Talking on cell phone in car banned where you live? Then check out this hands-free BlackBerry accessory roundup!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2010 03:35 pm EDT

Contest: Don't risk a fine. Leave a comment telling us which hands-free accessory you'd like from and you could win it!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]
video filmed on the street where I live! for real!!

I honestly don't even know the score of what provinces/states have or have yet to ban talking on cell phones while driving, but just yesterday in the province where I live the new law came fully into affect. Luckily I've been in the habit of using my BlackBerry Visor Speakerphone for months now, but apparently I was the exception to the rule yesterday as the police were out in full force handing out $200 fines to anybody they caught talking while driving with a phone to their ear. The police actually setup a cell phone sting operation on the street where I live! Check out the video above and keep reading to discover hands-free accessories that will work with your smartphone and for your chance to win a hands-free accessory of your choosing from our and CrackBerry Canada stores.


For your chance to win your hands-free accessory of choice from, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know which hands-free accessory you'd like to use in your car and we'll pick one random winner who'll get their choice! Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.


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Video Source: Winnipeg Free Press

Reader comments

Talking on cell phone in car banned where you live? Then check out this hands-free BlackBerry accessory roundup!



It’s so unusual that I am among the first to enter a contest.

If I was lucky enough to win, I certainly could use a visormount speakerphone.
Nothing would make me laugh harder for the person in the car next to me at a light look for my Bluetooth and not see anything in my ear. I would be conversing with the person on the other end and they would wonder who my imaginary companion was sitting next to me. It keeps people wary of you….and gives me a great story to tell.

I would love to win the new (or any) Blueant S4 Stereo speaker. It gives me my calls hands-free and would also let me keep my eyes on the road especially when I have my little ones in there with me.

Sorry, out of the ones listed there, I'd love to win the Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.



Wow, having the BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker would make my daily commute soo much easier, not too mention safer. If I could afford it I would've already purchased it.

The Blue Ant T1 would be awesome.

I enjoyed the Cardo scala headsets in the past, but they never combine multipairing with wind blocking.

Crossing fingers. ;)

I have an ear piece that works well, but never use it. I hate having it on when I am not talking and dont have the time to get it when a call is coming in.

I would love to win one of the
Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Because....all I have is a cheaporino bluetooth that always falls off and I was told that the Blue Ants were awesome !
I live in a 'hands-free' city and its also 'no touch' like you cant even touch a button on any kind of device !
Anyways....please pick me :)

I gotta say most of the bluetooth headsets are fugly looking. I liked my motorola that I had before I accidentally trashed it, that's my only conclusion since I can't find it after I cleaned my car out. The plantronics voyager is nice looking and so is the blueant T8.

We've had a law prohibiting talking on a cell phone while driving for quite some time now. I've had the BlackBerry VM 605 ever since it came out and I must say it is a great device. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a superior hands free device.

If I was lucky enough to win, I certainly could use a visormount speakerphone.
Nothing would make me laugh harder for the person in the car next to me at a light look for my Bluetooth and not see anything in my ear. I would be conversing with the person on the other end and they would wonder who my imaginary companion was sitting next to me. It keeps people wary of you….and gives me a great story to tell.

I was just looking into this device and it looks AWESOME! Wold love to get my hands on one of these and review it (as there aren't any in the CB store yet!). Definitely fits my needs with total hands free driving and can even run Bing maps via voice commands...

Gotta have it! I don't like anything in my ear while I'm driving (nothing ever fits and they all fall - EVEN BIGGER HAZARD). So I want the Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.

Thanks Crackberry Canada!

I would like the
Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit Speakerphone for BlackBerry Curve 8900.....AWESOME PRODUCT!!
Thanks Crackberry

i know I need a handsfree device for my BB Curve2.
I like the ones that clip on your visor. I need to get my daughters one also and set a good example!

Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth Headset is just wicked> my fiend has one and i have been planning for one of this for a while now. the features on this bluetooth headset is just out of this world and noise cancellation is just mind pl

Hey C-Berry,
Man i would love to get hooked up with a bluetooth headset. I was rocking a Plantronic's "Black-Friday" $20 headset for the last year and half... up until i lost it. I've also been using a MOTO S305 from Newegg (refurb) for the last year so i can have it sync'd to my laptop & storm2, but its on the way out... not quite holding battery life as it once did.

Man it would be great if you could hook me up with a new headset, i've got a 35 minute drive to work and need that hands-free capability. When on constructions sites i don't want to pull out my precious and beloved Storm2 in fear of dropping or damaging it, so again the handsfree feature is very much needed.

I'm also a major supporter of driver's must have handsfree, its too risky having people with their phone to their ear and trying to drive. I don't want them to out my life or my daughters' life in jeopardy just cause you don't "look right" wearing a headset.

