Access every radio station in the palm of your hand with Nobex for the BlackBerry Z10

Nobex for BlackBerry 10
By Zach Gilbert on 4 Mar 2013 12:43 pm EST

If music and your BlackBerry smartphone go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam, then you will want to continue reading and check out why this Built For BlackBerry app should be on your BlackBerry Z10. CrackBerry Nation, today I would like to introduce you to Nobex Radio on BlackBerry 10. Now, I know that some of you will be saying that Nobex Radio isn't anything new, and I know it isn't, but this is something special. Continue reading to see why this version of Nobex Radio deserves the Built For BlackBerry title.

Nobex Radio has been on the BlackBerry platform for some time, heck we reviewed the BlackBerry OS version back in 2008. If you aren't familiar with the application, Nobex Radio is a radio streaming application that allows you to tune into stations from all over the world. One thing to note is that the team over at Nobex Radio have ensured that all those features we've all come to know and love have been carried over to BlackBerry 10. Features like the sleep timer, share over BBM, podcasts and much more are all available on the BlackBerry Z10.

Application Design

Being accepted into the Built For BlackBerry program one would have high expectations for Nobex Radio, and I'm pleased to say that all these expectations have been met, or exceeded. The application features many of the characteristics that have made BlackBerry 10 such a success. The application features the ability to peak and flow from one screen to another. Also the developers of the application have used the active frames to allow you to see what music is playing.

Application Features

Nobex Radio for BlackBerry 10

Nobex Radio for the BlackBerry Z10 gives you unparalleled access to thousands of radio stations from around the globe, all accessible by just a swipe. From the home screen of the application if you peak to the left you will be presented with an array of options. The options that you will find after you've swiped are; now playing, radio, podcasts, subscriptions, downloads, favorites and recently played. Continue reading for a break down of each option.

Now Playing - the now playing option is pretty self-explanatory, it will allow you to see what music and station is currently playing.

Radio - The radio option gives you access to all the stations that Nobex Radio on the BlackBerry Z10 can connect to. it is also broken down by feature, location, and other categories to make music discovery easier.

Podcasts - The podcast section is very similar to the radio menu. The podcast menu allows you to select and download various podcasts, and yes the podcast is there.

Downloads - The downloads menu is for when you've downloaded a podcast, you can go there to listen.

Favorites - The favorite section is where any of your faved radio stations will live. You can select a radio station as a favorite from the ‘now playing' screen.

Recent - The recent menu option should be easy to grasp, it's anything you've been listening to on Nobex Radio in the past.

One last feature I wanted to touch upon was the sleep timer. The integrated sleep timer is one of those features that you sit there wondering, just how did we listen to music at night without this? The sleep timer allows you to tune in to your favorite Nobex Radio station or podcast and have the app turn off after a predetermined amount of time. A win in my books if you ask me. 


Can it get any better? Really? Every radio station at the palm of your hand, all wrapped into a mobile application that can take anything you toss at it, and bounce right back. Seriously, the app just keeps going! With the free version users will be able to access radio stations from their country, but if you're looking to expand your musical horizons you'll need to pay $9.99 via an in app purchase. With or with-out the in app purchase, I highly recommend downloading Nobex Radio on your BlackBerry Z10.

Download Nobex Radio for your BlackBerry Z10

Reader comments

Access every radio station in the palm of your hand with Nobex for the BlackBerry Z10


Are you sure you can listen to ANY station? This was not the case on the BBOS or on the PlayBook. I'm not trying to new negative, just wondering if they do have access to even those where previously you would get a message and it wouldn't. Let you listen (this is not their fault, but rather the station itself). Still if you say everything, I kind of hold you to that ;-).

Still love Nobex, use it on 2 of my 3 BBs..

Nobex is just good to replace your FM receiver.

But if you also want to listen foreign radios, go for TuneIn application.
This one is free for EVERY radio stations, and even allows to synchronize your favorites stations between your devices (BlackBerry OS6 / OS7 / BB10 but also iPhone / iPad and Android.)...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I've never understood why anyone wants to pay to be able to access content from outside one's country when there is another program that does so freely. And the ability to sync between my phone, tablet, and heck even my Samsung Smart TV, is brilliant.

Nobex looks well designed and I'm not taking anything away from them. But free is certainly better than $9.99.

where is the app purchase section id pay to get the New York stations i used to get and cant now that im in Toronto

It's a little funky. You need to go to that radio station from NY and click play, a message will pop up saying you are not allowed to listen and to buy the premium version. Click the upgrade button, and give it a few seconds to pull up the in app purchase.

and what happens if it still does'nt play my station. ill contact them first i really think its out of their hands regarding certain station.

Im in Toronto trying to listen to Hot 97 WQHT i dont think they allow us at all up here. no price can change that. I have sent a email to support to see what can be done.

I have been using Nobex Radio on my BlackBerry for a long time, it is by far one of my favorite apps and most used. I have it on my 9810 and PlayBook currently and am very excited it will be available on the BlackBerry 10...when it finally launches in the US.

It sounds like a great app, but I don't know if we'll get Nobex for my wife's z10, I bought Nobex premium for the PlayBook and it worked ... for 2 minutes, and hasn't worked since. I do have an email in to their support so I shall see how that goes .... I hope they fix me up because I'd like to use it.

I just downloaded the free version. List of stations includes my local CBC station. I'm wondering though how much bandwidth will it use and how seriously will it impact battery life?

any hints greatly appreciated