Access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere in BlackBerry OS 10.3

Access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere in BlackBerry OS 10.3
By DJ Reyes on 6 May 2014 05:23 pm EDT

The Quick Settings menu on BlackBerry 10 is nothing new but it only really became fully functional when BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 dropped. There was still one thing that bothered many people -- you couldn't access it when you were in an app. You would have to minimize said app first the access it from the Homescreen. Though Quick Settings can also be accessed whilst in the Hub, many folk have been requesting the ability access it from anywhere.

With BlackBerry OS 10.3, this will now be possible. In the latest sneak peek from Michael Clewley on his BBM Channel, he shows us that you can access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere by swiping down from the top with two fingers.

I'm very glad to see this feature. While it's not here yet, I'm happy to know that it is coming.

Also, coming in OS 10.3 is a permanent 'Home' screen. This is essentially the Active Frame screen. If you notice in the screenshots, there is a little 'Home' icon along of the bottom of the Homescreen. This is the always on 'Home'. When all apps are closed, it will basically be a blank screen, where you can admire your wallpaper in all its glory. There will be an option to turn this off, too.

With all the sneak peeks so far , I think OS 10.3 is shaping up nicely. Personally, I think the icons can do with some improvements but overall, I like where it is heading.

We'll keep you posted as and when more sneak peeks arrive but you can follow Michael Clewley on BBM Channels to get updates - C00014277. One thing to note though, is that all these sneak peeks are coming from SDK content. There may be changes when the official OS lands.

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Access the Quick Settings menu from anywhere in BlackBerry OS 10.3


First of all, BlackBerry must fix the hardware issues like heating and draining fast devices. There are s many people facing these isses !

İ did load 3 diffrent oses and two of them was official and the problem is still continues. I dont think its a software issue anymore.

I actually want that that home button. Sometimes I just want my wallpaper showing and not being covered by icons. Since BlackBerry added the option to disable or enable it, it shouldn't really bother you. If you don't like just disable it. We want customization of our BlackBerry phones and that's what their doing. I'm loving the feature of the 2 finger swipe to access the top menu without leaving the app. Can't wait for 10.3. I just hope they offer us the option to change the colors within the os. I'm getting tired of blue. I want to change it up a little.

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If you have a decent photo as your wallpaper, atm, you can only see it 'through' the app icons, i.e. it's in the background. If you have a home screen you are able to have the app icons on a 'separate' page therefore allowing your wallpaper to be shown fully on the said 'home' screen.

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

What's the difference? There is already a "button" there but the only difference is that it doesn't look like a little house, it looks like 4 little squares.

Every post that has come out about 10.3 has had the most ridiculous complaints!

Complain complain complain...

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I would continue this but I'm already confused, lol. :-P

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It's simple. It's for people that want to see there home screen. And you can turn it off!? It's all about options man!!

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Yeah, mate. You got it right. Give us options.

Like the classic BB10 swipe-down to answer call screen. Loved it!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Anyone know the date if release for 10.3? I am hearing the Fall, but that sounds too far away to keep pace with competitors.

I assume one finger will still work when you're not in an app.

It has to be two fingers when in an app since swiping down (when in an app) brings down the app's own Settings.

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I think the design of swiping down from the top in apps was a silly idea from the beginning. Doesn't make much sense to me at all.

It doesn't make sense how there is no consistency, some apps have menus by swiping down, some have the menu button in the bottom corner and some have both.

I fully agree with this.

They should make it so you pull it down with one finger and you will see an advanced options or the options you would see when pulling down the app itself show up on the bottom of the quick settings menu.

Our own hub included! It makes sense to put the setting up at the top, but for them to switch it up in the main event?

I like where 10.3 is going with all the UI improvements n enhancements for efficacy...accessing quick settings from any app is a welcomed addition as very often I find myself swiping down to access it from everywhere, lol! we know why it can't be with 1 finger, so 2 fingers is really for two-handed use, welcomed nonetheless. I'm also wondering how much the 'F-word' will be thrown around now since it will now (guessing) be two different gestures to access quick settings, 1 finger from specific places and 2 fingers from any app! I however, still see the current method, minimizing the app then down swipe from home/hub, being the 1 mostly used simply because it's more user-friendly!