Please crackberry, help me promote to my friend and collegues the importance of hands-free even if its not yet required by local law. Chose me to win a free bluetooth device, if chosen i would do a in depth review in appreciation for the contest and to support this site.


Jabra EXTREME please... cause my husband keeps complaining when I talk on my BB and speed at the same time. He thinks I am risking his life sheesh! I am tired on him picking on me! Thanks!

Can I please win this? If so I would be so grateful. I love this site, and hope you continue moving the BB Brand to the top of the Smart Phone World!

I have used a lot of bluetooth ear pieces and some work ok most are very noisy and my customers can't really hear well so I have stopped using them. But a nice S4 might be nice for my 9650 :)

There are some municipalities that are considering enacting a law that NO mobile phone use is allowed. Bluetooth or other wise.

Oddly enough in New Jersey hand held use has been banned for years but I have seen on occasion a person holding the phone down and using the speaker phone feature. Hello it is not the fact that it is to your ear it is the fact that you do not have your hand free for actually driving.

On a side note, IF the law actually said "cell phone" could you get off on a technicality since technically/scientifically speaking cell phones have not been around since the mid 90's. "Cell" technology has not been used for sometime.

I would love to get my hands on the BlueAnt S4 Visor Mount... Been the law in BC for a few months now and I'm more of a danger now when I can't hear someone or my bluetooth is having issues then I ever was holding my phone and driving.

Good on Manitoba for the smoking ban in cars with kids too! That's more important to me then people on the phone. Too many possible distractions in the car anyway....

I am not pleased with my Jawbone and would really like to try the Jabra EXTREME! Used to have a Jabra BT150. Loved it!

Bluetooth devises but I. Like the window mounts and the jabra ear piece. I do have a problem losing focus when I drive because of my crackberry. This be a life saver if I would win

A Jabra Extreme is what I need to keep the law enforcement away from me... I use the time in the vehicle to make phone calls while I'm at work.

The other day I was driving and got stop for talking on the phone. The officer was nice enough to let me go with a warning. Please help me from getting fine with a blueant s4.

a Motorola HX1 Endeavor Bluetooth Headset for BlackBerry Bold 9700. I talk on my phone all the time and would love to go hands free and not be worried about fines :)

I'd take a VM-605 Visor Mount Speakerphone. Have one for my car, but I really need to get one for the boyfriend. Maybe he'll finally start going handsfree with that.

By the way, for those who need one, I've had my VM-605 for over a year now and it's been great. Trust me, this is one that is well worth it.

A Jabra Extreme is what I need to keep the law enforcement away from me... I use the time in the vehicle to make phone calls while I'm at work.

to have a visor mount speakerphone. This restriction just went into effect in my area and this would be an ideal way to keep the cherrys and blueberrys out of the rearview mirror.

Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for BlackBerry Bold 9700, i would love to have this one. I personally think driving safely with no distractions is the best way to comunicate with others and that is why hands free plays a role very important in this field.

Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.
Required by law here in Washington.. Thanks for the chance to win one.

I'm still using the Bluetooth piece that came with my Curve. I'd love to try out something a little less noisy. I'd probably go with the..

Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

In a hands-free touch-free city and love the BlackBerry Visor, hope I win. And thanks to CB for having these kind of things :)

I would love to get a new plantronics bluetooth headset as mine got damaged while in my luggage on my last trip. Hope I win..

Because the stereo in my car isn't very good and it would be great to have a speaker that I can use for calls and music!

Pressing my bb up against my head while driving is causing my JAWBONE to ache. ICON only imagine what a nice bluetooth device would do for the pain!

In the early days of automobiles, and windshield wipers first came out, they were thinking of banning them, because they were afraid that people would be hypnotized by them! What about all the other stuff on our cars that can take our eyes off the road? How about radios, gps's, gauges, etc, etc. There is no excuse for inattentive driving, but trying to outlaw something like talking on the phone is crazy. It's illegal in my state...I still see the police talking on cell phones!!!

I would like to see this enforced everywhere, not just Canada or certain US states. And in my opinion, the fine should be higher...make the cost of the Bluetooth worth the investment!

I would hate nothing more but to receive a DAMN $200 ticket for speaking on a cellphone while driving. As contradictory as it seems, I still don't use or own any accessories which will avoid such a fine! For that reason, I'd love to win the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset for my BlackBerry Bold 9700 !!

Thanks Crackberry for this awesome opportunity, cheers to staying safe on the road!

I would like a visor speak of some sort. It would keep me my loved ones safe and as well as everyone sharing the road with me !

Thanks for the contest CB !

