Weekly Accessory Roundup - Save up to 75% on top accessories; Win an on sale accessory of your choice!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2011 01:43 pm EST

Contest: Win an on sale accessory of your choice! Details Below.

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To enter to win the accessory of your choice from our On Sale section, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us which accessory from our on sale section you choose and why. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Save up to 75% on top accessories; Win an on sale accessory of your choice!


Please let me win, I'll take the "Combo Value Pack - Mobi Hard Cases for Torch: 4 Cases (1 Black, 1 Blue, 1 Pink, 1 Red)" because I would really like a case for my Torch, but like with themes, I don't want to always have the same one! Please pick me so that I can try out these awesome cases!

Winning an accessory for my 9780 would be a great addition! Loving the contests at Crackberry.com and the community support is great! Here's hoping!

Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot for BlackBerry Bold 9780, Bold 9700 cause out of all the items there r I already have stuff like the pouch the case and screen protectors and that's the only item I don't have because of one reason and one reason only. I don't really know have it works and I'm not sure what it does exactly so that's y I don't really wanna buy it in case I don't like it. So there in lies the beauty part if I win it from yall then I will b more inclined 2 use it more and learn 2 like it cause yall gave it as a gift and when u get a gift its always something special no matter what it is.

Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Curve 8530. Because I need a headset for commuting and can't afford to buy one! Great contest, btw!

Would love the Motorola T605 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit because I am constantly on the phone while driving and this would keep me safer! I would really love to win this and know that I am driving hands frree and thus safer on the road!!

Would love a new BB Charging Pod for my 9800. Mainly to clean up my office desk (too many plugs and wires! LOL)

I definitely need a second F-S1 battery for my 9800 Torch because I'm constantly on it. Whether I'm listening to music, playing some games, or checking email, it's always on the go. To have a second charged battery would be the best!

I could really us a F-S1 battery for my Torch. I use my Torch a ton!!! And sometimes find a low batter and no charging around.

I would love to win a Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset for 9650. I drive a lot for work and need to stay legal

Would love to win a BB Charging pod for my 9800, mainly to clean up the clutter of my office desk, and to use my Torch as a classy looking desk clock.

I would love to win a Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Torch 9800 to help me with my studies at Devry U. I believe this would allow me to take notes and be better prepared for any and all class activities.

I would pick a battery for my Torch 9800. I love my Torch, but the battery will run out if I don't charge it at some point during the day. When I'm traveling that can be a challenge. Please pick me! I could use this battery, and would tell everyone where and how I got it. Because I AM a Crackberry addict!

In order to replace the headset that won't hold a charge that she has, the Motorola H12 headset would make a nice edition to the Torch for my wife.

I would love a BlackBerry Charging Pod for my 9780 that way I can see my clock/notification from a distance.

With the amount of time I spend using my blackberry, the battery is always draining and I worry it will die during my daily commute.

I would absolutely love to have a spare, the "BlackBerry M-S1 1550mAh Standard Battery for Bold 9780, Bold 9700, Bold 9000" would be perfect for my 9700 and I'd never have to worry again :D

Tough choice between M-S1 1550mAh Standard Battery or a charging pod.........either way I'd be much better off as you can't have too many docks or too much spare battery power!
Guess I would have to go with the charging pod.

I would love to have the Blackberry 9700 series's batteries. With heavy usage and long day out, it would certainly help me keeping in touch without worrying about power half way through the day.

I've been using speakerphone when driving, Please Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9650

Please and Thank you

I'd have to choose either the charging pod or the battery. My Curve 8530 3G gets used so much I literally have to carry my wall charger w/me when I go to to work. Yes I have a car charger but my trip to and from work its all of 10 min. One way. So to have the dock @ home or @ work would be ideal!

I would love the Maximo iP-HS3 iMetal headset, because after a year and a half long romance with my 8900, I STILL do not have a decent headset for it!

