Accessory Poll: Do you protect the display on your BlackBerry with a screen protector?

BlackBerry Screen Protectors
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jul 2010 10:46 am EDT

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Last night I was out with one of my lesser friends (I say lesser friend because he's actually an iPhone user) and we got into a bit of a debate about screen protectors. My buddy is absolutely anal about having a screen protector on his phone - the first thing he did when he bought it, before he even used it once, was put on a screen protector. It makes sense I guess. A well-made, well-applied screen protector will ensure your smartphone's display remains in pristine condition. You do look at the screen every time you use your phone, so a scratch on the surface can become annoyingly obvious - it turns into that thing you see every time you have the phone in your hand.

That conversation had me wondering this morning about where CrackBerry Nation weighs in on the screen protector debate. Do the majority of us BlackBerry users apply a screen protector on our Bolds, Storms, Curves, Pearls and Tours? Or are more of us BlackBerry exhibitionists and go naked and risk a scratch or two? I'm curious to see the results of this one, so cast your vote above and sound off in the comments with your screen protection / disaster stories!

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Accessory Poll: Do you protect the display on your BlackBerry with a screen protector?


I have it on all the time. Well its not like I can take it off. My dad would kill me. It never scratches and it never really gets dirty. Its easy to clean if it ever does get dirty. It also makes my Blackberry look shiny :P

Also the biggest rip off. $5/$10/$20 for a $0.03 piece of plastic. LOL You guys got hustled.

Only a fool pays $5/$10/$20 or even thinks he has to pay that much for a piece of plastic. Go to eBay and buy a handful of them for a buck or two. I've had mine for over 5 months now and it works just as good as the overpriced crap in the CrackBerry/carrier store. There is no excuse not to have a screen protector, even if you are a cheap bastard like me :D

It is the first thing I do when I get a new bb. I just got the 9700 and I had to put it on right away or I wouldn't be comfortable when I had my phone in my pocket. I usually put an oem skin on it too but I just took it off for the first night since I had it. Its just too sharp of a phone to cover up with a skin.

I take mine to Best Buy and buy it and have them apply it. My Best Buy has a kit to do it. And never a bubble.

I did with my Curve, Storm and all 5 Tours I went through. Haven't gotten one for my Bold though. Probably should.

Crappy phone, but I'm stuck with it for a year. Crappy because the trackball sticks. Otherwise, as long as I don't have to reboot (which takes about 12 minutes) it works fine.

I, also, am anal about screen protectors. Why, just the other day my 9700 fell face down on a rock, I picked it up, and wonder of wonders, the screen protector was mutilated. No worries, I put another one on, and its all good now.

I suppose the question whould be, why did I let it fall? ;)

I tried one on my Curve 8330, but I never could get it to sit right. After a few days, the peeling edges and air bubbles annoyed me so much that I ripped it off and gave up.

For now, I'll take my chances. After 2 years now, it's the dust that gets under the screen that bothers me. Scrathes? Hardly any.

I use screen protectors on every phone I get. I even apply them my digital camera and video camera LCD screens. It bugs me to no end to have scratches on the screen.

That said, Storm and Storm2 users are probably less susceptible to scratches than Bold, Tour, Curve, and Pearl users. My understanding is that the Storm's screen is glass and would take quite a bit to scratch it.

Never had a problem with scratches on the screen. Have had problems with screens getting cracked. Screen protectors don't exactly protect against that.

I always use a screen protector even though my shaky hands don't apply it right. I actually had to replace my Storm 1 at Verizon on Saturday and the replacement they gave me had a screen protector already on it applied perfectly!! I was so pumped!

Screen protectors are a must for me, so are protective skins. Both of which I purchased the same time I did my phone.

I have never installed this redundant accessory. It would take away from the experience. Like all others, I've occasionally dropped my BB Storm 9530 on sidewalks, pavement and just about anything other than in water without a scratch to the screen. BBs are built for real life. Live with it!