While in the home screen it still comes down with one finger. The two finger thing is only while in another app. It won't work with one finger since that would bring down the settings menu in that app...

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My idea is:

One finger pull down = app settings
Another one finger pull down (while app settings open) = quick settings


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This is BEYOND Awesome! This was my idea which I had expressed a few times in forums. I have no doubt there are those like-minded individuals, but I'm just glad BlackBerry actually listens to its customers feedback and take it into consideration.

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I wonder when they reveal what they are doing with the active frames! They've been deliberately avoiding it.
Exciting times!

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The only thing I care about with regards to the active frames is whether they can be pinned to the now-home screen.

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"To 'state the obvious' and a bit of 'tease' (remember SDK content only!)

- Helping with consistency and not getting lost in the homescreen the running apps screen is now always there even if no apps are running. User control to disable coming.

- The icon at the bottom has been changed to a home icon to help users get a sense of home.

Could there be more? Perhaps! :-)"

- MichaelClewly BBM Channel

Yeah, pinning of apps is definitely coming to 10.3.

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"To 'state the obvious' and a bit of 'tease' (remember SDK content only!)

- Helping with consistency and not getting lost in the homescreen the running apps screen is now always there even if no apps are running. User control to disable coming.

- The icon at the bottom has been changed to a home icon to help users get a sense of home.

Could there be more? Perhaps! :-)"

- MichaelClewly BBM Channel

Yeah, pinning of apps are definitely coming to 10.3.

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Hope some of the nagging bugs are fixed too... for example some people get wi-fi connection limited. Another annoying issue is memory leaks which prevent the use of certain apps such as the camera causing out of memory errors. The contacts app needs serious work as well and the backup/restore and general functionality of the desktop products needs to be completely redone from the ground up.

You mean like giving us the ability to actually save and back up BBM chats? I can't even install a leak any more otherwise I will lose all of my chats. I also can't switch my BBM back and forth between my BlackBerry and my other phone. Yeah, this is a pet peeve of mine that always makes me think twice about whether I really want to use BBM.

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My main concern is its discover-ability. What is the chance that anyone who doesn't read this site will discover this feature once it is released to the public? I still think they need to redo how settings in apps are accessible to make a single swipe from the top drop the quick settings menu instead.

The OS shows you how to navigate upon first use. U can't skip it nor avoid it and once u do those navigation tutorials u won't forget how to fly around in the OS.

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Is it confirmed that there will be a tutorial after the update? I don't ever recall there being any tutorials the user is forced to go through after an update; only for a new device .

Well I can speak for me. and every time I install an OS update and reset my device, I get that tutorial.

Yes, that's the way it works... even when you do an update over the air (or through Sachesi). You have to do the tutorial again.

correct it does not force the tutorial on OTA's..

probly just for destructive leak upgrades cuz it's basically like a fresh wipe & install...

It sounds great but right now the two-finger top swipe is a very handy screen zoom. I'd really hate to lose that.

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That is exactly my point too! But I guess they can add the magnifying option to the quick settings ! Only downside is an extra step to get to it ! Two finger swipe down + tap!

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Go to settings, accessibility, turn on magnifying mode! Once its on, you can swipe down from top with two fingers to either turn on or of that feature anywhere on the Os! Now once u zoom in, u need to use two fingers to navigate through the magnified page!

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That's cool for viewing, but the keyboard disappears so you cant reply if youre reading a text or whatever with the z30

Like the new home page. Great to be able to have a picture on the home page all by itself. Current you have to have a minimum of one app on the first page to get something close to this.

Careful! Z10 in action!

I'm not a fan of the home screen but it would appear a few people are. It's great that they made it customizable.

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Are you sure you know how to use your blackberry?? Because I think it's just a single finger swipe down to do that.

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Any chance of knowing if they've restored the old answer swipe method or allowed it as an option in 10.3 please. Can anyone from CrackBerry put any pressure on BB to bring this back if it isn't already in 10.3? I have now reverted to for the second time and I'm staying on it as the 10.2.1 swipe doesn't work with thumb motor issues :(. Thanks

I don't think you'll be seeing the up/down call screen anymore. Based on the signature action screen shot from yesterday - the one with the big blue dot that said "compose" - it looks like BlackBerry is sticking with the left/right call answer method. The dot looks identical to the new call screen. I know what you mean... i miss the old screen too.

