BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from!

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By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2010 02:45 pm EDT

Contest: Don't let your device be naked! Leave a comment telling us which BlackBerry Case you'd like from and you could win it!

Lets face it - there are TONS of accessories for BlackBerry. Bluetooh headsets, memory cards, charging solutions, batteries and more. But when it comes down to it, the thing most users pick up first and always seem to always have more than one of is a case for their device. There is such a wide variety of cases out there that for the most part there is something to please everyone. Cases not only help us express our personality, but also protect your device from the daily bumps and brusies. From your basic skin case all the way up to the insane protection of an OtterBox, there are loads to choose from. So youre mission this week is to leave a comment letting us know which case available at you'd like to call your own. Be it a silicone sleeve, snap-on hard case or something stylish, let us know what and why (and be sure to include your device) and it could be yours!


For your chance to win your case of choice from, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know which case you'd like we'll pick one random winner who'll get their choice! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from!



Have the Curve 8530 and would love the Seidio Spring Clip Holster. Reminds me of my very first BB back when they came with there own swivel clip holster

definately an Otterbox Defender for my 8530. Living on a farm I've dropped my berry off many pieces of farm equipment, into the dirt, into hay piles, nearly ran my poor berry over once too. My phone needs as much protection as possible to survive life on the farm.

Have been thinking of getting a case for my bold 9650, so I would choose the Case Mate barley there case.

If you pick me, I would like the Seidio Innocase II Surface.

I've been rocking my Epik Soft Gel Hard case for a while, now would be a great time for an upgrade!

Thanks Crackberry!!

I could see getting a Seidio Innocase II for my Tour. I like the idea that the charging ports are still accessible with this case installed.

Case-Mate Fuel Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 would be a great case to win. Pick me why don't you.

I really like the plain Blackberry skin of neoprene. It keeps the BB from sliding when I set it down, makes it easier to grasp, and makes my iPhone4 friends think I have an antenna problem! LOL

I'd love to win a BB skin for my Bold 9650!

I was just searching for a new case! This contest could not have come at a more perfect time! I have the rubber one from Verizon for my Tour but I really like the harder gel cases. They're thin but sturdy! I'd love to win one! Thanks Crackberry!

My favorite case is the iSkin in Blue for the Blackberry 9700. It has a real smooth and cool look to it. Plus I already have a hard case that covers protection so this one could be my sleek alternate.

that seidio innocase 360 for the 9700 would really make my bold 2 feel all warm and fuzzy...inside of the case... :P

I would like the overboard waterproof case or the otterbox commuter case because I am a clutz with my phone.

Would love to win the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700. It's my favorite case but I can't afford it. :(

I had a Seidio Innocase plus holster for my Curve 8330 and it looked like a new phone even after 2 years of use. The Innocase does not seem to fit all the way around the Bold 9650 so I'm interested in trying another style case. If I'm picked I'd like to try a Case-Mate in black. Thanks and Crackberry rocks! (blatant, but it has answered sooo many questions over my BB lifetime)

Seidio Innocase II for Bold 9700- Had one of these for my Treo Pro, and I loved it. Currently using the Bold with no case, but I'd like to cover it!

i would love to have the otterskin commuter case. it looks like it would be durable, and i tend to be hard on my phones! I just got my curve today and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

You are 100% correct, there are about a Bazzilion cases out there, and I've got a drawer full to prove it! For my money the Seidio Innocase II is the finest case ever made, at least for my Tour 9630.

I would like the Otterbox defender series 8530 the perfect case to crackout my crackberry thanks even if I don't win I love your site

Thank you CB for the opportunity to win a case for my new device. I was just upgraded to the 9650 from a Tour and I would love to get a case for it. The Seido case you have in your store looks great. It will give the protection I need, yet keep it light enough to put in the pocket. In the past I have tried the Silicone cases but would love to try something different.

Thank you again for the opportunity

Coming in black, purple, red and pink (I love all 4)
You have access to all the ports and buttons and the skin enables you to have a smooth as silk qwerty keyboard experience!!
It covers the bb except for the screen which you just cover with a see thru screen protector
Its fun to change the cb to a different color every day.

I'm always making huge scratches in the side and back fo my BB, I'd love a black Incipio SILICRYLIC Case for my BlackBerry Bold 9700! Thing looks awesome!!


definitely the otterbox BlackBerry Curve 8500 Defender Series Case to protect my precious during contruction work =)

case for my 8520 Curve. I currently have a plastic griffin case that I do not mind, but ever since I saw the review of this one a few weeks ago, I've wanted it. A red one. But I just can't muster myself up to spend $30 for a case.

I'd love to get this holster to protect my 8900. I don't use the case that comes with the device because I am Vegan so I would really love a non-leather holster.

Seidio Spring Lock Holster for BlackBerry Curve 8900

Protection huh, don't forget the rubber! Of course, the case that I want isn't rubber and it should fit my Bold 9700 nicely.

