Access Unlimited Premium BlackBerry Themes For Only $10 Offer Ends Today

By Bla1ze on 28 Dec 2009 04:02 pm EST
Access Unlimited Premium BlackBerry Themes For Only $10

Enterprise Mobile Solutions has a big sale going on that we were just alerted of by BBCool. For today only, you can get unlimited premium themes from them for only $10. The unlimited service they offer usually goes for a whopping $99, so this is a pretty substantial savings. You're saving $89 by jumping on it today. Themes are updated every 7-14 days and you get point and click access to all the offerings for any device out there for a complete year through their downloadable application. In addition to the one year deal you can get a 2 yr deal for only $15 or a monthly package for only $5. Be sure to check out the reviews and comments before you give it a go though - it may not be for you. We just wanted to pass on the note of the deal to our readers when we heard about it due to the magnitude of the discount offered.

Reader comments

Access Unlimited Premium BlackBerry Themes For Only $10 Offer Ends Today


I was all set to buy the 2-year deal, until I read the reviews. I would suggest a little research before buying, even if it is only $5-15 depending on the one you are looking at getting.

If you are considering buying this app, then I would definitely reconsider. Having seen it in use first hand, I would never recommend this to anyone. In my opinion the themes are low quality and there isn't much of a selection. Go buy a burger instead.

I made the mistake of paying around $US30 for this under a previous offer and I'm telling you all now - do NOT buy this!

When I bought this subscription, there was only around 25 themes for my BlackBerry. Bold 9000, almost all of which were VERY poor quality - two months later and I have not seen a single update (whatever happened to "2-3 updates a week"?)! The Web-based interface is also VERY rushed, not user-friendly and just plain ugly.

Apparently some things ARE too good to be true...

it's one thing to let someone sell this "crap" in your store, but to actually promote it? did u do no research? the reviews are horrible, why would you even bother mentioning this...SMH

I bought this app a few months back for my bb storm. well they havent put any new themes in since oct. i wrote the and never recieved a reply. plus the themes didnt even work with the hybrid .151 or with the official .328. so i would say keep your money its not worth .02cents let alone 10$

I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I tried the monthly version out once and the theme selection is terrible. Their 'Premium' themes are nothing like the premium ones offered here. If you need to spend money on a theme I would say just get one from one of the developers here on the Crackberry site. (The Z man or Hedone Designs, for example. Their themes are of a much higher quality than the ones this so-called deal offers.)

Biggest waste of $10 ever. Did not read the reviews anD thought it was for unlimited premium themes in the cb store. not one theme is compatible with storm 2.

I'm glad to say I'm broke otherwise I would have gotten this for the price being offered.Lots of bad reviews about this guys.Thanks for the heads up guys:-)

I'll chime in also. Not many themes for newer devices and they aren't very good. I complained to mobihand and they said they would refund my money after contacting the seller but I don't think they ever did.

I didn't find ONE SINGLE THEME that I liked.
I could have made better themes myself.
What a Waste.
I am SHOCKED that wold put their name on this trash. Iwas a complete moron for buying this...but I trusted crackberry's recommendation.....oh well......lesson learned....

Amazed that Crackberry posted this on their front page as the "theme site" is a total waste. I can't believe that CB would post something, a recommendation of sorts, for a few bucks to be made. Good thing there's plenty of reviews posted, imagine how many suckers would have jumped on this because of CB's recommendation?

I've always looked at CB as an impartial source for all things good and bad about Blackberry, but this just shows poor judgment. Maybe too much eggnog?

Ad copy indicates 'all models' but they have zero themes for 9700. BUYER BEWARE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS.

Credit card was happy to refund the charge once I explained the 'no service delivered'. Why is no one from owning up to this sham? How much did this company pay (or do they pay in revenue share) for CB to be promoting this garbage?


I'm not a big theme guy so I wouldn't have jumped on this anyway... but I'm surprised, in a good way, to see all of you jumping on this to warn your fellow BB users. I'm sorry for all of you who wasted the money but appreciate the fact that you're all speaking up to warn the rest of us, thanks!

Also - to be fair to Bla1ze (and CB), there is a pretty clear disclaimer type deal at the end of the promotional paragraph that reads:

"Be sure to check out the reviews and comments before you give it a go though - it may not be for you. We just wanted to pass on the note of the deal to our readers when we heard about it due to the magnitude of the discount offered."

Look before you leap, basically.

They (CB) obviously knew what this "deal" is all about. The disclaimer about "magnitude of the discount offered" doesn't cut it, I can claim my garbage is worth a million dollars and then discount to a buck to lure in the suckers because of the "magnitude of the discount". I still say shame on them for putting this on their front page, they can't be that hard up for "news".

very few downloads for BB 9700, download process is not intuitive, direct OTA links for BB 9700 not available, thumbs down.....

Will ask for a refund, do not buy.

This is a complete scam!!! I got suckered in after seeing this post just a few mins before midnight. I went to the site and saw that they have 867 themes for the Tour so I was all in!!! I ordered the one year for $10 and got a page telling me to download and install a program, so I did. It's their themes store. Here's the catch... The themes that are in this "Theme Store" are only by a certain developer. (Can't remember the name) So the 867 themes I thought were waiting on me turned out to actually only be about 17. What a scam these guys are running. The description of the product leads you to believe that you are getting access to any theme on the Blackberry Cool site. WRONG! Save time and money and stay away!

I'm in the process of getting a refund. I didn't see a single theme that was worth downloading!

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