I like the idea of the BlueAnt Stereo speakerphone. The fact that it can have two different phones connected at the same time would be a very useful feature. My wife and I could use the same system without having to swap bluetooth devices!

This would be perfect; nothing in my ear to distract me and completely hands free,
Thank you in advance for another great opportunity.

I have been trying to get my Premium Reailer for Verizon wireless to order these since the day one of our vendors sent one to demo. I have a Jabra headset that I use right now that has a2dp and works great for playing music when I'm out walking. Only problem is if I take a call there is little to zero noise cancelation. I would love to have one of these Blueant T1 Bluetooth Headsets as it does everything!

We have the same issue except in the city it is OK but once in the county we can get nailed so a BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker would be nice.

We have the same issue except in the city it is OK but once in the county we can get nailed so a BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker would be nice.

Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for Tour 9630

They have a more expensive model, but I like the look of this one better - and it seems to have the exact same features the higher priced model has!

There's no official laws in Alberta yet, but i've heard there is a bill that would make it illegal to even touch your GPS they are trying to pass! But for the essence of pro-activeness, i'd love to get my hands on a Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

I was too lazy to purchase one still :]

Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headset is the toy that will make my driving safer ;]

Would love to win the BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone. Don't really like the earbuds, so the S4 would be awesome!

I might as well try to get another one through a contest. Count me in for the Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headset. It is illegal to drive while talking with a cell phone to your ear here in California so it would be nice to have a bluetooth again.

I personally think the Blackberry Visor Handsfree device would be the one I would like.. Seems more convenient then most of them.

I've been saving up to get a Jabra Cruiser speakerphone for my 8530! I could really use it! They've just started ticketing in my town!

If I were to win the contest i'd opt for a Bluetooth Speakerphone(Blueant Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone). The main reason is i'm actually forgoing myself here and chancing this entry for my mom. Now, IF I had anything other than an expired beginner licence, then i'd def be hogging the glory, Lol.

Mainly my mum is getting "with" the technology, she has a Pearl 8100 and loves it for what it does, but she has a SMALL bad habit of answering the phone when it rings(Crackberry Mom, huh)BUT when I am in the car, I tell her to let it go to voicemail(or literally; seriously)pull over. (Sometimes I take a message).

I know she would not like the concept of something in her ear(I use her headphones that came with her other BB 9000 as proof) and I think a speakerphone would be suitable at best.

So all in all, that's the summing up of what i'd like to win from the selection.

(NOW, if it were for me - which it isnt, i'd def go for an in-ear prototype, Jawbone or something like that..BUT ITS NOT, SO SPEAKERPHONE, Lol.. Unless someone wants to teach me to drive? :D

I like the Arkon Windshield, Dashboard, or Console Mount for BlackBerry Bold 9650.

Currently I use a visor-mounted CD holder with mesh pocket that I found at a Dollar Store. I put incoming calls on speakerphone and slide the Blackberry into the mesh pocket. Works fine, but not as well as a new Arkon Mount!

Blueant T8 Micro Bluetooth Headset would be perfect for my long commutes and business meetings i have to take in the car when they are on call meetings and conference call meetings

I would love to have the Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for my car because me and my husband can both an use it since it can onnect to 2 phones.

Top down or top up, all I would need is a “Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker” to get the job done!

My first choice would be a BlackBerry Visor Speaker phone, and a very close second is the BlueAnt S4 speaker phone.

I would use the Blueant S4 because it's painless- just get in the vehicle and it will pair up. No earphones to have to deal with...

I have used several Bluetooth headsets and they all seem to hurt my ears. My wife gets on me about my driving while i'm on the phone and with my daughter in the car it scares me sometimes with how many phone calls I have to take. I could really use the Blackberry Visor Bluetooth Speakerphone. I think i'll probably pay forward my current Motorola H710 to someone else if I were to win. Sharing the love with everyone :)

I would love to win a Blueant Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Speakerphone, however, if that isn't available I would opt for the Blueant S4

I could real;y use the BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker because I have an hour commute each way in my car every day to work!

Thanks for the great contest!

I'd love to win the Jabra Extreme. It would be very useful to me as I live in NJ, where talking on the phone without a handsfree headset while driving is illegal.

Driving around Los Angeles is dangerous enough. I see far too many people driving in non-compliance with this particular issue and have seen my fair share of accidents because of it.

I would love and could definitely use the Blackberry Visor Speakerphone.


I was texting while trying to merge onto the freeway once after work and almost drove off a bridge haha. A Bluetooth headset to pair with Vlingo would be great.

Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
would really flip my switch. All the talkie and music too.

Blackberry Visor VM-605. It fills your car with the voice of the caller, but when you're not getting calls, it can pump music into your stereo. I'm surprised more people haven't requested these. Thanks CB

The handheld ban starts in my state in January. That SmoothTalker looks like a perfect solution. I'd love to win it!