I would get the bodyguardz protective skin for my blackberry bold 9700!! even though i have cases i cant seem to keep my phone from getting damaged.. i guess im really ruff with phones lol!! i have the otterbox commuter case and the casemate hybrid and i still managed to get the phone damaged!! i am purchasing new housing/faceplates for my phone now and i guess the added protection of the bodyguardz and the cases would finally do the trick!!!

Gotta go for the Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Torch 9800. Been in the market for one of these and this one looks perfect! Good luck everyone.

I would love to have an extra battery for my 9700. At school, I get millions of emails from my profs and I am always low on batt. Please pick me a M-S1. Thank You.

i would choose the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm) because my headset ripped and i need a new one

There are lots of accessories that I either have or could use, but the one I probably could use the most is an Otter Box case. Need to protect my investment.

The M-S1 1550 mAh standard battery for the Bold 9700 would be great to have. The battery on the Bold is great as is, but there are days after particular heavy use where a spare battery would prove incredibly useful!

I would really like to have the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Curve 8530! i spend so much time typing on my tiny keyboard that this would be great!

i really hope i will win the Parrot Minikit Slim Portable Bluetooth Car Kit. i hate to use the earphones while driving and bluetooth headset makes my ear itchy... this car kit would be the perfect solution to answer these important call i might get while driving.... go crackberry.com!!!!

I would love to win the Motorola T605 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for BlackBerry Bold 9650 - it looks awesome!

I would love to have the premium headset for my 9700 because I LOVE music and the standard headphones just don't cut it for me.

I would like the red Golla Jacinda Smart bag for my Torch so I can use it when I go for a run and don't want to carry a lot of stuff.

Hi Crackberry! Please choose me to win a Torch charging pod. I use my phone alarm clock and this would look fantastic on my night table. Please, please, please and thanks.

I would love to win the BB premium multimedia headset because I have the original headset that came with my Curve 8330 and its time for an upgrade.

Excellent contest CB! If I were to win, I'd love to get the Ventev PowerCELL. It got great reviews and I'd love to have a portable power source to charge my BB and iTouch. Thanks for the contest! Hope I win! :)

Free would be great. What better accessory could there be for my 9650 but a free OtterBox Commuter case to protect it. Please make it happen.

Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9650
I really need a decent BT headset for BB Bold 9650 that works instead of the cheap POS that I bought and it broke after 1 month. Not that I couldn't use a decent case like the OtterBox. ;)

If I was to win, I would love to get the premium multimedia headsets. They look a lot better than what I received with my 9700, and probably sound better too! Also the originals keep falling out of my ears which sucks! Would love it if you guys chose me.

Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger for BlackBerry Curve 8530... to be able to charge my phone and my extra battery at the same time.............

I would go with a charging pod. Mine is always on the charger so that would be the coolest ever. As a second choice, one of the rugged cases would be nice also. Thank you so much CB for all the great contests.

Seidio Innocase 360 for BlackBerry Bold 9780!!!

I need a case for when that bad boy is out of the holster... I have this BB Pistol a blazin' often and have to set it down from time to time to rest . For those few moments.... I need a case to protect this weapon 'o mine!!! LOL!

Really, that case is awesome and slim, would fit in my holster snug. My buddy has one, I am jealous. There is some real honesty for ya!

A charging pod or spare battery for my 9780 would be awesome since I'm constantly charging my phone when possible. Thanks crackberry^^

I would love a new case. The Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case looks like a good one. In pink of course! I'm always looking for cases for my phone.

I'd want the Blueant Q2 headset. I've read some good things about it, and it can pair many devices.

I'd go for the Parrot Minikit Slim Portable Bluetooth Car Kit for BlackBerry Torch, since i'td be very useful for pairing in the car

I pick the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Torch 9800. Why? Because I have a shot at getting it for free!... Sometimes I edit word documents on my torch when I don't feel like using my laptop on certain situations.