I think the Storm screen is pretty scratch resistant. I've dropped my phone countless times (its even slid face down on a sidewalk) and the screen hasn't scratched yet (knock on wood). I do, however, have a plastic holster case thing on it that only covers the back and sides. I think this case is whats protecting my screen because if it falls upside down the screen doesn't touch a thing.
I cant stand screen protectors, installing them is a hassle, and the peeling of the corners annoys the crap out of me!

My tour and the one I bought for my son both brought a screen protector on that has never been removed.

I had one on my S2 since early on for protection but also (and maybe more so) for fingerprints and glare. It did a very nice job...but I sure did miss that gorgeous glassy screen. When I had my S2 replaced, I didn't have any more protectors, so I went naked again. Oh smooth...sily...shiny...don't know if I'll ever go back.

I dislike the peel-on type of screen protectors.However I do believe in protecting the screen(actually the whole BB)by using a pocket pouch like the one RIM included with my 8330.

ABSOLUTELY use one!! Can't stand scratches. They do become the only thing you see after a while and it's irritating. I use the Invisible Shield from Zagg and it rocks!

i have a privacy screen on my 9700 which doubles as my screen protector...keeps spying eyes away and keep my screen from being scratched...not that i would have my berry in position to be scratched

We'll see what you say when/if you get a nice 3 inch, 1 mm deep scratch right across your screen. Im not hoping it just saying your being kinda arrogant

My cousin gave me a zagg once to protect my screen. I never had any problems having bubbles or such, you just have to let an expert do the application. My only frustration? Pocket lints, I tend to wipe the screen off every time I pull my bold in my pocket. But for me, it's worth the effort than having something on my screen... Permanently!

ZAGG invisible shields are the 1st accessory I buy for my phones & iPods! Love them & their lifetime replacement warranty on it is great!

I put a Clariview clear protector on my 8330, took all of 2 minutes, works great, no bubbles, easy to put on. To be honest, you can't even tell it's on there, looks like no protector at all !

That's my first concern on any do I protect it as best as I can? And I always start with a screen protector!! Then I go on a hunt for the perfect case:)

I have never used a screen protector. I have often wanted to, but would never sacrifice the sleek look. I don't use a slip case. I have a silicone skin and I find it hard to even use that. It may be because I never drop my phones. I'm way overly careful.
If I tripped and fell, I would save my bb before I saved myself.

Just real quick, I wanna say that for my past two ipods, and my current BB Storm 2, I've used a front-covering Invisible Shield from Zagg. I absolutely love these screen protectors and think they are worth every single penny. But I never seem to get the fully case shield on correctly so I quit trying and now just cover the front.

I did on my Curve (83xx), but not on my Tour. The Tour (phone body and screen) is virtually scratch-proof in comparison to my Curve. In 8 months, my Tour still looks almost new, while my Curve looked like a beat up piece of crap. Something with the plastics....

I have a screen protector on my Tour and it has kept my screen scratch free. However, it is about a year old and starting to peel around the bottom of the screen. The look is starting to bother me and I may remove it. Not sure if I will replace it?

i have always used screen protectors it really helps. However, i have a question.. The screen protector which is displayed here on the image. Which covers the screen and the bottom portion is that available for 9700? i would want to have that rather than having just the screen covered.

Aside from being difficult to put on perfectly, I think screen protectors detract from the aesthetic. Yes, they protect your screen, but who or what are you saving the screen for? So, you walk around with a scuffed up screen protector while next guy who gets your phone enjoys a nice pristine screen--assuming you sell your old phones, which I don't. And the thing is, to me, scratches and scuffs are more apparent on the screen protector material than on the screen itself. Sure, you can change them, but again, if each new protector is bound to get scuffed, then no matter what, you're experiencing a scuffed screen through the duration of your ownership. When are you ever really enjoying the benefit of that screen you work so hard to protect? Phones are commodity electronics so I don't really worry about resale value.

I feel the same way about cases. I've tried to use a case, but just find that my phone looks better and is smaller (obviously) and slides in and out of my pocket easier without it.

