BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from!

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By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2010 02:45 pm EDT

Contest: Don't let your device be naked! Leave a comment telling us which BlackBerry Case you'd like from and you could win it!

Lets face it - there are TONS of accessories for BlackBerry. Bluetooh headsets, memory cards, charging solutions, batteries and more. But when it comes down to it, the thing most users pick up first and always seem to always have more than one of is a case for their device. There is such a wide variety of cases out there that for the most part there is something to please everyone. Cases not only help us express our personality, but also protect your device from the daily bumps and brusies. From your basic skin case all the way up to the insane protection of an OtterBox, there are loads to choose from. So youre mission this week is to leave a comment letting us know which case available at you'd like to call your own. Be it a silicone sleeve, snap-on hard case or something stylish, let us know what and why (and be sure to include your device) and it could be yours!


For your chance to win your case of choice from, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know which case you'd like we'll pick one random winner who'll get their choice! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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That's it for this week's roundup! We hope you enjoyed it! If you come across accessories you'd like to see featured in an upcoming roundup, please send us an email to blackberryaccessories @

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BlackBerry Accessory Roundup - Win the case of your choice from!



I would like the overboard case since I lost the contest on it the first time and I'm going down the shore for a couple weeks and can't afford the case since I just bought my blackberry 9700. I need it for the beach. Please don't make me have to leave my phone in the room when I go to the beach. Thanks for a 2nd chance to win.

Not picky but any otterbox would be great because I am very clumsy. I work on a ropes course and one of these cases would save my BB 9650's life. I would love if I was selected to win one =)

I would love the Case Mate in blue please. I just got the Storm 2 and would love to show off a pretty case along with the phone (and of course protect it)!

I would love the OtterBox Commuter series case for my 9700. The InvisaShield is great...but you can never be too careful!!!

I would really like the case mate id case for the tour 9630. I am in college and always needing to bring my student id and a debit card around but I can't always bring my wallet. This case would be perfect!

I would definitely love to be awarded a Case-Mate Barely There Case for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 because it is just too sexy for my device!! *drooooooools* Thanks for a shot in winning a cool accessory for my berry! ;)

wouldn't mind trying the otterbox defender for 9530. By they way - they are on sale on the otterbox site for 12.95.

I would like the Case-Mate Smart Skin Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700. This has to be one of the best "bang for your buck" deals on cases out there. I am sure some would be saying the otterbox just because it is free but The Case-Mate is the case I want and will be purchasing in a little over a week.

My girlfriend needs an otterbox for her 9700. She is very clumsy with her phone and drops it all the time.

I enjoy having my Seidio Innocase II and charging pod. But my Inno II was for my Tour, which is now a Bold.

Thinking of getting a new case to have proper placement of the charging port. I figured since i need a new case, I would try something different.

Would love to try the Otterbox Commuter for for 9650, even if it means having to remove the case to use the charging pod.

I really, really need an Innocase II by Seidio for my wife's Bold 9650. She beats the crap out of cell phones and refuses to use any type of leather case to protect the thing. Not to mention, she (we) is (are) going to have her (our) hands full with an infant in the very, very near future, which means she'll probably be even more careless with her phone.

What an amazing prize to give!!! I feel kind of selfish for entering but... I'm in college, and money's kind of tight, haha. An OtterBox Commuter case for my Tour would be really cool! I've already replaced one Tour because it fell out of my pocket and down some stairs... and my warranty is up in August. Oh boy.

I dont know if this counts as a case..but I would really like a Bodyguardz skin to protect my Bold 9650. I like the way the phone looks and don't want to cover it up with a case. And plus, it'll protect it from scratches as well!

I've been eyeing this case for the longest time. I've even attempted to purchase it twice before but chickened out at last minute thinking I was being ridiculous for wanting the case. But I can't help but still want that case, especially in red...

If chosen this skin will goto my wife's blackberry, since I got her one she stops complaining about me using mine all the time

Case-Mate Barely There is my favourite because I hate to hide any more than I have to of my Storm 2!

I had the Seidio snap case on my last phone clear and loved it. However with the 9700, the cases have become ugly with the way they have been made when snapped on the top with the indented holes because the case was so thick I'm guessing. I like the look of the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 because it does not have those deep holes for the buttons at the top.

i would like one of the silicone iskin sleeves.
im jus about to buy a new housing for may bold 9000 as the original 1 got really messed up scratches and all :/
so 1 of those silicone ones would do me fine :D

I am searching for a case that would be great for running and that can clip on my shorts or shirt without complication. My current Otter Commuter is great for all use except I don't have ability to clip it to anything. Seidio Spring Lock Holster for BlackBerry Bold 9650 is the next case I would be interested in for sake of a case for running. After all, though Josh from the Idol contest got my vote - I don't run with anything (like a BlackBerry) in my hands.

BlackBerry Leather Horizontal Pouch for Bold 9000, thats the one I would love to get. I have a generic one and it leaves a mark on the screen as well as the battery cover on my Bold.

I would love the OverBoard Waterproof Case. I will be going to several water parks this summer. It would really come in handy.