I'd really like to win the BlackBerry F-S1 Standard Battery. My battery goes out too quickly so a second battery would be great. Can I have one Please and Thank You

I would love a extra battery for my torch 9800. Because I'm such a crackberry adict and use it so much (yes even in the bathroom) the battery always dies at the most inconvinient times an extra one would be awsome.

I want a GOOD QUALITY wireless earpiece:
Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Tour 9630
Crack-tacular! Thanks!

First of all I would like to thank you CB-guys for all these amazing deals, contests and of course the usefull info you provide on your posts. Well, personally I would choose to go with the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm) since Im a Blackberry Torch user and definately a big fan of using it normally with headsets. Love the mp3 player and use it on a daily basis from work and when walking around the city. Unfortunately, I´ve had some bad experience on choosing third-party headsets featuring short lifetime perfomace, not good sound quality.. and I know that my Torch sound is crystal clear when using the right headsets. So, I believe this a good oportunity to have the right headset for my Torch. And Im 500% positive I´ll love it and that they´ll perform really well... they´re Blackberry brand, whatelse can i ask for??
Once again, thank you guys and I hope I can win the headsets!!! Best regards!

Would love to have an extra battery for my Torch 9800. I'm a heavy user and not having to pause for battery charging time would really be a great help to me at work.


Motorola HZ800 Finiti Bluetooth Headset, now with this I can finally talk from my blackberry while driving, and not get ticket, and of course be more safe

Would love a charging pod for my Torch. I use my torch as my clock in my room, but I don't want to lean it on anything because I'm a big stickler about keeping my BB clean, safe, and working well. This would solve my problem pretty easily.

I'd get the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm) because I'm tired of using a headset where I cannot answer phone calls. My Skull Candy earbuds only work for music; if someone calls me, I constantly have to remove the earphones before answering the call...it's annoying!

I'd greatly appreciate a micro usb car charger. Currently, my 9700 running .424 can last me approximately 9 hours of relatively heavy use and STILL be hovering around 40% battery. Unfortunately, I'm one of the few that suffer from the fatal battery bug on the OS 6 builds. If I were to browse through the internet, or even twitter, that 30-40% quickly drops to 5-8%. It is, at this time, that I'm usually in the car on the way to pick up my wife from work and it's imperative that she can reach me, or vice versa, especially in case of emergency. (Please note that I don't browse while driving, ha. I meant if I were to browse when the battery gets to that level.)

I would LOVE to have the blackberry HS-700 premium headset because I currently have to compromise with apple headsets which suck because my headsets got ripped from my nephew ): and also because then I won't get shamed from using apple headsets from my crackberry friends.

BlackBerry Multimedia Headset !!!! I wannnt it... i like to hear music and play video on my handheld, blackberry set just gave me one earphone with standard sound, i wannt mooreeeee... :D blackberry is my best friend! video all the time on my trip..hehehhe.. hope i win this one..thanksss a lot Crackberry...

I love the Plantronics BackBeat 903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset because I use my phone to track my workouts with a GPS program and always listen to music.

i'd like to have M-S1 1550mAh Standard Battery for Bold 9700 because i never wanna miss anything when my friends bbm me..

A mini external battery charger, a new battery, or a leather pouch (it's cold in Canada). Love crackberry.com. Looking forward to the release of Dakota!

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard is what I would like. Spent a while looking to spot this and did a lot of research into the product. My BlackBerry is my lifeline, especially when I travel. Lately, I have been attempting to leave my laptop behind to minimize baggage on flights with all the ridiculous fees the airlines have been tacking on. There has been some ups and downs to this as lengthy emails, memos, and word documents in Documents to Go have been extra challenging. I was hoping to get this accessory to really be able to leave the laptop behind. Its folding keyboard makes it compact enough to fit in my carry on. It's dedicated and quick launch keys will assist me in switching from app to app with ease. I really like it versatility via Bluetooth to work on additional devices such as my PlayStation 3 and soon my PlayBook :) Thanks!

i would love to win the incipio ultra light feather for my 9700. its so hard to find a good case for this phone!!!

