Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot

By Adam Zeis on 16 Mar 2011 04:15 pm EDT

Contest: Win a Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Charger for your device! Keep reading for details.

Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot

A dead battery when you're on the go isn't a good thing. Charge when you can, but having another option is a always a bonus. The worst thing that can happen is having your battery go out when you need it most. To help solve the issue, many carry a spare battery for emergencies. But that leaves the question - how do you charge it? With the Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot you no longer have to worry. Charge your device and that extra battery at night or in your downtime and you'll be good to go when you need it. No more separate charging pod and battery charger -- here you have an all-in-one. Need a spare battery to fit that slot as well? Not to worry! We have you covered on that one too -- check out our full selection. The cradle is available for most devices from ShopCrackBerry.com for just $24.95, but if you leave a comment on this post you could win one of your very own! Keep reading for details!


To enter to win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device, simply leave a comment to this blog post telling us how this cradle would help you. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Reader comments

Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot



It would be a great stand for the device, which would then work like an alarm clock (already does, but now it sleeps with me). Also, I would never ever worry about running out of juice again.

Make it a Mobi Products Cradle w/ Spare Battery Slot for the 9780!

sweet... im in! convienient way to charge my spare battery, instead of it just laying around and going through the trouble of swapping them out!

Since I always keep a spare battery handy, this would make it much easier to charge my device and spare battery instead of having to swap them out to charge.

please? ...please? ...please! oh, i supposed to tell you how this would help me? well, help me, it wouldn't but it would satisfy my lust for having more crap i don't need (i.e., another battery!). too, it would ensure i could keep my lightly used phone forever charged!

This is such an awesome give away! I would love this. I've been pining for a charging pod, but since I recently lost my job, I can't really afford to spend any extra money. This would be great for my Tour and the extra battery I keep with me at all times since I travel a lot.

Cradle + Torch = Sweet alarm clock

it would certainly save me the "effort" of fumbling around for my phone to check the time when i wake up in the middle of the night.

This cradle is exactly what i have been looking for! This would help remove so much stress because my battery tends to die quite a bit as I love listening to internet radio. If I had this, it would simply make my life so much easier because I can charge it in a nice cradle and simply carry it around with a spare battery during the day.. This is such a great product! I hope I win :D

It would mean half as many hours of withdrawls when my crackberry is in need of charging....drop and swap...you got more crackberry!

I'm in med school and need something to keep my phone charged all the time...this might actually help save lives :)

This would be so nice. I have gone thru 3 of the charging stands for my 9650 that I got off of amazom. Good things they weren't expensive. Hate having to charge 1 battery, switch it out just to charge my spare battery. Would be nice to have both phone & spare battery charged together.

This would help me keep an extra battery on standby. I am starting to use my phone so much that I am in need of a back up for busy weekends when I don't have time to leave my phone on the cradle in the evening.

Perfect, I always keep my BB on the night stand during the night, now I'll be able to see it easily and be ready to go all day with my Bold 9650!

Having to switch the battery into the phone to charge it after I've already charged my primary battery is too much. Also I want a stand for my bedside mode, so this is a two bird one stone scenario! Also, I do need more battery ease-of-use: I have a Torch and I enjoy changing my theme and installing beta applications.

Since I use my Torch for work (both as manager of my department in a funeral home and as a minister) and for recreation, this would be ideal to keep me connected while on the go. Charge both the phone and extra battery...never have to worry about battery life even if I do forget to clear my browser and it runs in the background all day (silly me).

this would be awesome since i just discovered your podcast and been killing my battery everynight from listening to your guys while driving all night hauling snow for 9 hrs a night

It would be so nice not having to swap batteries all of the time just in order to charge the dead one. I would so love to win one of these, thanks for the opportunity.

ive always wanted a cradle but believed that it was alil expensive to have as a charger, but if i win this contest...it would def put a smile on my face....so please select me....=)

I could really use this to keep my phone charged and ready at work then have a back up battery for the end of a long day on the road.

YES, I do carry a spare battery and a cradle holster w/battery charger built in, but the more the merry. count me in.

This would be great for traveling so I can charge up both my Blackberry and spare battery to take with me for the day on trips. I hope I win.

I keep my phone charging at my desk, and it would look so much nicer if I was able to put it in a dock like this.

The battery life on my Tour is awful and being able to charge my extra battery @ the same time as my BB would be awesome!!

this would be an awesome accesory to have at work. I dont have a charger and im constantly streaming stuff. Would really like ot have this for my 9780

i have a spare battery for my bb and charging both batteries is not practical at all, this would make life eassier :)

I would love to win this because I'm in a government building with spotty reception and my phone doesn't make it through the day without charging.