I too would like to see the old call answer screen. There must be quite a few people that miss it. Maybe not a majority, but possibly enough people to warrant having the option to choose built into the OS? I don't think it would be difficult to provide us the option. That would allow everyone to be happy.

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Yes, please, me too....

"Classic BB10" call answer screen, make it available as an option. It was so unique...

(shouldn't be too much of a hack to bring it back!)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Somebody on Candid was blurting out something about July 20th. I don't know if there is any truth in that and don't really trust to much information from that source.


What about Android apps? Top swipe is reserved for bringing up the menu. How is this going to work?

So far looks very good. Now all BlackBerry need for do is start advertising in the US and take back some it's market share.

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I can finally have my face plastered on my phone in the background.

Four for you, BlackBerry!

Posted via a flick of my thumb

When using the 'peek' gesture to check the time, the date portion should slide down from the top. Just sayin'.

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That could be a great thing to add. Just hope BlackBerry is browsing thru these forums, they could get some great ideas from users here that could make the OS even more awesome.

Posted from BBerry Z10 somewhere out here

Fantastic improvements overall and am always looking forward to the future of BlackBerry! (fingers crossed)

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

We need a sensitivity setting when you grab the phone you accidently hit the phone or camera icon. And pocket calls galore. Please, have a sensitivity setting where you can hit the phone icon twice etc..

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

+1 waiting for early adopter builds... wish BlackBerry would take a page from Microsoft and have an Early Developer Preview for "developers" :)

Oh, correction.
That is Microsoft speak.

It will be "Prosumer Preview" in BB jargon, of course. :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Ha! Microsoft's done Developer AND Consumer Previews... BlackBerry should maybe call it what it is: Early Adopter Preview?

We're more than just consumers, and prosumer is sorta insulting if you follow the same logic (otherwise it is nice to be considered a professional something-or-other).

I sometimes find the Hub icon kind of handy. Eg. If I have a BBM or email message open or app open and I quickly want to see which message came in I can swipe to the home screen and hit the Hub icon quickly.

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Yay for permanent home screen! I suspected and hoped that is what the home icon meant!!!! Very happy with that change, very! More like WebOS! Huzzah

Posted via CB10

Exactly like Webos, I already like my z10 with changes like these going to make me like it even more.

Posted via CB10

I love reading articles like this as I'm licking my chops waiting for the z10 to come in the mail!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Oh em gee... I made this suggestion in blackberry I can make it better a few months ago. It's true that blackberry listens.

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I really like the Homescreen idea. Currently I just put my most used apps in a folder on the first screen, then keep everything else on the second screen. I hate having a screen cluttered with apps

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I'm very excited for 10.3! Love the Home Screen idea totally!

Posted on CB10 from my badass VZW Z30!

These new tweaks and features are great but geez, they should have been implemented in 10.0. With the competition out there, so many neat feature could have been picked up. It's almost like BlackBerry didn't do enough homework during the research and development stage. Accessing the setting menu from anywhere should have been on the OS a long time ago. Along with a lot of other features in 10.3.

In this day and age, you don't have time to evolve an OS over two years. The tech industry is sprint not a marathon.

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I'd actually disagree. If you look at what the competition is doing BlackBerry is being much more progressive and actually doing a much better job at adding features that people are going to find useful.

What has iOS or Android brought out recently that actually improves the user experience? I can't really think of anything, so from where I'm sitting BlackBerry is doing just fine.

And before anyone comes at me, I've got an iPhone 5 and various high end Android devices so I know what the competition has to offer. Right now the only other company that seems to be doing anything innovative is Windows Phone but they are still catching up on features that BB10 already has.

In fact if you look at what BlackBerry has been able to add since launching 16 months ago it is very impressive. For all the trials and tribulations that BlackBerry is going through and to still be bringing out such rapid updates is amazing. Then 10.3 should be out before the end of August and it just makes the competition look even worse.

