Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry case of your choice!

BlackBerry Cases
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jul 2011 01:29 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment telling us which BlackBerry Case you'd like from ShopCrackBerry.com and you could win it!

There is such a wide variety of cases out there for BlackBerry devices and that means pretty much "something for everyone". Cases not only help us express our personality, but also protect your device from the daily bumps and brusies. From your basic skin case all the way up to the insane protection of an OtterBox, there are loads to choose from. So youre mission this week is to leave a comment letting us know which case available at ShopCrackBerry.com you'd like to call your own. Be it a silicone sleeve, snap-on hard case or something stylish, let us know what and why (and be sure to include your device) and it could be yours!


To enter to win a BlackBerry case of your choice, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us which case you'd choose. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @ crackberry.com.

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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry case of your choice!



I would love an OtterBox Commuter series for my 9650! Or, i would hold out for the same for my future 9900!

I need something for my PlayBook, am so worried about dropping it. The Ballistic Tough Jacket for BlackBerry Playbook looks nice a rugged.

I would love The Ballistic Endo for Torch. I need something durable. I can be a little rough on my poor little BB!!!

I would like this case/cover so my wonderful son stops damaging my phone by sliding it along our brick fireplace.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Curve 8520

I'm really liking the "BlackBerry Skin Case for Bold 9650" in black. The OtterBox would obviously be awesome because it is OtterBox and all, but I am actually kinda digging the little black skin case (same one in the picture for this thread AND it has great ratings in shop crackberry) :D

I would totally love the Case-Mate Barely There case for my torch. I had this case for my Bold and my 8900 (even my iPhone). I'm a fan.

I would like to protect my naked torch with the ballistic endo case. Thanks in advance CB. you guys rock!!!!

Seidio Innocase Active X for BlackBerry Curve 8520 in blue and black...... CB they look sweet! Thanks for this contest

The blackberry pocket case for the Bold 9650. I love the synthetic leather that comes with the phone but don't like the belt clip on the back

Seidio Innocase Surface for BlackBerry Torch 9800

Need a new one practically every 3-4 months as I keep dropping the unit

Still have a year on my contract


Otterbox for my Bold 9650, Playbook, or future 9930. Whatever's clever.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Otterbox!

I'm in desperate need of a case for my torch. I'm a waiter and always walking around with my phone in my pocket, causing my phone to unlock, pocket dial and even send pocket text messages and bbm's to many of my contacts. The mobi products hard shell case might be just the thing I need to prevent further mishaps and to prevent from unwanted scratches.

I would choose an Otterbox Defender for my Playbook.

That, or a Seidio Innocase Active for my BlackBerry Torch 9800. Thanks CB!

I'd have to go for the OverBoard Pro-Sport Waterproof Case for the 9700 cuz I'm beginning to think its tacky to place it in a ziplock baggy :/

I would love the otterbox defender for playbook. It would let me relax a little more when my 1 year old daughter and I are in Starfall.com or reading one of the many storybook apps. It would also give me some comfort when I let my Grade 4/5 students use it at school. Thanks for the opportunity CB!

Since my otterbox faceplate keeps breaking, I'm hoping that the Ballistic Endo case will work better. I'm sure it would be even better if I got it for free.

While its not perfect, it is the best I have fouind for protection. I will need one for a new 9780 that is on its way!

I hope to win a free case for my blackberry 9700 I'm clumzy and I keep dropping' it :( if I do win please make it a bearly there case

Last weekend I pulled out my PlayBook to show somebody. Then they dropped it. It survived, but I don't want to take another chance. I need an Otterbox Defender for my PlayBook!

I would love, love a Case mate venture for my PB. Its such a fantastic device I want it to last for a loooooong time.

Oooh Ooooh!!!! Case-Mate POP in white for my Playbook. Love the contests, coverage and commentaries. You guys are awesome!!

I would love to get another BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800 in black... mine is already starting to fall apart... I guess that was happens with a CrackBerry addiction!

OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry Curve 3G!! It's perfect for me, being that I work in a fast paced environment where I'm constantly pulling it our to read and respond to emails daily. The level of protection that I need is what this one offers!

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Torch 9800 in Black / Pink... will be easier to tell my phone from my husbands phone! Thanks CB

I would love to have the Blackberry Hardshell Case (black) for the Bold 9700, because I want my phone to stay thin, and not bulky with a huge case :D

This was in the "cases" section but isn't a case. BlackBerry Leather Pull Strap for Bold 9780 in black would be nice, but again, even though it was in your "cases" section it is not a case.

So that being said, if the lanyard doesn't qualify for this offer then the case I would be happy to win is the Nite Ize Leather Cargo Clip Case for BlackBerry Bold 9780

Thanks Crackberry!

I would love to have the Seidio Innocase Active Holster Combo
for my Torch 9800. This would give me a great case and holster all in one package. Sweet!!!