I work midnights so my phone is on almost constantly and this would make it much easier to keep my 9700 and a spare battery charged.

I kill my battery all day long so my BB stays on the charger at my desk alot. This thing would be a synch for charging! Pick Me!

Seriously, I need just this. I work at the base of a 200 ft hill, the closest tower is on the hill. Do you know what that means? The signal for my carrier literally goes over my head, in fact, I'm under the output in such a way that my phone is often in ANALOG roam. Imagine what that does to battery life. I actually have a spare wall charger in my office that I usually am tethered too just to keep my phone charged and use it at the same time. PLEASE give me the ability to 'roam' freely about the workplace.

I always have to charge my spare battery separately. I'd love to be able to charge my BB and spare batt at the same time, that'd make my life way easier :-D Go-CrackBerry-Go!

Dropping my 9650 into this will help avoid the hassle of plugging in another device for charging. Can't argue against charging an extra battery at the same time.

Sweet, I really need this for my 9780. My batt is always dying and I'm always forgetting to charge my spare. This would be perfect, chart both at once.

The dock just looks cool and prevents the phone from getting scratched, and I'd love an extra battery charger, too! : )

I travel and always like to have a spare battery charged for plane rides and long lay overs. For now this means charging my spare in the phone and swapping out before I leave. I also use my Storm 2 as my bedside clock and alarm. Currently this means having it shine straight up at the ceiling until I pick it up to see the time. The cradle would help relieve both of these and give me an additional charger. Thanks

I run out of charge so much that I have three mobile phones on three separate network contracts. Winning this item will mean I can get rid of two of them and save a lot of monies! :)

Just swapping batteries to charge in the phone sucks.
This would so help! Great to have a cradle for my Torch too!

Would be an awesome belated st pattys gift ;) and I've wanted to try out n have a cradle charger

I have a blackberry bold 9650 by Sprint. The battery constantly dies on me. Seems like a spend more times charging than using it.

With my 9700 I only have a cable plugged into the wall to charge it at night, but I have to peel back the rubber of my Otter case first so i can plug it in. And wouldn't you know it, it's always upside down. This cradle would be totally awesome for my nightstand.

Make my phone a better alarm clock instead of it just being on the floor, like it is now, plus keep everything charged.

I would love to have one of these docking stations. I have been a loyal and faithful bb user for some time. Also I have entered many contest's before and received nothing, can u please choose me. That would be great thanks.

Love this cradle and would love it for phone since I use it as my alarm clock and its difficult to keep in place. Cool you can charge the extra battery too!!

I love my Torch & the battery is great compared to Android for sure. But compared to my old 9000, the battery life isn't so hot. Sometimes I can barely get to 12 hours before I need to recharge. Having this cradle & a spare battery would totally solve that problem.

I travel back and forth between LA and Chicago for grad school constantly and this would make my life infinitely easier! I'd love not having to worry about my phone staying charged! I have a 9700 :)

For my 9700! This definitely would've come in handy last week when the car I was driving broke down and I was stranded for 2 days til someone was able to come get me.

Could I ever use this! Whether I'm leaving the house with an already dead battery, or keeping my phone on my night stand, this would serve both all-in-one!

It would be great for when I forget to charge my torch at night , just today my battery died during accounting class. A extra battery and charger would be great for that.

awesome, this will keep my berry go though my whole day at school and work with 2 batteries!

It'd be best prepared for me to have this device with me when I might have to evacuate here from Tokyo when the nuclear issue is imminent.

This would be an awesome addition to my mobile arsenal. I love my Bold 9650, but need an efficient way to charge my extra battery. I would love this charging unit. Thanks :)

OMG! i literally sleep with my phone beside my head because i use it as an alarm to wake me up for school in the mornings. This cradle will help so much because i'd just be able to plug it in the wall outlet beside my bed and put my phone on it. PERFECT!!

Please please please give this to me. It'd help a student out sooo much. I have a bold 9700 btw

Wow! I looked for this when my Torch first came out. Glad to see one now! I always have a spare battery to charge, but it is never charged.

Would truly love to win one of these bad boys!

I have my torch laying on a chair next to my bed every night and at times I reach for it to see the time and I'm too lazy to put it back so I lose it in my cover and sometimes it ends up on the floor. Having this cradle will help me keep my bb in its place and the extra battery would help too

Dear Sir/ Maam,
Really appreciate your consideration in giving this mobi cradle charging pod to us (readers and fans)...
Now, let's hope there's more to give since we (and mine too) would love to have it :)
Torch User

with this cradle not only will my crackberry be a more effective alarm clock, but with the extra charging slot I will be able to make it through a whole day

Twould help me on my bold, my roommate on her storm 2, and by the end of the month, my wife on her new curve 9330. One big happy blackberry family. :)

this cradle will be perfect for me! i will plug it in on my desk so my phone stays powered during those late studying nights as i prepare to take the mcat. it will be nice to have the time right there next to me and be able to order a pizza during breaks as well haha

Right now all I have is a car charger, so this would allow me to be able to charge at night so I would have a full charge for the next day. This would also allow me to purchase a second battery that I could have on standby.