With all the Blackberries I've carried I've gone naked, but that is because I keep the Blackberry in a holster. I've never had any scratched screens yet and the Blackberry seems to hold up better anyways. Now on other devices such as MP3 players I do, but that is because I sometimes put those devices in my pant pocket...the same pocket with the set of keys. If I carried my Blackberry in my pant pocket, I probably would then use a screen protector.

until I put a huge scratch in my old BlackBerry. I don't take the chance anymore. For those of you that do not use a screen protector, be careful with your device when busting out plaster walls to add insulation... :(

I've used cheap screen protectors in the past that last a couple weeks and then have so much lint and dust under the corners that lift up it bugs me and I take them off. I'm for sure looking to get a better screen protector with my next pohone. Any suggestions?

Permanent protector no peeling almost scratchproof most malls have a booth where you can buy and they install...

i would think a lot more people would be willing to buy a $5 screen protector rather than risk big scratches that look like crap.

I work in probably harsher enivroments than some people, accident scences, construction sites, etc. I do have an Otterbox for my S2, but never a screen protector. I have no scratches and I am suprised as many times as I have dropped the device. When I bought my iPhone 3G, I babied it for about 2 weeks and then ripped off the protector and went naked. Only if you "abuse" your device, should you be worried about scratching it. Not convinced that placing your device in your pocket with keys, coins etc is going to damage it either. I have also done that plenty of times and no scratches. If I don't need one, then in my opinion you don't either. Now, unless you are a neat freak and want to keep your device looking new, I guess get one. But, you will never get to see it naked if you keep it covered all the time. Unless you plan on selling it, what's the point?

Sorry I just never saw the need for one. :)I'm pretty careful with my phone seeing as how it set me back 300 buckaroonies!!! Lol!!

...and it never scratched in a years time. My 8330 scratched like crazy, so for the 8530 I just got last night, I've ordered an Invisible Shield and an Otterbox! For the next couple days it's keeping the screen it shipped with!

I have an anal side that wants a screen protector. On my previous (unnamed) phone, I did have one. It had a perfectly flat screen, and the protector adhered nicely.

When I grew up and got my BB Curve, I immediately put a screen protector on it, too.

However, the screen is curved enough at the edges that the edges of the protector just refused to stay stuck down. After a while, I got tired of that and took the protector off.

That was 9 months ago and my screen has very little wear. But, I keep mine in a softly lined belt holster. My kids all keep their BBs in their pocket, and you can tell the difference.

Blackberry 8520 + privacy screen + capdase skin!

I always use a privacy screen which doubles as screen protector and i like the matt finish! Works great!

There is no point putting it on my tour its damn near impossible to scratch that screen especially if its in that BB case that comes with it

Here's a 50% off code for ZAGG, it is only good for 1 use, so whoever uses it 1st that's it! I do not work for nor represent ZAGG, I just got this code today after entering their weekly iPad giveaway. iafz7wsa expires 7-31-10

I don't use one and I've had mý curve 8900 for æ year ñøw. Their's № scratches at all on it. If I ever Ðø get æ scratch on it then I'll invest in one for thƺ next berry I get

I've used the Boxwave ClearTouch Crystal protectors for a long time on various phones, PDAs, and cameras and I love them. They have a 99% or higher light transmission rate, and can even be taken off, rinsed under water, and reapplied.

I still have the screen protector that came on my Tour six months ago. I simply used an xacto knife to cut off the little tab you would use the pull the screen protector off.

I still have the screen protector that came on my Tour six months ago. I simply used an xacto knife to cut off the little tab you would use the pull the screen protector off.

My 9700 never comes into contact with keys, kids or other abrasives. I'll have no screen protector or skin ruin its good looks! When on the move, it's in a Beyza pouch.

I live in SoCal. I saw that lots of people w/mirror screen protectors & thought it looked cool. WRONG! Outside in the sun you can't see the screen & forget taking pictures. Just use the clear ones...

On every screen of any phone i've owned i've had a screen protector on it... It's also the first thing i bought after getting the phone! I love my berry... gotta protect it! can't stand scratches espcially on the screen..