Thanks for offering another great giveaway! My choice would be the Incipio Executive Premium Kickstand for BlackBerry PlayBook-in camel. Thanks again. :)

Leather holster for the Bold 9780 please. Otherwise I'd love to get ahead of the game with a 9900 case of some sort once they're out.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the Playbook would be my choice. This would provide all-round protection for the Playbook either when travelling (in my bag) or when I am using it. My bag gets knocked around when I commute (train) so it needs to be protected and I also want the protection while I am (or all those people who want to try it out) using the Playbook.

CB please hook me up with the Seidio Innocase in pearl white for my BB Torch 9800. I have an otterbox currently and have had to replace it 6 times since the little piece protecting the front keeps breaking when my phone gets dropped! Tired of having to take it back and return it everytime! Thanks CB ur the best!!

I have the Blackberry 8530 curve-color black, so that black skin case would be nice! like Jay-Z say "All Black everything!"

Seidio Innocase Surface for BlackBerry Curve 8530 (Black). My phones back is super scratched so I want something ot cover it up and this one looks great!

Ah decisions decisions>>> Well since I love fishing and love my blackberry torch I will choose the OverBoard Waterproof Case for BlackBerry Torch 9800. At leaset that way I can listen to crackberry podcast and catch some fish all at the same time without worrying about drowning my phone:) bring it on dudes...

Gettin' new phone this month - need a case for it, winning would be sweet.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I'm liking the iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Bold 9700 in blue, it comes with a "ultra-clear film that applies easily" let's hope it also protects and is not so obvious. Thanx

need a waterproof case for the summer: either the OverBoard Waterproof Case for my torch or theAquapac Waterproof Case for my BlackBerry PlayBook

#OtterBox Defender Series For the Bold 9780.
you will never win, if you never leave a comment!
Thanks Crackberry! x

I would love the ballistic endo case for my bb torch-just read ur tweet that they discontinued the white torch. Well I have one that I love and I better protect it for sure now!! I also ride a Harley and a case like that would help this girl out for sure;) thank you,sunshine

I have a Blackberry Curve 9330 3G and really need a case for it. How about a case mate barely there in black? I always seem to drop my phone n this would protect it. I hope I win. Thanks again for the chance.

I know that this Bold 9650 won't last long if the new 9930 is out.. But I still want the OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650! :D
EDIT: I read that it is Temporarily Sold Out :'(
Or if you think that will be a waste, then I want also an OtterBox Defender Series Case for my BlackBerry PlayBook. :D

Thanks CB!

I'd love to get the Seidio InnoCase Protective Case for Torch (Black) + Seidio InnoCase Holster for Torch. I've already dropped my Torch once already and it would help hide the scratches on the bezel, Crackberry rocks!

An Otterbox Defender case for the 9930 would be great. On Otterbox's website it is shown and says coming soon so they must have a 9900 series phone. Has to be released pretty soon.

The PlayBook iGrip to snap into the car looks awesome.

Just set up some kids TV and instant car journey!

I currently use the BB 9650 commuter case from Otterbox and it offers excellent protection. It would be nice to win and actually receive the prize. I'm still waiting on my puzzle that I won a couple of months ago. However , keep the contest coming CB "its a good thing" but pay up. The Otterbox defender series looks good also. I have an Otterbox on my PlayBook as well, I like well made products that do what they advertise. Otterbox defender all the way!

I would love an OtterBox Commuter for my Bold 9780! I'm a Respiratory Therapist working in people's homes so I'll need protection for my bb while I'm driving between 200+ patients!

Thanks a bunch CB!

I WOULD DIE TO HAVE AN Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630!! ive been eyeing this baby for weeks now(; please make it happen CB!

I absolutely need a new case... actually like the OEM holster, but it's certainly not a fashion statement.

please CB i really really really need a new case hope i win! OtterBox Commuter Series Case for my BlackBerry Bold 9700

Oh, I dream about the Dooney and Bourke leather pouch for my Curve 9300! It matches my initials, and would keep my treasured Curve from getting brutalized in my handbag.

Body Glove Snap-On Case for my Blackberry Torch. I tried so hard to look for suitable cases here in Auckland but it really came up short. The main reason being that Blackberry is still mainly a business phone not a consumer one so the variety is severely lacking around here. Please Please give me a chance to win this case as im still very much a blackberry addict and would love to win this case for my current Torch!

Any magnetic holster wit ha rotating clip...mine snapped a couple of weeks back, and my 9700 has been treated badly ever since. Tried to replace during the Canada Day weekend sale, but the was no stock in anything.

A ballistic case for my torch would be nice so I would not have to worry about my phone while I am on the construction site.

BlackBerry Leather Holster for Bold 9700!.
and please include Malaysia in your shipping country. sad! sad!

I REALLY love my bold. I need a Blackberry Leather Holster for Bold 9000