About those AT&T monoliths that arrived in stores..

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2010 02:23 pm EDT

I guess we can all now see what, exactly those AT&T monoliths had inside. Since Kevin is in New York City he sent this picture over for us all to look at. I'm guessing we won't see such massive displays in other carriers shops but, they sure look cool. It should also be noted that the picture itself was taken with a BlackBerry Torch 9800. Still, we're waiting for stores to actually get stock so, don't go rushing out looking pick one up just yet.

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About those AT&T monoliths that arrived in stores..


I'm impressed RIM did something like this. A rather bold marketing move that seems so unlike RIM. However, I think it does wonders for the imaging/branding of a new leg of Blackberry. Lets just hope RIM can actually produce some product that lives up to the new promotion.

They want to sell these things to average joes, they have to compete for attention.

Anyone who walks into a corporate AT&T store is almost instantly greeted with an iPhone display stand.

Smart move if i say so

They're under glass. The stores I stopped at today had "none for demo" until they are "officially" available next week.

I think this is a good mover forward. Rather than focus on all of the Strengths that Blackberry has had in the past, perhaps Looking to the future is the PR edge they needed. Esp if BB will be going up against the i4 and Android market. Which is in demand.

Yes, the image upload set on the server is 200KB...the ACTUAL picture was much better indeed. As I'm the one who had to resize it, I can say it certainly didn't do justice to shrink it down.

Although not open as of 10:00 EST. I did ask when they would have the 9800 for sale and they were not sure. ;-)

Definitely good marketing. The main article on Yahoo.com is about the Torch. Everything about this has been a step in the right direction by RIM. The only knock on them is the lack of support for the Storm 2 (which isn't even 100% confirmed).

Kudos to RIM!

When will Verizon get OS6 BBs. I have to wait until April to get 1 cause my storm 1 can't upgrade to OS6 and my contract ends in April.

I will be curious what the masses (beyond just what the CB mods posted) feel regarding if it seems top heavy or not when the slide is open and what they keyboard feels like when it is open.

I can't imagine it will feel as natural to type as on my 9650.

Most are not going to care...
There are many that love both a physical keyboard and a large screen, so this form factor really does make since for RIM. If it is a little top heavy the larger screen will make up for it.

Now if they would release the 9800 for T-Mobile rims first mistake letting AT&T have it first just my opinion

I am impressed with Rim, yes the displays are a bold move so unlike RIM. I really hope this torch gets their creative juices flowing onwhere they need to go next if RIM wants to remain a consumer product instead of biz to biz sells. I have just read the article at infoworld called Crackberry no more. It responded to the fact that BB users are kicking the habit fastto move on to a new platform. I like the phone it just has me confused witha company like Rim and the access to resources and technology that they are not really pushing the envelope and arw remaning complacement. The phones sports some great features but we all want to see more like flash, increased app memory, dual cameras,mobile hot spot and beefy processors. I hope it sinks in when the torch sales do not perform as well as they thought. I think the storm 3 is their opportunity to get it right or fall by the side of the road. Because when the holidays come people will grab anything apple. Good luck Rim