When I had my curve 8900 I opted out for any protection: Case, Skin, Screen Protector, but holy crap did that thing get hammered with scuffs and scratches.
When I sold it I was afraid no one would want it! Lol, so when I got the bold 9000 I went and put a cheap 15.00 screen protector - yes it kept it clean, but the damned thing peeled off.

I then got my storm 9530, and installed Zaggs Full Body invisi-shield, took me over an hour to do it, but it kept it very clean looking but did detract from it's normal look.

SO, when I got my storm 2(9550) I did it all right. I opted OUT of the full shield, out of a cheap 15.00 skin and went online and ordered 3 Screen Protectors

(recommended on Crackberry :) http : // www . sgpstore . com / index . php/cPath/23_32 (Or Steinheil google it)

It was relatively cheap and I bought two versions. The Anti-Glare & Fingerprint and that Crystal clear-ish one.

I had the Anti Fingerprint one first. Installation first time was a fail, Lmao, Actually it was a weird phenomenon, I mistakingly got TWO instead of the one I ordered - which worked out great! I installed the second one beautifully; no bubbles or anything. During its about 1 year life, it never peeled or anything(just scuffed) but I got tired of that one and wanted a change so I used the crystal like one next. Its still on my phone and holy smokes, I forgot how beautiful my screen was! It makes it look perfectly as is; great.

I think the problem people have with corners turning up and such is a cheap product, if you buy a decent quality one you wouldn't be so discouraged.

So I recommend Stenheil or any other brand at a reasonable price.

Zagg is Okay, but ive heard rumors of yellowing, and the full body one does create a rubbery friction-y feeling when scrolling on my Storm 1.

All in all that huge mess of me babbling- yes Ive used them, recommend them and will continue to use them when applicable and available. :)

I finally broken down and bought an OTTERbox Defender for my Bold 9000, after I noticed one scratch on my screen. Sigh. The defender is cool but bulky.
Will try a screen protector to keep that naked feel.

I use a privacy screen for those annoying people who always lean over to see what you're typing and it doubles as protector. Its also thicker than typical screen protectors so there's added protection. Worth the extra bucks.

The first thing i buy is the screen protector. charger, phone cover, or anything that is easily replaceable, i buy later.

The screen can easily be scratch and you are always looking at the screen. The body of the phone, they can all be replace if damage.

I never go without a screen protector or a case to protect the phone. I tend to drop things so I am much better off with the protection just in case.
I had a mirrored screen protecter and as great as that is to prevent people from seeing your screen it also prevents yourself from seeing your own screen in the sun.
So screen protector + Otterbox for me.

I use a privacy screen because if I have to have a phone for a year or two I want to make sure it stays as nice as possible.

I have put them on before but they get annoying and I end up taking them off. Have dropped my BB a couple times with no damage. But I do occasionally have a case on but those too become annoying.

I use no protection. I was going to make a bareback joke, but I guess that's not necessary. I've dropped my Tour several times, and it sits in my pocket most of the time with other items. The only parts that still look 100% are the screen and the keyboard.. Actually now that I look at it, the little bubble on the D has worn paint... but the screen is still perfect. Given that I only have a year left with it, I don't think a protector is necessary with this device. Older screens were a lot worse about scratching. And face it - all phones just look better without protection.

I actually don't have a blackberry anymore. Have the hero and still don't use one. Don't like the feel of them.

How can you not get one? I bought one for $10 on eBay which included a privacy screen filter - at angles greater than 35 degrees, the screen goes fuzzy. And it protects the screen!

This poll doesn't entirely work as (I think) touch screen blackberry users would be more prone to putting on screen protectors.

I tried using a screen protector with my 8330, but like many others have said, the edges just don't stay down well. You end up with lint on the edges of the screen. Maybe I'll try a higher end one as others have suggested, but my device came with a couple of scratches in it, and some other odd screen problems so I'm not too worried about it. I will eventually by a new housing and then maybe I'll use a protector again, but that would probably be before selling it anyway.