Now I know BB10 is lacking in the apps department when compared to what iOS and Android have to offer out of the box and they are behind when it comes to cutting edge technology in their phones, but they are doing an amazing job when it comes to the overall user experience. And the great thing is they are actively listening to us users and adding in features that we want.

Nothing is released with all the features, and that is very true of mobile phone platforms. Look at the development of iOS and Android and how long it took them to get where they are today. Then look at where Windows Phone is today and they have the backing of a giant in Microsoft.

Appreciate what BlackBerry has done and what it will continue to do, because it's been an amazing journey so far and it's far from being over.

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I'm not saying that progress hasn't been made. I'm just saying that the features in 10.3 should have been out of the box. CB Nation expressed the same when 10.2.1 arrived. IMO, we are still in phase one of what should have been the true BBRY 10 experience.

You have to admit, we (at least I) looked at the 10.0 with rose colored eyes. It was new for BBRY, so loyalist welcomed it. But nobody else really did. Just think if 10.0 came fully loaded with THE BEST that BBRY could offer. An experience that considered every type of user - prosumer and consumer. BBRY would've been way ahead of the evolution of the OS. I understood the urgency for BBRY to deliver a new OS, but it was raw. Probably too raw.

A lot more people may have stayed with or made the switch to BBRY if there was a little more creativity and innovative/forward thinking at the start.

With that said, I'm excited for 10.3. My patience seems to be paying off.

Really wish it was one finger for the quick settings menu and two fingers for the in app settings. Seriously, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I needed the in app settings menu, the quick settings menu, countless...

All app settings should be placed in overflow menu, and system settings should be a single swipe from top no matter where you are.. hope they fix that..

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Is it still one finger to swipe down from the home screen?

Sent from the best touch keyboard, the Z.

I just wish they would reduce the spacing between the buttons. It drives me nuts.

The column space between the buttons should be uniform with the spacing of the button rows.

One quote that stuck with me: "it's better to get it and not need it, than want it and not have it. "

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I do believe that that is a big part of why they cracked down on leaks. Tired of leakers stealing their ability to make their own marketing initiatives and new product/feature announcements. :)

I like that you will be able to access the quick settings from anywhere. Hopefully you will still be able to access it the normal way too.

Not sure about the "always home" feature though. If I don't have anything running why would I want to look at a blank screen?

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Familiarity with other OSes?

Orientation for users not familiar with the OS? They might get confused, if something is there, and suddenly it isn't, and don't realize it depends on open apps running.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That home screen should be a spot for widgets. Something similar to android. I hate taking ideas from other platforms but that is the one thing I enjoyed from the Android world, a simple dashboard for all things important to me.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I think there should be and option to delete any mail or message u don't want easily instead of holding it's and waiting until the select more button shows up I think it's to much work just scrolling through all the unwanted massages and email and selecting them or there should be a button to clean out your emails and massages instead of having a page with all read emails and others still there

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I must say I'm loving the transparency from BBRY! Nice to know what they're working on.

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Can Yall stop telling us features and just put it out already..... please ya keep telling us a feature one by one.....

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i thought 10.3 fixed up essential basic bugs as wifi, contact arrangements, andorid. App and etc...10.3 features new screen wallpaper and icons are not essential at all.

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Love it!!! This is exactly something I wanted!!! And something I think should be there perioid!

I wonder if it's better to have it as two finger swipe down or to have it swiping an upper corner just like on the good ol' PlayBook.

Awesome feature!!!

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How lazy are people getting where they can't swipe up and then swipe down to get to their settings. Regardless good to see BlackBerry doing something.

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IMO, BlackBerry 10 should have the OPTIONS to customize where the Phone, Search and Camera icons are to any apps we want and to be able to add more since clearly there's a lot of wasted space that could be used for that.

I love that we can turn off the blank home screen like it should be because complete options, control and freedom is exactly how it should be.

I would really love the options to add widgets!!!