I would love a spare battery for my Bold 9700 ! Here's the product : BlackBerry M-S1 1550mAh Standard Battery for Bold 9700

Blueant Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset!

I would really appreciate winning this bluetooth :)
The most annoying thing is to drive around with a bright white short mp3 cable connected to the car's stereo and have to call the person back because you need to get out of the car ( I carry a lot of things for work). Not only is that annoying, but to have the people on stereo with volume high enough for me to hear them and the rest of the world 5ft from the car listening in (I don't have A/C, rolling down my windows IS my A/C). Good Luck everyone :D and thank you Crackberry!

I need a new bluetooth the one I have is from my old moto razor I mean OLD! Being out of work now I really need a new one while I drive to look for work. Help CB!!!

Would love to win a BlackBerry M-S1 1550mAh Standard Battery for Bold 9780, Bold 9700, Bold 9000 (Retail Packaging), a spare battery for the 9700 would be very handy especially when traveling.

I would like to have the "BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm)" for my Torch because the original headset that came with it wasn't really good and this product looks worthwhile and could enhance my BlackBerry experience and I can fall in-love with my phone all over again.
I hope I win, Thank you Crackberry!

The Motorola H12 Bluetooth Headset for the Curve 3G is what I would choose. I need to upgrade my bluetooth device since it will not hold a decent charge anymore.

I would like the BlackBerry HS-700 Bluetooth Headset for my Torch so that i would be able to use it when im in the car or while im on the move since my hands are usually full

the picture shows a Bold 9780 battery for $19.95, but I am not finding it when I click over to the shop..... ?? am I missing something?

Why do people keep saying the torch charging pod when it is not in the on sale section. Seriously, stop randomly commenting and pay attention to the rules! And watch one of them win... ANYWAY, I could definitely use a spare battery since I am always on my torch (I think even in my sleep). Thanks CB!

I would love to win the BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9700
I use my phone as an alarm clock.
I would like to see the time without picking it up.

please please let me win the M-S1 battery for my blackberry bold 9000. I life on my current battery is 7 hours with no use and 5 min with internet use, this would make my day less stressful.

wow, i need a new battery for my blackberry bold 9000, this would be great and spare me some money as a broke student :) i would love to win the battery M-S1.

Crackberry, you guys are gods and i have been a good kid this year so please show me some love by giving me the battery for a bold 9700, mine sucks and is now out of warranty. please i will continue to be good.

the picture shows a Bold 9780 battery for $19.95, but I am not finding it when I click over to the shop..... ?? am I missing something?

holy wow how would i not be able to get the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard in time to be able to use with my playbook that i will be getting once it's released for purchase this would be for that to go along with it good luck to all....

BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset (3.5mm)
Excellent quality headphones that would work great with my Torch! Thanks for everything

Without a doubt, the Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headset. As part of my New Year's resolutions, I volunteer at a local animal shelter and do all the dog walking every day. Having my hands free has now become a necessity and a headset with excellent noise cancellation is a priority for me. Great contest, CB. Good luck, all.

What a cool contest! I looked to see if there was a charging pod for the Torch in there, but I couldn't find it, so my choice is the BlackBerry F-S1 Standard Battery for the Torch. Having a spare battery for travel and busy workdays would be amazingly helpful! Thank you CrackBerry!!

I would love, love, love the SmoothTalker Charging Holder/Cradle with Antenna Connection for BlackBerry Bold 9650 because a) I really need a hands free mount for my bold that allows me to see maps and things and b) the reviews on CrackBerry are great - the mounting is custom made for my phone and includes a signal booster antenna and I frequent areas with poor reception.

I can haz a SmoothTalker plz??

