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BlackBerry Case Review: Case-Mate Hybrid Case for the BlackBerry Tour 9630

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2010 09:59 am EDT

The Case-Mate Hybrid case offers two layers of protection for your device, and brings a sweet look along with it. The base of the case is a silicone skin, and its covered by a hard plastic shell to hold on tight. It wraps around the entire device, leaving only the front screen and keyboard exposed. It has covers on the side buttons, and offers a good amount of protection that should keep your device safe from a few drops on the pavement (we've all been there). The case is a bit bulkier than some, but the overall two-part design is very cool. The Case-Mate Hybrid Case sells for $29.95 at ShopCrackBerry.com and is available for the Bold 9700, Tour 9630 and Storm2.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Case Review: Case-Mate Hybrid Case for the BlackBerry Tour 9630


Bought these before Crackberry even had them and I love 'em. A little pricey but for the protection it provides they are well worth the price.

Does it fit in the OEM holster with the hybrid case on it? Looks nice, but I use the holster all the time (saves battery with the magnet auto-off). If it still fits then this case may be a winner

I doubt it will, but if u want a case to use and the holster you should check out the barely there cases, they are by Case mate to. i got one on my 9700 and it still fits in the holster, a bit snug but still works.

to the innocase's I use on my 8330.
I wish seidio would package a screen protector with their products.
BUT....this case has it's charging contacts covered....

I have tried over 10 cases, and this one is easily the best case out there. I have had mine since January and it has been perfect. It hugs the sides of the phone so well and also allows for super easy access to the buttons. Easily the best purchase I've made for my tour!

to the otterbox commuter? I love the otterbox but my only gripe is the charging port is somewhat obstructed by the cover and I have to force the charger in when I charge or sync the phone. Is this one easier on the port compared to that? If so I'd pick this up in a heart beat. It has the same/similar protection that the otterbox offers.

Otterbox as far as protection in my opinion... Having the silicone on the inside of the hard part seems like more shock protection maybe thats just my crazy logic.

We ordered this case from Crackberry because my wife wanted it more than the Ottherbox I enjoy. We waited a couple weeks and then checked in and the delivery date had been pushed back more than a week. We waited again only to have it pushed back once more. The third time (5 or 6 weeks at this point) I was pretty fed up and followed a case-mate add to their own site. I recieved it in 2 days. I recommend buying direct from the company as more and more it seems this blogs purpose is not to inform us of new and interesting software and OS updates, but to merely solicit their crappy app-cessory webstore. Imagine Engadget being run by people selling tech gear on the same site.

for the extended battery?? Seidio is the only company that makes a case for the extended battery which sucks for me. I work outdoors and this case does not offer much protection.

i loooooooooove this case
and its fun to play with when youre bored
i def recommend it

i wish they sold the diff color silicones separately so i could switch it up

I would definitely jump on this case if it had both a built in keyboard cover and screen protector (like the Innocase 360). The contrasting colors look very nice and I like the idea of having dual layers of protection with both the hard shell and the silicon.

I've got this for my 9700. The black silicone is a real lint magnet, just as a skin. It looks good, but once you pull it out of your pocket the black potion never looks clean. Good phone protection but forget about it fitting into a holster as it adds some bulk.

I've had mine on my 8330 phone since November 2009. I've dropped it a few times on the floor and it has held up pretty nicely. The durable rubber combined with the hard plastic is a great combination for protection of your smart phone.

no thank you.

Protection is appealing, color not so much, a metallic would be cool, price?.. 0_0 hell no..

I don't get it. It doesn't protect the screen or the keyboard, so what exactly is the purpose of this thing? It adds unnecessary bulk and it cheapens the way the Berry looks. I doubt it'll protect it much in case you drop it.

Adam, how about a side by side comparison with the otterbox. Some people might be up in the air with which one they would want. I have the otterbox version but this one looks smaller for some reason. I love the case and this one looks just as good. Just a thought.