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Well if the case is that in the main page you use one figure to bring down the phone menu and then two figures for the phone menu inside an app then that is an improvement. However this improvement comes with its own confusing attributes to the user.
Why not make it one figure to bring down the menu everywhere. My first reason would be for ease to the user. Next create a more consistent experience by always having the settings in the bottom right hand corner rather than having some of the app settings pulled down from the top and the rest in the button on the right hand corner (I'm also assuming that when in an app using one figure is supposed to bring down the settings).
Anyway that's just my two cents lol.

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I use my thumb so swiping up from the bottom then swipe down for the top. Two finger stuff isn't my thing but I'm not everyone, good idea though


Icons need some work. Everything else looks pretty good. I am not really feeling the flat icons. Why couldn't the icons be updated whilst staying away from the flat icons everyone else uses? Alas, it is still early in the game, but the icons might be here to stay. Sad.

Hope to see flag properties come back with 10.3

Can't believe we lost then after bb7 and the bold

Posted via CB10

Enough complaining about the home button in 10.3. Even the latest and greatest iPhone coming out later this year still has a physical home / start button. Hilarious!

Posted via CB10

Remember, early Mac mice only had one mouse button. Apple believed that was all their users could handle. Now take away that "emergency, go back to safety" home button, and a few Apple iOS users would be lost.

Either make it 35+ or none for me (Q / Classic / Z).

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The blank homescreen was always welcome, well thought BlackBerry.

Taking wallpaper fun to another level.

Posted via CB10

I keep my active frames to a minimum. So I'm glad we're gonna have the option to disable that option. I admire my wallpaper on the Lock screen lol

Posted via CB10

You know what I wanna see in 10.3? I wanna see the date on the same screen as the numbered battery percentage. For ex when swiping up

Posted via CB10

I love the one, with the blank home screen :) more space for my lovely wallpapers :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I would like to see vpn settings in the quicksettings.
And I hope they will fix the keyboard issues on full touch devices.
If you begin a chat in bbm, going to another app, and will complete your message before sending in bbm, you cannot remove words by swiping to the left.
And on different apps - not all, you have to press backspace first one time, befor you can use the swipe to remove words.
There are some glitches on the os in main features and I hope BlackBerry will not only bring "great" new features, and will fix some of the bugs where I'm waiting since many os versions

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

How about control of speaker and ending calls from there while using any app or being away from phone app

Posted via CB10

Worth it. Should also give option to move the quick setting buttons by holding the particular button to move.

Posted via CB10

As long as the settings menu I can use when the phone is locked that's what I really want, hate having to unlock the phone to toggle off wifi to then just lock it again!

Posted via CB10

I believe any improvement by BlackBerry in its OS 10 will be great. The idea of removing the icons dark background is lovely. I only wish if they could update some of the icons that look old fashioned such as the calculator icon, or the games icon or the contacts icon...

Posted via CB10

Blank screen is a good option! Now I can show off my own created wallpapers! :-)

Posted via CB10

I am loving it!!! Just one imp thing , when i add a song to playlist and then the screen returns to the top of the list of all songs.. i want it to remember the location of where i was and return me to the same position in the list of songs.. i have to scroll down again more than 1000 songs just to add the last song to the playlist.

I would love to see the swipe down to answer call screen back, it was unique to bb10.
What would it take to give us the option to choose whether to swipe left or down to answer calls?

Posted via CB for Z10

Really hoping they provide a good replacement gesture to allow Magnify Mode to activate and deactivate from anywhere now that the two finger gesture will be used for the quick settings menu . I use it often and would hate to lose it.

Posted via CB10

This update sounds cool.

So were they still gonna keep the red color or switch back to blue?

Posted via CB10

Two hand gesture is better than none but as webOS people found out no one will use it except few enthusiasts. They also had this but in upward motion to bring up app window

PlayBook's corner swipe would have been better than two finger swipe...

"Battery Monitor v2.0"... headless, graphs, alerts, csv export!!!

I don't care very much about this feature!