Wanted: Golla Hasty Smart Bag

I tend to like slim cases, and I like to change cases often. A friend of mine had this case on a 9700 and I thought wow, what a nice case. Then a few days later I went to the beach and thought "I could really use that case", I checked around and Amazon had the best price so I ordered it. I had thought that it would be bulky, it's NOT, not bulky AT ALL! The ONLY problem I have with it is that I have to take it off to put it in the charging pod. If it wasn't for that it'd be perfect. In fact today I was walking into the bathroom and I dropped the phone, it hit the tile quite hard. Hard enough to reboot the phone, but it did have a single scratch on it! The case protected the phone amazingly well. I can't say enough about this case, it's great, buy it.

My choice for my Tour?
That would be the Otterbox Commuter.....
Perfect balance of protection and a slim profile!


I would love to get my hands on a Body Glove Snap On BlackBerry Case for a 8330 curve!

PS love this site! (no I am not kissing up ;))



I would like to try the otterbox if they make it for a Pearl. If not I will stick to the BB condom.

Mobi Products Zebra Skin for BlackBerry Storm 9500
This ones the best of the lot.. old but better.. has a nice simple and stylish look would love to get the white one.. although i doubt if i can coz i live in dubai :P.. anyways glad to participate :) *thumbs up*

Smartphone Experts CombiFlip in black for the Bold 9000! What could be better than having a classy looking case that holds all the things that I truly need in one place.

I would love the Case-Mate Hybrid Case the Bold 9700 so I can keep my baby in great condition! I've heard good things about that case so hopefully I get it!! :D

The Seidio Innocase II with belt clip. These aren't sold where I live in Jamaica. Oh yea, I have an 8900..I'm keeping both fingers crossed

OtterBox Defender Series for BlackBerry Curve 8330 - Its my first Blackberry and the case looks tough enough to survive the kids, dog, and my occasional spells of stupidity

....I'd like to get the BlackBerry skin case; I'll choose the color when I'll be announced as winner....... ;-)

I want to win the choice of my case. I could really use a new one and have been using the one I've had for the longest time. I'm really looking into getting a hybrid case, but haven't had the extra money for it.

Otterbox Commuter for my Bold 9700! Because I dropped it and it broke a little piece of the bezel.. as well as a little piece of my heart.

BlackBerry Bold 9000 + Red iSkin Vibes Case = HOT!

Although it's getting a little old - a new suit of clothes every now and then can't hurt.

Pick me!


If I were to win, I would like the BlackBerry Skin Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650 in Black please. Thank You for the chance to win.

I really need an otterbox defender case, my bold 9700 can't stand up t the construction business much longer without one...

If I could have a new case for my Blackberry 9700 it would be The Incipio SILICRYLIC Case. It seems really cool and I have had cases by them in the past and it seems like it would really last.


I would love to win the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650. Wow, what protection.

I would love to have a Blackberry 9700 Otterbox Commuter case. They look nice! I'm still stuck with the case that came with my phone...

I'd like the black iSkin Vibes case for my 9700. I used to have an iSkin Vibes for my 8900 and it was fantastic.

I visit the beach quite often, and the OverBoard Waterproof Case for my Bold 9000 would be a GREAT prize!

I would love to have the Seidio Innocase 360 for BlackBerry Curve 8900. Full protection for my Curve 8900: screen, battery cover, and keyboard. When it comes to phones, I can't stand smudges or dirt for some reason. Right now, I have a cheap sleeve for it. It's expensive for a case, but well worth it to fully protect my phone

I have just the case I need at the moment for work but for geocaching and hiking I could sure use an otterbox for the 9700.

Last time I was in the other otter box contest and didn't win. I would like the Seidio Innocase Surface Pink 8530. As for the reason, I recently bought my girlfriend a blackberry curve, and since it's black I want her to have a pink case. Also it protects the blackberry itself, being a person who drops her phone once a day.

Blackberry Curve 8530. Seidio Innocase Surface Pink.


This is one hell of a contest! With my 9700 having great battery life, but it sure could use a boost on those long days at work. PICK ME CRACKBERRY!!!!

Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case. I'm always taking out my curve 8900 from my pants with a regular silicone case and it takes forever. I would like the Incipio cause of the slickness and wont get stuck in my pocket. Thanks for giving the chance to win this.

I would love a Incipio dermaSHOT Case for my blackberry tour. I think green would be the perfect color! OMG love it!

you must understand how hard it is to take care of a storm2 while working on site building homes, it ain't easy. So far its been manageable by leaving the storm2 in the truck, but so much could be done if i had it on site... so with an OTTERBOX DEFENDER i can bring her with me and take care of biz.

Please hook it up crackberry!!!!!

I teach autistic teenagers and if they ever get hold of my 9700 then it will be dust! So the insane protection of the Otterbox Defender for me please!

I would love one of those otterbox heavy duty bad ass cases to protect my BB Bold 9700 while on those great adventures through the maze of office cubicles that I tackle daily LOL

The standard Tmobile smoke clear cases stick up wayy too much on the side, it makes it hard to hit the side buttons and in some cases, it causes blisters on the thumbs. The standard silicone cases takes away the pocket "slide-ability" of my 9700. After trying those cases, I've decided to give up on cases, until I saw the Incipio Ultra Light Feather Case (Part# A6152 Mnf# BB-949) makes your phone slick and keeps it protected =).