I gouged all hell outta my 8300's screen the 2nd week I had it. Bought a replacement faceplate and have used a screen protector ever since. The screen protector that came with my 9700 Commuter is frakking invisible, and was the only one I've never had issues applying.

when i got my first blackberry i experienced the consequences of not having a screen all my blackberries must have a screen protector on it by the first week of having it

The only time I have ever used one was when I had touchscreen phones but not on my BlackBerry's. Screen protectors are like ten dollars which is the same for the lcd cover for the BB on ebay. I figure if I ever get a serious scratch I could just buy a new lcd cover.

I had my first curve for a year and half and the battery door looked worse then the screen I would still have if it was waterproof theough and that's using the belt clip that comes from nextel. Wish tthey made the battery doors more durable

I use screen protectors on all phones and cameras I own. I believe in protecting what I have.
I bought a whole kit on ebay for $15 that came with a screen protector, car charger, usb charger, wall charger, silicone case, windshield mount, and ear buds.

Tried protection once on my storm 1. It didn't feel as good as it should. Felt like it took forever too get the job done. Been rockin no protection since day one on my storm 2 and its quite liberating. I am quite the abuser too. Use it all the time with reckless abandon. Especially while drinking. Wait am I a sailor? No need for protection I say.

It took me about 2 months after purchasing my 9700 to add a screen protector. Application was painless & all looked fine.

Three hours after applying the protector, I noticed a 'Screen Protector Ding'. That sold me. Whatever had happened, my screen was fine.

There's a time & place for going naked, but not for my Blackberry. =)

I have full body Ghost Armor and OtterBox Commuter case. Applied on top of my Ghost Armor screen protector is a privacy screen protector. I feel I need the protection and security for my BlackBerry, especially in the field of work I do.

I have a storm2 and although the screen is pretty durable I still use a screen protector, i dropped it one time shattered the screen but the screen protector held the screen in place for a couple of weeks until i could replace my device. I also leaned against the edge a counter one time and walked away with a big deep gash just replaced the screen protector with no worries, better safe than sorry i say! Whats 5$ to replace a piece of plastic vs. $500+ for a new device it only makes sense.

I dont use one. I prefer the naked look of a sexy BlackBerry. screen protectors and cases are bulky and not natural. Scratches and bruises suck though.

Sorry guys, I made a comment earlier about Clarivue ( spelling was wrong earlier ), I might sound like a company spokesman, I am not ! I have used Zagg, good product, Clarivue is easy to apply, very thick plastic, makes your BB look like nothing is there ! Once applied, it is smooth, I clean it all the time, one hell of a product, shines like hell ( looks like the original screen was never touched ). And the best part, very affordable, they advertise on this site, give it a shot, you will be pleased !

" I do,
i Have antipspy Screen Protector on my Bold 9700
So I can safe my Screen From Cheated by Someone when i write or typing Something..."
I Love it.."

Simply because what I'm doing, whatever that may be, is not your business. Side effect of being a NY City girl I guess. Too crowded here but I'm a native. About to change that... Never had to worry about scratches though & never had an issue applying them.

My privacy screen protector saved my screen. My phone got dropped getting out of my car and landed face down on rocks. I looked at the screen and saw, what looked like a huge hole, and thought for sure I had shattered a brand new phone.The extra thickness of the privacy screen save the day. I peeled it off to look at the damage underneath and was shocked to find a perfect screen. So it's not always about those little scratches, sometimes it's about the big ones.

When I first got my Tour I didn't feel it needed a screen protector. Then a few months later it got a wicked scratch that I had to look at everyday. I just ordered a replacement for trackball issues and the first thing I did when I got off the phone with Sprint was to research and order screen protectors from Phantom Skinz. Similar to InvisiSheild but you get two for one and they have a 30% off coupon code right on their website. And free shipping too. :-)

...especially my Storm & Storm2, from the factory screen protector straight to a privacy screen...and slap a mirror on top of that!
*might not be for everyone tho(difficult to view in direct sunlight)...but under any shade, everything is cool B-)

But after the first week drop my new bb on some bricks and scratched the screen but I still didn't get any! Had them on my old touch screen and they are a royal pain!!