WHAT i care about is to restore to the good things in os7:
i am very much annoyed about the following things, that are only very small, but would make os10 much easier:
why do i have to tap the magnifieng glass in contacts? the search window should always up!
why is there no feedback sound (click) in the calculator?
why can i not change the feedback volume when typing a telephone number on the telephonepad? It is toooo loud!
why does the calculator does not go into scientific mode after turning it to landscape?
why is ther no globe-button on the virtual keyboard, so i can change language instantly? (i use three languages and flip all the time)
why is it that the volume of the ringing sound depends on the actual volume-level and is it impossible to be FIXED at a certain level in "profiles" (loud/normal/silent/ etc)
why are 'profiles' not completely free to adjust, by myself, to my liking?

these all small things are what is aggravating me in os10.
i think these can be helped very easily in os10.3
they should!

Awsome Awsome everything amazing home screen been waiting for this butttttt.... only problem when I get low battery 40% below roughly or sometimes randomly my text messages won't type I've tapped it blue box I do have one long history of texts but I need them just wish they could fix a thew things with the texts ppleaseee if someone is reading this

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

I think it would be much more intuitive if the improvement can pull the screen via the top/right corner, and diagonally downward.

I find it awkward to move both my thumbs to the top, or to move two fingers from my right hand to the top of the screen

The gesture suppose to make the reach convenient rather than more work comparing to swipe bottom up to minimize, then top downward to bring the menu

Posted via CB10

Good idea. Exiting the app to access the settings is an unnecessary step. Only adds a few seconds but still a little annoying.

Posted via CB10

A clean and easy to use UI is important to any OS. It's good they are working on it and listening to suggestions.
My only hope is they are also listening and working just as much on the core apps like contacts.

Posted via CB10

I thought the two-finger down swipe was reserved for Balance. Enterprise users may not be too happy with this.

never used balance, but i presume its just simple single finger swipe down from anywhere on the apps screen

Yay - the A #1 reason I will make use of this is because I am constantly needing to change the setting of the rotation lock - and am forced to go back either to the "desktop" or the Hub to do this - can't do it while I have another app open.

I'd like some options seen on the PlayBook, swipe up to close apps, minimize/close app and return the folder in which started from, diagonal swipe to access settings icon. Bring back the carousel when apps are minimized.

I'd like to be able to select multiple emoticons before the keyboard pops back up (this happens in every app where you compose a message).

I'd like ability to bottom align apps in a folder or home screen and also free adjust where icons are located.

Posted via CB10

I'd also like to see that when on a phone call there are call and end call buttons that are available when the app is minimized. And have the option to open the phone app if the icon is closed while on a call. I have no problem with the call timer but it is a pain to end a call when the app is minimized. You have to reopen the minimized app to end the call. Place these buttons at the bottom of the screen.

When all is said and done the phone is a phone first and foremost and this app design can be improved.

Posted via CB10

I never had a problem swiping up to minimise an app, and then doing a quick single tap to bring down Quick Settings. As far as I'm concerned, we already *can* access Quick Settings from anywhere. All this double-finger swipe thing does is add yet another swipe gesture to the mix. Different, but no faster or easier than what we have now, IMHO.

Q10, SQN100-2,

The two finger swipe...I'm not sure is a clear advantage over quickly swiping out of an app, and swiping down for settings...takes me probably one second, total. But really liking the 'clean home screen' addition.

Posted via CB10

LOL blank homescreen !

Wow a blank homescreen !!

Im the luckiest man alive ! i get to use a phone which will upgraded, sometime in the future, to a firmware that will offer an optional blank homescreen.

too impressed by this.

im sure all other mobile OSes are pretty scared of this bold move by bb.

BBOS 10.3 will convert every single cellphone user to a BB addict.



Not necessary!...fix software first!! smoother! Battery drain and restarting please

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Can I claim credit for the 2 finger swipe? I did afterall suggested the 2 finger swipe from top to access the menu in the Global BB 10 community new feature. Just not sure if anyone did it before me lol

it's a really dumb idea for two finger swipe in an app to bring down the quick setting menu, while in the home screen it is one finger. IN FACT, you cannot even two-finger swipe to bring down quick settings from the home screen. so it will confuse the heck out of all the mature users.

i propose changing to two finger swipe or corner swipe, like someone mentioned, for app settings and one finger swipe for quick settings. keeps everything consistent and universal, not confusing. heck i don't even use the swipe down setting that often anyways, i setup the apps the way i like once and i forget it.