The ability to use emoticons in BBM broadcast messages on BB10 is coming soon

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 02:03 pm EDT

According to Jeff Gadway, BBM lovers will soon be getting a new beta to check out and one specific additions has been called out and that is, the ability to use emoticons in BBM broadcast messages on BlackBerry 10. Although I'm not exactly too sure how high it was on the 'wants' list for BBM, it must have been high enough that it caught the attention on of the BBM team and they'll soon be making it available. At this point there's no estimated time given but soon can't really be that far off if it was worth a mention.

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The ability to use emoticons in BBM broadcast messages on BB10 is coming soon


I know one guy in the forums that said blackberry would fail in the middle east because of this one feature missing lol, well now no more excuses from him.

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I'm here but still one more thing missing wish they will bring it too

Thanks to @bbm_bugs account on twitter and to the response of BBM team and especially Mr. Gadway

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I think video chat to every OS (IOS + Android) would be great... also the App for IOS needs an update because friends told me sometimes messages don't appear on their devices witch were sent by me to them :(

Never broadcasted a single message on bbm. I've been using BlackBerry for the last 12 years..

90% of the time, broadcast messages are spam-like random stuff.

I say drop that feature (or at least let me pick who can send those to me).

I use broadcast feature very often. Instead of sending a message to mom and sister, I just broadcast and attention to mom and sister.

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I would like to see a reorder ability, and/ or folders in the channel section. So you can hide some of the channels you follow.

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How about gifs, instead of this....which to me seems a bit useless why don't we have the ability to send gifs as in animated gifs?

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Sounds good, but more urgent is inline pics for Group Chat. It was in the last beta but didn't make it to release.
This is one thing that makes WhatsApp groups more enjoyable and streamlined to use vs the piecemeal feel of BBM Groups.
(Be nice if it's optional for those who don't like it.)

Speaking of pics: people want higher quality images by default! In meantime, a permanent visible "Request HQ" button beside every pic so at least all users know it's an option!

And then of course there's cross platform BBM Video... but I'll pick my battles.

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I think that WhatsApp doesn't have groups. Just multi-chat, no?

In which case, multi-chat bbm does also have in-line.

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True, and that makes me think about the fact that Mobile Nation team used Google Hangout as a cross-platform messaging system at an event a couple of months ago because you could see who read the message in multi-chat. That's one feature I really with it would have, for multi-chat and BBM Groups.

Bring multi-chat 'Read' notification please!

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Ya this to me is the biggest item lacking. BBM touts this option yet doesn't deliver it on a very key area.

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BBM needs to integrate voice notes into Group Chat ASAP. This is the one thing holding my friends and I back from using BBM Group Chat instead we use Whatsapp for this very reason.

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Bla1ze is going for a new world record today, Kevin is just behind and Chris is dead last.

Video calling is a must need to win the masses, pictures on group second.

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This I would like. My youngest daughter doesn't have a smart phone and she rarely carries the phone she has. She does have an I pad and when they aren't with me I use BBM to message her. Be really nice to have the video chat in addition to the voice calling it already has. Get BBM on the amazon store asap. She has a Kindle fire as well that I can't get BBM on at all

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How about the ability to hit overflow (3 dots) and have option to call someone you are chatting with on BBM and no u don't wanna BBM voice, you can do it with SMS.....tottaly lame that you can't in BBM

Man I hope they get cross platform BBM Video working by the end of the year.....

I know a few people waiting on that

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We need it but no one here will give u attention

Because they don't like B.C.


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Great! I'm sure that once again it will be a tiny closed beta that barely anyone has access to, and then the release version will have major bugs in it. Just like last time - rinse, repeat.

-Please remove the ping restrictions!
-Please include the ability to copy and paste the personal messages of a contact.

Additional features please do add all capabilities to the group chats that are missing in the group chat
- group chat and single chats require a media section. In addition improve the save chat history as everytime I back it or enable it wherever I switch devices my chats are gone! Please fix this.
Maybe to a few people who don't normally or occasionally change the DP " have a recent sections for the DP.

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+1 to the backup function!

I mean, there are apps to securely store my SMS messages, why I don't have this option for BBM messages? :(

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If was wondering does anyone know why I hhave to accept a video in BBM and if so I didn't it'll expire in whatssapp that doesn't happen. The part of it being expired I'm concerned most about!

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I know exactly what u are talking about because I experienced it myself. Essentially, if u send a video via BBM, it feels like both sender and recipient have to be online at the same time such that recipient has to accept it then it streams across. If it is not accepted within some period of time, the link expires.

I have said it before and will say it again. I think BlackBerry's implementation of pic and video sending via BBM has nothing to do with technical hurdles. It is probably all about money. If u want to send a pic or video that can be downloaded by recipient later at his/her leisure, presumably it got to be cached in server somewhere which costs money. Something that BlackBerry cannot afford spending too much at the moment.

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Also I'd like the ability to click on the name of contact and if I've linked the contact to automatically be able to call them from there rather have to open the contact via contacts app.

This disconnect is stupid. Not how it was in OS7

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You technically can use emoticons in broadcasts. If you know the combination of symbols and letters, you can type them in and it will show up as the corresponding emoticon when the broadcast is sent. Anyway, I'm glad they are going to make it official. I hope they add the ability to see whether or not the broadcast was received like a normal BBM message. Same with group chats or in groups - we need a way to know who has and has yet to receive / read the message.

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I hate broadcasts... unless it's a legit local or national warning or its like a party or something... but when people have these BBM PIN trains or jokes, nope nope delete.

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BBM should support "Broadcast specific categories" to use it as it was on BB10, and stop forcing user to select all

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About fucking time.... can't believe this wasn't there from day one... not kewl

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Bring back category broadcast list please and fix STL 100-1 false battery meter please beg u

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And where is the f... backup function to finally backup and restore or maybe simply archive the personal BBM Chat history?

Why are they spending their time with smileys if they have still features missing which could turn BBM into a reliable tool? :-(

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I don't get it. Someone explain emoticons. If blackberry is focused on business why? Words communicate. I've never used symbols in a real estate contract. Words work best. Is this BBRY's hope for revenue?

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I don't get emoticons or stickers either. I suppose BlackBerry needs to provide it for the portion of customer base that sees it as important.

Blackberry always.....

I love BlackBerry and have been using it for 8 years and this means zilch to me. But I'm not the whole market so... great. if this is important, add it. If stickers are important, add them. I'm just hoping it means something to certain demographics, whoever they are.

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Wish all bcm would return to sender aka return to the retched bowls of the nether world lol I'm just saying… they should have been eliminated long ago

can we please get bigger file sizes so we can send longer videos! and the ability to send videos in groups

BBM Channel has an enormous potential if done right. Good for marketing & branding. Look at Wechat, Line. Companies use them to promote their products via coupon offerings etc.

With that being said, I really wanna see the option to have multiple admin per channel.

I don't care about having the ability to use emoticons in broadcast message. How will this help BlackBerry In monetizing BBM? Sheesh!

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Yay!!!! Finally! Thanks BBM team!

Please also bring sending photos and videos to BBM broadcast mesages!! :'(

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I'd rather see features that let you back up and restore your conversations, display photos in line within group chats, ability to organize group photos into group albums, making it easier to share multiple photos at once within BBM, group video chats, and the ability to use stickers in group chats and BBM Channels. Fingers crossed!

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This is ho hum. I would never use broadcast unless it was an emergency. That's what setting up groups is for. Improve group features please like letting me see when group members have read a message.

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