I would love to get the M-S1 1550 mAh standard battery for the Bold 9780 because it's always useful to have a spare battery :)

I would love to get one of the Griffin PowerDuo Universal chargers for my Bold 9650. I still have not ended up getting a car charger for mine yet and this would be perfect~~~~

The charging pod for the blackberry bold 9700 would be the best thing for me, so i wouldnt have to drop my phone on the ground while charging. Please Choose ME!!

I want a new Blackberry M-S1 battery for my BB9700. Reason ? Simple, mine is running out of health. It's now only at 96% health.

Would love the Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard for my Storm 9550 because sometimes a hardware keyboard is really what I need. :)

I would love to win the - Jabra Easy Go Bluetooth Headset - it would be a gift for my husband - he needs a new one really bad. It is so hard to talk to him. I work 30 miles away and when you have to drive and communicate, a Bluetooth is a must! Thanks for this chance to get one for him! :)

My wish is maximo iP-HS5 iMetal Isolation Headset for BlackBerry Torch 9800. Using the bluetooth one would help me a lot when take a note, looking for something that the caller needed but a wire one will be the best for working and listen to music ahhhh ayayayayay \m/ let's rock and roll. give me one plz.

I would like the bb bluetooth because I've had about 10 bluetooths and they are garbage. I love my Torch it would only make sense to have a bb bluetooth.

I would love the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000 for BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Seems like everyone forgets about the Flip. I would love it since I travel, and walk a lot.

Plantronics Discovery 975 bluetooth headset for Bold 9650. Because it looks great and because you can never have enough bluetooth!

The jabra stone, I always get calls while I am driving and the jabra stone would fix that. Also I would love to have to to listen to music.

I recently got a 9780 and I would love to have the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard because I use word to go during class when I take notes.

My husband is getting me the torch for my birthday. I must have a case to protect it. I know the people at crackberry would love to give me a birthday present.

I need a charging pod for my BB. Everytime I'm working at home I get a call and it ends up on the floor.

I am driving a lot :( so Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9000 would be my choice. I need a bluetooth headset that produces clear crisp voice. The review said so, hopefully I win !

I would love to get a BlackBerry F-S1 Battery for my Torch 9800. You can never have enough power for your BlackBerry while travelling or spending time away from your power plug (Week ends).

I'm a true Blackberry addict and a spare battery for my 9700 will come in handy since I find myself reaching for a charging cable by 1 in the afternoon!

Umm i think um soo much choice. Umm i think the charging pod for my 9700. would be great to put next to my computer when i am working and very stylish as well.

Would love to win the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset for my 9780 because I love to listen music on my bold. Would love to try the BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset to enhance the BB-experience. ;)

I could really use a charging pod for my Bold 9700. I use it as my alarm clock, but can never see the time on it. This would be perfect. Good luck to everyone :)

I would love the "Mobi Products World Wall Adapter for Dual USB Cables for BlackBerry Torch 9800". This way whether I'm home or visiting my friends in Norway, I can charge my phone and my media player all at once and be ready to go in no time :3 Pretty please?

I'd like the Blackberry Charging pod for the 9550. It'll be great for my desk at work. That way I can see my wallpapers all day.

I'd like the "Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone" because, I'm normally up and out of the house before anybody wakes up, and don't normally get back home until right around bed time. Literally, spend all the driving time talking to my family.

illicitstylz's submission!

the torch 9800 extended battery would greatly increase my work productivity and capacity since I would be able to use the phone for much longer without having to charge it!

the premium headset would be a great way for me to relax and enjoy the great audio quality from my torch 9800!

Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Bold 9700 is the accessory I would chose. Why? Because it's like pampering your BlackBerry with glitz and glamour! Who needs the iPad? I can just add a large-scale keyboard to my BlackBerry and when I'm at a convention, or in a sales meeting I can wip out my keyboard and take all the notes I need! Please pick me! :)


I could use a second battery for my torch. I think I'll need it when I buy a playbook. I think the tethering will take a lot of juice.

i would love a bluetooth headset or a new case or a charging dock aww so many choices at great prices on crackberry.