My poor 9700 is open to all the harsh Minnesota elements. I would love to win an Otterbox Commuter Series case to cover it up. Awesome contest! Thanks for the chance

I know it's sort of plain compared to the other choices. Honestly I love my cheap holster/pocket that came with my 8900, but it's getting a bit worn out. I'd really enjoy a new leather it has the cool BB logo.

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Curve 8900

I would like a black incipio feather case for my storm 2. Just upgraded and need a new case for it, used it on my storm 1 and loved it!!!

I'd love to try the Case-mate fuel lite for the bold 9700, i often find my battery life insufficient for a day

I use to love Otterbox until the last case they made for the Storm 2 was made with too many flaws. Now I use the Seidio Innocase and it hasn't failed me yet.

How about a casemate fuel lite. What more could a guy ask for. A spare tank and airbags all around. Who can beat that. ;-O

BTW make mine one for a Bold 9700

Otterbox defender for the bold 9700 would be fantastic. It could very well save my blackberry from my clumsy hands.

Well seeing as this is my first Blackberry and also my first year in University (University of Toronto) money is something I would have to manage more efficiently! I already have to pay for my tuition and also my blackberry plan on my own. I know these cases don't cost much, but I really have to conserve my money on bigger purchases, so any help would be greatly appreciated :)

I chose the, "iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Bold 9700" preferably Black, Red, or Blue because I believe that those are one of the nicest looking cases for the blackberry! It has great protection while looking its best. Also it is environmentally friendly and that is a huge plus for my choice, as I care a lot about the environment.

Anyways, thanks for this contest guys and best of luck to all!

That Seidio Spring Lock Innocase Holster for BlackBerry Tour would look great on my tour. I have never won a case for my tour. It really needs one. I hope I win this time.

The Otterbox Defender for Bold 9700. If you picked me I would even pay for the new holster for it that will now hold the 9700 in place unlike the phone-dropping holster that comes with it now.

I love the Otterbox Defender and this would suit me well.


I would like something from the otterbox series maybe a defender as I'm firefighter and always worried about my precious berry

I serve in the military and work outside quite a bit, would love to have the Otterbox Defender for Sprint 8330m.

Because those things are almost impossible to get a hold of here in the Netherlands! So please Crackberry Protect/Pimp my Blackberry ;)!

I just upgraded my BlackBerry to a Bold 9650. The main reason was because I destroyed my last one(I tend to drop my phone a lot). It looks like my dog chewed on it and then threw it on a highway during rush hour. I always justified not getting case by telling myself I was upgrading soon and that it was ruined already. Now that I have my new one I really want a good case for it. And the Case-Mate Tough Case is perfect for me so I would really like to win one.

Please and thank you.

I could really use one of these, but cant afford right now, just ad surgery. Well anyway, I work for the telecommunications company, and I am on utility polls, under houses, attics,ect. A really ruff enviorment, so my bold 9650 could really use some better protection for her. She gets wet, and dirty all the time.. LOL, so please ,help her out..thanks !

An Otterbox commuter series case for blackberry storm 9520 is one of my favorites since it gives an excellent protection (since it does not scratches the outer chrome part of the blackberry body) with style. However there should be some belt pouch case option available on your website in which a commuter cased blackberry storm could fit in. Cheers!

i would like a iskin case....i really like them and there very durable...i also like the iskin makes there cases for blackberry also not just iphones and ipods

I would like the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for my Blackberry Storm 9530. I would love this case to fully protect and actually have a case for phone. I got a silicone case but is for the Storm 2 and does not match up correctly for my Storm.

If I were to be the random winner the first choice would be the Synthetic Pocket Pouch in merlot color else if that is out of the whole "deal" part I'd like to go with the OtterBox case.


Thanks for the opportunity.

I would love a case-mate barely there in blue or blue/black! It's so stylish and gives the better looks/protection IMO! I hope I win, cheers CrackBerry!

I would like the OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650.

Thank you guys for having these contests...truly appreciate your efforts.

I love my epik case, but would really like an OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Storm2 9550 for all the times I'm running and tossing my phone around.

I would go for one of those silicon jobbies! I ve currently got one of the flip case/full protection cases & after taking my phone out of the case the other to change memory, I realised how much I missed the slim lines of my 8520!!

I would love the Seidio Innocase Snap for my BOLD 9650! I always protect my blackberry with a case and I'm ecstatic to have the chance to win a innocase!

I would love a Blue Seido Innocase II Surface for my Storm2. Would be much better than the silicone case I have now that is always getting stuck in my pocket when I try and take it out!

Part# A5522 Mnf# HDW-23467-001


While I use and like the Koskin case that came with the Tour, I preferred the leather one that came with my old 8830 WE. This one is just the ticket. Thanks again for all your contests and giveaways, but especially thank you for all the information, tips and tricks I get from



I would love the:

BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch for Bold 9700 in black.

This would be great for pocket use when out and about.

