

I roam around a lot and when I'm at my desk I'm plugged into the USB cord which is a pain. Winning this would be AWESOME!!!!

I would love to win one for my torch! My first blackberry and I'm addicted so my battery dies fast! I don't like laying my phone down on the night table because it will get scratched. Please choose me!

I would love to win this cradle because I need to have my phone on my desk for job purposes so having it available to be on-the-go while charging it would be really great!

I wouldn't have to wait for dad to charge his phone at work. Perfect with the extra battery as well!

use my blackberry 8530, and tunein or slacker to provide background noise in my office during the day. Needless to say running tunein all day wears down a battery. This charging stand will look very sweet on my desk.

Cradle for my 9930 (hey, I can plan ahead, right) would help clean up the counter in the kitchen, making my wife very happy.

So glad you asked! This cradle would help me by allowing me to charge my device and a spare battery for those times when charging on the go just isn't possible. Thank you, and I hope I win this contest!

I use my blackberry a lot thru out the day. This would be a great device to keep my batteries charged at all times. I hope I win.

The charging cradle will help me a lot cuz I have no charger for my curve 3g! Gotta use my girls charger all the time.

This would help me at work. it would keep my phone in a "more secure" environment while i leave it on my desk to charge. Thanks CB!

Seeing as I charge nearly everynight anymore, this would be an excellent thing to have. Thanks guys

Weakening of battery - that's why my PB isn't bridged all the time - this would really keep me connected with my two corporate email accounts rather than check every 30 mins.

And if a spare battery came with it, triple the bonus!

Curve 8330 CDMA (now with hybrid 5.0) (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I've been looking at these for some time now. Problem is there too expensive for me. Need one for my work truck, don't like leaving it on the dash dangling around everywhere. This would be perfect!

Thanks CB/Mobi

My spare battery for my 9650 is uncharged due to the OS boot time caused by switching batteries is way too long

My Playbook needs a stand badly. My case acts as a stand but I can't charge it and use it as a stand at the same time. The cradle would be perfect.

I keep breaking the mini usb pins on my wall chargers because i carelessly lay on them when laying in bed.

With the cradle, i will definitely have to lay it on a desktop right after i get those late night calls or bbm's.

This is the ideal solution for my Torch 9800 and spare battery that I have to charge in the phone every time. Much easier this way and I get a bedside clock at the same time! Please pick me and make my life much easier.

This would be perfect for my 8520, since my work no longer lets me use a USB to charge thru the computer and I lost my wall outlet charge.

My battery usually only lasts me about 12 hours, having a spare battery would be extremely useful. Having a cradle would be a good start!

This would be great to replace the Seidio cradle I recently got. The jack on the back broke and fell inside and I couldn't try to return after all the filing I did to get the Seidio case to fit :(

Oh please, please, please pick me. I have been waiting for this cradle to come out that allows a 9800 with case to be charged. I have tried 2 other cradles and had to return them because I keep my 9800 covered with a case.

I would love to win this cradle! It would help me keep my berry close at hand and charged up on my desk, and when I inevitably spill my diet-coke, it won't get sticky and damaged.


Now that I've started carrying an extra battery because I'm on the road a lot more, this cradle would be perfect to extend the awesome staying power of my Bold 9700!

This cradle will help me to sleep better at night as I don't have to worry about enough juice the next morning anymore. :P

would love this charger. it would help me use my Torch as an upright alarm clock, plus, that would mean it could charge and be close by my bed. neat.

This cradle would help me finally have that one dedicated spot to keep and charge my Torch so that my battery never runs out of juice at a critical time.

This would be a great help, CANNOT get through a whole day on my Bold 9650 unless I don't use it, which is highly unlikely. Having a spare charged battery will be an immensely joyful item!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry & Mobi!

This cradle for my 9800 Torch would help me during the night as i use my phone as my alarm, i could cradle the phone and also use it as my clock!

this would be awesome at work or at the home office. sitting on my desk charging my bb.
and if i get screwed up and some how froget to charge it i got the spare on stand by. nice idea

this would help me keep my Bold 9650 charged at night, no more missed alarms, and prop it up to use as a clock on my night stand.

I've got a spare battery for my 9650 but no way to charge it without swapping in the phone. I'd love to win.

My new Curve 9300 needs a safe, attrractive place to nestle and recharge! (Me, too, but that's another story...)
We have a looong bus commute round trip every day!

I could use this by the bed and ensure a full charge to start the day, every day. Thanks for the opportunity!

Well I own the BOLD 9700 running OS 6 so w/that said u have 2 do a battery pull so u can recover ur memory leak well this cradle can help me w/that perfectly and here's how: having only one battery u charge it once it gets low now cause of that I don't always remember 2 do the battery pull 2 restore leaked memory so if yall were 2 choose me and I win this having that 2nd battery will always do the battery pull when my current battery is low on life and need 2 swap it out so c automatic memory restore function

I get up for work at 4:30 AM and I am up till 11:00 PM. I would love have a charger and keep a back up battery for the long days.

The accessory would help with my battery drain problem. I have to charge one battery at a time right now, but i have two!