I definitely need a charging pod for my 9700, as i am absolutely unable to get out of bed in the morning and would like to use my berry as alarm clock - wich usually fails because i forget to charge it :(
with the charging pod, this would never happen again :)

I would love the "Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard" and I would be able to use it when I get the playbook! Thanks!

I want the Blackberry Charging Pod for 9700, and i want it because i have to charge my BB at work with a samsung Usb cable. That sux so much!

I would love an extra Torch battery. The seidio active case would also not be bad. I love my torch but the battery needs alot of improvement. Hoping that I do win the battery. It would be a blessing.

I would love to have the following holster for my Blackberry Curve 8530 because my previous holster broke :[ and I really ned one. I'm new to CrackBerry, and am not sure, is this how I enter the contest? lol

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch (Black) for Bold 9700, Bold 9780, Curve 3G/9300, Curve 8900, Curve 8530, Curve 8520
CAD 34.99 CAD 19.95

Would love to have a good set of headphones/in-line mic for my Torch could really use that when i'm working. So i would really like to win the maximo iP-HS5 iMetal Isolation Headset. Thanks Crackberry for all the great contests you have each week.

I would looove a Jabra Stone bluetooth headset for the blackberry torch 9800. I really need a new bluetooth as I use it on a daily basis and can't afford a new one. Thanks crackberry for another amazing chance to win a great bb product!!

A spare Battery for my 9800 Torch! The battery life can drain as the day moves along for me and I could use the spare battery. I hate to miss emails or scramble for a outlet when seeking power.

I really need a top-end set of headphones and the v-moda Vibe In-Ear Headphones fit the bill! Any color would do, but Gunmetal Black or Midnight Blue are my top choices!

I write large e-mails and the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for BlackBerry Torch 9800 would be an amazing side-kick to accompany my BB Torch :)

I would like the Jabra Cruiser II Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone. It would make driving and talking a lot easier. I don't like the ear device. Pleeeeeease?

I'd love to win the BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9780, Bold 9700 because I just got a brand new job, and nothing better for my new desk than a charging pod for my Bold 9700!!! :D

invisibleSHIELD Full Body for BlackBerry Bold 9700

I just got a brand new WHITE Blackberry BOLD 9700 and it would be awesome if i could keep it white and not chip the chrome bezel. I prefer this over a case because the phone is just tooooo nice to cover up!

I am constantly on the road due to my job, and the Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9650 would be the perfect device to have so that I would be able to keep both hands on the wheel while making calls. Not to mention that my birthday is coming up. ;)

Hmm hard choice. My 9700 backup battery just died but I just purchased a backup battery from Crackberry so I don't need more than one extra. My bluetooth headset's earpiece is getting very uncomfortable so I'd choose the bluetooth.

Thanks again for the amazing contests!

Hi, I would love to have the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9780. It is an awesome cover that will not only protect highly effective protection, it also looks elegant and cool. I had been eyeing this even before I get my phone. Doesnt that says alot about the Otterbox case? :)

I'd fancy the... BlackBerry Premium Multimedia headset (for Curve 8520). I'm pratically a music junkie.. so i'd go for that first. A built-in control?! Come on...how convenient is tht?

i would love an extra battery for my storm 2 is its on sale, i don't have a charger for my phone anymore so i charge it through my computer it would be great help so my phone will at least last me all day so i can call for a ride after soccer or school activities. if not then the multi-media headset would help so i can listen to music to my self while i study.

i would love an extra battery for my storm 2 is its on sale, i don't have a charger for my phone anymore so i charge it through my computer it would be great help so my phone will at least last me all day so i can call for a ride after soccer or school activities. if not then the multi-media headset would help so i can listen to music to my self while i study. i don't want to seem to needy but if there is a charger for the storm 2 on sale i would take that please and thanks.