I'd love the BlackBerry Synthetic Pocket Pouch in Sandstone for the 9650. I just can't bring myself to use the one that came with that has the clip on it and the flap over the top. This one would be absolutely ideal.

The Smartphone Experts Click Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650 would be perfect because it's sleek and doesn't hide too much of the natural Blackberry body. The red case would make it extra sexy!

I'm a service technician working on equipment that sometimes has tight quarters to work in. I now keep my 8830 in my front pocket and it slips out and hits the floor. The battery pops out and it has to reboot. I like the ecolife Vitalit Side Case for BlackBerry 8830. Your stocking # is A5655 Mnf# ECO303. It would be a much needed accessory for my 8830. Thank you for a great site for us BlackBerry fans.

I only want the White Blackberry skin case for 9700 'coz the available skin cases in the Philippines are ugly and cheap looking:-(

I would like to win an all black iSkin vibes case!
I love my BlackBerry 9700 and I love keeping it looking brand new! That case would help my protect my BlackBerry while still showing off its sexyness!! :D

Well this is a fine chance to win a great cover! Thanks Crackberry. I have the Storm2 and have the silicone sleeve (bought on this site) and would love to have the BlackBerry Leather Holster for Storm 9530, Storm 9500, Storm2 9550, Storm2 9520 (model # A4248) because sometimes I just cant carry my Storm2 in my pocket. As we all here know, I cant go without having it with me 23-7, so I have been thinking of getting a holster. But the ones I see at the local Verizon store just wont cut it. This holster fits all my needs.


pretty unfortunate that i upgraded from tour to the bold and i bought a case from 2 months ago and now it doesnt fit my new bold..........would like to have one that fits my new BOLD....thanks

i know its only one post per/person but i didnt leave the kind of case i want on my comment........Seidio Spring Lock Innocase Holster...........very sorry......thank you

...want that Case-Mate for my Storm2 that looks like its Barely Chrome
and when I'm on the water, gotta go OverBoard with the WaterProof Case...

Golla Gavin Phone Wallet for BlackBerry Storm2 9520
Buy Now $16.95
More Golla Bags Golla Hasty Smart Bag for BlackBerry Storm2 9520

i Would Love To Iskin-Vibes Case With Red or Blue "
It Will Show My Personalities as A Colourfull Person" And I think It Will Be keep My Blackberry Safe, I Ussualy Bring My Blackberry On My Hand, and SOmetime If I In College, I Need To Put My Blackberry Into My Bag" And it Will be A great Present for my Birthday On 6 august Next month.
So I will Be Very Happy, If I get Chance to Win Iskin-vibes"
Thanks for Chance to win "

I've had my Tour 9630 for a year and yet have to put a case on it. I'm a procrastinator. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the Seidio Innocase II.

I would love the Seidio Innocase II (and the holster that goes with it) for my BB Tour! dont want to be caught naked without it. :)

The Casemate Hybrid Case looks very promising. As I use my Bold 9700 several times a week for geocaching (outdoors, often in a rough envirnonment), the green one would be a perfect protection and the green color is connected to geocaching :-)


I would love to have the otterbox commuter or the deffender. Either one for the 8530, would be great!


I've had my eye on the Case-Mate Fuel Lite Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 for a while. Very cool feature and still looks good!

Hey I would like the Blue Blackberry Skin Case for the Bold 9650...I just got this device as a replacement for my Tour 9630 I am in need of a new one! Thanks :)

Hey I would like the Blue Blackberry Skin Case for the Bold 9650...I just got this device as a replacement for my Tour 9630 I am in need of a new one! Thanks :)

Hey I would like the Blue Blackberry Skin Case for the Bold 9650...I just got this device as a replacement for my Tour 9630 I am in need of a new one! Thanks :)

I want an otterbox defender for the 9700 because my phones have been through hell and back. I'm currently on my 4th 9700 :(. I need a case that will protect it

I am waiting on the 9800 to come out but I would sure love to win the Smartphone Experts TopPouch for my BlackBerry Bold 9000 while I wait.

Thanks in advance.

I am fond of the holster that came with my device, with one minor issue. There is a little knob left when removing the clasp/hook. So when I put it in my pocket, it always gets caught up. I think I'd like to give the BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Curve 8530 a try.

These are the best giveaways if you ask me. It gives people the opportunity to completely change the look of the BB!

I personally would LOVE to have the new Vibe case for my 9700 (in black). Was a tough call between the Innocase and the Vibe, but I think the Vibe will win.

Good luck all.

Being that I cannot be without my Blackberry phone and that I am accident prone (I drop things all the time. If my head was not attached I would surly drop it as well!) I would like the Ottobox commuter case for my Blackberry Curve 8330 (or any other tough, non destructable case for that matter, if I win). I have to keep this short - the letters sometimes drop off the screen on my computer as well - I'm that accident prone!

i would like to have the otterbox commuter case for my bold 9700 because it would save my 9700 life because you never know when your gonna drop your blackberry and you want your blackberry to be protected by a really good case to protect it so it doesn't get scratched or hurt

A Case-Mate Hybrid Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 in pink would be nice. Thanks and good luck to everyone too.