And you don't want to see me naked! LOL

since i got the Bold 9700 right when it came out i am not up for an upgrade to the white one! A white skin could really help!!!! ;-)

OtterBox Impact Series for BlackBerry Bold 9700 cause the OtterBox products are the best out there and this doesnt add much bulk. Would look great on my 9700.

Otterbox Defender for the Blackberry Bold 9000 is my choice, since I have almost every other case out there for it already.

Body Glove Snap On Case for BlackBerry Bold 9650 (A5799)

The Body Glove Glove Snap-On case for BlackBerry Bold 9650 offers revolutionary protection in the ultimate custom fit phone case.

$24.95 (18)
In Stock

This is the case I d like to win. Thanks

I would love to win the case-mate hybrid tough case, colorful but yet very protective, Love these contests thanks crackberry

I upgraded to the Bold 9650 from the Tour 9630 & I would love a new "pink" case for my new BB. It would be greatly appreciated:) Thx in advance :)

Love to have an Otterbox Defender for my butter fingers ;)
My Bold 9700 will thank you...

My storm 2 9550 has an invisible shield on it. It keeps peeling. I have replaced it several times. I would love one of these. Please pick me.

I would love to have a waterproof case for my Blackberry Curve 8530. It would come in handy year around for canoeing in the summer to snowmobiling in the winter.

I would love a iskin vibe for my 9700!!! I have several iskin products and I love their deisgns and craftsmenship.

I gotta be a winner ;)

i neeeeeed the overboard case since i live near the ocean. i hate carrying around a ziploc bag

I would LOVE an OtterBox for my BLACKBERRY BOLD 9000 i just ordered a new housing and I wouldn't want to scratch the new one up THANK YOU

Purple iSkin Vibes for BlackBerry Curve 8530. Had to relinquish my Black Otterbox to my husband when I convinced him to get a Blackberry; he is notoriously dropping stuff.

I would like a simple skin case for my wife, like the Mobi. I just bought her her first Blackberry (8530). She's a little rough on her phone, but hates bulky cases.

BlackBerry Leather Holster for Storm2 9550 (Black)

the one i got from vzw is all cracked and in rought shape... would LOVE to get a new one!!

A Outer box Defender would surely help me protect my 9650 from biting the dust. Thanks for the chance to win one.

This is my first time leaving a comment. :) I try to read up on my BlackBerry (BoostBerry 8350i) every day and learn all about the diffrent programs, but this phone is so complex! I love it, it's my first BlackBerry. I would like to be able to win one of the otterbox cases...hopefully my luck will be good enough to do just that. My fingers are crossed! Thanks for such an informative website...much information to be had here.

Nancy K. Cobb

I'd love to have the OtterBox Defender for my Curve 8530! It looks pretty tough, up to being outdoorsy, and up to protecting my phone from my clutz self. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

I am eying the Otterbox defender case for my 9700. I need something rugged to protect my baby from my the harsh conditions I am subjected to everyday! It would be sweet if CB can make this happen for me.

I would love to have a OtterBox Defender Series Case for my Bold 9700!!! just last week my bold hit the pavement! (still tearing up about that) now its scratched up and is a constant reminder of that dark day! If I had the Otterbox Defender case my 9700 would still be in prestine condition... please CB give me the OtterBox Defender Case, so my Bold will forgive me...

I haven't been able to find any 9650 cases in stores, only 9630. I'm still using my 9630 Silicone, but it's strechted out and slides off (not to mention the charger port is behind the case). I like the lightweight cases so the phone isn't bulky, and this one looks great.

I really like the looks of the Smartphone Experts SidePouch. It would be perfect for my new 9650.

If I were to win, I'd go with an Otterbox. I like their cases. I just have a Blackberry silicone case on my phone right now.

My phone is currently naked!! Please help. Body Glove Snap-on Case for BlackBerry Curve 8330 in black, is the case I would like to win. Thx

Well since im a mechanic and my curve is taken a couple shots over the 6 months ive had it i would have to say the otterbox impact series

i just ordered a new Roger's branded 8900 for my wife. It is arriving today. She likes to keep her BB in her pocket at work, so I would love it if we could win a Casemate Barely There in Pink or Purple> we jyust love our Blackberries and Crackberry/ Congrats to those who win.

case mate smart case for me. looks cool and want to see how it holds up being a first responder and the beating i give my black berry.....

Case-Mate Barely There Case for BlackBerry Bold 9700 in Metallic Silver... to match my BRANDNEW 9700 bold i got from tmobile about 2 hours ago! :D

Kevin's review says this holster is pretty good.. so I am going for Seidio Holster for BlackBerry Curve 8900 Part# A2806 Mnf# HLBB8330AS

You can never have enough POWER!
I would love to have a:
Case-Mate Fuel Case for BlackBerry Tour 9630

I would like a black case please. I would be ever so thankful if I get picked. Either way, thank you crackberry for your daily updates!

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for BlackBerry Curve 8530. Black or Slate. This is by far the one for me. It covers most of the phone and even comes with a screen film. This looks like the perfect combination of protection, looks, weight and bulk. I'd really love to get this. I was even planning on getting this if I had won the $200 Accessory Crackberry contest (which I didn't win..:( )