Would make my life much easier by allowing charging the spare battery and the one inside the Torch at the same time. :-;

this would work out great for me..I already have a spare battery that I charge using a broken phone.the cradle/charger would rid me of this hassle.Pick Me!

I would use the cradle at the office, where I most need my device and a spare battery always at the ready.

That looks perfect for my Torch and be great to have a spare battery charger as well not had one of those since analog days in 94!

simple! it would by pass the time of me waiting for my battery to fully charge and then switch it so my spare battery could after it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm always on the go and I use my blackberry constantly while I'm out and about. Making calls, texting, BBM, using my blackberry as GPS and my BB dies on me quite often because of such use. I would absolutely love to have this cradle + extra battery for everyday use so I don't have to worry about my phone dying and having no way to get to a charger to use it.

I could finally get rid of my broken blackberry that I use strictly for charging my backup battery in the car. Please help me

Fantastic idea, with this you should not be running out of power all day now, would love to have one.

Knowing that I'll always have a fully charged battery for my 9700 at the ready will let me easily stay out in the field for a full day with time to spare!

Gosh!!! I would love my Torch to be the one on the pic, but at my desk, ahahahahahaha, pls include me on this contest...



Well you know Torch with those big capacative touch screen and only 1270 mAH battery provided by RIM, only will last half day... So I bought spare battery... AND.... I have to wait for them charging so I can survive tomorrow (Who can survive without BlackBerry?), waiting and changing the battery is sometimes stressful, especially when you want to go to bed... but with this craddle, life would be so much much much much easier... plus I have insomnia, which if I pass my USUALLY bed time, I can't sleep...

When constantly travelling for business, every little bit helps when it comes to staying organized. This would go a looooong way to help out.

Let's go Crackberry! :)

with a demanding job like the one i have wherein emails keep coming and my bosses keep calling like crazy, the toll no my 9700's battery life is unbelievable

having that dock on my desk would mean that i would never get nervous about my phone batt dying on me

it would also make my desk look awfully cool

can i have one please?

This would work for me because I dont have a car charger so this would come in real handy plus it would look really cool on my nitestand

It would be great to win his. I'd b able to ensure that on my commute home I'd b sure that even if the trains run late (like....today!!!! Thanks NJ Transit)..I'd have a spare battery because mine would be charging in this stylish charging dock :)

I'd luv to have this. I can charge my phone in my office in style. Plus, I can charge my other battery in the event excessive use is needed.

this would help me because i love to always use my torch and when i run out of battery it would provide me with a spare at my fingertips! and it looks awesome as well!!

This is a great accessory for may BlackBerry! If I have it, from now on, I never worry about my battery and backup battery. I won't ask how can I charge 2 batteries but I just have 1 device can charge it. Love it.

I am a busy student and I am always constantly in need of my blackberry for communication, email especially, and since i have lots of relatives living in other countries, my blackberry is the fastest way to contact them, especially that they all demand from me to send them this and that. This would be of big help for my bold 9780!

Helpful on those nights when you don't get to go home at night and don't have your spare charged. Or when you forget to charge your phone at night because you're so exhausted

I abuse my Torch with conviction. I usually keep two spare batteries on my person, when going out for the day. Currently my only way to charge the spares is to charge them in the phone and remove when ready. The Mobi charger would make my life so much easier. Thank you

Just got a blackberry. Recent graduate working a job moving from office to office all over DC. A lot of calls and texts my phone dies quick.

A dock for my Blackberry so it can wake me up in the morning is a huge plus, not to mention charging a spare battery for those long days? Yes please!!

YES PLEASE! Would save me so much trouble...my Torch usually drops to 30% by 3pm...need the spare to keep it going the remainder of the day without having to be plugged in.

It's pretty clear how it would help everyone.. but for me it would help me save money from replacing my usb port every few months..

I can not function without my Blackberry torch 9800. Sometimes I have to use it while its charging. Extra battery with charging would eliminate that.

i commute 350 miles to home from work most weekends. Remembering to take my charger with me doesn't always happen. Having another one (especially one that charges another battery) would be extremely helpful.

When traveling on business I would use the stand as a clock and alarm, (never trust the wake up call) and a bonus is the ability to charge a second battery. excellent device.