First off, awesome contest! If I am lucky enough to win, I would definitely get the most use from the Blueant S4 stereo speaker. Would really love to win this one! Sure don't need another ticket! Thanks for the chance

Call me unique or old fashioned, but I'd like the wired Iharmonix white stereo earphones for my 9650. I just like the wired ones better!

Our law in Ontario cam into effect a while ago. So i really need one.


BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset

Since the idea of the blue tooth speakerphone is to keep your hands free for driving duties at all times - this speakerphone would really be neat to have. Especially since it allows for listening to the radio without having to make any adjustments with your hands while driving.

Please grant my wish this time!


The Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth headset would be the one I'd buy! I already use a Plantronics CS70N at work and it works great while being comfortable, this headset has almost the same design and would be a good choice!

i dont have a car, but when im in a car it's usually for a travel trip so id like the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones so i can listen to music and take calls without listening to the terrible music on in the car :D

Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for BlackBerry Tour
would really be cool to have....let it be me! good luck to all

I literally picked up the phone for 30 secs at a stop light and a cop rolled up. $134 exceptions!

I would love to win one of the
Blueant V1 Voice Controlled Bluetooth Headset...that would really even out the score


Here in Jersey, it's tough to get away with stuff on the road, especially when you drive a car with a red sticker to identify yourself (me). I'm not even supposed to have my phone in plain sight while driving... bluetooth speakerphone would be great!

I would LOVE a BlueAnt S4 :)

My commute to work is a noisy one, so when I use a headset I have a hard time hearing the other end. A speaker phone would solve that.

Thanks CB!

Currently just texting while driving is outlawed but I'm sure talking while driving will soon be as well. I would LOVE a BB Visor Speaker.


the Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount looks pretty sweet. i prefer those over an ear peace. I live in Winnipeg where this video originates from & i work @ MTS in the Wireless field...its taken a bit too long for this law to come into affect but i am glad it's here now & ppl can get busted for it. i was driving home yesterday & @ a red light, noticed a cruiser car next to me. the officer was on the phone & he noticed me looking. i gave him the "tisk tisk" motion & he motioned he was sorry & actually ended the call. funny as hell.

I want the Jabra bluetooth. I don't like the idea of a hands free speaker system because there are times when people are in my car and i want to take a call but not have my passengers listen in.

for my Tour would be great for when I drive my son to and from school, or where ever else we go.

It could be taken of my wish list to the girl friend to ease her burden for buying it for me if I won CrackBerry!! ;)

So many choices. I waver between the BlueAnt Supertooth 3, and the S4. After reading a good review, comparing he two, I think I'll have to go with the BlueAnt S4.

I am glad where I live in the U.S. has not banned cell-phone use while driving, yet; they already banned the use of cell-phones for State employees while driving State-vehicles.

I have been considering the BlueAnt S1 and S4 since I switched from a vehicle with a built-in bluetooth system and am glad to hear other people have taken the plunge. As of now, the price is a little up there on the S4 and I would really enjoy winning it on CrackBerry. If I do not win, maybe with the release of the S4 people will want it more than the S1 and I will be able to purchase it for less than the current price.

This looks like the perfect solution for hands free driving with the added bonus of being able to wirelessly listen to audiobooks on my BB.

Hands free became the law here in January. I would love a speaker mount as my car doesn't have Bluetooth integrated.

Have a bluetooth for my ear and hate it. I would really love to win the Blueant S4 Visor Speaker. It would be nice to be able to hear who I was talking to and not get yelled at for using a cheap bluetooth (which it wasn't) on my expensive Blackberry. Wish myself luck.

I really should have a BT headset/earset device when driving in Chicago, but short on cash right now, maybe CB can hook a brother up? LOL

Can I have that one? Please? I could really use it. And I'll even have all my blackberry user-friends discover your site. So how about it, almost free advertising. Lol.

I would also love one of these. The headset I have is nice and all, but I'd rather have this for when I am in my car.

Great its about time they cracked down every one should
be using hands free while driving. And getting one for free would be cool.

I'd love a Jawbone ICON or a Blackberry HS-500. I bought a motorola 100 series and with both the blackberry volume and the motorola volume cranked to 100% I can't hear anything unless I am in the library! Rather unfortunate because I don't have enough money to buy another one. :(

I would love the visor speakerphone, I have trouble with the bluetooth's in my ear. To go totally hands free and listen to my music in the car would be awesome.
Thanks for the opportunity.

This contest comes to me just in time as I travel A LOT and my other headset just gave out on me after 3 years. Hopefully I can win this one. Thanks for another chance to win CB.