All About the CrackBerry Team

Here you can find out all about the current CrackBerry team of editors and writers. If you want to read about the old legacy roots of CrackBerry, read the original Crack Team story.


The CrackBerry Team

Bla1ze - Editor In Chief


Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Chris is fluent in all mobile languages. Having been a member of the Mobile Nations community now for nearly six years, you can often find him here on CrackBerry or at Android Central . You may also follow his random outbursts on Twitter. If you find Chris wandering around your local neighborhood, please point him towards the nearest electrical outlet and toss him a can of Full Throttle energy drink. If you're extra friendly, let Michelle.. his better half know his whereabouts. Find him on Twitter @Bla1ze


Kevin Michaluk - Founder, Former EiC and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation


Kevin is founder and fearless leader of the CrackBerry nation, the #1 site for BlackBerry users and abusers. Needless to say, he loves RIM's BlackBerrys - and the BlackBerry Playbook - a lot. He also runs the Mobile Nations network for Smartphone Experts. Find him on Twitter @crackberrykevin


Michelle Haag - Mobile Office Manager and Communications


Michelle has been a loyal BlackBerry abuser since 2008, with her first BlackBerry being a golden Curve 8320. After aligning herself with the likes of Bla1ze for life, she's here at CrackBerry for the long run. While she may be residing in the sun of Arizona for now, she'll soon be headed to Canada to get closer to BlackBerry - although if you ask Bla1ze she's moving there to be with him. Find her on Twitter @_Miche11e_


Alicia Erlich - Contributing Writer


Normally a shy person, Alicia threw caution to the wind and entered the CrackBerry Idol competition in May 2010 and has been writing for CrackBerry ever since. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she is a gadget and sci-fi junkie who still prefers her BlackBerry Bold 9000. When not tethered to her BlackBerry Torch, she spends her free time reading, watching TV, quoting Princess Bride lines, hanging with friends, and cheering for the NY Mets. Find her on Twitter @scaperfan


DJ Reyes - Contributing Writer


DJ started contributing to CrackBerry in September 2010 after taking part in CrackBerry Idol. She was introduced to BlackBerry devices after working for a UK Network as a Technical Specialist in 2008. Her first BlackBerry was the Bold 9000 and from then on to became a CrackBerry addict. She writes her articles from the hills of Scotland. Away from the world of mobiles phones and technology, DJ enjoys singing, playing the guitar, reading, watching, taking part in sports activities, mainly Taekwon-Do. Find her on Twitter @djr3yes


James Richardson - UK Editor


Born and raised in Hertfordshire, UK, James is the new boy in the CrackBerry camp compared to the rest of the team. As you will have seen he loves recording app and games videos as well as blogging the news from around the world. Previously from a sales background and doing some blogging for a UK cross platform mobile tech site, James first fell in love with BlackBerry when he was sent a Bold 9700 to review. That review unit never went back. He parted with his cash and became a true BlackBerry addict and has owned every BlackBerry since. Find him on Twitter @j4mes73.


Chris Umiastowski  - Stock Market Guru


Chris Umiastowski (aka "Umi") joined CrackBerry in 2011 after leaving behind a decade-long career as an equity analyst on Bay Street covering tech stocks including BlackBerry.  Not only has Chris used a BlackBerry since 2000 but he also received the first ever trans-atlantic email sent from a roaming BlackBerry back when you still needed earbuds to make a phone call.  Chris talks too much, isn't afraid to speak his mind, an is the Mobile Nation's go-to guy for stock market related stuff.  Find him on Twitter @cumiastowski


Brian Scheirer - Developer Extraordinaire


Brian Scheirer joined CrackBerry in April 2013 to shed some light on the world of developing apps and games for BlackBerry. He brings with him many years of professional software development and has been coding Cascades since it was announced in May 2012. Brian has been an avid BlackBerry user originally owning a Pearl 8100 when it came out, then moving on to full QWERTY Blackberry smartphones. Outside of the mobile space Brian enjoys running, SCUBA diving, and going to Disney World. Find him on Twitter @BrianScheirer