Access uTorrent on the go with Torrent Time for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2013 01:21 am EDT

Remember back when BlackBerry 10 was just starting to get announced? You might have heard at that time that BitTorrent was working on bringing their app collection to the platform. The noted time came for release and well, the apps never appeared in BlackBerry World for whatever reason. Since then there has been a few torrent apps come and go but one that has been updated and improved is Torrent Time.

Torrent Time isn't an app that allows you to run BitTorrent off your device but rather a remote app that can access your uTorrent install running on your computer at home. With it, you can download and control torrent files on the go directly from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone plus, it also works with the now common magnet links as well.


  • Uses uTorrent Remote feature, just put in the same username and password that you use for
  • ActiveFrame giving you a quick and easy update of what your uTorrent is up to.
  • Built in WebView allows you to go to your favorite sites and easily add new torrents to uTorrent's queue
  • Pause, Start, Stop, and Delete torrents in uTorrent's queue
  • View file list for a torrent and see the download status of each
  • Set file download priority
  • Notifications of completed downloads (You may disable these through the app settings)

While using your browser to access uTorrent remote works perfectly fine, having a native app like Torrent Time is an awesome option to have. Couple it with the fact you also have remote computer access built into BlackBerry Link that's accessible over the network and it makes for a pretty sweet package. Torrent Time is available now in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices and it's set at $2.99.

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Reader comments

Access uTorrent on the go with Torrent Time for BlackBerry 10


People who download Torrents? See something you like while out, grab it, ready when you get home. Simple.

Where I live, it can get near 120F in the summer. Using mobile devices on my wife to download torrents to an SD card generates a lot less heat and uses a lot less power, so a proper torrent app (not a remote one like this) on a phone makes sense.

Posted via CB10

This app needs the ability to cut and paste from I tried to cut blaze's music site ur and no dice that's kinda lame is that how it is or me not doing something right?

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze, what happened to the native torrent app rumored to be available for BB10 when it was released?

Posted via BlackBerry 6230

Pretty sure a lot of Torrent apps got yanked from the get-go but only now is BlackBerry shall we say, loosening up on restrictions.

BitTorque? It was released, but pulled shortly after. So glad I got it before it was pulled from BlackBerry world! I use it almost daily.

Posted via CB10

Remote File Access doesn't work for everyone me included, hence the suggestion. This app is still really good though...

Posted via CB10

Stop being cheap and pay the developer. It's attitudes like this that will keep big name/great developers away from BB10 (or they'll just poorly port an android app)

Posted via CB10 on a B@stard .483 hybrid Verizon Z10

Live how you refer to customers being ripped off, but the torrents you get are probably movies/music and probably free and illegal LOOL whose ripping who off? You know you need a job when $2 is worth this much arguing...

Posted via CB10

Also in uTorrent there is the option to use to enter to your uTorrent downloading files on the go.

Posted via CB10 / Z10

BBRY really dropped the ball with the torrent apps. Reminded me of the shutter silencer. BBRY was first against it, before it was for it.

Well, if you can't understand the difference, then you should read about the Hub on blackberry's help page

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

Aren't torrents pretty much illegal? Kind of like buying a weed bong or screens for a weed pipe and then stopped for the police. Then ticketed for having drug paraphernalia.

Posted via CB10

No. By that logic cars, steak knives and pressure cookers would also be illegal. It's what you download that determines if you are breaking a law, not the method you use to download it.

Posted via CB10

Like Echoes said, the method is not illegal, it's the Content..

Example: If a group of people wanted to share a large file (Completely free) that they themselves created, they could use Torrent as an alternative to direct file hosting.. This is completely legal.

If you download the new Iron Man movie that just got released to BluRay and you didn't pay... then you're walking the line. That being said, In Canada P2P Downloading isn't illegal, but uploading is ^_^

I already have the andriod.version of u torrent loaded on my phone. What does offer me over the free app?

Posted via CB10

Am I the only one that has FrostWire on his or her PlayBook? Granted I rarely use it but it does indeed work.

Same functionality as a free web app but for $2.99? What a deal!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

I am new to torrents so this app does not make much sense to me unless I know some sites that are safe a legit. Can anyone point me to where I could start browsing what is available to download. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

Blaze mentioned one above for sharing music.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

How do I use the add torrent button? I got a site to get a torrent, it just refers me to a blank page before I can get to the download link.

Posted via CB10

Try hitting the back button when that happens and then click on the link again. It happens because of pop-up ads, unfortunately there isn't a way to prevent that from happening in the web view.

Posted via CB10