Ablative Air now free for BlackBerry 10 - Get it while it's on sale

Ablative Air
By James Richardson on 4 Apr 2014 04:52 am EDT

Back on October 2013 we featured a video review of Ablative Air for all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices. I just happened to notice that the game has lost its $1.99 price tag, although I'm sure this is only temporary, but if you liked what you saw but were put of by the price, now's the perfect time to give the game a go. 

The concept of Ablative Air is to protect the space station that orbits the earth. There's no aliens in this one but like in real life you are protecting it from debris that travels through space. So, from your space craft you must aim your lasers and lock on to the debris before it collides with the space station. The debris will be circled in a blue circle, however if that circle turns red it means that a collision is imminent. Using the laser cross hairs you must lock on to the debris and blast it before impact. 


  • Blast the trash orbiting the earth with 6 specialized power-ups 
  • Work your way through 4 difficulty levels, including the devilishly hard lemon difficult
  • Prove your mettle during 3 unique sudden-death rounds 
  • Win 30 distinctive achievement medals, including 4 top-secret Black Ops 
  • Battle for supremacy and officer rank on four leaderboards
  • Compete with your friends. Game over screen tells you who's on top  
  • Photographically rendered earth, sun, moon, stars, and Milky Way 
  • Debris paths with orbital dynamics and atmospheric drag
  • International audio from 5 spacefaring nations 
  • Real-life debris currently tracked by NASA 
  • Attract mode with space factoids and game-play tips

I thought it was well worth being a paid game but considering it's now free for a limited time go and give it a go and see what you think. 

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Reader comments

Ablative Air now free for BlackBerry 10 - Get it while it's on sale


The first sentence if the article says it's only for "all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices."

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Why don't they let us "purchase" it anyway? What if I plan on getting a Z10 in the future??

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Because then people would accidentally download it without knowing their device can't run it.

Posted via Z10

Not true. Downloaded and installed on my Z10.

Now to delete as I have no time for games..... can't....press......delete.....

Posted via CB10

For those who are not able to download it
You are lucky!!
It's a waste of time
I 'm a gamer and I do classify this game as the most ever game that you don't enjoy while playing
I wonder if anyone is enjoying it, as I'm planning to delete it right away after posting this comment
However I have to credit the developers who worked on creating it for the smoothness and application quality, too bad all of this effort was put on a boring game idea

Posted via CB10

I downloaded the game on my Z10 and I enjoy it. Initially I thought I had to drag the circle around to kill the others but then I saw that I only needed to tap the screen for a kill. Thanks for the heads-up James!

Posted via CB10

Ah, that's better! I was dragging it also.
More like two-thumbed Whack-a-Space-Mole now.
Thanks all.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10

Hope I'm wrong, but every time I get the game that once cost money, there is always something wrong with it.

Posted via CB10

"There's no aliens in this one" Please correct the grammar so it reads "There are no aliens in this one". Thanks.

It's saying unavailable for this device... and I have z10... don't know for which this is free to download... :(

Posted via CB10

Got it for free on my Z30

A little complicated with so much going on but seems fun enough as a time killer or toilet friend lol

Cool graphics well thought out. So many objects though.... should kill some of my free time.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

This may be wrong place to post this but came someone explain a few game features for me?

What does scatter shot actually do?

Also, I see the occasional missile... what is that and does it actually do anything?


Posted from my Z30 on CB10