Accessory Review: Seidio Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Adam Zeis on 22 Mar 2010 01:31 pm EDT

The unique case leaves my ultimate decision on it at 50/50. I like the case itself - the fact that it has a screen protector and keyboard cover built in, but I'm not sure its really worth having those "bonus features" at the end of the day. The Seidio Innocase 360 two-part case snaps right on and holds tight. Its overall very sturdy and can certaintly stand up to a drop. While it covers more of the device than most cases, the side keys and ports are still left exposed. I think the biggest issue I had was trying to adjust to using the trackpad with the case on. I think on previous devices it wasn't an issue since the trackball had enough height to clear the line of the case, but I found using the trackpad difficult at times, although there is a decent amount of space to work with. Depending on your needs the case may be a good fit for you, but I think for the extra cost, the keyboard and screen protection may be a bit much to justify the price.

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Accessory Review: Seidio Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700


Its actually not bad at all. The cover on the case fits over as it should so I didn't really notice it effecting my typing at all.

I don't know about the one for the bold, but I have the 360 on my Tour, and it actually makes my typing MUCH easier.

@Adam Zeis, Would this be in the same running as the otterbox commuter case? The idea of this one seems really awesome,minus sacrificing the track pad accessibility.

Yup pretty much in the same boat on both - I'll have to do a side-by-side at some point. I think this one is a bit thinner all around than the OtterBox, but the OtterBox seems to be a bit more durable IMO. Hard to pick a clear winner though.

After several months (nearly 6) of use, the keypad cover has "slackened" and REALLY gets in the way of the trackpad. The keys are BARELY lit through the covering. I almost ALWAYS delete when I am going for the "L" key. While the thought was nice, the reality is that the execution was just a tad flawed. I bought it anyway, as I love the case/holster combo. I may cut out the keypad cover eventually, however.

I thought it was just the one I had, and the company sent me a replacement - for free, which I thought was good customer service - but the second one did the same thing. I agree, the idea is GREAT, but they just need to figure out a way to keep that keypad from getting so stretched out over time.

The screen protector and keyboard cover aren't really "bonus" features. Those features are what define this case. If you don't want those features then you can settle with either the Innocase Surface or Surface II (no keyboard cover or screen protector). I use the Innocase 360 for my Tour and it's a great case. No typing issues with the keyboard cover, and overall the case feels great in the hand. Just note that it does hamper the aesthetics of your phone. Scrolling the trackball/pad might be an issue for some, but it’s easy to adjust to.

Well, right, that's why I prefer this case over most others. I want both a completely covered phone, but I also want the ability to take the phone out naked when I need to. I also HATE having any stickered plastic on my phone. That stuff looks horrible and it's so obvious.

Do you mind telling me what screen lock app it is that you are using when you swiped the trackpad to unlock the phone. Best one i've seen on blackberry. Thanks

I purchased a hard case that had the similar cut out for the mic and anytime I moved my hand on the case while talking the person said it sounded like I was crunching a bag on the mic. Seems like the hard service ampilfies and sound over the mic.

The Seidio Innocase 360 means that the power points on the 9700 are exposed, does this mean that standard 9700 cradle be used?

You can't use the bb cradle, the lock and mute keays are exposed(one good drop will mess your phone up), it is hard to use the keyboard keys on the far sides. By far the worst case I have ever used, I highly recommend any otterbox case, I am using the otterbox commuter case right now, I work as a mechanic at a glass factory.

Also I did a review, in the forum with pics, of the innocase 360 shortly after It came out.

The typing pad bubbles after a month or so of typing, don't know why they don't make them more durable; I mean, it is a BB with a keypad! Also the keypad numbers and letters start to fade after 2-3 months of typing! It is good for protection, but It needs to be made much much better. No sense in buying one if you're going to have to replace it every 2-3 months. I'm on my 3rd one in 8 months!

I thought they would have improved the keypad protector to prevent it from bubbling up like the the one for the 9000. Boy was I wrong. That keypad bubbles up very bad after just one month or so of use especially around the trackpad. I also have very bad keypad fade but unlike some I refuse to buy another 360, or Seido product for that matter seeing how bad the quality is on the two cases I bought from them.

I abandoned my Innocase360 after they replaced it only to watch the 2nd one bubble and wear after about a month. Switched over to the OtterBox Commuter. Very pleased with their product.

I got this for my 9700 and was less than thrilled. Although the case does fit snugly and securely around the phone and is good for protection against the occasional bump or drop, that's just about where the benefits end. The keyboard covering on mine was slightly loose out of the box and mostly got in the way when using the keyboard and trackpad. To make matters worse, the more the keyboard is used, the more the covering stretches and gets in the way and makes keyboard and trackpad usage difficult. I eventually cut mine off to have better access to both. As other users mentioned, there was also little to no light coming through the keypad cover, making it difficult to see the keys in the dark or low lighting. While the built-in screen protector is nice, the same protection can be achieved by investing in a stand-alone screen protector, or as I opted for, a privacy protector. All in all, I am a big fan of Seidio but was pretty disappointed in this case, especially given the cost.

I have the same problem with mine. After the second I contacted Crackberry, and they told me to contact Seidio. Did you try contacting Seidio? Do they refund or just replace the case?

pftttt $39.95? I have a commuter case for my bold for $23.99 on ebay and I'm extremely happy with it, that just looks like cheap plastic definitely not worth what they're trying to push it for, at first glance I thought it was about $15

Got this case about a week ago and the cover for the keyboard is already stretched out.

Very Disappointed in the quality of this case. Had one for my Curve 8900 and never had this problem.

We tried Otterbox with our initial BlackBerry,smartphones and again with subsequent BlackBerries, however, audio/sound through the ports are buggy and negligible, making Otterbox cases completely worthless despite the level of protection offered!


...Seidio Innocase 360s!...

Aside from the known issues with the integrated laser-cut silicone cover, Seidio offers both quality and protection, and excellent customer service. We do completely and wholeheartedly agree with others issue and feedback on the integrated laser-cut silicone cover warping/stretching/bubbling out, (if seidio is not correcting this issue because they think or hope we'll replace our Innocase 360's that often because of this issue they're delusional and dreaming!), this silicone cover can be cut out and removed at that time. ...our preferred method of dealing with this issue, instead of replacing the otherwise excellent Seidio Innocase 360.

Thanks & Gratitude Seidio!
We'll continue to use Seidio Innocase 360s to protect our BlackBerry smartphones into the future.