Yes, I prefer to look at my berry without a screen protector but the fact is that I love to upgrade each time a new berry arrives. I have sold every blackberry I've owned for just about what I've paid with all the upgrade discounts and all. I believe it's due to the way I take care of them like my child. Also I,

1. I save the box and all the paperwork.
2. I try hard not to scratch or drop it.
3. I apply a screen protector as soon as I open it.

I protect my bold 9700 with otther box impact skin and the included screen protector, every now and then I clean it, and its brand new again :)

I have had a few Blackberries and never used stick-on screen protectors. For my current Bold 9650, I have a slim hard-case to protect the sides and back (since that is what has taken the most abuse with all my previous handheld devices).

On a similar note, I think the best "screen protector" ever was the flip-around cover for the 'Palm V' from years ago. You slid the stylus into the left groove, and it was attached to a leather-covered, stiff-design screen cover. It was able to fold very neatly around the back when you were using the device, so it provided great protection for the screen that was always there which easily got out of the way when in use. Since BB is incorporating the Apple iPhone usability features in OS6 and the Palm Pre design in the new Slider/Torch 9800, why not bring back this gem of an idea to help us protect our screens yet not have a stupid plastic sheet stuck to it?

Its called EBay and I get mine for like 1.60 not just one but 3. Its a life saver. I was naïve and think I didn't one so I ruined my storm9530 with one beautiful scratch right down the middle.
Its a small price to pay for a whole new phone -_-

I shave my head and buff it after wards so its nice and shiny,and and shine and buff the screen protector on my storm2 several times a day to remove nasty finger prints and it looks awesome, brand new, I'm anal about it and I use one of those glasses cleaning cloth material as well, so I wont scratch the screen protector by using paper towels, toilet paper,or napkins.

I bought a screen protector straight away for my 9700, actually, I bought a few. I always have spares and change them over every couple of months. I know I should look after my phone better but sometimes I just chuck it in my bag in a rush and after getting tossed around in there a bit, it finds itself a decent scratch right across it (across the screen protector that is - easy fix, change it over). I would HATE having to look at those scratches permanently. If you get a decent protector, you don't even notice it is there.

You can actually get some decent ones for CHEAP on Ebay. It is worth it people!!! Unless u r that unbelievably anal and know you can keep your screens in pristine condition. Then far out, much respect to ya!

I protect mine because I use my phone continuously and I'm a clumsy girl. I have a storm 1 (boo) and I have case for it but I hate using it because I like the way my storm feels in my hands. (So sexy) So I fail with the actual phone protection but not the screen. Something funny? The other day I got out of my car and took the protective case off and of course my phone fell onto the parking lot. It got injured. :(. But not my screen!!! LMAO! I too am a fan of multiple changing of screen protectors. Right now I have the mirror type that annoys others while driving. I won’t get that again. It was nice to be able to look and get food out of my teeth but the mirror thrill has gotten old.

First thing I do is install my invisible shield!!! Permanent bond, perfectly clear, doesn't lift or bubble!! Amazing product!

I have to keep my device brand new looking it is just a weird thing. I do that by having a privacy/screen protector and an otter box defender case. and yes i know it is a phone that suppose to be use it everyday and it is trust me. i like to keep my investment in great shape thou.

I used a screen protector without fail for the first 16 months of the phone - but not now as I feel if something happens to it. Then time to upgrade.

I have a Otter Box on my 8330 and it's great! That is, if you don't mind the initial cost or the small air bubbles over the screen. I've dropped my 8330 on pavement several times and it's still like new.

No way I go a day without my privacy screen protector. I'm clumsy and it has saved me from having to buy a new screen numerous times.

Didn't use one with my 8520. Got an Invisible Shield for my 9700. But I seriously hate it. Whoever said those things are perfectly see-through is definitely distorts everything. I've tried reapplying it 3 times. It's better, but definitely not as amazing as a naked screen!